Chapter 87 Ranch clears Entered Space, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : has cleared Ranch.” The Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : to clear Ranch, needs Farm to achieve Level 10, Host achieves to clear the request, determined that can clear Ranch? Is, otherwise?” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : is.” Then he is waiting for the response of Space, but this time he was disappointed, in Space does not have line of what responses, only then the prompt sound transmits said : Ranch to clear successfully.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at one, presently simply does not have what change, could not see the Ranch shadow, although said that already knows can be this, but Zhao Hai was somewhat disappointed. The intention of Zhao Hai moves, his flash of white light, when white light vanishes, his present scenery was entirely different, here turned into piece of green meadow, vast. In this time, the prompt sound in one time is transmitting said : welcome to Space Ranch, at present Ranch level 1st level, can raise animal 1000.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this Ranch just cleared, can raise 1000 to act, This is too incredible? Zhao Hai looked at all around one, presently simply does not have what house and so on place, only all around has piece of Prairie, anything does not have. Zhao Hai felt to feel strange, he remembers words that Space Ranch just cleared, had a simple fence and a simple alveolus, how here what also? Those who most make Zhao Hai be worried, these animal in the game in produce, fixed region, in the there movement can produce, not have any matter, if here that region, that troublesome were not big, he is not a veterinarian, will not receive to animal, if these animal died in produce, that he on compensating dead. Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : demonstrates animal produce region.”

His voice just fell, in his front appears a more than hundred square meters place, this person of straight Fangcheng circular, middle flashes flashes green radiance, the surrounding was having the yellow aperture together encircling this place. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but relaxed, so long as there is produce region, like this he did not need to be worried about these animal produce issues. However Zhao Hai quick on present another issue, here is only piece of meadow, in has not played that feed grinder, does this feed these animal? Moreover here has not seen the water, these animal in game do not need to drink water, but doesn't animal in this Space need to drink water? Did not have the means that Zhao Hai must in one time ask that said : how did solve animal feeding and potable water problem?” The prompt sound transmits said : to be too much because of the raising movement, Ranch will adopt to breed the pattern, the feed that Host increases the green grass that the automatic extension changes into the ground, suits various animal edible, front one kilometer place, the rivers, are animal potable water.” Zhao Hai is shocked, he has not thought really that Space such solves the problem unexpectedly, transformed the grass on this meadow all feeds unexpectedly, but this, if played the game, in the game most animal were some herbivorous animal, these grass can solve the problem, but if he brought Ark Continent here animal to Farm, that will certainly have carnivorous animal, by that time can't you also be grazed by the carnivorous movement? Zhao Hai asked own question hastily, however the answer of Space unexpectedly is, the material is insufficient, is unable to explain, Zhao Hai was thorough fainted. Zhao Hai not bears very much, how his also don’t know must handle now, has said : to open Warehouse, what has is can transform the feed?” The Space prompt sound transmits said : to search, presently may be feed Item, the radish leaf, the corn, the wheat, the paddy rice, may transform the feed, radish leaf each jin (0.5 kg) can transform into a feed point, the corn first jin (0.5 kg) rotatable becomes the feed five points, wheat each jin (0.5 kg) rotatable becomes the feed four points, paddy rice each jin (0.5 kg) may transform the feed six points.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Space gave to delimit in the feed to go all grain crops unexpectedly, so long as it seems like can turn into the feed thing, can transform the feed, moreover was more suitable to make the feed thing, turn around became the points of feed is higher. A Zhao Hai intention revolution, turned on the store page, although here did not have the display monitor, but Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff, release a white light, has actually formed projection in the Zhao Hai front, above appears the page of store, moreover directly was the page of Ranch store.

