Chapter 77 Magician Guild Three people slowly walks toward in the city, city in front of the door garrison troops, not only does not have on to come to block them, but also to their gave a salute, this also let Zhao Hai understand, in this world, so long as you were competent, you were Uncle. Several people entered the city gate, Zhao Hai to making to stay by present scene, this was a about ten meters wide big horse road, on the entire road the pedestrian like the shuttle, coming and going liveliness of , some roadside also small merchants set up a stall in there, obviously here did not have the management, everyone in calling that there went all out, often had the pedestrian to stop to buy thing, appeared very lively. With both sides everywhere have shops, these small booth on pendulum in front of shop, big gate of shop letting, was appears lives it up. The pedestrian on street is also divided into many types, majority are the average people of some wear ordinary linen clothes, few wear skin helmet or warrior cloth Warrior, almost could not see that puts on Magic Robe to walk on the street. In this time, a sound is conveying said : respect Magician mister, do you want to rent a car? My car(riage) is also comfortable, is cheap, moreover I grow up in Casa City since childhood, each street in Casa City to purity that knows, can deliver to any place that you want to go to you.” Zhao Hai they look following the sound, the person who a cart driver dresses up, is standing in their left five outside place look at, bowing stands in there, in his, but also is stopping horse carriage. This horse carriage to is very big, by red high big horse pulling, the entire carriage has painted the black, above belt collects is making very attractive pattern. Zhao Hai did not know, but Green actually knew that those horses pulling the carriage although looks like good, but actually is also only ordinary 1st level Magic Beast, does not match with the Zhao Hai status. However does not match does not have the means that they just arrived at Casa City here now, is unfamiliar with the people and place, in hand does not have how much money, naturally impossible to buy horse carriage, moreover in the city, is impossible optional use Magic and summon beast, therefore cannot call Alien, now the sole means can only hire horse carriage. Does Green arrive around that cart driver said : What is your name? How much money hires your car(riage) one day to want?” That cart driver has not thought that the matter so will be smooth, he stopped by calling out Zhao Hai they, but wants to try, must know that Magician was not short of money generally, therefore they little will also hire their this ordinary horse carriage, has not thought that the opposite party actually asked his price.

Cart driver quickly said: Respect Magician mister, my car(riage) is very cheap, a day wants silver coins, my name was called Rock.” Green put out silver coins to lose to Rock said : has hired your horse carriage one day.” Said that turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, please board.” Zhao Hai nodded, with Meg together on the vehicles, this horse carriage carriage is very big, can be occupied by about six people fully. However Green has not actually boarded, but sat in side of driver, sent us to Magician Guild to Rock said :.” This Magician Guild is not the folk organization, but is the organization of country, each country has oneself independent Magician Guild, this Magician Guild is a special state aims at the organization that Magician sets up, its objective is serves for Magician. Magician Guild for the Magician service, is not used to manage Magician, because first Magician is the treasure of this country, their status and Noble same level, therefore nobody dares to manage them, can only provide some proper services for them. Each in Magician of Magician Guild registration, one month can obtain the subsidies of ten gold coins, naturally, few Magician will have a liking for this money, therefore some people will not lead generally. However in Magician of Magician Guild registration, meets the has plenty advantage, for example you are taking the Magician badge, can be exempted from tax, is bringing this badge, you can see Noble not to do obeisance. This Green they come to Casa City, comes is the dew one, attracts the attention of these people, two come is wants Magician Guild to register to Zhao Hai. Various countries regarding the registration of Magician, adopt very loose policy, generally only will carry on to train, then makes you demonstrate that Magic has been OK, does not have what test and so on, so long as you demonstrate Magic, showed that you are Magician, you can in the Magician Guild registration. Naturally, Magician of this registration also divides level, if you had demonstrated you can Magic, you only be able to register into most Inferior level Magician, every month ten gold coins, tax-free. The strength that if you show is very high, the service that looks like obtains will be also more, like Zhao Hai, if on him has the Magician badge, moreover studies is a Advanced level Magician badge, that entering a city gate, immediately will be given to pick by the Magician Guild car(riage), and will arrange all for him, will reimburse his majority of life expenditure, every month can also receive 100 to 1000 gold coins, naturally, must want to obtain the Advanced level Magician badge, that your strength, minimum must to 6th level the line. Zhao Hai this time registers Magician, is Green their meanings, only then Zhao Hai has taken the Magician badge, meets convenient of has plenty to their later conduct, moreover this registration does not need to disclose their status, with happy, but is not.

