Chapter 83 The mosquito is also the meat Green is not grieved, representative Zhao Hai is not grieved, he does not have the means not to be grieved, he knows that in the future his level has sufficed, outside gold coins in Space can attain uses, now he such spends, will spend the future money on equal to, he may not be how grieved. However now said that anything was useless, can only wait, when has sold after the radish, was rich, can carry on the next step plan. Green also sees Zhao Hai not happy, his suddenly smiles said : Young Master, we before to hurry along, little went to forest to collect these plants seed, is inferior to go to forest to collect now, look can collect some useful seed, if possible, we did not need to buy seed, Space can also Level Up.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he does not hold the too high hope, must know that Ark Continent here had the history that the writing recorded already had tens of thousands years, in these tens of thousands years, their agriculture unfolded although to be not quite good, but was not bad, these agricultural crops that now they use, was almost thousand selects ten thousand to elect, took that rice bamboo, seed of rice bamboo was received in Space, immediately gave to replace the paddy rice, what did this represent? On behalf of this rice bamboo compared with paddy rice outstanding, even if this, appraisal of this rice bamboo in Space is not very high, do not say that these long in outdoor wild plants, feared that is function also can't compare with these agriculture crops that they play. However now regarding Zhao Hai, mosquito is also the meat, a little total does not compare, therefore he nodded said : well, but this matter must Grandpa Green you come, or do I make Zhao Qian help you?” Green shook the head said : not to want, I have been OK, as the matter stands, we later are collecting these other plants seed, other people will not feel to feel strange, the radish that perhaps we buy was looked up by them, excuse.” Zhao Hai to has not thought of this point, he nodded said : well, that such manages, but Grandpa Green, you may probably be careful surely, looks on nearby several mountains was good, some previous people can intoxicate to us, next time same.” Green smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, I will be careful, after exiting, I can bring to sail upstream with the dry rations, using that eats is prepares, will not have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this, when you must exit water that brings, must result is Spatial Water, this people want to cope with you with poisonous, has Spatial Water also top some time, moreover you cannot certainly walk is too far, otherwise sends Undead Creature with you, has any matter you to sit the Undead Creature quick back-spacing.”

Green smiles said : this to not to use, I looked that I moved am OK.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this, I let Alien with you, Space of Alien within the body is not small, if you found any good thing, can make Alien ship in directly, a large package that otherwise only then you carry, feared that cannot install many thing.” Green one wants also to be such a matter, nodded said : that well, but Alien can he listen my?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have the issue, since previous Level Up, I Alien was presently more intelligent, besides will not speak, I felt that he does not compare the ordinary person to miss many, feel relieved.” Green then nodded said : that well, my this goes.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, does not need to worry, these thing cannot in any case be inescapable on the mountain, the matter in nearest/recent manor is not many, we can only , after Laura comes back, can take an action, you rest in the manor a meeting.” Green smiled, to is also no counter-, just as is such that Zhao Hai said that these days, Stony Mountain here is very safe, no matter other Purcell Family influences, few individuals are willing to provoke them, the Zhao Hai foreign status is Dark Magician, nobody wants to provoke Dark Magician. Is entering in this, Merine they also walked, now should also to having the lunch time, Merine they are call Zhao Hai and Green have the lunch. Merine looked that Green got up, Merine quickly said: What kind of? Became?” Zhao Hai does not want to make her be worried that has smiled bitterly next step: Has become, feel relieved was good.”

The meaning of Green understand Zhao Hai, he had not said that but turned the head to smile said : I to prepare to Merine to transfer the extension on the previous surrounding mountain over the two days, had a look whether in looking for other useful plants, making Young Master Space rise two-level, now in Young Master Space had 18 mu place, later the land will be getting more and more.” Merine one hear of Green said that also very happy, in their opinion, this land are more, the money of making are more, such Buda Family prosperously was hopeful. After their simply don’t know Space Level Up, can clear Ranch, Zhao Hai has not told them, after Zhao Hai liked completing the matter, was saying outward. After several people have eaten meal, the person in manor is busy, does not defend these slaves now to is very happy, they in Space, any matter does not have, studies the character to grant regarding them, on this day the day is leading enjoying, any matter is not dry, looks like in these slaves, this simple is Noble Old Master life. The slaves are different from the normal person, they have also had the education, the education that but they have is different from the average person, the education that the average person has is that legitimate education, but the slave is different, like slave who the chrysanthemum and secure begin a new career late in life fortunately, like some these parents is the slaves, they from the birth at that moment starting from, completely were the education of enslavement accepts, in their education main, Master forever was, on was their days, their gods, their all were Master, this enslavement education at they also innocent on starting. The fearful place of this education has lain, he can brainwash to the person, making a person turn into a slave from beginning to end. These Noble and slave-owners on Continent, reason that can achieve this point, because of by the previous existence too the slave rebellion of scale, had been a pity that afterward these slaves were suppressed. Afterward lived the several times slave to rebel, although was suppressed, but these Noble present, suppresses money that these slaves spent to be many, but if educated these slaves with this money to come, making these slaves turn into a slave since childhood, the money of like this spending, might as well suppressed money that these slaves spent to be many, as the matter stands they naturally must carry out the enslavement education to these slaves. Any civilization, has unfolded for tens of thousands years, is not that simple, but these Noble, can control Continent is tens of thousands years, although these most ancient Noble perished, but now on Continent these ancient Noble, rules Continent has several thousand years of time, in here, millennium Noble can only be young Noble, Great Noble of true inheritance, inherited for over ten thousand years has. These people can rule Continent these many years, naturally has their truth, if they do not have the corresponding method, how possibly to rule Continent such long time. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore works as these slaves, after Green buys, their these hearts also along with already arrived at Buda Family.

But the chrysanthemum and settles them is the person of slave is since childhood different from these, they are commoner, now on Continent commoner living standard although is not quite good, but compared with these slaves, is actually the difference between Heaven and Earth, what most important is, for a while is the slave, lifelong is the slave, first is a slave, the generation is a slave. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Zhao Hai daily makes these slaves go luxury, they instead to are not familiar with, therefore makes them do the point to live now, they to are instead more comfortable. These Zhao Hai also know that he knows wants to change the thought of these slaves is not matter in one single day, therefore he teaches these slaves to be literate now, making these slaves understand more truth. Zhao Hai has not thought that he one day can change the entire world, even if has such thought that also transferred in own head, immediately vanished, he knows that own ability, oneself were ordinary nerd, after although to here, there is Farm this cheating, but he did not have the ambition of reformation of the world. Especially when he knew the history of this world had tens of thousands years, he does not dare to have such idea, tens of thousands years, this world is at the slavery society, this must explain fierce of this world these ruling circles. Now he only wants his easy life excessively, but was born in new China he, but also is not familiar with rule some slaves, therefore he will set, so long as you are willing to try hard, you can obtain the free this reward. Black Wasteland is his domain, he has regarded oneself private property there, but similarly, his property now is nobody can have a liking, in the Continent these Noble eyes, Black Wasteland here without doubt is a piece Stone, Stone of a piece not any use. However Zhao Hai knows, one, but he improvement to land of Black Wasteland there, that this ordinary Stone, will turn into the a piece emerald original stone, that turned into the a piece treasure, the person sees the treasure that the person snatches. Therefore if he really own treasure protecting, must be competent, in his hand strength although is not presently weak, but is not strong, if he can clear Ranch, on that Continent these Magic Beast can become his under the hand/subordinate, by that time, dares to annoy him in also nobody.