Chapter 82 Rises 3rd level continually Quickly to noon time, Green awoke, goes to Hot Spring pond there simple washing the face of room, Green went out. In the manor the present is a busy picture, Undead Creature often lifts from the manor the pieces bulk, but settles, is leading these slaves in the there manufacture edge runner and grinding pan. Must say that this different thing is not good to do, especially in this tool specially simple situation, wants to make an edge runner or the grinding pan, although flower a lot of time. In adding on now, also only then secure is a mason, other these slaves to the present can only be the levels of Apprentice rank. The men do naturally is some quite loud living, but these female slaves besides living that doing cleans and so on, but also the person helps is making polishes Stone and so on living in one's power. The entire manor now looks like looks like very big stone material Processing Factory, if makes the bystander see, certainly will throw down and break place the eyeglasses. Now because Stony Mountain here Zhao Hai came the reason, turned into a mysterious synonym. Zhao Hai stands in courtyard of manor, his although cannot help, but stands in there, stays with everyone/Great Clan in together, he does not monitor these people to work, but wants to stand in there, to receive in Space Stone that these Undead Creature mine. Passed through such being together of long time, these slaves know that what person Zhao Hai was, he was very good to speak, normally you chatted with him do not matter, he will not be angry, can say that they in working, has been used to existence of Zhao Hai. This also no wonder they, area in Spatial Farm said that was big, said was not small, ten mu place area, majority of by farmland occupying, but these slaves not possibly lived in naturally too to be far from water source, but water source left Zhao Hai not to be far, these slaves want to lie down Zhao Hai unable to shunt. Because of this being constantly together, making these slaves put down that tense feeling at heart, therefore Zhao Hai stands now in there for day, these slaves will not feel irritable, they have been used. At this time Zhao Hai also saw Green, he welcomed with a smile has come up said : Grandpa Green to awake, hasn't quarrelled you?”

Green shook the head said : not to have, Young Master, seed brought, in room.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward room in Green. As soon as they entered the room to see that large package, in that large package besides some seed, some tools, this tool was some masons the thing of application, was heavy, was Green, if changed a person really not to be impossible in such a short time to catch up with returned to Stony Mountain here. Green took these tools first, then has put Zhao Hai in hand large package seed, this large package seed, about 50 jin (0.5 kg) types, such weight regarding Zhao Hai, can take, although said that his present status because of the reason of water of nihility, was inferior compared with the common ordinary robust men, but this weight is not a problem. Zhao Hai is taking these seed, turned the head that Off I go. saying that to Green said : personal appearance flashes vanished in the Green front, Green to had not said anything, took these tools to exit. Zhao Hai entered to Space impatiently untied that seed package, then a prompt sound of big string transmitted, almost gave noisy fainted the head of Zhao Hai. New crops seed, seed is presently fine, seed digitization, the seed evaluation, Level 10 grain crops, is easy to hit by disaster, improves seed, replaces in Space paddy rice seed, seed is season crops, can in Spatial Shop purchase.” Presently new crops seed, seed inferior, does not have the good point, cancels seed.” New crops seed, seed is presently fine, seed digitization, the seed evaluation, 7th level bean crops, the output is high, withdraws the merit, strengthens Space bean crops, seed is season crops, can in Spatial Shop purchase.” New crops seed, seed is presently fine, seed digitization, seed evaluation......” Among prompt of big string makes Zhao Hai not receive the flaw, he entered the thatched-roofed hut hastily, turned on the screen to select a store button, in store new appears more than 20 agricultural crops seed, but did not have appears that it is estimated that by Space cancelling. Zhao Hai also present, this time prompt sound follows one time not to be different, previous time prompt sound very short, these time actually compares detailed.

