Chapter 73 Outside Casa City Reason that Green will choose hill \; first, because here is cheap, hundred gold coins, bring hill including the manor, can buy, two are here is very near to Casa City, even if with ordinary horse carriage, so long as two days of can arrive, come one to be about four days, lose the vegetables like radish is completely feasible, three will be in the here very remote, common situation will not have the person to note, will be has the person to note , will also be very difficult to monitor them, because they on this mountain, compared with castle. Iron Mountain that is miserable, on the mountain besides some Stone, simply does not have no thing, stands on the manor, can look at perfectly clear the entire mountain, simply does not have the place to be able hide people. On Casa City nearby mountain, has almost the manor, these manors are not these Noble taking vacation Villa, is one of the manors some sources of income . Moreover the transaction of this manor, is very ordinary, nobody will pay attention. After Green buys this manor, immediately to Casa City, he wants to eavesdrop on, how the in the city situation, what manner Purcell Family regarding Zhao Hai this suddenly appears Dark Magician is. What most important is, he thinks that in the city they looks for an angle of arrival point to Zhao Hai, they the in hand money were not presently many, only remaining was less than 50 gold coins, but if they want to sell out the radish, but also needed, when Laura they came back to be good. However 50 gold coins, although regarding commoner possibly many, but regarding them, was actually too few, the big city city like Giza, their consumption level was also very high, these 50 gold coins, feared that could not support how long. But Zhao Hai they also walking slowly on road, the original seven days of distances, they walked for ten days, tenth day time, they arrived at Casa City finally. Zhao Hai has not entered Casa City directly, but stayed outside Casa City one in the evening, in any case they to Casa City outside time, the day was black. Others thought Zhao Hai they because of the darkness, therefore does not want to enter a city, actually Zhao Hai they were waiting for Green in here, Green was their advance parties, waited for Green to know the Casa City here arrangement to them how. Midnight time, Green dived side Alien, then Space rift flashes, Green entered Space, bystander simply had not noted this point, because Space simply was not the Magic category, use time did not have any Magic fluctuation, therefore periphery these monitor Zhao Hai their people not presently.

Zhao Hai they are waiting for Green in Space, looked at Green to come, Zhao Hai their immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, to Green said : Grandpa Green, how?” Green smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, arranged, my outside the city has bought a small manor, we can go to there to live, when Laura came back, we can carry on to trade with her.” Zhao Hai relaxed, nodded said : that to be good, we go to manor there to settle down to get down first, over the two days I also want to go to Casa City to have a look.” Green nodded said : „to go to Casa City to have a look, this several days I presently Purcell Family resembles attach great importance to we, moreover Casa City now all parties' characters were also many, probably comes to us, we should make an appearance.” Green this saying sounds probably is a little contradictory, but Merine the meaning of their actually understand Green, now they did not fear that some people look up Zhao Hai this status, because this is the status that originally does not have, is suddenly appears in Dark Magician in society, making these people look up, looks up them not to fear that what they fear is these people presently their Buda Family status, therefore Green wants to make Zhao Hai many makes an appearance in the front of these people, captures the attention of these people. Zhao Hai nodded said : also well, I to have a look at them to treat me in what way, but the matters I was worried that was Drunk behind them that person, Drunk they took in Space by me more than ten days, these many days they with that organization, you had not said that organization can suspect us?” Green nodded said : this to arrive has the possibility very much, but we do not need to fear them, I instead to make them look for us, so long as they came, we can find more clues from their bodies.” Green they have also thought that makes Drunk they exit, then relates with their behind organizations, making the person of that organization not suspect them, but Green they also a little feared that feared Drunk they were seen the flaw by that organization, originally Drunk their Soul Fire will be the greens, now turns red, originally their Bone will be the white, now turns green order of execution that organization, originally they have been able a discount not to hit, but their is by Zhao Hai to revere now, like this time was long, certain by a that organization. Sees the flaw, when the time comes trouble. Therefore Green they decided finally that first makes Drunk they be missing, such that organization suspects Zhao Hai they, does not have the evidence, this is perhaps better. Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be also good, tomorrow we first go to manor there to settle down to get down, when to settle down was good, we go to Casa City.”

