Chapter 89 Trivial matters The green is representing the hope, when Zhao Hai and Merine see that piece of green Little seedlings, their has been full of the hope at heart, that green seedling although growing trend is not good, but is actually representing the one type of tenacious spirit, they can under coverage of poisonous guano, tenacious from underground grow out, this is in itself a very great matter. Zhao Hai and plum must stoop, gently is stroking Little seedlings, the appearance of this Little seedlings a little malnutrition, this appearance has grown up , is also impossible to get in how much grain, speaks the truth, Zhao Hai they really have not missed this grain now. Zhao Hai standing up slowly, looked at Merine one, smiles said : Merine Grandma, here Little seedlings can also grow out, has stemmed from my anticipation, now we use Spatial Water to irrigate here, has a look whether to make their long good.” Merine nodded, has stood, arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai proceeded to wield own in hand ghost Staff, lower the head and shout: Water!” He knows that ghost Staff can use all functions in Space, therefore this time his only hand ghost Staff can release Spatial Water. Really, his voice just fell, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : portable Space to examine the front has is polluted the land, whether improves?” Zhao Hai has gawked, must said : be.” Space immediately/on horseback in one time transmits prompt speaking sounds: Please choose to improve the quantity.” Then in front of him appears has supposed the shade, above appears a row of digit, from ten to 100, the following unit is the mu. This to was makes Zhao Hai stare, he has not thought really that now Space can one time improve these many lands unexpectedly, that 100 digit represented his one time to improve the land 100 mu most, was original ten times, it seems like that this was the advantage that Space Level Up brought. Zhao Hai immediately has chosen 100 mu this biggest digit, just elected, immediately from his Staff runs out of clear water, this clear water has flown the space slowly, was similar to the raindrop one fell from Space, land immediately before Zhao sea surface was been moist by this water, that land was also changing simultaneously the color.

Merine also noted this point, but she already knows that Zhao Hai Spatial Water can improve the land to not to feel surprised, but she presently, area of this Space improvement land is a little probably big, big left Zhao Hai by ten mu range that the premise passed. Merine puzzled look at more and more much lands were moistened by the water, to she looks side, Merine puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this water?” Zhao Hai turns the head to smile said : to be all right to Merine, after Space Level Up, area of this improvement land also increased, now everyday can improve 100 mu.” Merine complexion happy said : fantastic, that only the here land can improve with about ten days, now this season, although was a little late, but should also late not be many, we can also plant thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, improves 100 mu land on this day, regarding him certainly is the good deed, first did not say other, is only the mountain valley here land, they can use well. However Zhao Hai also thought that a here 1000 mu land, he wants to plant the corn, this Ranch there feed issue did not need to be worried. In their Ranch can raise 1000 animal, these 1000 animal everyday must consume many feeds, now the goods in stock in Space are many, but are not many, Zhao Hai prepares to save thing. Now the Zhao Hai in hand grain returns has plenty, therefore he has not been worried for the issue of grain, here first plants season corn, after waiting for the corn to receive, feared that was the weather is cold, when the time comes anything could not plant, when next year, the Zhao Hai preparation in here Bamboo rice, the Bamboo rice output will be very high, moreover after undergoing the improvement of Space, the output will be certainly higher, slowly can become their main grains. initially Green they buy most is the grain, now the Zhao Hai in hand grain, enough they eat for ten years , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai the matter of worry grain, after he does not prepare first in hand these grain have eaten, in planting more grain, although these grain in Space is putting, not appears rotten phenomenon, but thinks that daily eats a grain, Zhao Hai some are at heart uncomfortable. Moreover this time they they traded this after Laura, will also buy some slaves, this person were many, ate naturally many, his in hand grain these 100 people ate to be able very ten years, but the person are many were not good, must therefore grow some grain.

