Chapter 71 Indifferent and warm Zhao Hai moving forward, in this these villages of meeting, but some people . Moreover the pedestrian on road were also many, this let Zhao Hai their finally feel relieved. However sees the people in these villages, Zhao Hai is actually the feelings a great deal, to be honest, 6th level Dark Magician although is very strong, however in the true Expert eye, their anything is not, if lets 6th level Dark Magician with Green or Merine one on one, Merine and Green had the ability second they. But is such one in the Merine eye, such as ants existence, in these ordinary commoner eyes, such as the god is ordinary, they can their optional slaughtering, but these commoner rebel opportunity do not have. Zhao Hai knows, if do not have existence of Space, he does not have what difference with these commoner, in these Expert eyes, he similarly is ants existence. He wants to stiffen, however was a pity that he drinks Water of Nothingness, he is impossible to study any Magic and Battle Qi, he remaining taking advantage, have Space finally. One are ants general existence, good, that has to work as the consciousness of ants, oneself will not be thinking conquer anything, is not thinking must rob anything, oneself have only thought their easy life. However Zhao Hai also understand, wanting own easy life not to be easy, you do not stir up trouble the equal to matter not to look for you, if oneself have thought on the peaceful life, must be able to guarantee one have the calm and steady life the strength, but obviously, oneself present has such strength. Strength, strength! Zhao Hai or first time has the so intense hope to the strength, but unfortunately, his simply any has not promoted oneself strength the method. Space is very mysterious, but lacks the attack strength, but arrives can subdue some Undead Creature to use for oneself, but the undead thing lives is not that arrives to collect, he does not dare to run up to Carrion Swamp to collect Undead Creature, then with courting death not to have what difference, Zhao Hai to present also clear remembering, on that day he stood on city wall of castle, Magic Beast and Undead Creature in look at Swamp, blotting out the sky when wells up the scene, has shocked. Before not having the strength protects itself, can be able the calm and steady life? The answer only then, finds the place that no one could find to hide.

Black Wasteland here to is a very good choice, there next to ominously, nobody will pay attention to there, but now the issue, before is Buda Family, these people who annoys. Others possibly do not pay attention to them, but these established Noble will certainly pay attention to them, wish makes these people not pay attention to them, must think that means that it seems like made Drunk they go to Swamp to subdue Undead Creature a bit faster, should better also probably make other matter, attracts the attention of these fellows. We hope that these matters that one do can make these Noble not pay attention to Buda Family, otherwise Zhao Hai they had difficultly. However Zhao Hai to has thought another one type of method, is quick point promotion Space level, so long as Space Level 10, he has been able to clear Ranch. Clears Farm, so long as gets so far as in various plants Space, Space can promote level, that has cleared Ranch, wants Ark Continent here animal, gets so far as in Space, can promote level? If is really such, he can subdue Magic Beast, like this were also many a strength. Actually when Magic Beast enters Black Wasteland, Zhao Hai also tries to want these Magic Beast income to Space, but has not succeeded, is very obvious, now in Space was unable to deposit these Magic Beast, it seems like can only , when Ranch cleared was good. level, level, how this with playing the game is the same, when low level, had been bullied everywhere, you are waiting, do not make father level high, when father's level was high, I raise one crowd of Divine Beast, withers you. Is thinking these thing, while puts up Alien to put on the city to cross the county, but passed by these small town time, Zhao Hai has not entered to in the city goes, must enter in the city, must receive Alien, moreover lives in one late to walk to in the city, does not have what meaning, therefore Zhao Hai they have circled from outside the city, in the evening finds a hiding place one to hide on outside the city, enters in Space to pass the night. However nearest/recent Zhao Hai made Green they go to in the city to understand the situation, this undead Mercenary Group set out such big matter, here person impossible information not to obtain, therefore Zhao Hai wants to make Green understand, had a look at the following show of this matter. Finally to stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai book has thought that this matter will be very serious, after all died the people in several villages, but he has not actually thought that information that Green brought, unexpectedly that ordinary, Purcell Duchy was only symbolic has issued a warrant for arrest undead Mercenary Group, then took back Purcell Family all the land of that several village, then sent the slave to cultivate, in then, did not have then, this matter on considered as finished. Zhao Hai listened to the Green words, a little dizzy dizzy feeling, he also to the present first time understand, some big authorities of Noble on this Continent.

