Chapter 84 Strange motion Midnight time, in Space has transmitted the prompt sound, the prompt Zhao Hai radish was mature, can gather, but Zhao Hai has not actually managed him, but has rested dawn to enter Space. He wants to look whether many radish cards can remain to plant, next morning he will enter Space time, the Space radish remained to plant, he did not need to take time. However unfortunately, Zhao Hai will enter Space next morning time, these radishes or the radishes, have not formed seed, still placed the mature condition, this disappoints Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai cannot help but muttered said : looks like cannot remain to plant, was a pity.” His voice just fell, the Space prompt sound transmits said : non- edible seed kind of agriculture crops, after needing Level 10, with may remain to plant according to the Host request, invites the Host patient waiting.” Zhao Hai stares, then one happy, he thought crops simply like radish unable to remain to plant, has not thought that has wanted Level 10, with can remain to plant according to own request, this fantastic. This Zhao Hai has also affirmed, Level 10 absolutely is a ridge, has wanted this ridge, he can handle more matters. Mood excellent Zhao Hai, after radish received, has planted four mu, then called a season the Oil Fruit tree and corn respectively, this comes out from Space. yesterday Green has rested in the manor, today he actually does not want to rest, in the morning after getting up, had the breakfast he to exit with Alien, just as such that Zhao Hai said that Alien now becomes very intelligent, besides could not be intimate friends beside communicate with Zhao Hai, the order of Zhao Hai, he can definitely carry out. Zhao Hai was not worried very much, he when orders to Alien said to Alien, is not far, if Green that permits him to walk wants toward far, Alien will also prevent him, they most can arrive to a manor here four hours of place must return. Green although does not fear anything, however the Zhao Hai good intention he has led, he has not made noise the opposition, these plants in forest not necessarily are they need in any case, he has not cared.

In fact in forest has plenty Advanced level plants, only not excessively is there forest, like Iron Mountain or some quite primitive forest, you will meet compares Advanced level Magic person plants, these plants some have certain aggressiveness, some are very good Magic materials, so long as attains in these plants any city, can buy a high price. , Therefore was for this reason impossible to find these plants on Zhao Hai their surrounding mountains, here was too near to Casa City, here wooded mountain has plenty was passes through opens, even if has not passed through, already sweeping many have spread by some low level mercenary, these can buy a money slightly Advanced level Magic plants, was already given to make to walk, that can, when now. Therefore in the motion of Green, Zhao Hai skids to have the too high hope, can only refuse to abandon hope, after they can only be worked, with the work has traded, rich they have been able to buy some useful Magic plants from these mercenary in hand, now their anything has not done. Green Stony Mountain, these monitored their person immediately present, Green sits in Alien within the body now, therefore these people only noticed that Alien comes out from Stony Mountain, and don’t know Alien within the body has several people. However Green their this motions, makes the spirits of these people inspire, all person raise the spirits, tight is staring at Alien. However makes them be what is surprised, Alien has not taken the main road, but is drills directly toward the mountain on, these monitors heavy that these Zhao Hai their people frighten. These people think that Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, but Dark Magician always strangely is famous for the temperament on Continent, they think that Zhao Hai present they, must cope with them, ran at the scene much. Running these are some mercenary that some small Clan hire, these mercenary is different from Dead-soldier that these Great Clan train, they draw cash the management, one, but had the danger, their immediately/on horseback will run away, but these Great Clan Dead-soldier are different, they take completing duty as the first request, that feared that had sacrificed, so long as has completed duty, that all were worth. Green already knew some people in monitoring them, therefore he, when comes out from Stony Mountain, enhanced vigilance, really present many people. However Green has not gone to them, they want to make them monitor in the here surveillance, wants to enable them who they look at in any case to see that does not want to make them look, kills them unable to see, therefore Green was not worried. Under the attention of these people, Green and Alien walked into the mountain on forest, entered forest, Green has gotten down from the body of Alien, four were sizing up this piece of forest. Very obviously, this piece of forest had been destroyed, although these trees also, but the tree has walked from person the trace was too obvious, some places had trod out Lesser Dao, moreover Green can look, in this forest the has plenty place has had been dug the trace, obviously these have poached useful thing.

