Chapter 79 Poisonous The Zhao Hai look at in hand badge, this is not an ordinary Inferior level Magician badge, but is a Intermediate level Magician badge, but this badge is hands over in his hand by Carl personally, similarly, hands over in his hand also has 100 gold coins. Zhao Hai and Green they have not thought that Carl to them such high comment share, must know Zhao Hai summoned Alien, in has not used any Magic, moreover their originally to the Inferior level Magician badge, simply has not thought fine the Intermediate level Magician badge. However no matter what, these 100 gold coins, has solved their urgent matter, their in hand had more than 100 gold coins finally. However more than 100 gold coins, regarding them , can only by own in hand, regarding the Buda Family show, not get up too big doing to use loosely. gold coins has made Green receive, to be honest, Green present had a bottom at heart, these 100 gold coins cannot make Buda Family unfold in light of this, but can actually make them very arrive at Laura returned to Casa City. Three people have arrived by outside horse carriage, Green watched the weather, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, we eat thing, to Markey Delphi Trading Company shop.” horse its Delphi Trading Company although main business is various types of living materials, but also is many meddles regarding the dining room and inn industry, but buys the living materials shop to be different from their other these, they buy the living materials the shop, generally walks is the low-and-middle route, but their dining room and inn industry walks is actually the route of high-end, has a food in their there, few gold coins, do not want to come out, must know one gold coin, actually enough general commoner lived the family to live for one month. Zhao Hai selected, got in the car(riage) directly, has not made noise, this was also Green they told that after making him arrive in Casa City, try not to make noise. Rock put up the car(riage) to arrive at front of dining room quickly, this dining room in Casa City was the Advanced level place, here also wanted high one layer compared with Magician Guild, the four layers high construction, has not calculated in here short. horse carriage just stopped, the wear leather armor person walked, this person of leather armor very magnificent, is more attractive than that good-looking but useless goods that Green buys, leather armor outside is finishing the one layer blue reflectorized paint, this makes him look like the sparkling light, this clothes are the security uniform of Markey Delphi dining room.

Before this person arrives at horse carriage, bows slightly said : respect mister, here does not permit such horse carriage stay, please with me to here.” Green has not actually managed him, but ran from horse carriage, opened the vehicle door, invited Zhao Hai and Meg, three people walked toward the dining room, making Rock stop with that security. Three people arrived at in front of the door of dining room, immediately have two beautiful girls of wear customer service personnel clothes to welcome, they bowed said : welcome light to supervise the head store to Zhao Hai, respect Magician mister, had the appointment?” What Zhao Hai has not said that Green actually put out a piece Golden Token to hand over, in that two girl received Golden Token carefully to look at one, has given back to Green Golden Token, did they simultaneously bow said : what need honored guest to have?” Green immediately/on horseback said : arranges a room, we are dine.” Two girls have complied with one, leading Green to walk toward the shop. Their girls to room that they arrange in third floor, the third floor here room is not many, each room seems like not small, Zhao Hai they are also only have a food, quite makes these people know that they came, therefore has not selected any thing, found a room to go in casually. Green good thing, optional has ordered two vegetables, wanted soup, considered as finished, Green has calculated, even if these thing that he wants, in ten gold coins about, but if these thing manufacture, the materials expenses will fear not one gold coin, the sudden and huge profits. After having ordered food, customer service personnel immediately has sent to a pot sub, but Zhao Hai has not moved, has waited till the dish on to be uneven, Green closed, Zhao Hai has then picked the hat, let out a long breath said : felt stifled I, if this clothes always put on, but can also want the human life.” Green smiles said : truly is very uncomfortable, cannot speak, cannot eat meal, pressed you.” Zhao Hai smiled said : this to be also worth, no matter what, in vain has resulted today also in 100 gold coins, right Grandpa Green, a while we have bought the meat, improved to live to these slaves.” Green smiled said : do not worry, now our in hand although has more than 100 gold coins, but when also don’t know Laura comes back, she does not come back, our in hand thing changes the inadequate money, these money must save the point to use.”

