Chapter 75 In Level Up The Mark static ambush in piece of forest, this piece of forest is not very tall and big, can only be a piece of bush, because is just the bush, therefore the here grass long ten points cover, is more suitable they to hide the personal appearance. The Mark is Dead-soldier that Purcell Family trains specially, their training methods have Mage not to be different from general Warrior, these person of study thing, mostly by some Body-Lightweight skill, put on make-up, sneaks, assassinates give priority to, is various Great Clan trains specially for own Clan, a batch alternative Warrior that does not fear death. In this Clan to Mark duty very simple, monitors Stony Mountain, Dark Magician Zhao Hai that because was widely known in the past, Stony Mountain buying, the person in Clan has wanted to know that Zhao Hai must do in here. The Mark position is very near to Stony Mountain, he by Stony Mountain huge mountain halfway up the mountainside here, can see the situation on chaotic rock from here, although said could not see that in the manor is doing, but outside the manor, actually cannot escape his eye. He also wants to see clearly in the manor is any situation, but he presently that is impossible, Stony Mountain manor there, by one layer Dark mist covering, his simply could not see inside situation, has received Mark very clear of specialist training, that Dark mist is not Stony Mountain produces, but is one type of Magic of Dark Magician use. Rolls Dark mist besides that many huge Undead Creature wander on Stony Mountain, that dark green color, greatly in the build, in the eye flashes bit by bit ghost flame, making Mark this process strict training Dead-soldier feel at heart the wool. Also because of this, therefore Mark does not dare to go to Stony Mountain there to examine, Mark their this very good at stealth Dead-soldier, most likely fears is this Undead Creature, because of the position of Undead Creature judgment object, is not eyes that sometimes depends, but is their feelings. But Undead Creature regarding fresh flesh and blood hope degree, is on Continent became famous, no matter how you will hide the personal appearance to be useless, you impossible become by yourself a person taste nobody, so long as you is a living creature, you are impossible to hide the truth from Undead Creature. Mark very wants to know that the person on mountain is doing, but was a pity very much that he cannot see, can only lie in there is waiting. Zhao Hai is certainly impossible Dark mist technique Black Magic, this Black Magic is Drunk executes release to come, had Drunk they, Zhao Hai installs Dark Magician to come, had confidence.

Now in the by Zhao Hai command known as Cyan Stone Villa manor, is piece of busy scene, these slaves by let out of Zhao Hai from Space, all people were busy cleaning Villa, displays the furniture, manufactures various types of tools. here is different from Iron Mountain there, Iron Mountain there, to their near places, simply anything thing does not have, without the tree, cannot mine Stone at will, because that mountain by Dwarf Race hollowing out, them , if mining at will, does not do well can the landslide. However Stony Mountain here is different, here over the mountain is Stone, they can use at will, on their surrounding mountains, is not the personal territory of that person, forest on mountain can also fell at will, therefore they can now feel relieved bold before being some, tool that could not make. However Zhao Hai does not have immediately to go to all around mountain to fell trees, these trees place there unable to be inescapable in any case, he is making these Undead Creature mine some Stone now, transports in returned to Villa, making secure they make some Ma Panhe edge runners. although this all the way, settled them also to make several grinding pans and edge runners, but Zhao Hai actually thought insufficiently, their in hand currently was only the corn had several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), the light was several grinding pan and edge runner there is sufficient. Now their although only then more than 100 people, but this time they are the preparation buy some people to go back, various tools that as the matter stands, they need will be many, might as well is calling the present, can make oneself does. Zhao Hai he has not thought that they just arrived at Stony Mountain here, has made the person staring, but is they knows, will not care, this people have been staring at them, they have been used. Coats Villa with the Dark mist technique, is Merine their meanings, do not forget, the Zhao Hai present status is Dark Magician, Dark Magician is mysterious, if you do not make the mysterious point, others instead to will think that you have the issue. Manor originally is not big, more than 100 people of together begin to reorganize, half-day time tidied up was similar, in the rest of the time, Zhao Hai has made these Undead Creature mine some of their useful stone material, then received in these stone material Space. Zhao Hai has chosen a room in the manor to oneself, must say this manor original Master, is one can luxury, he actually has thought in build a manor, already took warm spring water to direct one to enter a room, has formed a Hot Spring pond in that in the room, Zhao Hai, when has been choosing that room as own bedroom. But entire Stony Mountain sole water source, from Hot Spring, but, here Master has thought fortunately of this point in build a manor, therefore manor here the Hot Spring, had been divided into several by him, one specifically is used to take a bath, one drinks water to use, another is used to breed fish.

