Chapter 85 In Level Up, formidable function Presently new plants, does not have any merit, not with extraction.” Presently new plants, does not have any merit, not with extraction.” Presently new plants, the examination is Fruit tree kind of plants, the fruit may eat, may brew alcohol, the shortcoming, the output is low, obtains the seedling, optimizes the seedling, seedling digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Presently new plants, does not have any merit, not with extraction.” Presently new plants, the examination is the poisonous bush, favors plants, the survival rate is high, withdraws the seedling, seedling digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop, extracting toxin, strengthens in Space Cyborg-type object toxicity, strengthens the Spatial Water Detoxification ability.” Presently new plants, plants is to have thorn cane class plants, favors plants, the survival rate is high, in living ability, withdraws the vine, vine digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop, extracting toxin, strengthens in Space Cyborg-type object toxicity, strengthens the Spatial Water Detoxification ability, the extraction class thorn protection capability, strengthens in Space the Cyborg-type object attack ability, withdraws in living the ability, strengthens in Space the kind of human-shape object to live the ability.” Presently new plants, does not have any merit, not with extraction.” New plants, injurious weed class plants, the survival rate is presently high, is aggressive, withdraws the merit, strengthens in Space Weed Releasing Tool the weed ability.” ......

A big string has over a hundred prompt sounds to make that fully Zhao Hai is the dizziness brain rises, but also heard several kinds of good thing, especially that some people of poisonous bush and that thorn cane, these thing use, can regard the fence to use fully, is good thing. Meanwhile he also noted another thing, was the weed, has not thought that the here weed also had the merit, was withdrawn unexpectedly, strengthened in Space the ability of Weed Releasing Tool, this was the good deed, if later he used Weed Releasing Tool time, the ability was stronger. Remaining thing do not have too well, only then some trees are also, has the simple medicinal effect, but is not very strong, looks like Ginkgo Tree such, can only regard the drinks to drink the leaf manufacture, not too big use. However this cannot support the stock of goods to be many, Green have not thought that he this morning time, plants enough over a hundred types that makes, although said that these plants are not Magic plants, outside attains is not valuable, but some plants very much have the merit, even if were not withdrawn, had been withdrawn the merit by Space, strengthened in Space the plants merit. Some little time, presently the new plants prompt sound vanishes, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat is at heart anxious, his don’t know this Space whether Level Up. Just is thinking, suddenly heard in Space to transmit the prompt sound: Because of presently new plants, Space meets the Level Up requirements, Space Level Up, presently Space is Level 10, the Space integrated function is improved, may clear Ranch, may eat class plants to carry on the breeding to the non- fruit, may have presently in Space to use gold coins to Space outside, may establish three Transmission Point, increases Space background, the monitor range increases, is centered on three Transmission Point, 500 meters in diameter range, Space increases the new function, changes into Staff type portable Space variable, with Host binding, cannot damage, cannot fall, asking Host to choose the Staff style, congratulates Host, looks at Host to meet in the strength.” Zhao Hai listens to this prompt sound more to listen to happy, to finally almost happy jumps, has not thought that the Level 10 Space function unexpectedly becomes so formidable . Moreover the function of here surface is he needs, fantastic! Zhao Hai stands is laughing same place, although these functions now are also only a name, specific with the disciple he must research well, but the light listens to these functions that in the prompt sound reported that Zhao Hai also had almost to score at heart, how these functions used, regarding his advantage was too big. Zhao Hai fast went into the thatched-roofed hut, has arrived on the screen, the screen that selects, on the screen appears a document, below has written file title «Space To increase Function Introduction». The Zhao Hai excited hand shakes, deeply has attracted several tones, selected in that document, perpendicular incidence of a white light from the screen to the head of Zhao Hai on, Zhao Hai felt that a head pain, he knows he could rest a while, immediately/on horseback struggled is arriving at the bedside, one fell on the bed fainted in the past.

