Chapter 78 Unusual performance Magician Guild large building behind, is a stretch of very big open area, above is spreading Cyan Slab, this piece of Space long with wide almost 100 meters, between 50 meters to 100 meters distances, every other ten meters has one to be similar to target same thing, that is used to test Magic to use. All comes the Magician Guild registration Magician, must walk this procedure, discharges Magic in here, to prove that you are Magician, facilitates the Magician Guild person to give you to evaluate level. After several people arrived at this location, Carl turns the head respect Magician mister to Zhao Hai said :, please use Magic, any Magic is good, if the person wants to obtain the Advanced level Magician badge, some use Advanced level Magic, please.” Said that Carl stood the one side, static look at Zhao Hai. Nobody knows, Carl although not Magic, because long time contacts with Magician, he regarding some Magic also certain understanding, moreover to the feeling of Magic strength also very keen, so long as this Magician has used Magic, he can judge this Magician level, ten times has in eight next bests, his judgment meets is correct. Reason that Carl has such judgment, in Magician Guild has worked for dozens years has inseparable relationship with him, in dozens years of work, Carl also slowly summarized one to wrap itself to judge the Magician level means that when compared with this Magician regarding own Magic control ability, in the time needed of system with Magic, he read Incantation skilled degree wait / etc., these can respond Magician level from one side. has plenty Magician, although their level are not low, however their fighting strength are actually not proportional with their level, these Magician have not experienced too many fights, in the fight, their response capabilities is insufficient, this point since they use the Magic time and for Magic control on can judge. relying on this strong judgment ability, Carl sat the Purcell Duchy Magician Guild manager treasure to sit, must know the great nation like Aksu Empire, their Magician Guild manager, held the post of by high level Magician generally. When Zhao Hai enters Casa City, Carl obtained information, when knows that Zhao Hai must come Magician Guild to carry on the registration, Carl immediately decided that he must receive Zhao Hai personally, he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai is any level. Has to recognize, the person on Continent regarding Dark Magician, have the repel of one type of instinct with the alert, Purcell Family is also same.

However obtains information that from Markey Family there, showed that Zhao Hai fighting strength is very strong, this also made Purcell Family have to pay attention, must know Magician, no matter he were Magician of that department, so long as his level were high enough, the ability sufficed, will obtain entrusting with heavy responsibility of Clan, because of high level Magician, on existence of equal to nucleus weapon, this weapon you may not take to use, his most important use, deterred the enemy. If other famous Magician on Continent must come Purcell Duchy here, Purcell Family warmly will certainly receive, even if cannot draw that Magician to Clan, also with that Magician comedy relationship. However regarding Zhao Hai, Purcell Family has actually had the one type of very calm manner, they do not go to initiative close Zhao Hai, will not offend Zhao Hai, that feared that is the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, they not without clarifying Zhao seabed thin, contacts him. The Great Clan personnel has a principle, they place second the ability, but the loyal this pendulum in first, in this world the talented person has is, however the loyal person is few, your ability, but you always revolt, that also nobody dares to use, like Purcell Family is so, that feared that you are 8th level Magician, so long as you are not very loyal, they will not use you, they rather look for two loyal seven Magician, do not take disloyal 8th level Magician. The Zhao Hai status to the present is a secret, from finding out his details, he looks like suddenly that jumps from Stone, this makes Purcell Family want to win over him, a little shrinks back at the sight. Purcell Family show good of , very smoothly, although said that now by the Zhao Hai strength, join Purcell Family, Clan will have brought the new show to them, but Zhao Hai that secret same life experience, is the Purcell Family a piece worry, Purcell Family likes the Zhao Hai strength, but they also feared that Zhao Hai will turn into the unstable factor in Purcell Family. Has established established Great Clan of own duchy like Purcell Family, they will not like take risking, especially that unstable factor, is not, therefore they who they like treat the Zhao Hai issue, adopts is the means of one type of cold treatment. although must pick the discharge to process to Zhao Hai, but pays attention actually must, after all Zhao Hai now already in Casa City, if he causes any matter to come, on the face of Purcell Family is unattractive. Zhao Hai has not thought that many, now he is short of money really very much, in a Magician Guild registration, he had ten gold coins income, this income regarding other Magician possibly is not anything, but regarding Zhao Hai is actually very important, now entire Buda Family gold coins added insufficient 50 gold coins, this equal to one made him many one-fifth properties. Naturally, Zhao Hai has not thought must make others know one have the strong strength, the fond of playing jokes Advanced level Magician badge, Zhao Hai can achieve this point now, these Undead Creature release that so long as he receives himself come, he can play with a Advanced level Magician badge, but that extremely in the high-sounding talk, did not conform to the Zhao Hai disposition.

