Chapter 86 Experiments the new function Magic Staff just arrived at Zhao Hai in hand, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback has transmitted said : Ghost Staff, but elongates automatically reduces, most length five meters, the shortest 0.5 meters, in the Darkness environment, can the light, be possible to use Space all functions.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this Magic Staff really also has this effect, this arrives is a pleasant surprise. The although first two functions, do not have the too big use regarding Zhao Hai, but there are always to compare not to have, regarding this Magic Staff shape, Zhao Hai also very satisfied. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at a screen, has selected the icon of store, page appears of store, first is ordinary seed, Zhao Hai looked simply, had some seed except for some original Space, now are also many many Ark Continent here peculiar plants, Zhao Hai upward looked at an eyeball, presently decoration class option. Zhao Hai has selected the decoration class choice, above one sprang the decoration class page, with playing game time almost, rows of dwellings picture appears on screen. Zhao Hai looked at one, under each picture, is marking the price, it seems like that this thing is really similar to the game, uses these background also to need to add money. background that Zhao Hai look at these pictures, present gold coins has been finally able to buy, this background also Zhao Hai plays the game time that small villa type house that uses, in looked, near the emperor also has the railing, the kennel and background. However behind three types of Zhao Hai cannot use, he only spent gold coins to buy a picture of house, then decorated him on. Just selected the decoration the button, Zhao Hai feels all around rocking, then his all around thing by one layer white light surrounding. When white light vanishes, Zhao Hai was actually shocked, he presently did not sit on the small backless stool, now he sits unexpectedly is a sand, currently Sand Zhengbai in a very big living room, on the spatial living room fully has more than 20 square meters big, position that he is, is in living room, this is one group of sands, there are big two Little San sands to compose, this big sand foot can sit five people, but on two sides small Sand everyone can sit a person, underground shop carpet, in sand. The middle is suspending tea table, this tea table wooden, the color becomes the cherry red, is very attractive. To the direction of big sand is being a 42 inches screen, now is closing, on tea table, is putting remote control type thing. Zhao Hai has stood from the sand, looked in all directions, presently this house also is really very big, this first floor besides living room, two bathrooms, a Hot Spring room, a broom closet, a kitchen, a dining room, two guest rooms.

Zhao Hai looked in first floor, in his present bathroom is some supposing guests of modernization, each bathroom almost about five square meters, inside has to sit then, the bathtub, can adjust the hot and cold the showering head, washes the face with the hand trough, not a small mirror, two bathrooms suppose is the same. The facility in kitchen very complete, not only can be used to make the Chinese meal, even if makes the western-style food some apparatus also to have, all kitchenwares by the sparkling light, obviously were been new. Dining room there has suspended a dinner table of long shape, can be occupied by eight people, on the two sides walls is hanging several pictures, very ordinary scenery oil painting. The Hot Spring room is relatively simple, the ground spreads with small Stone, not only skid prevention, but can also massage the full bottom, the Hot Spring room has about five square meters fully, inside also puts Stone that the a piece rest is using, on the wall is inlaying the ceramic tile. In the broom closet puts the junks that in some families is using daily, moreover very complete, from the trough to the barrel, from dragging to obtain the broom, same many, what most important is, Zhao Hai still saw in here five burn the board and an electric iron. Guest room is on the other hand simpler, inside is putting a bed, a closet, two headstocks, above is putting the desk lamp, in position by the window, but also is suspending one slightly every with two sands, the ornaments of two guest rooms are the same. This was only first floor hundred accumulates quickly to 200 square meters, Zhao Hai followed the staircase to arrive at second floor, second floor was different from first floor, second floor did not have the living room, did not have the kitchen, besides a bathroom, only then five bedrooms, in four ornaments with that two guest rooms of first floor were similar, had in one to be many with a first floor 32 cuns (2.5cm) screen, other also similar. Zhao Hai returned to the living room, sat on the sand, has taken up that remote control type thing, that above button very simple, most under the platoon is one opens the key, the second row is one, two and three, three digit, below is a ring-like key, four be not drawing the top , bottom , left and right four arrows, the middle is one writes the key of ok inscription, the bottommost is actually one very smooth, touches screen type thing. Zhao Hai looked at this remote control, pressed to open the key, the screen one has shone, was with original screen similar desktop/tabletop, on desktop/tabletop that several icons, did not have what change. Zhao Hai pressed one next, screen there has transmitted sound speaking sounds: You have not set up Transmission Point, whether sets up now.” On the screen also appears such inscription, Zhao Hai routine said that said : is.” What he just said on the screen was the character is selected to be the same probably, then these words vanished, then on screen unexpectedly appears a map. Zhao Hai look at this map cannot help but stares, his understand what is this, in one time is transmitting said : „to choose Transmission Point in this time prompt sound.” Zhao Hai carefully looked at that map, presently on this map obvious unexpectedly is they from Black Wasteland to here all geographic names, from castle there, place map on has to card city all they have gone, also only then these, they have not gone to these places, is a darkness.