Green shook the head, then walks toward forest, at the same time is observing all around plants carefully, such that just like Zhao Hai they think, on Continent has some famous plants, your simply in this piece of forest could not see the shadow. although said that Green is Warrior, is not Alchemist or Alchemy Master, but do not forget, Merine is Magician, Magician in ignorant, to the Magic plants use knows that Merine naturally also knows, moreover oneself will also manufacture two Magic Potion. Because of this, therefore Green also knew that some Magic plants, but these Magic plants that he knows in this piece of forest, same has not actually seen. Green cannot help but searched the tone, walks toward the forest deep place, suddenly front appears two wild Fruit tree, this wild Fruit tree was very common on Continent, the although flavor is good, because the output is not high, therefore continuously planter of nobody large-scale, moreover is not Magic plants, therefore these Great Noble will not eat, but commoner comes a type of grain with own land generally, naturally cannot plant this tree, even if they want to eat, picks to the mountain on and that's the end, therefore this plants is wild, almost not artificial planter. Fruit tree that just Green also saw two this calling young person fruits, because was too common, therefore has not noted, now suddenly lived in the way by these two trees to the files, Green then noted. Looked at these two Fruit tree, Green has thought that put out Great Sword to come, chopped two branches from the tree, toward arriving in Space of Alien within the body. Reason that Green such does, because of this young person fruit, is the tree seed of one type of very good work, so long as you insert a tree branch to the moist land on, he can the bud, growing up slowly, therefore Green has only chopped two branches, this tree can also don’t know use in any case, refused to abandon hope. Received the young person fruit, Green also really has unable to accept after checking, so long as looks at the eye, no matter anything, can dig all dug to put in Space of Alien within the body, cannot dig must make a branch to get down, the preparation went back to have a look whether to plant to live. Now is the beginning of the spring, no matter the fruit or underground on tree seed looked to disappear, can only see the new tree bud and just grow out Little seedlings. These monitored the Green person now to be all scared, their didn't understand, on this mountain everywhere have thing that Green digs them to do? These did thing complete study the treasure to be inadequate? Regarding Green this strange action, these people keep firmly in mind, prepare to report Clan this situation, simultaneously they also prepare to collect some Green acquired plants, goes to research with going home, having a look at these thing to have big using. Green cannot remember itself altogether collect many type of plants now, wants in any case is not most common, he collected, that feared that sees some long quite unusual weeds, he also collected.

These thing that however he collects, if outside possession sells, feared that is copper coins cannot buy, nobody will sell these most common thing, on the mountain has the matter, if wants, oneself climbed mountains to pick a point anything to have, that can spend that wasted money. Has crossed for three hours, Green went down to the huge mountain deep place, moreover Space of Alien within the body has also packed, could not be installing, Green then called a halt, returned to Alien within the body, the straight round trip walked again. Green this walks, that this monitored Green person immediately to start to take action, these plants that Green collected, they collected, then prepared to report toward Clan. Matter overstepping the limit that very actually Green makes today, did not climb mountains to collect various plants people many, but strange blamed in these thing of Green collection is some are not valuable, buys that some people will not have bought, such motion was very suspicious. Green has not gone to tube these to have anything to respond that looks like in Green, these people have anything to respond that did not have no relationship with him, he has not made anything to not exposed to the light in any case the matter, feared anything. Regarding Green them, nothing is must not exposed to now light, sole must not exposed to light, only then their status, so long as their status do not expose, other did not fear. When Green returned to Stony Mountain time, is afternoon, passes the time of lunch, Merine immediately went to make to eat to him, Zhao Hai actually all plants in Alien body internal space, no matter quality took in Space. Just received Space these plants in Zhao Hai, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits......