Chapter 88 returned to castle Green they to do not have extremely in surprised, they also knew some new functions in Space, this type can have presently the gold coins ability is one type of, to be honest, Green they very care regarding Space the function. Green they also present, Space here mainly farming uses, is used to fight is not very adept at it, but is only farming is also an issue, the Space here harvest number of times were too many, takes the radish, must anything not plant Zhao Hai now, the light is the words of radish, one year that so long as he keeps, feared after is, radish he who on Continent ten years of institute consumes leaves also has remains. Such output was really too high, will have very big impact regarding the entire Continent market, said it, light outward sold is a very major problem. But if can appear gold coins in Space, that is different, they can buy the radish for Space , outside although such does not have the price of selling to be high, but actually does not worry the sale, many gold coins when the time comes they can definitely buying attain outside Space to use, but gold coins the hard currency, buys anything to be good. Has rested a evening, next morning, Green will leave, rushes to Casa City to go, this time they had not covered-up, open and aboveboard person Stony Mountain catches up toward Casa City, they are buy thing in any case, simply did not fear that others look. When Green walked, Zhao Hai also arrived in courtyard, he prepared to move to returned to black iron castle there to go these slaves, now in Casa City here, on sooner or later an issue, might as well moves to the returned to Black Soil castle to be good them, was free from worry. The security problems of these slaves, Zhao Hai was not worried that before Zhao Hai wanted Space, outside person did not have the means to be with Zhao Hai Lian, but now is different, now Zhao Hai these Undead Creature Level Up, moreover there is Drunk they, even if delivered returned to Iron Mountain castle there these slaves, was sending Drunk their several people in there look at, had any matter, Drunk they can relate with Zhao Hai directly. This also possibly is the Space level an advantage that rises to bring, after Drunk they left Space, can with the Zhao Hai direct relation, compared with but before on strong, what what a pity will be Alien they will not speak, will also unable to achieve Drunk their such. Zhao Hai yesterday they have also discussed with Green, Green they also agreed that after all the manor here place is too small, moreover was too near to Casa City, was seen the flaw easily, making them return to castle there to be also good. said it no matter what castle there is their roots, after they go back this, the grinding pan and edge runner that can also make these days install, Stone that can also mine with Stony Mountain here, castle there repair well.

Castle there although has not received too many destruction, but these many years, some small place appears damages cannot avoid, but before , picks Stone in Iron Mountain there is not very convenient, therefore had not repaired, now was good, Stony Mountain here has is Stone, happen to can there cultivating well. Naturally, Stony Mountain here was unable to leave the person, here they are used the Dark mist technique covering by Drunk, but such as some Drunk their leave time grew, the Dark mist technique lost the effect, such Stony Mountain here situation has been clear at a glance, Zhao Hai does not think such, therefore Drunk their minimum must keep the here two people. Zhao Hai has also calculated, he prepares to leave behind Zhao in Stony Mountain here seven and Zhao even/including, leads 100 beast shape Undead Creature, enough dealt with the common situation, if really had any situation, they wanted keeping off, Zhao Hai to lead reinforcement to rush. Moreover Zhao Hai also prepares to keep here Zhao Qian, although Zhao Qian in not being able to remember his beforehand matter, however his ability still, kept here happen to him to put outside mountain to come up, person look at that on the outside mountain that many other influences sent they, Zhao Hai happen to also sent a person to exit look at these people. Simultaneously the Zhao Hai also worries, are Zhao Qian behind person, Zhao Qian cope with them, possibly temporarily does not conceive a plan, certainly some people incite him to do, because loses recalled that who now don’t know his behind person is, can only slowly. Remaining Drunk their six, Zhao Hai prepared to send returned to Iron Mountain castle there to go them, left behind two people to protect the castle, other four people led these Undead Creature to go to Carrion Swamp to grasp Undead Creature and Magic Beast. Now Ranch has cleared, so long as they grasped Undead Creature and Magic Beast, can put in Space to raise, as the matter stands Zhao Hai slowly can compose Magic Beast army. Only after Magic Beast army establishes truly, Zhao Hai dares the Iron Mountain castle there land improving, otherwise him has been possible not to have that courage. Moreover Zhao Hai also prepares Blockhead and Stone arrives at castle there to go to look at \; first, manages these slaves for the convenience, two also for the safety of these slaves. Zhao Hai they have not been able to walk now, can only wait in Stony Mountain here, they want, when Laura comes back, has traded after Laura can walk. although said that now they can sell to the Space city thing, trades gold coins, but in Space the price was too after all low, is not quite cost-effective, therefore Zhao Hai wants to cooperate with Laura.

After oneself, matter that must do turned over to delimit, Zhao Hai also started to begin, he was makes organization these slaves return to Iron Mountain castle there first. This to does not use fee too many matters, these slaves have been used to enter Space, therefore they at that time and don’t know Zhao Hai want to make them return to Iron Mountain castle there, thinking Zhao Hai must exit, therefore is leading them, entered Space like before. Looked that all people entered Space, Zhao Hai then said : to everyone/Great Clan said a matter, now Space Level Up, we have been able from this Space here direct returned to Iron Mountain castle there, I to send back everyone/Great Clan, such everyone/Great Clan can install these grinding pans, can castle repair.” These slave some look at Zhao Hai, the meaning of their also a little do not understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, said : that not bears said simply is, this Space looks like a room, two gates, a gate in Stony Mountain here, another gate in Iron Mountain castle there, I wants to make your returned to Iron Mountain castle there go now, there repair well, what issue but also there is?” Since these slaves, have taken orders from the conduct, now although feels the mystery of this Space, but they do not have too many responses, in them knows that has Space at that moment, they felt the mystery in Space, now Space at the god Qi Yi point, they will not feel that feels strange. Zhao Hai looks at their responses unexpectedly so calm, cannot help but speechless, he is really don’t know should happy these people have a big heart to be mad mindless of these people. Has smiled bitterly, shook the head, Zhao Hai lets Blockhead and Stone directly, Drunk they were getting these slaves, returned to Iron Mountain castle there. Zhao Hai has put in Iron Mountain castle there Transmission Point the square of fort, therefore in these person of Space comes out, directly to fort. After they come out, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback in Space these grinding pan and edge runner that let out they complete, Stone also let out that mines from Stony Mountain there, this will make these slaves not have the matter to do. Zhao Hai gave Stone them to put out much enough grain, let Merine and Meg helps them make these slave to settle down get down in here first, simultaneously his also these living materials took, like quilt, brass basin and so on thing. Now Zhao seven and Zhao even/including has led 100 Undead Creature to defend in Stony Mountain there, Green also went to Casa City, over the two days Stony Mountain there should nothing, they be able feel relieved in castle here to settle down well. Their leave castle already more than 20 days, but castle here to does not have what change, but fell some dust, so long as cleaned up to be OK.

After cleaning up, these slave immediately have been busy, under Angola's leadership, is installing the grinding pan and Stone, the lumber that they use is the Oil Fruit wood, this type of Oil Fruit wood is in Zhao Hai Space these Oil Fruit trees produces, this lumber itself oiliness is very big, strong/sturdy, was undergoing the improvement of Space very much in addition, these lumber were better. However because also the index of oil is too big, therefore this type of lumber is extremely flammable, is the good material of lighting a fire, if makes the tool with him, must prepare fire protection. However to does not need to be worried in Iron Mountain castle here, not only here the castle has the moat, in the city also several small river channel, to give the in the city person drinking water use, simply does not need to be worried to live the fire. although settles them is not a carpenter, but itself grinding pan and edge runner, does not need too many technologies, grinds and grinds the pole itself on very simple, but the grinding pan is also so, what they mainly use is Stone, Blockhead is just plays doing of assisting to use, therefore they have exempted can do come. Was similar, Zhao Hai that must do matter that arranges these slaves had found Merine said : Merine Grandma, we go to canyon there to have a look.” Merine also very much cared these corn that there plants are any situation, immediately/on horseback nodded said :well, should have a look. They from tarn there to mountain valley there, entered mountain valley, Zhao Hai and Merine stare, they have not thought that mountain valley here corn unexpectedly really all grow out. Now although in Little seedlings not very high, looks like somewhat is also sickly, but this truly is the corn seedling. look at present Little seedlings, Merine and Zhao Hai have smiled, here their only transform 30 mu, because of the attack of Magic Beast, therefore can only give up, after waiting for Magic Beast to draw back, the above of this land, has spread the one layer poisonous guano, at that time Zhao Hai although also saw these Little seedlings were still growing, but did not report has too has hoped greatly, he wants to perform an experiment with here Little seedlings. Outside here although has covered the one layer poisonous guano, but under has improved the good earth, Zhao Hai to know, in this case these can Little seedlings also grow out. However because must go to Casa City there, therefore Zhao Hai also can only make them run its own course, now looks like, these Little seedlings Life Force are very tenacious.