It can be said that this manor although semblance looks like not much, however internal construction is good, obviously underwent person of high skill's design, stems from the famous expert writing skill. Because in being busy the matter in manor, Zhao Hai does not have with enough time Bubble Hot Spring well, when continuously the evening has had the dinner, Zhao Hai returned to own room, escaped Magic Robe, sneaked in Wen Erchi of oneself room. In entire manor, only then his in the room Wen Er pond is biggest, can have about ten square meters fully, other in the room Wen Erchi, only then more than 2 meters is long, about one meter extends. However this manor constructs also is really very good, in each bedroom, such Hot Spring pond, this is very extraordinary matter, moreover sewer system of each room is very good, you have taken the bath, so long as turns on the cork, can arrange the water in pool, very convenient, health. Zhao Hai sits in the pool, comfortable sighing, his don’t know has how long not such has taken a bath well, in Black Wasteland there, because the condition is limited, he can only be scrubs the body, simply has not managed Law Image now such comfortable taking a bath, currently finally has opportunity. Finger gently delimits the water, Zhao Hai two eyes is going against the flagstone of roof, in a soft voice said : „, if can soak Hot Spring daily this well, was right, probably this warm spring water has not delivered to Space to examine, how should have a look at this water quality.” Said that his hand moves, Space rift appears in his side, warm spring water one flowed in Space, Zhao Hai immediately pass/test the crack. Good today's these slaves rest outside house, otherwise by a Zhao Hai lane, these people no one be wanted to rest. Warm spring water just entered Space, Space prompt sound immediately has made a sound: High level warm spring water, includes many have the mineral substance of advantage to the human body, can drink, withdraws the beneficial mineral substance, Level Up Spatial Water, Space meets the Level Up requirements, climbs to 6th level, increases Hot Spring one, rewards cauliflower seed one bag, may plant area, two mu.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he knows that puts in warm spring water Space, in Space will certainly have the response, but Zhao Hai wants to come, Space also at most like previous time, in Iron Mountain there leads into Space the water of tarn, Spatial Water liter Level Up was good, has not actually thought that these time unexpectedly was Space directly on Level Up. although rose 1st level, has not arrived to be able newly-opened land level, wants is Level Up Zhao Hai on happy, this Space Level Up is not 1st level 1st level comes, he does not worry.

However Zhao Hai actually noted Space prompt sound to mention a matter, did increase Hot Spring one? What's all this about? Thought of here, Zhao Hai could not wait, has not worn the clothes, entered Space in Wen Erchi flashes body directly. Entered Space Zhao Hai on present his difference, in front of log cabin originally only then spring, but now in that spring side, many spring . Moreover the water that in that spring braved, was braving the steam outward, evidently probably was the temperature not low appearance. Zhao Hai could not attend to itself light buttocks, in Space also nobody, by his running up to Hot Spring quickly, looks in any case now favored Hot Spring, actually does not dare to put out a hand to touch. His very clear, the temperature in Space is not low, he buttocks is only staying in Space, has not felt cold, but this warm spring water actually still in braving steam, that can only explain that an issue, is this warm spring water temperature very high, feared that must have about 80 degrees. 80 degrees high temperature, can boil the egg, in Zhao Hai naturally not put the hand on that water, but this water, so long as processes, same can wash Hot Spring, wants to come Hot Spring in Stony Mountain Shangwuzi, makes like this. Also looked at Space, nothing, Oil Fruit tree long is very good, tomorrow can receive, corn also long good, tomorrow can also receive, today also nothing. The Zhao Hai flashes body left Space, returned to Hot Spring Chi Li, static lying down in there, is calculating in hand thing. Now in hand has the radishes of three seasons, every quarter the eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg), two ten forty thousand jin (0.5 kg), Oil Fruit now plants is second has approved, the a batch altogether nine seasons received, the second batch of present received two seasons, altogether 11 seasons, received about the Oil Fruit probably 490 ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), the corn received 26 seasons now, including two seasons is two mu, the remaining 20 four seasons are four mu, altogether obtained the corn to have about three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), he couple of days ago also found time to stop the corn, the wheat, the cabbage, the eggplant planted, The wheat obtained about 3200 jin (0.5 kg), the eggplant has the twenty thousand jin (0.5 kg), the cabbage has the twenty thousand jin (0.5 kg), currently in Space also has gold coins 600, cauliflower seed one bag of just obtaining, remaining was some forage grass seed, these were the Zhao Hai current entire fortunes.