Chapter 76 Casa City After zero point, a chapter. These thing look like many, but can immediately/on horseback turn into money few truly actually, the corn, the Oil Fruit output is highest, but this difference actually cannot immediately/on horseback turn into money, corn nobody wants, but Oil Fruit must become the oil some people will want, moreover nobody meets to want that many. The eggplant, the cabbage, is vegetables, Zhao Hai plants most from the beginning the time, but is thinking must improve own life, lets in Space the different emaciated look, this different thing Continent last present feared that will be some people will not buy, cannot turn into money. The wheat say nothing , the output lowly did not say that wants noddles that turns into on Continent to eat, but must after the intensive processing, the light buys the words of wheat, feared that cannot obtain several money. Now can only the command(er) radish, hope that this radish can buy a good price. Now in Space only remaining 600 gold coins, therefore Zhao Hai does not have to plant the radish, if he is planting the radish, feared that was in hand gold coins is used to buy to plant. After Zhao Hai prepares tomorrow the corn of this season receives, in the cauliflower plants, seed of although cauliflower only suffices to plant two mu, that must plant, on the flower the cauliflower of two mu place, in planting the wheat of two mu place, his in Warehouse also 3000 jin (0.5 kg) wheat, can bring in any case now, when seed. Zhao Hai does not want to use Space my wheat, the wheat can only make the bread flour, but the price of bread flour on Continent is not very high, Zhao Hai can definitely plant other price higher thing in Space, is buying the bread flour to eat, this is more cost-effective. However the Zhao Hai custom, he must plant the corn, a that four mu place plants the corn, therefore he rather after planting two mu cauliflower, plants the wheat not to plant the corn in the remaining two mu places. thing that presently in his hand may plant was too few, on the road, Zhao Hai has not collected other plants seed, because this people were staring at them all the way, if he collected these seed, will make the person feeling very strange, therefore Zhao Hai has not acted unreasonably. Zhao Hai has thought that must collect seed, only depends on are incorrect, he in fierce, how many seed can oneself collect? Also by person present, is not cost-effective. After he prepares received money, seed that the present can buy first buys some, then linings duty in tavern, invited these mercenary and adventurers looks for him.

In this world, so long as you were rich, you can let these mercenary and adventurers do any matter, you can the cloth you think that cloth duty duty, that feared that you must assassinate King duty in the Aksu Empire cloth, so long as you can pay money, some people dare to meet, naturally, has become inadequate that discusses separately. Zhao Hai sits in Hot Spring Chi Li, is calculating these thing that in the head keeps, now his strength on hand was not weak, but in his hand available fund were too few, moreover his enemy was too strong, therefore Zhao Hai decided that must maintain the low-key style of being used. A suddenly slight profound corona feeling raids, Zhao Hai has gawked, then shook the head, has stood, he is really unsatisfied to his present physical condition, but soaked has met Hot Spring, actually will feel dizzy, this body also held the egg. Stood up, takes up nearby towel to dry the body, has put on sleeping, has arrived at the bedside, took up from head there has been possible the Asian pot, to oneself one cup of sub, sat on the bed static has drunk one but actually. Zhao Hai felt that own body is somewhat soft, he knows that this is because has soaked too the long time Hot Spring reason, but he also is really is disinclined now, these days, he bore too many pressures, in pressure that outside, every time, he lives at heart probably. Now has soaked Hot Spring, his suddenly has the one type of dejected feeling, anything does not imagine, in the head anything does not think that only thinks static lying down in there. If normally he is lying down like this, feared that will be will fall asleep before long, but is exceptional today, he that static will be lying down, in the head anything has not thought that will not have point sleepiness. Is maintaining this condition also don’t know how long, Zhao Hai suddenly woke, although he had not fallen asleep, however the present feeling woke. Zhao Hai shaking the head of gently, has thrown off in the head these gloomy low ideas, now he does not have the time to go sadly, the matter that he must handle were too many. calm one own mood, Zhao Hai had decided that sleeping well, tomorrow they must go to Casa City, he also really wants to have a look, what this is called the Aksu Empire north pearl city is. After this is Zhao Hai wakes, the first time must go to the big city city, his at heart also really some anticipations. although said that beforehand Adam has lived in the Aksu Empire imperial capital, there is Aksu Empire is biggest, liveliest city, but Zhao Hai comprehensively has also taken over control of the Adam memory, but these memories also like watching movie appears in his head, had felt that not that real, this time must go to Casa City, he anticipated really very much.

