Chapter 74 Fire Ding Zhao Hai stands under bare hill, turned the head to look at all around that several green and luxuriant huge mountain, at heart cannot help but a forced smile. He listens most from the beginning Green said that but also feels very odd, a mountain, is adding on a manor, altogether buys hundred gold coins, was this probably too cheap? However waited for him to arrive under this mountain corner/horn, he understand, why this mountain so was cheap, this small advantage really did not have the high-quality goods. On this mountain to has complied with those words , an item of understanding, you really looked with an eye, can know this mountain what's the matter. On this mountain does not have other special product, must say really has any special product words, is same, Stone, can see cyan Stone everywhere, distant can also see that puts on the weed that from the Stone seam, has one on the summit is not very big manor, the outer wall also builds with Cyan Stone, the entire mountain gives the feeling of person, looks like on affected with fungal infection on the head the belt a small hat, reveals that half light the scalp and one continuously is not much left, was very irritable. Green stands in the Zhao Hai side, naturally also saw Zhao Hai complexion, his also cannot help but face one red, he also knows that this mountain really looks awful, but does not have the means that Casa City this nearby house price and land price originally are higher than other place, but their in hand also does not have how much money, only then this mountain suits them. Green knows that Zhao Hai is unsatisfied, quickly said: Young Master, this mountain although looks like not much, but the manor is not small, in adding from the mountain to manor there, built roads, walks conveniently, moreover in the manor also Hot Spring, Bubble Hot Spring is also very good.” Zhao Hai understand Green is feared that he cannot have a liking for this mountain and that manor, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, here is good, is such place, some people will unable to have a liking, will be safer, if on this mountain has any treasure, I have not dared to buy, talent can arouse jealousy.”

Green nodded, to be honest, his initially buys this courtyard time, but also has not thought that many, but felt that here is very cheap, moreover is not far from Casa City, but Zhao Hai can think that was best, he did not need to worry that Zhao Hai was unsatisfied to here. Merine and Meg also stand in the Zhao Hai side, to be honest, do not say Zhao Hai, even if their two saw that this mountain felt is very unsatisfied. Zhao Hai does not care, turn around entered in the room of Alien within the body, command(er) Alien was walking toward the mountain on, he also really wants to have a look, in this manor had any thing. Such that just like Green said that this Stone mountain, the sole advantage is, from mountain corner/horn here to summit manor there, is repairing a rock road, this rock road does not spread obviously with Stone, and has used some natural stone blocks, opens cutting, five meters widths, cultivate person very intelligent of this road fully, the position that he chooses is on Rock Mountain a fluctuating minimum place, therefore does not need to open cutting too many Stone, so long as cleans up under some specially high Stone one, on can. However Zhao Hai look at this road somewhat is strange, before although him, lives on the plain of northern China, has not seen any mountain, but he is very clear, on the common mountain takes the road of large cart, may not be cultivates toward the summit on directly, generally is the roads that cultivates. The so-called road from the mountain corner/horn, circles the road that cultivates upwardly, the road that like this cultivates, although is wanting long many compared with the road of climbing mountains, because the road turned, therefore this gradient became slow, helped the motion of vehicles. But the roads on Zhao Hai their this Rock Mountain, are actually on the summit, inevitable, this group of gradients are very big, records to calculate according to Zhao Hai, if on Earth, if putting up horse carriage, wants to climb mountains in this road is not that easy, feared that is that horse Guang is the pulling empty car(riage) is very difficult to climb up the mountain. However Zhao Hai has not said anything, because he also present, on this road has the trace that the car(riage) passes through, this explained that this road can use, Zhao Hai understand, Ark Continent here cannot judge by Earth there situation, therefore he has not said anything, but puts up Alien to walk toward the mountain on.

Quick they arrived at that manor before, on this manor has not written understand, three meters high Cyan Stone fence, to is appears very tall and big strong/sturdy, the big wooden door, the above paint fell much, looks like somewhat old, actually gives people the one type of very firm feeling, on Stone of fence is also growing some mosses, it seems like here sometime nobody has also handled. Zhao Hai they got down from the body of Alien, have arrived at wooden in front of the door, this Lin Men had more than 2 meters to be high, a about five meters width, was divided into two leaves, spelled by the pieces thick plank, above lived with the iron bar band, the although above paint fell, has actually revealed the original color of inside plank, appeared has the vicissitudes feeling very much. Green walks up, effort has shoved open the wooden door, squeek cluck-cluck grating raspy sounds transmit, the wooden door was shoved open slowly. big gate shoves open, Zhao Hai they at present are one bright, to did not say the scenery in this courtyard good, moreover this courtyard is very big, in the small square in fort compared with the city Iron Mountain castle is also not the least bit off. A such big square, even if has constructed a small town fort to be enough, but places in this manor, was really appears somewhat oversized. Crossed in the square is a row of house, this row of house altogether about four, but these four houses were are not used for the person probably, each room was the black and white work, a leaf had two meters wide starting out from opposite directions folio big gate fully, had two meters with one, one meter wide window, the roof was even, above shop probably was the flagstone, looked like these four within houses is used, when the living room or received the place that the bystander used. although these houses appeared somewhat worn-out, on the wall was bringing the trace of rain wash, the paint in window and gate also fell much, there are many places to crack, the logical expression that to live in exempted strongly. Zhao Hai look at these houses, he is very satisfied, selling of manor here likely truly is unattractive, but that has any relationship, here all constructions almost complete by the Cyan Stone give priority to material, very firm, although few people handle, but several blow the rain to hit these many years, has not actually caused any too big damage, this is very great.

Several people entered the room, presently here room air-to-air, the inside same furniture does not have, does not give up for adoption to calculate that is also spacious, so long as simple tidies up to be occupied by the person to not to be a problem. Has passed through this row of house, presently is very big courtyard courtyard, this courtyard interplanting a big tree, the idleness of this tree, is wanting to stress one, has not actually thought that unexpectedly extraordinary flexibility of that small fish in the water, a tail pendulum, one fled the Zhao Hai evil clutches. Zhao Hai in catching fish, but has stood, has sized up room said : well, it seems like after us, can raise a point small fish in here, a while stand guard of my release several Undead Creature on hill, ventilate these slave also release, stayed these many days in Space, harbored evil thoughts them.” Green smiles said : „, making them come out, here repair well, was right, Stone on this mountain, I have looked , the quality of material is hard, is manufactures the good materials of various types of made of stones tools, Young Master, before do not make the edge runner and grinding pan? Now is not just good opportunity? On this mountain other does not have, Stone has.” Zhao Hai nodded, laughs said : Grandpa Green, it seems like our these time also really sorts the treasure, here had Hot Spring, we can raise Fire Fish, thing that used made of stone some we to need, HaHaHa we can the remaining money.”