Chapter 80 Level Up Undead Creature Is satiated with food and wine, Green they paid up leave, in paying up, Green paid attention to the dining room customer service personnel manner specially. Green wants to see some clue from the faces of these customer service personnel, if these customer service personnel know that the intoxication event, will certainly expose weaknesses. However Green was disappointed, ten points calm of these customer service personnel performance, could not see the place that does not suit, Green pays them the tip time, fair that displays. Green has not seen anything, to does not have extremely in the disappointment, after Zhao Hai leave dining room, immediately walks toward outside the city, their in the city matter has handled, in the city was staying not to have what meaning. However what most important is, Green they want to fish, Green they believe that will certainly come to see the result to the person who they intoxicate, must know that intoxicates itself to Dark Magician is a very dangerous matter, because of Dark Magician, plays poisonous Expert generally, the common toxin has not done to use to their simply. Because of this, therefore Green they believe that the opposite party will certainly come to see them is poisoned, if they are in the city, does not have the means to begin, in Casa City such big city city, if your in the city begins at will, will cause the Purcell Family disaffection, they will possibly meddle. Green they have not wanted to have the conflict with Purcell Family now, person but who regarding dares to intoxicate to them, they will not let off. Went out of town Zhao Hai they directly Alien let out, worries toward the appearance that Stony Mountain catches up with, now they with poisonous time already insufficient two hours. Zhao Hai has been calculating the time very carefully, at the same time control Alien advancing, after must let Alien enters to the mountainous area, appearance that is disguising to be poisoned. Zhao Hai they do not have the existing enemy to track them to the present, but Green actually knows that certainly some people track them, Dead-soldier that these Clan or the big influences train, is not that easily presently. Zhao Hai they come out from Casa City, is around 2 : 00 pm, in two hours, was soon to around 4 : 00 pm, the present is spring, weather black did not have to be so early in the winter, four days of many times, the day was very bright, was not why late, this was also Zhao Hai to the time that these people left. although said the darkness regarding Zhao Hai they advantageously, but poison actually did not give them that long time, therefore Zhao Hai they decided that mountainous area there was beginning, this will not be noted by other people.

Zhao Hai their motion come time does not have what difference, looks like in other people, Zhao Hai they to Casa City, registered Magician, then came out from Casa City, wants to catch up in the darkness goes home, place that anything has not suited. two hours, regarding the person of hurrying along, is very arid, but their these days was also used to it in Zhao Hai well, these days they have been hurrying along, this time they also had the matter to do, therefore had not felt that this two hours had anything to be sad. Zhao Hai has calculated next time, felt similarly, turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, was similar.” Green looked at all around environment, now they arrived in the mountain, although here also built roads, but this road apparently does not have many people to walk, especially at this time, the day quick was black, but Casa City in 6 : 00 pm close the city gate, the person will not have at this time has been catching up toward Casa City, passed the time of entering a city to there. Green nodded said : well, begins.” Zhao Hai nodded, control Alien bit by bit slow, then one received Alien, several people fell the ground, motionless, probably fainted the past appearance. Three people lay down in the place first half hour, did not have the sound, but Zhao Hai they already had also thought of this point, therefore three people have not moved, was only static lying down in there. However was good because of this time day is not cold, but they lay down place, was growing the weed, to will not feel cold, but the light such was lying down, truly was very uncomfortable. Three people have lain down for one hour on the ground, when they must unable to endure, finally had the sound, Green heard a slight sound of footsteps to come toward their here. But Zhao Hai although does not have the Green that good hearing, but he currently also has Spatial Farm that monitor to use, Zhao Hai already present, he after Space, that monitor in Space he has been able to use, as before, by one type of projection form appears in his at present, since his level liter to 6th level, the monitor supervisor area increased ten meters. This ten meters did not mean that increased ten square meters, but said the diameter that he can monitor increased ten meters, range that as the matter stands Zhao Hai can monitor on big increased, but at this time, on the Zhao Hai present screen some people was looking like them to approach. Normally a person arrived to oneself about fifty meters, should be able to hear the sound of footsteps, but Zhao Hai has not actually heard any sound, if did not have monitor, the Zhao Hai simply impossible existing person to approach. Slowly control monitor, has been selecting green that person's shadow immediately appears that approaches in Zhao Hai their sides. This person very thin is small, body puts on black-clothed, the hand long foot is long, walks cautiously, carries a black thin sword, the long small nose aperture, sees this image, Zhao Hai cannot help but remembers a person to come, grandaddy of thieves. On the drum in All Men Are Brothers flea grandaddy of thieves, writes according to the All Men Are Brothers book, this person long very much conforms to the image of grandaddy of thieves, if makes him develop the grandaddies of thieves not to use the picture makeup on Earth.