These commoner life and death, in these Noble eyes, simply are not a matter, perhaps they also want to make these commoner die, like this their land area can in time increase. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly reluctantly, he does not have the idea of complete adaptation here person now, perhaps in these Noble eyes, commoner and slaves is not the person, however in the Zhao Hai eye, the person is the person, that feared that he is a slave he is also a person. Regarding these commoner death and undead what matter processing of Purcell Family Mercenary Group is indifferent, but regarding processing of another two matters is actually the enthusiasm like the fire, one is Markey Family by the attack matter, another is the Zhao Hai matter. Regarding Markey Family by the attack matter, was heard Purcell Family performance warm of , is not only visited to salute by Purcell Grand Duke personally, but also has given back to and other tax-free preferential policies, it can be said that warm a little crossed the share. But another matter is the Zhao Hai matter, Zhao Hai by Dark Magician status appears , moreover now has spread, said that he is Advanced level Dark Magician, such person puts there is very dangerous, therefore Purcell Family attention Zhao Hai. Naturally, this information Green from these mercenary or the Merchant mouth heard that has not obtained no matter what firmly, but Green actually believes that the calm uprise, this matter possibly is not the fact. Zhao Hai to had not thought that has anything to be great, this matter also in their expected, Advanced level Dark Magician, puts there is Ultimate Weapon, such exists, suddenly appears in Purcell Duchy, Purcell Family, if has not paid attention, that called fishily. Actually was also a result that Zhao Hai wants to see, Purcell Family notes them, this although will bring many troubles to them, but generally speaking, was actually the good deed, they attention centralized to the Zhao Hai this Dark Magician status, naturally does not think that Adam this status, as the matter stands Adam this status to was security. However Zhao Hai they presently, this several days their surroundings always meet some appears mercenary and adventurers, these people to do not have what illegal attempt to them, but Zhao Hai they are clear, oneself were given to monitor. This situation in Zhao Hai their expected, they many performance, still in marching on road, evening's time, Zhao Hai they after entering Space, kept outside Alien, making these monitor their people to think that he produces in within the body rest of Alien. Zhao Hai don’t know, these monitor their people actually, is must die to them, on Continent that envies although has many Dark Magician, can summon some Undead Creature belts in own side, but like Zhao Hai actually few.

Undead Creature that Dark Magician on Continent summoned, the has plenty type, had the skeleton, had Zombie, Succubus wait / etc. these Darkness life form, can say that the skeleton was most Inferior level Undead Creature that all Darkness Summoner can summon. Moreover these Dark Magician can summon the skeleton, they impossible with skeleton, when Mount, the skeleton is Bone, was too hard, even if some people hurry along with the skeleton, generally is also lifting thing like sedan chair with several human-shape skeletons, that looks like Zhao Hai to be so comfortable. although said that the skeleton is most Inferior level Undead Creature that Darkness Summoner can summon, but these see Alien person understand, the skeleton that Zhao Hai summoned obviously not in this row. That dark green color, fierce bone spike, speeding horse same the strength that displays, makes these monitor the Zhao Hai person to feel the heart startled, they too want to know now that what Magic Beast Zhao Hai has killed, will turn into such Undead Creature. The Darkness Summoner summon beast, is divided into two types generally, one type is summons directly from different plane, this summon fortuitousness is very big, this fortuitousness did not mean that you want to summon a skeleton, actually suddenly appears Zombie, but said thing that you summoned, your don’t know was any level, for example you want to summon a skeleton to come out to fight, but summoned was one does not have no fighting strength grey half-length skeleton, this thing, an adult foot can kick a smashing, do not say that was used to fight. The Undead Creature level that also in other words this Summoning Spell, you summoned, you did not have means control. The skeleton also has level, most Inferior level is that type of ash-gray half-length skeleton, this type of skeleton in Undead Creature, looks like the weed, does not have no attack strength, the value that they have, regards the advancement in grade to other Undead Creature the nourishment. However this Summoning Spell is Darkness Summoner is also most commonly used, because this Summoning Spell is not high regarding the request of Magic, even if low level Summoner, can use repeatedly, naturally, Magician level is higher, Magic is stronger, Darkness life form level that can summon was also higher, the type were also more, must know that was most Inferior level Nightmare, has the strength of equivalent to 5th level soldier, was not these Inferior level skeleton can compare.