The eighth chapter Arrangement() Zhao Hai nodded, then said : „does Grandpa Green, our present meat solve? Haven't we bought some meat Magic Beast to raise?” Why Green don’t know Zhao Hai must ask this, but also thinks that he is feared does not have the meat to eat, therefore immediately/on horseback said : Young Master does not need to be worried that we purchased some Blue Eye Rabbit and long live hogs use for our meat, Young Master does not need to eat the matter worry of meat.” Zhao Hai does not know whether to laugh or cry, it seems like beforehand Adam human nature really not much, oneself want to discover one type of to reproduce quickly . Moreover the movement that does not select food raises, but Green actually thinks one do not have the meat to eat in the worry, this that with that. In this time, Merine and Meg are carrying several food plates to walk, on the plate is putting out some food, but compares to Zhao Hai is much simpler. Zhao Hai looked at own tray, in own tray, is a white bread, two eggs, the a piece meat, some vegetables, this situation, his these food were very good at present. But in Green their trays, only then some black bread and vegetables, any egg, the meat, simply does not have, this lets Zhao Hai cannot bear acid at heart, but he has not said anything, but took up the knife and fork to eat, Green they looked that he started to eat, they have also eaten. Green they eat meal is not quick, quick that only then Blockhead and Stone eat, moreover can look, Merine other people be more than to food that they take. The flavor that has to recognize, the Merine meal make is good, although was inferior that the Chinese dish is so delicious, but can these simple food, make the flavor that this wants to come, was very great. Zhao Hai satisfied nod, fast ate the present food, although was saying that ate thing he not to be familiar with the knife and fork very much, but he truly was somewhat hungry, therefore ate fast. However waited for him to finish eating, Green they actually also already finished eating, stood in there look at he, this made Zhao Hai not bear very much, actually also knows that this situation was not a day or two can change.

After having eaten thing, Merine and Meg have tidied up the dinner place, has carried pot thing, smells the flavor that transmits from the pot, Zhao Hai knows that what in this pot attire is sub. But sub is one type of is similar to coffee thing, is happy material that on Continent Noble most likes. Green was busy at to Zhao Hai one cup, Zhao Hai drinking one but actually, was similar to the coffee flavor, cannot help but nodded, has taken up the pot, arrived at one cup, then finger of nearby stool said : Grandpa Green you sat, my something must discuss with you, come, drank a sub.” Green quickly said: Does not dare, the old servant was standing on the line.” Zhao Hai stood to press on the chair Green said : Grandpa Green, you were my grandfather generation of person, was look at I grows up, said that was also my elder, this Buda Family bad this disaster, your words, feared that was my poor life is difficult to guarantee, you did not use politely, sat, I had the matter to with you discuss.” Green sat, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, the suddenly tears flowed, muttered said : old servant to sit, the old servant sat and that's the end, Young Master has grown up, was sensible.” Sighing said : that Zhao Hai puts on airs experienced these many matters, should grow up, is unfair to Grandpa Green, before made you worry, later cannot.” Green shook the head said : not to have, Young Master do not say that is the old servant protects disadvantageously, makes Young Lord have an accident, Buda Family will fall to so the paddies.” Zhao Hai shook the head, forced smile said : this no wonder you, how my father possibly hear the words that you spoke, was good, did not say these, Grandpa Green, you may know that on Continent what Magic Beast did not select food, long rapidness, moreover reproduced was also quick?” Green was asked by Zhao Hai stares, but these matters he knows that these Magic Beast has plenty types that therefore his immediately/on horseback said : on Continent you said that we raise belongs to this kind of Magic Beast like Blue Eye Rabbit and long live hog that they belong to 1st level Magic Beast, did not have no attack strength, Blue Eye Rabbit from the birth to growing up, three months, moreover they after the maturity, average one month can produce son one time, first time will produce the quantity of son not to be lower than five only, the vegetative cycle of long live hog must long some, probably eight to about ten months can grow into, average. About four months can produce a time son, every time produces the quantity of son not to be lower than seven, these two Magic Beast are also on Continent the important source of meat, the cultivation of has plenty person.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : „the people of these two Magic Beast that one type of cultivations to be quite many?” Green said : long live hog, Blue Eye Rabbit although does not select food, but belongs to herbivorous animal, in their common situations only eats some plants leaves, like the long live hog, anything does not eat.