Chapter 81 Buys seed Zhao Hai when talked with Zhao Qian, Green and Meg continuously in one side look at, their also not understand what's the matter, to Zhao Hai Zhao Qianshou, Green open the mouth and said: Young Master, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I made Drunk turn into Undead Creature just that fellow, after has not thought received Space, Space unexpectedly that Inferior level Undead Creature to Level Up, making his fighting strength be promoted, but that fellow actually did not remember the beforehand matter, therefore our anything information has not obtained.” Green nodded said : „unable to obtain, I think these fellows, since copes with our one time, certainly will have the next time, we later certainly can find the clue, right Young Master, this second-rate Laura comes back, we have finished talking the matter of cooperation, tells her today's matter that making her help well.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to make her look up well, not only this relationship arrives at us, but also relationship arrives at her, was good, we also go back.” Said that has summoned Alien, walks toward Stony Mountain. To day complete getting dark time, Zhao Hai they returned to Stony Mountain here, but this Zhao Hai did not prepare in going to Casa City, he prepared well in Stony Mountain here was waiting for Laura, after waiting for Laura to come back, finished talking the matter of cooperation with her, they started Black Wasteland. To be honest, Zhao Hai really a little has not adapted to this outside life now, before he lived in China, but China the world was one of the safest several countries, was to here, he was unsafe, today just exits to transfer, made the person intoxicate, if did not have Space to exist, he had been killed by poison, this made Zhao Hai feel that this world was very dangerous drop. Since Casa City returns, therefore monitored the Stony Mountain people relaxed, was covered by one layer Dark mist because of Stony Mountain there, this Dark mist was covering, not only green Rock Mountain cover, but covered entire Stony Mountain, now these monitor the Stony Mountain person, simply look in Qingshan not to have any thing, naturally also nobody dares to climb mountains. Before Dark mist had not covered , on entire mountain, these people noted, on the mountain had many Undead Creature to protect, now by a Dark mist such cover, they are not dared to come up, god knows in these Dark mist had many Undead Creature, came up that is not to bring death. Regarding Zhao Hai they by matter of intoxication, few people are known now, but Zhao Hai their suddenly is so low-key, makes the people in Casa City feel an anxiety.

In Casa City all pays attention to Zhao Hai their influence not to fear that Zhao Hai they jump to build, you jump, you more are make happy, thing that exposes are more, these people instead to were not worried. However like the present, Zhao Hai among their suddenly honest, big gate, two do not step, these people instead to being worried about, their don’t know Zhao Hai they have been attacking any foot intent, moreover Zhao Hai they are motionless, these people are impossible presently Zhao Hai they many thing, this instead to letting these people anxious. These person of anxiety, Zhao Hai they do not have a point anxiety, now they are on Stony Mountain toss about, on this mountain does not have thing that anything can use, but Stone has is, Zhao Hai makes these Undead Creature pick Stone, these Stone parts are used to make the edge runner and grinding pan, another part by must bring returned to Black Wasteland there cultivate the castle to use. Now Black Wasteland there anything lacks, although is defending mountain range, but that mountain range has made Dwarf Race digging has looked awful, they do not dare to pick Stone in optional hitting, now has bumped into such a good place, Zhao Hai their will be polite. They toss about in Stony Mountain here, outside these people actually continuously in look at they, but these look at their people to were relaxed, Zhao Hai their simply did not descend the mountain, these people did not need to look at anything, so long as everyday stared at that to roll Dark mist to stay on the line. Zhao Hai is not has not done, he made Green change that sparkling light full body armor, was calling the night however, went to Casa City. This Green goes to Casa City to not to have any important matter, but was buys seed, Zhao Hai seed that needed on Continent all belts to see, he wants to have a look in these seed to be able to use, if there is seed that can use, that Space possibly also met Level Up. Green has exchanged own warrior cloth, was calling the darkness hurries to toward Casa City, he also knew the darkness not being able to go in city, but that it doesn't matter, evening's time he cannot rush to Casa City in any case. although Green is 8th level Warrior, Battle Qi is also very strong, but he after is a person, two days of distances, Alien can cut even advancing with one type of quickly, he is not good, he needs to rest. Marched on half evening's road, Green has changed a place to rest well, next morning will have eaten dry rations casually, then hurried along, by the Green skill, has used one daytime, when the day was quick rushed to Casa City, fortunately, Casa City city gate has not closed yet. Green now is warrior cloth, appearance looks like an ordinary adventurer, everyday this had too such adventurer to enter Casa City, therefore City Defense Force simply has not cared. Green is also well-mannered paid in full entered the city tax to enter a city, then looked for a small hotel to live.