This person of also very careful, when their about 20 meters stopped to Zhao Hai, then touches several cross darts they to lose toward Zhao Hai from the body. Zhao Hai has criticized at heart cannot help but one, this fellow also is really careful, three people have lain down in this for one hour, he so is careful. At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly has called to Drunk, one kept off in his front, he was naturally impossible to make that several cross darts hitting a target. When Zhao Hai summoned Drunk, Green also moved, he was 8th level Advanced level Warrior, must cope with Dead-soldier is very relaxed, Green yellow light flashes, one threw toward that person, but this Meg side suddenly appears one layer cyan protective shield, and she still covered in Drunk Zhao Hai in the middle. That several cross darts are certainly impossible to break through Meg protective shield, that person when Drunk appears , knows own intermediate total, must leave retreat, however was a pity that he did not have that opportunity, the Green strength imagined him is stronger, this threw 20 meters distance one to arrive, he wants to run cannot be inescapable. That person to the root, simply does not run only, but two eyes stubbornly is staring at Green, then mouth, a black blood has spat, fell to the ground dead. Zhao Hai had also stood at this time, happen to sees this, he has not thought really that this so is unexpectedly ruthless, one cannot presently be inescapable, immediately has committed suicide, wants comes this person to look like the television performance, his mouth contained poison. Green has not thought that the opposite party has committed unexpectedly suicide directly, now wants to ask that anything is impossible, Green stopped by that person of corpse, looked at that corpse, this person of any special place, the ground has not belonged to the mark of any influence, simply cannot discover his behind person. Zhao Hai has also arrived at that person of side, looked at that person of black complexion, turned the head to look at around one, this turned the head to Drunk said : Drunk, if turned into Undead Creature this fellow, can ask that what thing came?” Drunk shook the head said : „unable, Young Master, I now am Undead Creature, therefore can only make some Inferior level Undead Creature, cannot manufacture Advanced level Undead Creature, even if turned into Undead Creature him, is only Inferior level Undead Creature that a anything does not understand, simply is impossible to answer the issue.” Zhao Hai looked at that corpse one, clenches teeth said : to turn into Undead Creature him, do not waste, dares to cope with us, must have this consciousness.” Drunk has complied with one, read several Incantation in a soft voice, one group of black gas fluttered from his body, fell that person of body, waited for black gas to vanish, ground only remaining a pale skeleton, but that person of clothes have not vanished, then also carried the thin sword in the back. Zhao Hai also nobody looks at that person, directly received in that person and Drunk Space, has not actually thought that person just one was received in Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : Inferior level Cyborg-type object, Level Up, the strengthened itself ability, strengthens toxin.” Zhao Hai to was made to stare, then complexion one happy, immediately/on horseback also summoned that person, must however, that person of pale skeleton turn into the dark green, like Drunk them.

Zhao Hai happy said : good, can you understand me to speak?” That person nodded. Zhao Hai great happiness, quickly said: What is your name? Is that influence?” That person shook the head, then said : Master, I am your faithful servant.” Zhao Hai stares, then also asked several questions, but that person is only these words, Zhao Hai was understand, this fellow simply don’t know beforehand matter. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, but also thinks after this fellow Level Up, can him tell that useful thing, it seems like wasted. However Zhao Hai or said : what ability do you have?” That person of said : Master, I will then assassinate, will use the dart, meets Sword Technique, meets Battle Qi.” Zhao Hai understand, this fellow by Inferior level Undead Creature that Drunk made, was naturally impossible to remember that beforehand matter, but Space gave him Level Up, looked like nature Level Up these Undead Creature is the same, he before was Dead-soldier, what Level Up later can use was a Dead-soldier ability. Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, after you, called me Young Master, starting today, you called Zhao Qian.” Said that received returned to this person in Space.