A night does not have the words, these slaves also felt one rest is very steadfast, although said that the environment in Space compared with outside fortunately, not have point wind, the temperature is to also be distressed to decide, but that type is revealing the feeling that Heaven and Earth sleeps, makes them feel rests is not steadfast. Next morning, all people full of energy have grasped, the experience is here majority of in the room has Hot Spring, therefore these slave taking a bath of well, everyone/Great Clan will also rest will be very fragrant. However after having had the breakfast, these slaves entered Space, goes to the there study character, but Zhao Hai they were calling Alien, walked toward Casa City. From Stony Mountain here to Casa City there, if travel on a horse carriage, two days of distances, but Zhao Hai they sit is actually not horse carriage, but is Alien, Alien, compared with rushing to Horse comes that is not bad, after being many his Level Up, this is also probably quicker. But horse Pao is will be tired, Alien, he by with one type of advancing, as the matter stands their has actually not calculated that however will be quicker. Only used the half-day many point distances, Zhao Hai they to arrive under Casa City, Zhao Hai was also first time leaves such recently observes Casa City, this Casa City surroundings had several huge mountain, very obviously to coincide with the appearance of the mountain, Casa City was not city wall of traditional urban that square shape, but was the circular. Altogether has six groups, 18 city gates, city wall about 30 meters in height, depth about six meters, very grand. On city wall is setting up Purcell Family Ben Niuqi, teams of soldiers often passes through from city wall, half person of high wall pile, cannot block the heroic bearing of these soldiers, that silver-white full body armor, is dodging cold light weapon, demonstrated their place of uncommonness. Zhao Hai stands under city wall, the straight soldier and that grand city wall that look at city wall mouth there stands, cannot help but exclaimed in surprise at heart, Earth ancient city wall on Chinese although has plenty, but Zhao Hai actually again comes not to go, oil city that he is, that completely is an emerging city, is impossible to have city wall this thing. said it, even if had city wall these old cities at that time, these city wall also can only be has decorated, you cannot count on city wall can block missile attack, as the matter stands city wall has naturally been short of imposing manner. However here city wall actually is really used for resist the enemy, stands under city wall, was feeling city wall that such as iron wall general grand imposing manner, this makes Zhao Hai exclaim. Zhao Hai received Alien, this is also the general city the custom, like Casa City this big city city so, is leaving the city wall about 500 meters, there was the stand guard area, if you did not have evil intention to the city, should better receive own summon beast, otherwise the garrison troops will regard you to the city have evil intention, might be able very much attack you.

Zhao Hai although don’t know these, but Green they actually know that therefore in leaving the Casa City about 500 meters place, he made Zhao Hai receive Alien. although said that they want to attract the attention of person all people, but that did not express that they want to stir up trouble, so long as they maintained a high-sounding talk point were good, does not need to cause trouble, must hit, they will possibly expose their secret, their secret may be many. Green actually understand, why Zhao Hai does not stop in city wall stops, although said that the black Magic Robe big hat has blocked the Zhao Hai movement, but Green can feel clearly that Zhao Hai is sizing up city wall, such movement, is very easy to cause these garrison troops to suspect that if these garrison troops do not visit him are Magician, feared that already interrogated. Was good has sized up a while because of Zhao Hai, recovered, walked toward in the city with Green and Meg, Merine has not come out with them, Zhao Hai does not want to make others know he too many strengths now. Zhao Hai waved, walks toward the city gate, his present city gate there is putting two big boxes, above writes the tax character, box that it seems like specifically is used to collect taxes, the person who therefore passes and out the city gate, must invest money to go in toward the box , will otherwise be blocked. However Zhao Hai has not actually gone to invest money, because he remembers that Green they have told him, Magician like him, does not need to invest money, because the country has regulation, Magician is exempted from tax. Naturally, did not mean that you put on Magic Robe to be exempted from tax, you must go to the Magician Guild registration first, attains a Magician badge, you can be exempted from tax, if no badge, that is incorrect. However Zhao Hai is actually an exception, his although does not have the Magician badge, but he is sits Alien to come, Alien had indicated his Magician status, in this case, these garrison troops also dare to block his words, that too not long eye. On Continent has plenty Dark Magician, they will not go to the Magician Guild registration, the appearance of Dark Magician, fills there besides Black Mountain, nobody dares to disguise as, therefore the general city, that place has not blocked is putting on the black Magic Robe person, that feared that is he has not brought the badge is also same. Green reminded Zhao Hai these, was feared that what Zhao Hai don’t know Dark Magician was, if Zhao Hai performance extremely in temperate, that like Dark Magician, instead has not attended the meeting to cause the suspicion of people.