But screen last present appears on small white arrow of the mouse pointer like computer, Zhao Hai look at this arrow, in looking own in hand remote control, aimed at the vision under remote control that has touched screen type thing, the finger gently above paddles, the mouse pointer on screen also moved under one. Zhao Hai cannot help but often smiles, he has not thought really that operation of this thing unexpectedly so simple, he carefully looked at that map, has aimed at Cyan Stone Villa here the indicator, then has selected. Really, the prompt sound in one time transmits said : first Transmission Point, Cyan Stone Villa, is, otherwise?” Zhao Hai nod said : is.” The Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : first Transmission Point, Cyan Stone Villa, determined that establishes second Transmission Point?” This prompt sound ended, Cyan Stone Villa here immediately shone a green dot. Zhao Hai quickly said: Yes, constructs in the Iron Mountain castle.” Zhao Hai wants to give a try, oneself whether voice control that screen. Ok, Zhao Hai can also voice control that screen, his words just a saying end, in Iron Mountain castle there immediately appears on the insight chart a green dot, in there flashes flashes, the Space prompt sound in one time has then been transmitting said : second Transmission Point, the Iron Mountain castle, is, otherwise?” Zhao Hai nod said : is.” Iron Mountain castle there has designated green, was not dodging, simultaneously the Space prompt sound transmits said : second Transmission Point, the Iron Mountain castle, determined that establishes third Transmission Point?” Zhao Hai stares at that screen some little time, was shaking the head said : not to construct.” The prompt sound vanishes. The screen changed desktop/tabletop, Zhao Hai in one time pressed a next key, the surface one turned into the Stony Mountain here mountain chart, was centered on him to enter Space that to select, 500 meters in diameter hologram, almost entire Stony Mountain Bao Kuo. The finger of Zhao Hai moves on the screen, first has selected courtyard of manor, image immediately appears in manor courtyard, has then transmitted in one to bite the dāng dāng sound, Zhao Hai stares, all around looked at one, has not had anything to be able sound thing, suddenly he vision to the screen, that above was peaceful they to pound Stone, along with their first under movements, on transmitting to bite the dāng dāng sound. On Zhao Hai face one happy, before monitor did not have the sound, has not thought that now however had the sound, this may be is pleasantly surprised.

Then Zhao Hai has selected next two keys, on the screen a picture revolution, to castle there, was similar to the situation that he saw, but range even bigger, can only be now Inner City fort there sees, now can actually see outside castle thing. Zhao Hai happy cheers, then selected to select the ok key, the Space prompt sound in one time has transmitted said : whether cut to No. 2 Transmission Point, was, otherwise?” Zhao Hai nod said : is.” Said that he put down impatiently remote has pressed, took Magic Staff to stand, the intention moved, left Space. To Space outside, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looked, oneself present already returned to Iron Mountain castle here, moreover is standing in oneself in the Iron Mountain castle here bedroom. Of Zhao Hai in the bedroom cheers, then before running up to the window, opened the window to look outward, in the castle scenery got a panoramic view, although everywhere was that Black Soil, however in this time, these Black Soil appeared also lovable. Zhao Hai is holding the window, laughs, Space this new function, was really too powerful, was too formidable, this was compared with any way quick motion way, only flash from Stony Mountain to the Iron Mountain castle. Some little time Zhao Hai calm a mood, the intention moved, returned to Space, said : has then cut No. 1 Transmission Point.” The intention moved came out from Space, this comes out presently, oneself were standing in the Cyan Stone Villa bedroom, just he did not enter Space from here, but entered Space in Alien within the body, but he when established Transmission Point, setting was actually Cyan Stone Villa here, therefore Space this export arrangement in his bedroom. Zhao Hai listens to biting that outside is transmitting the dāng dāng sound, is restraining by force joy in the heart, in one time entered in Space, Zhao Hai knows, now should be cleared Ranch the time.