Chapter 90 Formidable demon peach Arranges castle here all matters, Zhao Hai and Merine they went to Stony Mountain there, there now although also nothing, because of Green in there, because wants and other Laura, therefore in recent time, Zhao Hai they will place Stony Mountain there the long time. Zhao Hai at the Stony Mountain here also matter, he wants to discover Zhao Qian back person. Zhao Qian suddenly carries on attack to them, until now, a point clue does not have, but behind Zhao Qian existence of that person, regarding them, is a very big threat, therefore Zhao Hai wants to discover that person. In having is Drunk their back people, what now can affirm, Drunk behind them that person of influence is very certainly big , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai wants to know that they are who, if such person cannot look up, comes regarding Zhao Hai is a threat, looks like a bomb is the same, when don’t know will explode. Wanted to look up these matters, bow was incorrect in Black Wasteland there, currently Space here has Transmission Point in any case, can make Zhao Hai relaxed in two places back and forth, looked like the front courtyard of family with backyard same convenient, he kept there to be good. Actually if said really that Zhao Hai likes the fruit in Space, he can see the Stony Mountain there situation in Space there through the screen, can see the Iron Mountain Fort there situation, moreover in Space Villa also has Hot Spring, can hear the speech in screen there the voice, he not running that used to return. However Zhao Hai was bringing Meg and Merine looked to Stony Mountain there, presently after there also nothing, this was bringing their returned to Space Villa. returned to villa Zhao Hai has counted some present also many thing, first looked at outside, outside besides ten mu Oil Fruit tree long, in the remaining that eight mu places, had been planted two mu cucumber by him separately, two mu pea, two mu pumpkin, two mu radish. This was the Zhao Hai remaining final two mu radishes has planted, because planted after Space Level Up, Zhao Hai has made this radish remain to plant, he wants to have a look at one mu place to produce many radishes to plant, the radish that but obviously, must keep planting were more than radish mature wanting of straight receive in the evening, now already past 12 hours, but kept a radish not to arrive to gather. crops that Zhao Hai looked at these grow, does not have to look that you looked in any case they are so long, does not visit them is also long, is all right always stares at them to do, sits in the living room in villa, on the screen was demonstrating the castle there situation, then turned on own Warehouse page, he wants to have a look in oneself Warehouse also to have any seed, this looked that he seed in Warehouse are really presently many, there are seed of some Oil Fruit trees, corn seed, wheat seed, meter bamboo seed, the red Fruit tree seedling, punctures the vine, seed of thorn grass. One bag of demon peach seed...... Wait / Etc., demon peach seed? What thing is this? Own does don’t know have this thing? Zhao Hai moves, small bag appears in his hand, the bag just started, hears the Space prompt sound to transmit said : demon peach, mysterious Magic crops, Level 10, in the bag has to plant two, each may plant demon peach tree one, each demon peach tree use land one mu, each demon peach tree may produce demon peach one, the tree is two seasons crops, demon peach meat wound treatment, may restore Magician Magic instantaneously, Magic Peach Seed may gather pet one, the pet class shape does not limit, level does not limit, using Magic Peach Seed must drop blood owner recognition, passes through owner recognition, no. Is modifiable, the demon peach cannot remain to plant, is Space appropriation crops, cannot carry over the Space use!”

Zhao Hai dull is listening to this prompt sound, this is in plants that he obtains, regulation most, but also most lets one that he shocks. The fruit pulp can be used for wound treatment, but can also restore Magic, what most important is, this pit can also receive the pet unexpectedly, this fantastic. Must know that on Continent besides some Summoner, not having who to receive the pet, most people have Mount, does not have the pet. The so-called pet is Master mind connection one type of Battle Beast, that was compared with doing to ride much better, some on Continent were not Summoner Expert, generally will catch small Magic Beast that was just born, then started to raise since childhood, when has raised, regarded the pet to use, but that after all was not the genuine pet, in the pet common situation in adding on like this raising level will not be high, therefore fighting strength of these pet also it can be imagined. Naturally also has the one type of method to let one is not the Summoner person, has own Battle Pet, this method is blood, goes to sign the contract with own blood and Life Force with Magic Beast, such this Magic Beast can become your Battle Pet, what however most important is, is tall Jing Battle Pet, Life Force that you therefore pay are more, this by many strong, but looks but tribulation step, after all Battle Pet in good, but the life is more important. All people want to obtain Battle Pet, because actually all sorts of limits are unable to obtain, but Magic Peach Seed can actually help the person receive Battle Pet, only needed to drop prepares has been OK, if such matter made the person on Continent know, will be certainly insane. Zhao Hai is taking the in hand demon peach seed bag, cannot help but laughs, he was really too happy, had this demon peach seed, Green their fighting strength could be promoted in one time, this thing in Ark Continent here, absolutely was existence that went against heaven's will. Merine and Meg also in the villa, one by the Zhao Hai laughter alarming, ran, their don’t know Zhao Hai is smiling anything. Merine arrives at side Zhao Hai puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what happy matter has?” Zhao Hai look at Merine smiles said : Merine Grandma, do you want Battle Pet?” Merine stares, Expert like her, what doing of that nature understand Battle Pet with is, naturally wants Battle Pet, she nodded said : to be natural, I think that on Continent all people want Battle Pet.”