After Green rode on the vehicle, turned the head to go to Magician Guild to Rock said :.” Rock has complied with one, catches up with horse carriage to directly soar Magician Guild. Empire Magician Guild is very special existence, they are allocated funds by the state finance directly, serves for Magician specially, but normally little will have Magician to come to Guild, because of each Magician, has own work. In Empire, Magician is profession that one type of is popular, that feared that you are only 1st level Magician, meets the has plenty person to line up to invite you, therefore general Magician, simply nobody will arrive at Guild. The sole exception possibly was Dark Magician. Because Dark Magician style very special, therefore majority of Noble does not like inviting Dark Magician, only then some Merchant will ask Dark Magician to become their Guest Official, but majority of Dark Magician, generally will become mercenary or the adventurer, they in mercenary will be very popular. However compares with other Magician, the life of Dark Magician is most laborious, is the quality is worst, if other Magician is Noble, that Dark Magician is commoner. has plenty Dark Magician, even can only relying on Magician Guild each month ten gold coins maintain livelihood, must know that studies Magic is also a very expensive matter, you must buy the Magic material, must buy Magic Staff, must buy Magic Crystal, must eat, must drink, but this must spend. Casa City Magician Guild is very lordly, to main avenue also be only the distances of two blocks, is a palace -type three layers construction, occupies a land area about thousand square meters, this Casa City, has not calculated that was small. In Guild big gate above, hangs one to represent the Magician six glow star badges, this six glow Star Map cases are representing six big basic natural elements in the nature, the light, dark, wind, water, fire, earth, is the symbols of all Magician Guild. Rock stopped horse carriage, Green jumped down horse carriage to open the vehicle door, walked out of Zhao Hai and Meg from the car(riage), has sized up this house, gradually walked toward inside. Three people just walked two steps, sees walked out of Fatty half step from Guild, this person wears a servant clothing/taking, but the lining of this clothes is actually the high grade silk makes, with the style of clothes very incompatible, is adding on his obese stature, sees likely is Noble, but likely is not a servant. This Fatty half step before having arrived at the Zhao Hai root, bows to Zhao Hai said : respect Magician mister, your servant Carl at your service.” This to making Zhao Hai stares, his don’t know, all Magician Guild people, saw that Magician will say is a servant, but this Carl, is Casa City Magician Guild manager.

However Zhao Hai has remembered Green their instruction, is only gently snort|hum, has taken a step to walk toward Guild. Guild first floor obviously is a rest place, inside is divided into two region, region is suspending the sand and tea table, another region is suspending several dinner tables. This is also the Magician Guild custom, each Magician Guild has such ornaments, so long as has registered in Magician Guild Magician, can in the here free rest and dining. Zhao Hai has arrived at rest area there, looked for a sand to sit, Fatty Carl closely followed in three people, looked at Zhao Hai to sit, the person who his immediately/on horseback stood several servants is dressing up to side to wave, immediately had person turn around to go into the kitchen, put out a pot to be possible sub and several cups. Puts down the cup, Carl personally was Zhao Hai but actually one cup of sub, then did bowing stand in there said : respect Magician mister, don’t know I have something at your service?” Zhao Hai has not moved that cup of sub, but sits in there waved. Green immediately/on horseback said : Carl mister, our family mister is to come the here registration today, asking Carl mister to help.” Carl quickly said: Can serve for Magician mister is my being honored, mister, please with me to behind, the registration must walk the procedure, hoping you to be able along with the coordination.” Zhao Hai nod of gently, has stood, toward behind of hall walks along with the direction that Carl directs, Carl walks before the body of Zhao Hai, leads the way for him, what Green they have not seen, in Carl's eyes often is flashing the none remaining, obviously he is not the simple character. What Green their don’t know is, this Carl except for is Magician Guild manager, is a Purcell Duchy intelligence head, actually the Zhao Hai status entered in Zhao Hai to Casa City that moment he knew, because knew, therefore he personally will go out to greet Zhao Hai, he wants to trace the Zhao Hai bottom, Magician that in common situation, registers, did not need he personally to receive.