The ninth chapter sooner or later one day() Also transferred extension in Space, looked is really nothing, Zhao Hai came out from Space, static lying down on the bed, is thinking who in the head kept from awaking have arrived at now the fresh matter. Since knows after one put on, Zhao Hai not only does not have a point fear, instead a little chuckles to oneself in the heart of hearts, on Earth, Zhao Hai is nerd, every month takes the meager payment for published piece to earn a living, the pressure of life is very big. However was different to here, here he was Noble, although is pushed aside, but he had his fief, although was the a piece deathtrap, he also several loyal under the hand/subordinate, oneself a few words can decide 100 slaves who their life and death, their castle, some people were serving, what most most important was, he had Spatial Farm. although said how don’t know this Spatial Farm comes, so long as there is this Spatial Farm, his first did not need to worry to eat and drink, the free and unfettered day has been also good. Is thinking these, while keeps will be thinking the Farm future show, but thinks that now anything will be empty wishes, only then and other Farm further exhibitions will be good. However Farm now obvious lived variation, this is the good deed or the misdemeanor really could not have reached an agreement, so long as tomorrow has opportunity, must get so far as in Space outside Black Soil, has a look whether to use the Space earth and Spatial Water carries on transform, moreover must the accumulated capital as soon as possible, buy some seed from Space, should better also Spatial Water outside getting so far as some, like this after is, this Spatial Farm vanished, he will have own a piece land, basic that but that settles down and gets on with life. Thinks that unconscious he has fallen unexpectedly asleep, in the dream, he has constructed a big manor, has become the manorial lord, own easy life that crosses, that called a beautiful. In he sits the fond dream time, a suddenly sound conveys: Radish was mature, please as soon as possible gather.” Zhao Hai smart one woke, fast entered Space, the radish was presently mature, the each and every one big turnip, splitting that pushed the ground. Zhao Hai could not attend to that many, fast rushed to side of Space place, 2-3 have dug out a big turnip, has scratched above earth with the hand, no matter were also dirty, came up to nip one.

Sweet is bringing the micro spicy radish dropping liquid, one filled his oral cavity, Zhao Hai could not bear sigh, this flavor was really fantastic. Zhao Hai on Earth, eats the turnip on special liking, the turnip eats sweet, like the green radish, does not eat is very always spicy. But Space in grow out the turnip, the don’t know of flavor on compared with Earth has been better many. Zhao Hai is chewing the turnip of mouth, while is sizing up the turnip on hand, this radish minimum must have three jin (0.5 kg) multiple, this has not calculated in the turnip slightly, moreover long straight, plump and fair-complected, look at has the appetite. Laughing of Zhao Hai happy, before taking the radish has been arriving at the thatched-roofed hut window, takes up that to write is receiving the character the basket, to earth place said loudly: Receives!” In radish looks like by one big is only dug to be the same from the place, each and every one flew from the place, fell in the basket, but in the basket could not pack, Zhao Hai looked down one, presently these radishes enter to the basket, immediately vanished. Before long, the entire place completely received, Zhao Hai has inspected Warehouse , the radish all saved in Warehouse, but that ground have left behind the each and every one radish pit unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has not sold these radishes, but has bought one bag of seed, simultaneously ordering makes the small shovel start to turn the soil, then this bag of seed types. This bag of seed just planted, his to biting, then a sound conveys said : to congratulate you to rise 2nd level, the system bestows your two bags of cabbage seed, each bag may farm, one mu.” Zhao Hai although shoots a look at mouth said : „is really stingy, seed that delivers can only plant one mu land.” After finishing, Zhao Hai came out from Space, watched outside weather, presently weather also early, East just appears gray of dawn. At this time Green they were impossible, these slaves still in sleeping, not being able to fall asleep of Zhao Hai excited, a person were actually sitting in the room, took that turnip that dug from Space to gnaw, that flavor really made him want to stop but cannot. Three jin (0.5 kg) multiple, Zhao Hai was impossible to finish eating, he only ate half unable to eat up, however the strange matter lived, Zhao Hai felt that in own belly had a warm current, own body one has been full of the strength probably, was stranded intent not to have. Zhao Hai has gawked, before this situation had not lived, he eats probably is the radish, is not the excited medicinal preparation, how can like this? Isn't this radish is ginseng? Thinks of this, Zhao Hai has cannot help but traced own nose, he feared that he flows the nosebleed, but he presently own nose is clean, has not flowed the nosebleed.

