Chapter 72 A scenery However this type summoned the Undead Creature method from different position directly, very fatal shortcomings, were the time. These Undead Creature that summoned from different plane, existence in Ark Continent here, had the time limit, but this time limit, is related with Darkness life form level that this Summoner ability and summoned. Theoretically is Summoner level is higher, Magic is stronger, his summoned creatures can be also longer in the time that Ark Continent here has. Darkness life form level is high, he is shorter in the time that Ark Continent here has. Naturally has some exceptions, if you summoned formidable Darkness life form, so long as you are willing to pay some Life Force, can let this only Darkness life form long-time life in Ark Continent here, but will not have that Summoner to have this method generally, because Darkness life form level was higher, Life Force that needs was more formidable, if you want to make a devil long-time kept Ark Continent, feared that was immediately must die. In adding on the Magician time is very long, is such person, more thinks the time to be precious, therefore in their common situations, will not use this method lets different plane Undead Creature long-time keeps Ark Continent here. But Darkness Summoner other one type of method, looks like of undead Mercenary Group use, makes Undead Creature in Ark Continent here. Each summoned Magician, can manufacture one to summon Space, this summoned Space, except for the summon beast, anything could not put, summoned Magician the person or Magic Beast, so long as killed oneself turned into Undead Creature, can put to summon in Space, but was corresponding, Undead Creature that did this, level will reduce, moreover life-long cannot Level Up. Because of this, therefore these monitor Zhao Hai their people to feel that very surprised, Alien understood at a glance that does not summon from different plane, if summons from different plane, he already should disappear now, has not existed. However look at Alien fighting strength, they can judge to obtain, Alien minimum must have the strength of 5th level soldier now, such Magic Beast artificially makes, before he had not been killed, is what level? The people a little are blurry. Magician, in common situation, can only make Inferior level Undead Creature, if makes Advanced level Undead Creature, they must pay their Life Force are the prices, but generally Inferior level Undead Creature, fighting strength impossible 4th level Warrior, this green is Undead Creature Advanced level Undead Creature that Dark Magician makes? He not awfully?

Zhao Hai they also know certainly that their release Alien comes, what result was seen to be, but they have not cared, if later Zhao Hai fights with others, meets release many Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature level, do not lower many compared with Alien, when the time comes cannot conceal the truth, might as well makes them know earlier. On big Ark Continent, is few places can produce Undead Creature, can produce the Undead Creature place, is ominously, like Carrion Swamp that on Continent became famous, like Demonic Abyss. But these two places, are on Continent one of the ominous five big ominous places outside, in recent centuries, had not heard that some people can live coming out from these two places, but near millenniums, even if living from these two places person, cannot in healthy has lived for five years. For this reason, therefore Carrion Swamp and Demonic Abyss there, has become true Forbidden Land, not having the adventurer to go, because nobody wants dead. Also for this reason, therefore on Continent had appears very much, uses Undead Creature that the Ark Continent native place produces, when summoned creatures Darkness Summoner, the people have forgotten also to have existence of this summoned creatures. Reason that Zhao Hai dares to come Alien such flagrant release, has the reason, his most from the beginning appears place, is Black Mountain, if some people Alien with the Carrion Swamp there relation in together, can explain why he can appears fill in Black Mountain, the person on Continent, will only regard Zhao Hai is frantic Dark Magician, but will not contact with Adam him in together, like his Adam that status, safety. Must know Zhao Hai their appears time, was Black Wasteland there just by Carrion Swamp Magic Beast and Undead Creature to the baptism, shortly after these Magic Beast and Undead Creature just retreated, Zhao Hai on appears in Black Mountain, others knew Alien like this Undead Creature from Carrion Swamp, thinks that he grasped on Black Wasteland, thought his some frantic, but will not contact with absolutely with Buda Family him. Zhao Hai their advancing is not quick, can say that their advancing are very slow, this is also Zhao Hai they intentionally such does. Zhao Hai they want to cooperate with Markey Delphi Trading Company, cooperates their attach great importance to regarding this, person of that cooperation on if certainly their trustworthy people, but this person not compared with Laura more appropriate. However now Laura has not filled there to come back from Black Mountain, therefore Zhao Hai they were ahead of time Casa City there, will not make the transaction, therefore they have not worried, was only moving forward slowly. However what nobody knows, Green has dived ahead of time Casa City, now everyday appears in the Alien top of the head, that wear whole body full body armor person is not Green, but has traded one with the Green build similar slave.