But the content of this new function introduction are many, Zhao Hai falls on the bed, felt one one fell into the sleep of depth, don’t know how long woke. Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, looked at all around one, stretched oneself, slowly sat, smiles said : my goodness, this calculates that must big change.” He just slept, brain received that new function to introduce completely, moreover his brain also obtained, now although he cannot use Magic, but the person actually became more and more intelligent, just that new function introduced that he almost can carrying no error, this before almost be impossible. Moreover he understanding now the Space ability, in Space Warehouse cannot install Magic Beast now, but he can clear Ranch now, in his Space Warehouse can install Magic Beast, moreover he can also raise Magic Beast in Space, is the same with the game, Farm and Ranch in Space not in together, if Zhao Hai wants Ranch, so long as clears Ranch, his intention moved can pass, but cannot see Farm in Ranch there, could not see Ranch in Farm here, was is not likely same in plane on them. In You Jinli, Farm and Ranch gold coins is mutually general, in here is also, in the game, Farm and Ranch Warehouse is not general, however in here is actually not, is general in here Farm and Ranch Warehouse, this made Zhao Hai relaxed many. But Ranch there function with game in also similar, can be used to raise animal, but has not cleared now, don’t know can raise many animal. After Ranch to a Level 10 ability, another ability is the breeding ability, before Level 10, eats root agricultural crops like the radish, cannot the breeding, but was different to Level 10, he has been able to choose to let the radish breeding to Level 10, like this, he can seed money Sheng. In having is a gold coins present function, before Level 10, gold coins in Space is only one type of virtual currency, cannot bring to use to Space outside, after Level 10, these virtual currency in Space, can bring to use to Space outside, in other words, if Zhao Hai gained hundred thousand gold coins in Space, he same can also attain outside Space to use this hundred thousand gold coins, he was also many a income. In having is the Transmission Point function, this function is Zhao Hai most likes, is he can establish three Transmission Point, looked like clears three accesses to be the same in Space, if before him , to come to Casa City here from Black Wasteland, must sit in carrying on the back of Alien, marched on half a month road to arrive at Casa City, but there is this Transmission Point not to be different, he can definitely establish into Transmission Point Stony Mountain here, established Transmission Point in black iron castle there, then he on can enter Space from black iron castle there, then chose from Stony Mountain here this Transmission Point comes out, like this. He has saved that half a month road, but now Space are most can only suppose three Transmission Point, possibly one, but has established, was unable to change, but is this, was a very formidable function. Moreover this Level Up, the monitor function also increased, each Wei delivers to select there to be monitored . Moreover the range is centered on Transmission Point, 500 meters in diameter range, this range does not calculate that was small.

A function, although did not have what to use greatly, is actually Zhao Hai quite likes, increased background, the house that now in Zhao Hai this Space lives is only a thatched-roofed hut, only then, can only be occupied by him, other person simply do not have the means to come, but after this background increases, Zhao Hai can trade background, for example before played time most commonly used that small villa type background of game, like this he on can not use in living in the thatched-roofed hut, can live in a that villa. Finally also Space, was one that Zhao Hai most liked, this function was the portable Farm function, this portable Farm did not mean that he was also many Farm, but said that gave people a hard time Farm to turn into the Staff style, in Zhao Hai in hand, or placed the place that Zhao Hai assigned, moreover this Staff, cannot lose, cannot fall. Moreover this person of Staff can use the complete function in Farm, now these anything small shovel in Farm, the small bucket, the pesticide, the herbicide, Weed Releasing Tool, harmed grass discharge these thing to vanish, all functions centralized to Staff on, even if monitors the function of screen, can put forth with Staff, facilitated to be many. Because had these functions, therefore Zhao Hai will say that this time has big changed, his immediately to the screen, has selected the screen to be the same, on the screen had a button, above writes, chose the Staff style. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has selected this button, each and every one Staff picture appears on the screen, these Staff some have looked like a branch, some actually likely is a sword, some are magnificent, some are unadorned, some to the person the one type of holy incomparable feeling, some are White Bone is dense, is passing a strangeness. Zhao Hai carefully watched these Magic Staff pictures, although several his liking, but he has chosen finally that White Bone dense Magic Staff, character that now he acts is Dark Magician, naturally must use one with such Magic Staff, like this looks like the looks like. Zhao Hai has selected that Magic Staff picture, flash of white light, Magic Staff appears in in his hand, this Magic Staff has seemed like Bone makes probably, all over the body is Bone that pale color, probably is one by one spells by Bone, in the uppermost, is small Skull, this Skull is actually the green, moreover is glittering and translucent carving, probably carves with gemstone is the same.