Zhao Hai looked at this page, in the page with game does not have what difference, must say that has the difference words, is these animal pictures that he cannot buy now black and white, the animal picture that can buy is multi-colored, but the movement that now he can buy has two types, the one type is chicken, another one type of is the rabbit. The chicken every wants 80 gold coins, but the rabbit first wants 120 gold coins, according to the game, this price is actually is inexpensive, but if according to the Ark Continent here price, is actually very expensive, must know long-tail chicken and Blue Eye Rabbit that Ark Continent here is used for the meat, is very cheap, long-tail chicken each silver coins, Blue Eye Rabbit each also three silver coins. Zhao Hai considers as finished, immediately/on horseback decided that cannot buy these animal in the Space store, is not cost-effective, must know him now more than 200 gold coins, if buys in Space, most also buys two rabbits or three chickens, but if buys outside, can actually buy more than 2000 long-tail chickens is about 800 rabbits, quickly can raise to fill Ranch here. How although has not solved raises the carnivorous animal issue, but no matter what Ranch has also cleared, so long as Ranch cleared were good. Zhao Hai take deep breaths, the intention moves, came out from Ranch, generally speaking, Zhao Hai very much likes the Ranch present situation, compared with game in good, no matter what thing in game is dies, is some digitization thing, but thing in this Ranch is actually he can see to feel, thinks that these Zhao Hai feel happy. This Zhao Hai comes out, follows one time not, previous time he comes out from Space is Transmission Point of use, therefore entered own bedroom directly, this time he comes out to come out from that place of going, but he enters from Alien within the body to Space, therefore comes out, in Space of Alien within the body. Zhao Hai this appears presently Green they in here, Zhao Hai cannot help but have actually gawked next step: Grandpa Green, you in? In I?” Green they obviously are relaxing expression, Green quickly said: Young Master, you entered the Space nearly four hours, nothing?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that he entered Space such long time unexpectedly, but changed mind also to feel relaxed, he slept in Space, should have long time such. Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have the issue, moreover this Space Level Up, this is the good deed, the big good deed, walks, after we enter Space, was saying.” The intention moves, several people entered Space. Green they, as soon as enters Space to stare, not because of other, because they saw that small villa, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, smile said : this room to buy in Space, so long as one gold coin can buy a such house, I have bought, later we can live in inside.” Said that led several people to enter the villa, Zhao Hai has made them choose the room, Brother Blockhead two have chosen downstairs two rooms, Green and Merine choose a room in building, Meg also to choose a room in building, moreover left a Zhao Hai bedroom nearest/recent room.

Zhao Hai looked that they chose the room, this smiles said : in present Space also the function, this function was we most needs.” The intention moves, Green they presently came out from Space, but after coming out, they feel somewhat strangely, because they now unexpectedly in a made of stones room, here obviously are not Stony Mountain. Green they are sizing up, some little time, Meg some indefinite said : Young Master, isn't this you room in Iron Mountain castle?” Zhao Hai laughs said : right, this is I the room in Iron Mountain castle, we now already returned to Iron Mountain castle.” Green they stare, then before all people rushed to the window, opened the window room to look outward, actually present people real returned to of Iron Mountain castle. Green their one face shocking look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Space currently to have an ability, can establish two Transmission Point, looked like a front door of house is the same with the back door, I have been located in quarry stone there and castle here these two Transmission Point separately, later we can like the present, the difference two places momentarily.” Green their one face pleasantly surprised look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that will have such good deed, half a month distance, the flash arrived, this was really too mysterious. Zhao Hai was telling them Space change of after Level Up, while left the room with several people, reason that to square there of fort, several people entered Space, Zhao Hai elects to enter Space in here , because they if in the future must let these slaves also returned to Iron Mountain Fort here from Space, cannot make these slaves also come out from their in the room, elects in the square of castle good a little. Several people entered Space, Zhao Hai also led them to enter Ranch to look at one, them told that here can raise some Magic Beast, Green their happy, here can raise Magic Beast, they sources of income. To Green of Zhao Hai the new ability in Space after they said that several people then from Space walked out, from Space come out, Zhao Hai put out 100 gold coins to give Green, making Green tomorrow go to Casa City to buy 300 Blue Eye Rabbit to come back, puts in Space to raise, these gold coins were in Space has appears.