Every day the has plenty adventurer enters Casa City, they or have completed duty, or the preparation looks for the food to eat, therefore Green dresses up the ordinary adventurer like this, enters Casa City, simply point spray does not have to turn, even if Purcell Family, impossible everyday to be all right observes each adventurer of entering a city, after all Casa City is also a population over 1 million, the transient population by the big city city that hundred thousand counts. Marched on a day of road continuously, Green also felt very tired, well in the hotel has rested a evening, next morning will have had a breakfast simply, went to Casa City here seed Corporation. Casa City is big city, but here sells regarding disappearing of farm tool is not extremely numerous, is the same to the national capitals in other countries, Casa City here farming is not many, therefore regarding farm tool and seed and so on disappearing sells is few. Green looked in Casa City quite a while had found one to buy the seed general store, was good because of this seed is very entire, what seed had, this arrived is makes Green save a lot of time. On Continent various types make seed is not many, makes commonly used seed that plants ordinary only then several types, but seed Green of Oil Fruit tree and alfalfa did not use in buying, but seed of Magic vegetables, on Continent had more than 30 types, only then Magic Radish was seed Green of radish does not need to buy. seed that like this, Green must buy altogether is less than 50 types, but in these 50 agricultural crops seed, ordinary crops seed is inexpensive, but also the suitable small advantage, several copper coins can buy one jin (0.5 kg), but seed of Magic vegetables is very expensive, in the common situation, is several silver coins even several silver coins one jin (0.5 kg). Regarding these seed, Green does not prepare to buy, same bought one jin (0.5 kg) to be good, if did not fear that others began to have suspicions, his same one jin (0.5 kg) will not buy. Zhao Hai when he comes has told him, seed does not need to be many, that feared that is only then, so long as is good seed, so long as had to plant to Space is OK. Altogether about 50 types of seed, type one jin (0.5 kg) that was also nearly 50 jin (0.5 kg), Green may not have Space equipment to install these seed, he can only be carries. However was good because of the Green skill, simply this weight, he after buying seed this, has bought some tools of application, on leave Casa City.

A day of time, Green in hurrying along of keeping, after day to getting dark, he stopped, has rested simply two hours, he hurries to the Stony Mountain direction. To after midnight Green returned to Stony Mountain, at this time is also these monitored the Stony Mountain person spirit most relaxes, in these looks like, Zhao Hai their simply will not move in the evening, therefore their evening's times, the has plenty person rested directly. This has also given Green opportunity, Green very with ease submerged in Cyan Stone Villa, but the people in Villa have rested now, Green has not gone to disturb them, found a place to sleep directly. In, this is also only Green, if others want such relaxed enters Cyan Stone Villa is impossible, Zhao Hai in Stony Mountain here, but has put several hundred Undead Creature, moreover their let out lets them Drunk look at on Stony Mountain, if not Green, will be other people wants to dive Cyan Stone Villa, immediately by presently, when the time comes Drunk they are led these Undead Creature to carry on attack. Next morning Green gets up is not very early, two days rushing about was exhausted him, even if has Battle Qi he also to feel very tired, therefore has rested a while, seed he has bought in any case, was useless is worrying. Zhao Hai also knows that Green came back, but he does not have to look for Green anxiously, he also knows that Green over the two days very laborious, has far Zhao Hai to be clear to the Casa City road from Stony Mountain here , because of this, therefore he has not made the person disturb Green, making Green rest well. These days Zhao Hai is also very leisurely and carefree, is goes to Space to receive the dish, farms, in nothing, like picking Stone, made the edge runner and grinding pan matter, cannot discuss him. The Zhao Hai present body was too weak, even/including Zhong point thing takes motionless, do not say that did these physical strengths to live, good that but he to did the meals of people these days, in dish the type along with Space increased, these slaves can also once for a while trading the taste, this also made their working zeal fuller.