However if Space is only used to grow grain, too has wasted, needs to come a type of grain outside, to not buy, mainly suffices to eat for oneself on the line, so long as plants Bamboo rice a here 1000 mu land, after them, did not need to be worried about the grain the issue. During the speeches 100 mu land has improved, now the land somewhat was just moist, the planter is just right, Zhao Hai Staff also has in Space the ability of that small shovel, naturally can come with planting, therefore he also has planted the corn the remaining that 70 mu places directly, although is a little late, but does not have no relationship, at the worst, irrigates the twice water, makes their long a bit faster and that's the end. Now comes a corn with Staff, like using the small shovel, you have also been able to see that the small shovel works in there, so long as Staff Zhao Hai ordered, his front land seemed like used Magic to be the same, immediately turned into the appearance that he has needed automatically, simply does not need to take time, before long free time, the corn planted. After having used this water stick, feels the place of his great strength, let alone, but also is in Farm all functions he can use. However thinks of here, among Zhao Hai suddenly remembers a matter to come, all in Space take playing as the main source, like Farm there, these tools in game, in Farm has, but he, when clears Ranch, hasn't actually seen the Ranch tool? What's all this about? Because Ranch there has used the pattern of breeding, did all tools cancel? Zhao Hai wants to enter to Space in goes to research one, finally decides to consider as finished, the mountain valley here matter also processed, they should also in the returned to castle. What Merine nature don’t know Zhao Hai in thinking, looked that the here matter processed, Zhao Hai also said that must return to the castle, she naturally will not prevent, but she prepared to go back this heel chrysanthemum their explain/transfer well, making secure their remaining these Oil Fruit trees make boat to come out, here place Zhao Hai although type, but, must serve, time that this served, can't also be daily she delivers? She may unable to deliver that many people, does not have that many time. Before wants to make the straw boat , because they did not have the lumber, did not meet the shipbuilding, now had the lumber, the matter of this shipbuilding can slowly study, in any case was not worry , was really not good first makes some simple rafts to be good, in tarn also did not have what storm, the raft also enough to use. Their returned to castle time, these slaves to settle down was good, Zhao Hai and Merine prepare Stony Mountain there, after all in recent time their main energies must place there, moreover Zhao Hai they, although, but Zhao seven they also lead many undead to pick Stone in Stony Mountain there, later was Zhao Hai they trades with Laura, once for a while went to Stony Mountain there to take time Stone to be good. However, Zhao Hai gave Blockhead them to leave behind seed of many alfalfa, the alfalfa was fertilizes the soil crops, the Zhao Hai preparation lets these Blockhead they were all right, on the mountain planting the alfalfa, when the time comes the alfalfa can receive to work as the feed, but can also make the land on mountain fertile.

explain/transfer ended the matters of these slaves, remaining was Drunk their matters, the Zhao Hai preparation left behind Zhao Chong and Zhao in castle here 6, making them lead 200 Undead Creature to defend the fortress fort, making Drunk have the remaining three people, leading these Undead Creature to enter to Carrion Swamp in grasps Undead Creature and Magic Beast. The Carrion Swamp there person does not go in good, but Drunk they are Undead Creature, making them go in just right appropriate, moreover grasps Undead Creature and Magic Beast, Zhao Hai fighting strength was stronger, this very much has the advantage to them. However before must go, Zhao Hai also well turned with Drunk their explain/transfer, they go, first by exploring the way give priority to, first in the surrounding activity of Swamp, should not be too thorough, has anything not to be right, immediately comes out. Now Zhao Hai in hand altogether on the person who such point can use, he does not hope that appears anything loses, Drunk they, because is Undead Creature, all, when handles a lot, does not facilitate to act, but they, because is Zhao Hai summoned creatures, therefore to help of Zhao Hai in fight is very big, Zhao Hai does not hope that they lose in Carrion Swamp there. Drunk their present although were Zhao Hai summoned creatures, however their intelligence also, them wanderer these many years on Continent, except, in Xin Ya Clan and Zhao Hai in hand has suffered a loss beside, has not eaten anything to owe, must mention the fight to experience, Zhao Hai was the sycophancy cannot catch up with them, but they were very earnest was listening to the Zhao Hai words, has not said anything. Now Zhao Hai is their gods, Zhao Hai, no matter said that any they must listen, let alone this is the word of praise, after explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai then them lets go. although Zhao Hai almost in all Undead Creature release own went to now, but Alien he had not actually bled off \; first, because Alien can be used, when Mount, is very convenient, is Alien, but a spirit is variation Undead Creature, wants to be fiercer than general Undead Creature, was the Zhao Hai placard body bodyguard. Besides Alien, the Zhao Hai side also kept several human-shape Undead Creature, these human-shape Undead Creature, are similar to Zhao Qian, originally is not very fierce, but after passing through the Space several times strong magnificent, currently also had has not been lower than the skill of 5th level soldier, Zhao Hai remains to work as own guards them.