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Blue Eye Rabbit that presently Green says, on the rabbit with Earth does not have what difference, his immediately/on horseback stood got up said : Grandpa Green, you did not say that we have bought Blue Eye Rabbit? Gets me to have a look.” Green although don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but looked that Zhao Hai started to care about family's situation finally, very happy, but he was said : Young Master, today the weather was late, I looked that tomorrow in looked, Young Master earlier went back to rest.” Zhao Hai watched outside weather, felt one somewhat worried, nodded said : well, our tomorrow has a look, but Grandpa Green, in the open area of my present castle probably is also the has plenty commodity, how to have moved to the castle?” said : that Green looks reluctant Young Master, is not does not move, but is the castle is too small, really cannot put down that many commodities, therefore we are organizing the slave to construct the wooden shed now, to help putting in these thing the wooden shed.” Did Zhao Hai nod, looks at outside weather said : these slaves to have the place to live? Now is in April, soon arrived at rainy season, must make the place that these slaves had good, our Buda Family only remaining such selects the person now, later must depend on them.” On the Green face the originally somewhat restless facial expression one improved, he when Zhao Hai asked the commodity in castle, feared that Zhao Hai asked the matters of these slaves, because in the Continent Noble eye, these slaves did not have these commodities to be valuable, if Zhao Hai also thought that certainly will drive out from the room these slaves, then admitted in the commodity the room. However Green actually very clear, Buda Family now such selects the person, moreover now already quickly to rainy season, if rushes to go to outside these slaves, is very easy to fall ill, when the time comes they must face uninhabited available predicament. However Green has not thought that Zhao Hai actually also has thought of these, this makes him know that own Young Master has grown up finally, therefore his quickly said: Young Master invited feel relieved, arranged.” Zhao Hai then nodded said : to have Grandpa Green, my feel relieved, was good, I went back to rest, had any matter, our tomorrow was saying.” Said that walks toward the building. At this time Merine and Meg also walked out from kitchen, looked at Green facial expression excited standing in there, Merine curious said : old man, your What happened? Green suddenly laughed said : Young Master to grow up. Sensible, HaHaHa, day does not perish my Buda Family.” Then just said with the dialog of Zhao Hai to Merine him, said that smiles said : Young Master to know cared Clan matter, this is the good deed, so long as Young Master can manage Clan well, even if Buda Family cannot unfold to expand, but continues, no matter what, Buda Family will not vanish.”

Merine also happy, does said : expand does not matter, so long as Young Master safely good, I looked that now is better, in imperial capital, Buda Family although scenery, but too the human eye, will otherwise not be being been framing by these fellows, now is far away from that dispute area, own easy life has been better in here, Black Wasteland here anything does not have, some people will not project on here to come the idea, our Buda Family counter- was safer.” Green happy expression nod said : right, was this truth, therefore my these time has bought various male and female slave half, now for the Clan later show preparation, I do not think other, so long as Young Master can be safe, Buda Family to continue, I satisfied.” Merine also nodded, a happy expression of face, Meg stands in Merine, on the face although does not have what expression, but in the eye has actually revealed a happy expression. Green laughter Zhao Hai also heard, in a recollection just the Green facial expression, Zhao Hai also knows that Green why such happy, thinks this he cannot help but forced smile, does not have to think own just performance normal, their such happy, it seems like beforehand Adam, why really does not have meddlesome. returned to room Zhao Hai actually could not fall asleep, possibly is too many reasons that because the daytime rests, he lies on the bed now, the looks like light bulb that two eyes stares, cannot fall asleep. Has lain down for one hour, Zhao Hai has not fallen asleep, thinks that he decided Space has a look, to have a look at the radish long how. Enters Space, Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that he just planted several hours of radish, unexpectedly in already the leaf that grew the big piece, left evidently was not maturely far. Zhao Hai look at these, he really have not thought that these radishes unexpectedly long is so quick, although said that the Space earth and Spatial Water, can improve the plants growth rate, was this is also too quick? Zhao Hai cannot bear arrive in the border, pushed aside a radish to look, presently underground grew young section, because just the time was too short, was not big, but must be able to be mature and other time. Zhao Hai he he has laughed foolishly, buries the radish, this stands to mutter said : according to this, tomorrow can be mature in the morning, when the time comes can ask Grandpa Green, having a look at here to have radish thing, has a look at that Blue Eye Rabbit to eat the radish leaf while convenient, if eats, that can open Ranch, he he.”