Green must go to Casa City there to prepare ahead of time, must buy not a big manor, completes some preliminary preparatory work, was strongly calling all people the vision, when Zhao Hai on them, Green handled these matters, should not bring to anybody's attention. Naturally, Zhao Hai they are not have not done, they have been drawing the map, they must come out all places terrain pictures that this passes through all the way. The understanding of Zhao Hai this world was too few, he wants many understanding the own family surrounding situation, present he lacked the security sense. Because Green is not, Zhao Hai they have been careful, everyday advancing is not quick, moreover many of walking are some Grand Dao, even if must bypass the city time, they will also find the road that some people often take to go. The point that Zhao Hai such makes is feared that some people will unable to bear test them, but they now only then Merine, Green is not, fighting strength dropped half near half, he has to be careful. Actually Zhao Hai was were too many, his present status of thinking is Dark Magician that a nobody is willing to annoy, nobody dares to doubt his identity, so long as saw Alien, nobody will annoy him. It can be said that Zhao Hai they had somewhat underestimated Dark Magician regarding ordinary the deterrent force of mercenary and adventurer, mercenary and adventurer who very clear outside walks, rather offends formidable 7th level Warrior, do not offend 4th level Dark Magician, you offended Warrior, that Warrior might kill you very much, but you offended Dark Magician, you might be suffered dead by him very much, was turning into Undead Creature to fight for him. The adventurers and mercenary do not fear death, but thinks, after oneself died, but must for own personal enemy fight, they feel that is at heart uncomfortable, they rather own corpse was eaten by Magic Beast, does not want to turn into Undead Creature. For this reason, therefore does not have that adventurer or mercenary dares to offend Dark Magician, Dark Magician of summon beast especially fighting strength can achieve the 5th level soldier. although Zhao Hai their moving forward is not quick, but they actually captured the entire Purcell Duchy attention, caravan that no matter they run into on the road, is these ordinary pedestrians, all person very attention they, do not have other reason, because only their fight with the undead Mercenary Group was spread.

undead Mercenary Group was too famous on Continent, now has almost become existence that nobody has dared to offend, but now Zhao Hai he went to war with undead Mercenary Group unexpectedly, but also undead Mercenary Group expelling, this has no alternative but to bring to the attention of people. Nobody has thought Zhao Hai they can undead Mercenary Group to capture, looks like in these people, that is impossible, undead Mercenary Group can not injure in that many fights, that did not boast to blow, hit truely, except for was chased down by that Xin Ya Clan person, almost extinguished beside the group, what undead Mercenary Group has almost not eaten to owe, therefore was Zhao Hai they display very strong fighting strength, nobody believes that they can give to grasp undead Mercenary Group. Reason that these people pay attention to Zhao Hai they \; first, wants to have a look is who such greatly dares to annoy undead Mercenary Group, two want to take a look, when undead Mercenary Group retaliates Zhao Hai they. However what disappoints all people are, Zhao Hai their this walks safe, undead Mercenary Group vanished probably was the same, simply has not come to look for Zhao Hai their trouble, this made all people feel somewhat puzzled, because of this too not like the undead Mercenary Group style. On such Zhao Hai they under the gazes of Purcell Duchy all people, stop from time to time, leisure hurries to toward Casa City, this all the way they have almost become a scenery, made that Zhao Hai they are also very helpless. However their points to have achieved, the vision of all people centralized to their bodies, nobody pays attention to Buda Family, nobody paid attention to outside Casa City small manor in a hill buying by a hundred gold coins price. This small manor is Merchant constructed, how also don’t know his initially elects, this manor constructs outside Casa City on very remote hill, on that hill land very barren, cannot grow any thing, sole can praised is on that mountain has Hot Spring, but the manor is constructs on this Hot Spring, encircled Hot Spring in. Obviously that Merchant wants once for a while comes this small manor here to take vacation, Bubble Hot Spring, was a pity that he afterward went bankrupt, because this manor was too remote, simply nobody is willing to buy, Green after knowing this information, immediately has bought here, although this small manor is unworthy hundred gold coins, but Green buys hill that not only that manor, that manor is.