Zhao Hai shook the in hand bag, smiles said : „the here surface to install two demon peach seed, is in Space the special prize, this type of seed one mu place can only plant one, seed President becomes an demon peach tree, an demon peach tree can only long bear demon peach, the fruit pulp of this type of demon peach, can wound treatment , can restore Magic instantaneously, but these are not most important, what is most important, the pit of this type of demon peach can help you receive Battle Pet, pit that so long as attains this type of demon peach, your drop a drop of blood. Above, he forever was you, you can receive Battle Pet with this pit for yourself, this Battle Pet has followed you.” Ten points that although Zhao Hai this saying said irritable, but Merine her actually understood, Merine and Meg inconceivable look at Zhao Hai in hand bag, if not the nearest/recent Zhao Hai performance extremely in mysterious, they do not certainly believe that Zhao Hai, was this too also mysterious? How to have such fruit? Merine indefinite to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what you said is real? Is this type of fruit so really mysterious?” Zhao Hai smiles said : now my also don’t know, Space said that after all we have not planted to get down this type of fruit, after I prepared and other thing in place to receive, uses two mu place these two seed types to get down, look really so was mysterious.” Merine excited complexion red said : certainly, Space has not deceived people, I want certainly.” Zhao Hai smiles said : hope, if , after that you will have your Battle Pet, HaHaHa.” Merine and Meg also very much happy, has own Battle Pet, is on Continent the dream of each Expert, now was finally hopeful, their naturally happy. Zhao Hai turns on the bag, inside seed, this seed did not have what strange place but actually, looks like looks like two very ordinary peach seed, Zhao Hai toss about looks at good several times not to have presently any different place, this and has loaded into these two peach seed the bag, the hand moved puts returned to in Warehouse. The eye of Merine and Meg has been staring at the Zhao Hai in hand bag, vanished to the bag, her took back the vision, Merine turned the head to look outside one growing trend just right radish, could not bear said : what really the hope to see this demon peach at heart earlier is.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, in thing received, I must plant these two demon peach, when the time comes can see.” Merine knit the brows said : Young Master, can't the fruit pulp of that demon peach wound treatment? Also can restore Magic instantaneously? That is also good thing, regarding our Magician, in the fight, restores Magic instantaneously is very important, now on Continent has plenty Potion, but most can restore about 60% Magic instantaneously, even if best Potion, most can also restore 80%, cannot achieve demon peach this, if we such have eaten the fruit pulp, too wasted?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, we can take down the fruit pulp first, put in Warehouse to save, when must use was taking on the line.” Merine stares, then has smiled bitterly next step: This person of old, the head is not easy-to-use, the light is thinking eats the fruit pulp, actually has not thought can take down the fruit pulp directly, but Young Master, this takes down the fruit in directly, won't make these fruit pulp lose the effect? Such words our losses are not small.” Zhao Hai wrinkled under brow said : this to arrive is an issue, but returns don’t know now what's the matter, after we planted the demon peach, was saying.” Merine nodded, looked at outside plants said : Young Master, is Oil Fruit tree this sixth season? This time Oil Fruit tree to season time, do you also prepare to plant the Oil Fruit tree?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : I the radish that prepared to plant several seasons first was saying, now the radish storage quantity in our Space were too few, if traded with Laura , the radish were too few is incorrect, my accurate stocking two seasons radish was saying.” Merine nodded said : this to be also good, we when cooperate with Laura, can ask, they need any crops, then we are planting this crops, this did not worry not to have the buyer.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also thinks that is the one type of good means that thing that after all plants if changes the inadequate money, that may damage.