Zhao Hai has not wasted breath, he will not read Incantation, but is taking Magic Staff, in underground, Alien on appears in his side. Zhao Hai has not summoned too many Undead Creature, he must prove in any case one met Magic to suffice, what although he used was only false Magic, but believes that in this world nobody can look. Along with Alien appears , Carl's eyes were also straight, he has worked for dozens years in Magician Guild, had seen innumerable Magician use Magic, these Magic some are very magnificent, some are very ugly, some time are long, some time are short, but the time like Zhao Hai are so short, almost do not have, but Magic Staff this has Magic completed? Did this also too exaggerate? Zhao Hai gently has traced Alien with the hand, Alien actually like is one by Master has traced the puppy, swings tail in there crazily, almost pulls out Carl, frightened Carl to walk away hastily several steps. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, has not said anything, received Alien, Carl a little could not have responded, Green at this time open the mouth and said: Our family mister whether passed the test?” Carl one recovers, quickly said: Passed, respect Magician mister, here invited.” Said that was directing Zhao Hai they returned to the front rest area. Zhao Hai they sat to rest area there, Carl immediately/on horseback consider a crime, turn around ran, before long he took a form to come out, has put on the table before Zhao sea surface, respect Magician mister to Zhao Hai said :, this was a form, so long as you wrote in this form, even if has completed all procedures, please.” Zhao Hai took that form, carefully looked, presently this displays very simple, only then some names, the age, the sex these filled up basically. Zhao Hai nodded, threw the form to Meg conveniently, the meaning of Meg also understand Zhao Hai, took up on the table Carl to fill to the fountain pen that they prepared. Carl's performance in the one side look at Zhao Hai, is complaining of hardship at heart, to did not say that Magician wants to write in the form, but is Magician that registers majority of can fill in the form, this is the performance of one type of to Magician Guild respect, no matter what, Magician Guild is also an organization of country, even if these Magician not too useful this Guild, but will also display a point respect, after all Guild is representing the country.

But Carl wants to let Zhao Hai the filling out a form standard, wants through many collections the material about Zhao Hai, to know now on Continent already appears the special handwriting appraiser, collects various handwriting, is finding the person through the handwriting, now can also achieve on Continent. Carl wants to make Zhao Hai write in that form, then sends to Purcell Family this form, has a look whether can the handwriting, discover the Zhao Hai status the clue. However he has not thought that Zhao Hai has not prepared itself to fill, but makes Meg fill, this let his plan in time failing. This also Jeancard's vigilance to Zhao Hai mentioned highest, in Carl opinion, all these that Zhao Hai makes is intentionally, for is covers shows own status, such person danger. Carl also looked, young of Zhao Hai, moreover he has delivered best hateful to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not actually moved one, so far, Zhao Hai has not made noise, this Jeancard felt that Zhao Hai was certainly concealing anything. Actually from sees Zhao Hai most from the beginning the time, the observation that Carl already keeping and has probed, he is observing manner of Zhao Hai to the person, presently Zhao Hai possibly is legitimate Noble, he delivers sub to Zhao Hai, wants to have a look at the Zhao Hai appearance, finally Zhao Hai simply has not moved that cup of sub, his plan on one time falls the guest, Zhao Hai had not spoken, making him unable to hear the Zhao Hai sound, not having the means in making other's judgment, in adding on the matter of filling out a form standard, all these adds now in together, Jeancard had a very profound impression to Zhao Hai, he. Thought that Zhao Hai certainly is on Continent the famous person, however his reputation is not quite certainly good, therefore his covering as far as possible is showing own status. What however is the Zhao Hai real status? Carl really cannot think.