Zhao Hai self-ridicules has smiled, he is a good let the imagination run wild person, will therefore make some others frequently looks like very laughable matter. However he can actually affirm that he just absolutely was not the misconception, because he also felt now one were energetic, two eyes was fine, a point did not have the sleepiness. This situation some are not normal, knew from the Adam memory that he was under drinking Water of Nothingness, although said drank the water of nihility, regarding did not study Magic and Battle Qi person does not have what influence, but will make also people feel very tired, even if were you thinks that only depends on ** the strength became a soldier is impossible, how to have this type the feeling of not being able to cause the vigor? Has this feeling to have one type of to be possible, just the reason of that radish. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but anticipated to this radish, immediately/on horseback received in the radish Space Warehouse, prepared wait a minute to ask Green, this radish was any thing. Watched outside weather, started to put to shine, but is very early, the people did not have, Zhao Hai also embarrassed awakens their, but dull in the room was also too bored, therefore Zhao Hai walking outward slowly, he wants to look at this own castle well. Comes out from fort, slowly proceeds, after a stretch of not big small square, arrived at the outwork, structure very simple of this outwork, the Cyan Stone ground, rows of Stone houses, behind the Stone house are city wall, city wall is very high, almost several meters high, arrived around city wall to look, this city wall also is very presently thick, almost about four meters, the city gate good probably was the pig iron makes, four meters many high, among used a root giant iron bolt to insert, had an equipment of shaking in the city gate, seemed like is used to draw out. With inserting that iron bolt uses. This design of equipment ingenuity of , so long as shakes city follower surface handle, the above gear will rotate, thus drives on the city gate made of iron door bolt, deadlocks the city gate, when draws out is also same. Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought that the machinery of this world already such brilliant, looks at around one, does not have presently any thing, piles outside the commodity that big pile of Green are buying in the squares, simply did not have no thing. Saw these commodities, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like Green was really not a material of doing business, he changed into this thing in hand gold coins unexpectedly, their don’t know, gold coins can live gold coins, but these thing, sooner or later will one day use up. It seems like Green wants to turn into a secluded from the world manor that here, but thinks he does also right, if not Zhao Hai puts on, is original that Adam, making him live in here, he possibly can the live long time, if enables him richly to outside to run all over the place, he will be quick will die. Changed to city gate nearby stone ladder, slowly walks toward city wall on, this city wall is completes by one type of iron cyan Stone all over the body, looks like very firm, city wall above preserves is also very complete, embattlement very neat, simply does not need to repair, in the city wall four angles, the arrow tower, can protect the castle respectively all-around.

Zhao Hai turned the head to look at intraocular city wall, in city wall of fort also wanted to be higher than the outwork, above has also constructed several arrow towers, it seems like that the defense capability of this castle also was really not a lid. In turning around, to look at city wall outside, city wall outside is one about five meters wide moat, in the river has the water, that water is very limpid, looks, there is the running water. Has a hanging bridge in the moat, the hanging bridge has about five meters to be wide, the bridle makes with arm thick or thin iron chain, heavy, but the hanging bridge is a giant iron stand makes, the plank of above shop, these planks are very new, understood at a glance that exchanges newly. With city gate to is straight Grand Dao, is spread by Stone, don’t know far, moreover probably was for a long time has not used, above was growing many weeds. Zhao Hai knows that this castle don’t know has abandoned many years, that is also they come the time passes through one time, believes that this month, in the castle simply nobody has exited, therefore that [say / way] looks like can be that appearance. Besides this, outside the castle, completely is the black lands, above is infertile, appears that desolated, but also brings dead the general dreariness. In this time, Sun was actually rising, golden sunlight illuminated the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has stood at the back of both hands on city wall, Sun that the look at distant place just raised, the heroic feelings cannot help but big, laughs said : well, this castle, here all were my, although here only started, looks like Sun that this just raised, but sooner or later one day, I must make this sunlight photo spread the entire earth!” Zhao Hai presently, don’t know, Green they had not gotten up, stands under city wall, static look at stands in the castle, wears golden light, just like Deity Zhao Hai, in the eye is flashing the excited tears.