Altogether about 50 seed, waited for Zhao Hai to look at the situation in store, the prompt sound all had not said that but this was unimportant to Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai wants to know Space this time to be able Level Up many. Really, the seed prompt sound just ended, new prompt sound immediately/on horseback influence: Because of presently new crops, Space Level Up, presently Space is 7th level, may open is willing the land two mu, rewards pea seed one bag, may plant the land area two mu.” Because of presently new crops, Space Level Up, presently Space is 8th level , rewards cucumber seed one bag, may plant the land area two mu.” Because of presently new crops, Space Level Up, presently Space is 9th level, may open is willing the land two mu, rewards pumpkin seed one bag, may plant the land area two mu.” The prompt sound stopped, these seed that this Green brings, making Space one rise 3rd level, turned into 9th level, but Zhao Hai was actually not very satisfied, he wants to use these seed the Space liter Level 10, then had a look whether to clear Ranch, such words they not only can increase the income, but can also receive some fighting strength formidable Magic Beast to enter Space, like his fighting strength also increased. However obvious, Space will not manage that many, the setting of Space is, in the future will be difficult Level Up, therefore this Green belt will come back that many seed, finally was also makes Space rise 3rd level, not like before, so long as brought to Space in thing, Space can Level Up. Sighing that Zhao Hai not bears, changed to Warehouse there to have a look, now Space to 9th level, has been able in the reclaimed land four mu, but these four mu lands must spend money to open up wasteland, but he presently in hand, only then 600 gold coins, opened up two mu money to be insufficient continually, do not say that opened up four mu. But currently the Oil Fruit tree also has four seasons to nine seasons, in other words must have eight days, that ten mu land can vacated classification thing, Zhao Hai only be have a look to buy now any thing in Space, traded some gold coins, then opened up that four mu place. Can thing in present Space, be has nothing to sell, Oil Fruit, the corn sold has owed, other looks like cabbages, the quantity were too few, simply was not valuable, finally looked, can sell had the radish. Zhao Hai has cannot help but criticized one, presently in his hand only then the radishes of three seasons, have sold the radishes of these three seasons, only then 1500 gold coins, in adding on his in hand 600 gold coins , more than 2000 gold coins, such gold coins number, after Level Up ended the land, could not be left over anything. However Zhao Hai does not have other means now, must clench teeth, in one time has bought the radishes of three seasons, then has opened up four mu land, these four lands must open up wasteland, altogether needs gold coins 1700, when achieves 7th level, opens up two mu land to want gold coins 700, achieves 9th level, opens up two mu land to want 1000, as the matter stands, Zhao Hai in hand gold coins only remaining 400, he has put out 150 gold coins to buy one bag of radish seed, but this time he does not have to plant, but plants the four mu of newly having opened up.

He also had other seed, can plant these four mu land, but does not have the matter of means that when now their also don’t know Laura comes back, Laura comes back, they can carry on to trade with Laura, if when the time comes he cannot put out the radish, that may lose face. However this time radish Zhao Hai wants to keep the seed, has a look whether to keep seed, if possible, after him, did not use in the store buys the radish seed, this can save a sum of money. Sighed the mouth, received radish seed, Zhao Hai also came out from Space, to be honest, he to this time Level Up is very disappointed, cannot achieve his anticipated effect, but he does not have the means that it seems like after can only wait till the radish has bought, in looking other to have characteristics plants to bring to Space, hopefully let Space Level Up. Zhao Hai felt that Level 10 is a ridge, wanting Level 10, Space certainly to have any good deed to live, what matter but will rise, he returned don’t know, but deferred to play the words that the repertoire of game calculated, crossed this ridge, his reward will be very certainly high. Now Zhao Hai most hopes clears Ranch , to promote own strength as soon as possible, this must be capable of protecting itself. Green saw Zhao Hai depressed comes out from room, stares, walked said : hastily Young Master, What happened? Zhao Hai shook the head forced smile said : not anything, but was Space although Level Up, but has not achieved the effect that I wanted, it seems like that this ordinary agricultural crops seed, too has affected to Space Level Up greatly, later wanted in Level Up, must look for some Advanced level plants.” Green regarding the Space understanding of Zhao Hai are not many, but one hear of Zhao Hai said now that Level Up has succeeded, he already very happy, therefore his quickly said: Young Master, this did Level Up increase the land?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, increased four mu, but the radish in Space was also sold to Space by me, with buying radish the place of money Laikai, now in Space a radish did not have, that four mu land had been planted Shangluobo by me.” Green smiles said : to be all right, so long as the land were good.” Green although has not played the Farm game, but these days Zhao Hai also told him a Farm matter, he also knows that in Farm looks like Space to buy seed to spend, sold to Space also to obtain money the radish, but that some money actually cannot put out Space, looks like in Green, cannot put out Space money that not to call money, therefore he is not grieved.