Zhao Hai helpless nod, he presently also is really such a matter, just in vain had resulted in these 100 gold coins, his a little excited was excessive, if these 100 gold coins have let loose really colored, in Casa City such place, feared that will squander in less than one hour. Meg to Zhao Hai one cup of sub, had put Zhao Hai front said : at this time but actually Young Master, drinking the cup may sub.” Zhao Hai nodded, received cup said : you also to drink.” Meg gave Green one cup, Zhao Hai then has carried but actually the cup to drink one, but this may sub just an entrance, Space immediately have the prompt sound to transmit said : presently the poisonous material to enter in Su object, opened the protect the Host procedure, extracting toxin, analyzed toxin, toxin was chronic nerve toxin, destroyed seriously to the human body nervous system, it is expected that made the time, after three hours, manufactured antidote, the antidote manufacture was completed, in join Spatial Water, toxin strengthened the kind of robot object attack strength.” Zhao Hai one was shocked, then immediately has put down the in hand cup, looked that Green just carried the cup to drink, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : stops, Grandpa Green, in this cup may Asian poisonous.” Green stares, then complexion changes, immediately/on horseback has put on the cup the table, then the arriving gate by fast, opened the door to look at one outward, did not have the present person, his then doorkeeper closed, by the returned to table, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this can Yari real poisonous?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, is one type of chronic poison, but Grandpa Green you do not need to be worried that Spatial Water can solve this type of toxin, feel relieved was good.” Green nodded, then who frowns said : „to be wants to cope with us? Can be Markey Delphi Trading Company person? If their Trading Company person, others are impossible in their shop may Yari intoxicate, but why do they want to cope with us?” Zhao Hai also wrinkled under the brow, today this poison is really a little fishy, normally Markey Family has not coped with their reasons, they have also helped Markey Family, if not Markey Family, who that can be? Meg suddenly said : Young Master, Grandfather, we had not said before, Markey Family these time by attack, possibly because of their Clan internal contradiction? You said that these time intoxicates, can also be for this reason?” Zhao Hai and Green stare, they just really had not thought of this point, it seems like also is really such a matter, Green nodded said : to have the possibility very much, that Golden Token that we take, regarding Markey Family, certainly is very important thing, otherwise Laura will not thank our life-saving great kindness with it, generally one side with such important thing guest, manager in their shop will come out to see, but until now, manager appears in this shop, what here certainly has not had issue.” Zhao Hai frowns said : looks like the internal struggle of this Markey Family, Laura they fell leeward, and has been planned, first told undead Mercenary Group information, wants to make undead Mercenary Group extinguish Laura, then in sending for receiving Laura their influence, I think calculation that now in this shop says truly, is not Laura they, feared that has changed players.”

Green nodded said : Young Master, I thought that we do not eat, immediately/on horseback leave.” Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile said : to eat, why does not eat, the meal has come up in any case, I to have a look, they also intoxicated in the meal, if they dare to be so dry, today I have burnt this shop.” Zhao Hai has today has ignited, although said that he is nerd, the courage is not big, moreover he arrived at a Ark Continent here looks like by low key give priority to, but this did not express that he does not have Fire Qi, such plans him unexpectedly, even if the clay figurine also has three points of nature of the soil, let alone on Zhao Hai temperament also not necessarily good many. Honest and good-natured person equal to does not have the temperament, has provoked anger the honest and good-natured person, their anything matter can do, Zhao Hai is an honest and good-natured person, but do not provoke anger him. If a personal enemy is planning Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai such will not be angry, your personal enemy does not plan you, did that also call the personal enemy? What Zhao Hai vitality is, Markey Family internal strife, should not involve him. although they have not been able to affirm now that this time intoxication event, certainly is because Markey Family internal strife causes, but enters the person main idea first, Zhao Hai had recognized this is Markey Family dry, how he can not be angry. You said that your internal strife on internal strife, what relationship does have with me? I as luck would have it passed by, sought a Laura life, that is because settled on undead Mercenary Group, wants to take back oneself undead Mercenary Group with the hand that leaves, what matters does this close your? Because only this must kill by poison me, were you too excessive?” Zhao Hai is musing at heart. Is thinking him while took up the knife and fork to eat a dish, to be honest, the flavor of this dish was really good, moreover did not have poisonous, Zhao Hai also told Green them, the meal did not have the toxin, three people greatly have then eaten. However to insure, Zhao Hai gets pot water from Space, this water can Detoxification, drink this type of water not to fear poisoned in eating meal.