Green nodded, said : that but he looks reluctant Young Master, we go to Casa City, but actually cannot buy any thing, now my in hand remaining 50 gold coins, this money really insufficiently we have only used.” Zhao Hai has also smiled bitterly, now they were anything could not have done, 50 gold coins, feared that bought an most common oil press not to be good, do not say did other. Before good Green them, commodity and grain has plenty that buys, they simply cannot eat in a short time, to does not need to be worried to have an empty stomach. Zhao Hai shook the head said : that anything not to buy, goes to in the city to have a look, we come back, to here, we obtained in the city to go to one side the dew, making these people know that we came are not.” Green he he smiles said : well, that our to settle down good to go to in the city to transfer the extension, how I to have a look at these people to cope with us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, he knows in recent time, is very aggrieved, Buda Family suddenly that Green they cross was extinguished, making Green they not respond that for the protect Adam life, they have to look like these Great Noble to lower the head, this does not conform to Green very much obviously their disposition. To Black Wasteland there is, the everyday lived pressure forcing must not gasp for breath, to outside has not dared to know their status, because others one, but knew their status, they ended. However now is different, now they had another status, this status can open and aboveboard moves in society, this also made Green they have the feeling of one type of Rebirth. although they know how the present status has not received the welcome of outside person, but this status actually wanted much better compared with Buda Family that status, minimum walked outside by this status, will not fear that these established Noble coped with them. A person must not exposed to the light, but suddenly one day, he finally can see brightly, can Great Radiant moved outside, this feeling is the useless words described.

Green they still remember certainly own Buda Family status, but they also know similarly that oneself present such performance, will not be suspected, sometimes, excessive high-sounding talk, is one type of conceals. Wants the high-sounding talk conduct, naturally cannot be aggrieved, therefore Green they are really also hoping later day, they must suppress in that tone at heart, all left in these days. Merine actually frowns said : Young Master, does the conduct of our such high-sounding talk, later need to withdraw? After this time we in hand radish has sold, but must buy some machines, then wants returned to Black Wasteland there to go, no matter what, there is our roots, but if our too high-sounding talk, we must go back, can by these fellows staring?” Green shows a faint smile said : not to need to be worried, when the here matter processed, we went to Black Mountain to fill there, then we sneaked in forest, in entering Space hid several days, this was these people turns inside out entire Iron Mountain, they were impossible to find us, when the time comes Young Master in letting Drunk they led these Undead Creature to run up to Black Wasteland a restlessness, I did not believe these people not to dare to go to castle there to look for us, when the crest of wave passed, we in returned to castle there and ensure cannot have the issue.” Zhao Hai and Merine they also thought that this means are good, now Zhao Hai in hand had many Undead Creature, although said that Space said already join these Undead Creature intelligence that received from Black Wasteland, but these Undead Creature did not have after all truely handed over flow through with Zhao Hai, even if were Alien, listened to the order conduct of Zhao Hai, although was better, but actually like was the robot that before did, Zhao Hai ordered them to do, did they do, they will not speak. But Drunk they are different, they are human-shape Undead Creature, moreover Advanced level Undead Creature, they now are similar to before death intelligence, can very relaxed exchanges with Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai can make them lead these Undead Creature to run up to Black Wasteland to do a sound to come, making outside person not dare easily to enter Black Wasteland. The person on Continent may not fear Black Wasteland, but they will certainly fear Carrion Swamp, but on Black Wasteland all Magic Beast and Undead Creature run from Carrion Swamp, nobody dares to move these easily in Undead Creature and Magic Beast that on Black Wasteland moves. Naturally, if some people want to go to castle there to have a look, that Zhao Hai did not mind that makes Drunk they tidy up well these people, must know that Drunk they are the 6th level Magician strengths, now the skeleton also obtained the strengthening, their fighting strength formidable, in adding on Zhao Hai in hand more than 1000 Undead Creature, such fighting strength, even if 8th level high like Green and Merine, evades its point.