Chapter 91 Radish seed Three people chatted in Space, actually Merine and Meg also very much liked staying in Space, experienced calamity of extermination them, liked Space this carefree place, here was extra mundane Haven. In addition a little Merine they are also nearest/recent present, they presently , in Space, Magic practice be quicker than outside on many, this is Meg first presently. Meg is only 6th level Magician, very high promotion Space, therefore she , in Space, will practice Magic, because just enters Space most from the beginning time, she is too busy, not having the time to practice, afterward practiced time, although felt one practice was probably quicker than before, has not actually cared. To leaving Space, she has been practicing, this feels to assume one's post to be apart from, therefore she was also careful, said to Merine this matter. Merine little has practiced now, because she is 8th level big Magician, moreover arrived at the bottleneck, even if she wants to practice, in a short time is impossible to break through that bottleneck, the rank to this level, wanted to promote the strength, depends not only accumulation of Magic, what are more needs a turning point, sudden enlightenment, is adding on the matter that now she must be busy at to be too many, simply does not have the means relieved practice, therefore Merine had for a long time specially not practiced Magic, nature also on not presently the Space differences. Merine one hear of Meg said that also feels very strange, therefore she experimented, now in Space returns to the demon was really quicker than outside, currently speaking, be quicker than half outside. Merine also said to Zhao Hai this situation, but Zhao Hai not understand what's the matter, but he presently Merine they practices in Space, regarding the Space too tremendous influence, he has not managed, Merine their strength promotion have the advantage to him in any case. Three chatted a while, outside crops already one after another was mature, first mature is not the radish, but is the pea, the pea mature time is 18 hours, Zhao Hai has not thought that the pea will be unexpectedly maturer than the radish first, but he was immediately the pea receiving, this pea not only can eat, but can also regard seed to use, but Zhao Hai does not prepare to plant this thing now. Received the pea, happen to a vacated two mu place, Zhao Hai in doing other, has planted that two demon peach seed directly, this thing was too useful, early receives early well, to must use presently should not be planting, that may miss the opportunity.

On one mu land, has only planted demon peach, this made in Space one appear spacious, Zhao Hai has also tried, has put out corn seed, wants on the type toward that mu land, actually simply not to plant finally. although does not have the means above thing, but the person walks above actually yes, but Zhao Hai they feared that makes circuit with troupe to affect the growth of demon peach on the ground, therefore rather from side around walking, does not dare to walk from there. After planting demon peach two hours, radish is mature, the reason that because this radish keeps planting, used for 20 hours to be mature, but harvested also lets Zhao Hai happy, this radish one mu real estate seed unexpectedly enough 80 kilograms, was 160 jin (0.5 kg), but two mu place, he received 320 jin (0.5 kg) radish seed. Received 320 jin (0.5 kg) seed, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has planted the radish that two mu place, he wants to look, the radish that planted these two jin (0.5 kg) land, must use many seed. After result these two mu place types, Zhao Hai looked that the seed amount used has cannot help but smiled, these two mu places have used unexpectedly only four jin (0.5 kg) seed, two mu place four jin (0.5 kg) that he presently in hand, but more than 300 jin (0.5 kg) radish seed, it seems like later a long time, he did not need to be the seed matter worries. Then crossed two hours, pumpkin is mature, Zhao Hai received in the pumpkin of two mu place Warehouse, has planted the radish, what finally is mature is the cucumber, the cucumber mature time has the 28 hour, this made Zhao Hai delimit at heart directly the cucumber not with the planter ranks. In meanwhile, Zhao Hai received Oil Fruit of season, waited also to plant the radish cucumber there, Zhao Hai had relaxed finally. Such one calculates that in Zhao Hai present Space, had gold coins 150, the cucumber of two mu place, the pea of two mu place, the pumpkin of two mu place, the cauliflower of two mu place, the cabbage of two mu place, the eggplant of two mu place, the wheat of two mu place, the Oil Fruit 15 seasons, the corn 28 season, is the radish has eight mu place. These thing may be many, must know the cabbage, the eggplant, high production crops that pumpkin these may become famous, but the Oil Fruit tree and corn say nothing, are most, the 300 Oil Fruit tree seasons in Zhao Hai Warehouse saving can receive four ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Oil Fruit, but a corn season can also receive more than 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) corn, storage quantity of this different thing in Space is most. The corn is needless to say now, Zhao Hai does not prepare to bring the corn directly, when the feed uses, corn thing can make the grain, to make the grain the corn, but also needs to carry on the further processing, now their although had the grinding pan of edge runner, Zhao Hai has not thought immediately must process.

Corn after processing, the rice bran that obtains can regard the feed to use, if in adding on the radish leaf, in the Oil Fruit processing achievement oil and deisel oil, the deisel oil can also regard the feed, as the matter stands he can perhaps not need to turn into the feed the corn, the just by rice bran and deisel oil these waste materials suffices to feed Magic Beast in Space. Now his in Space although did not have Magic Beast, but quick will have, 300 Blue Eye Rabbit are not a small quantity, he remembers before , plays the game time, the consumption of ordinary rabbit to feed is, two hours consumes a feed, in other words, a two hours rabbit may consume one jin (0.5 kg) radish leaf, such consumption is not small. But Ark Continent here Blue Eye Rabbit, on the rabbit with Earth is almost same same level life form, but the Ark Continent here movement, on the movement compared with Earth be much fiercer, therefore Zhao Hai don’t know this Blue Eye Rabbit every hour of need many feeds, this wants, when Green comes back to know. The radish leaf that however now he receives were also many, enough he supported some time, but now Iron Mountain castle there person, alfalfa on Iron Mountain, so long as they planted to end the alfalfa, Zhao Hai can make them process the corn, like this they also had the feed to use. When they trade with Laura, had the iron, Zhao Hai has been able to buy extracted oil with the machine, when the time comes can press out the oil Oil Fruit, had the deisel oil, also had the feed. Zhao Hai has not prepared to raise too many animal in Space \; first, the issue of feed \; second, he wants to keep part of openings to come, the preparation grasps some animal to come to raise much, he also looked in any case, Space now Level Up with playing game time was different, played the game the time, so long as you farming and raised animal to be able Level Up, but Space here, farming Level Up opportunity was very low, might as well bring Level Up to be quick to Space in plants on Continent, wants Ranch Space also to be almost, therefore Zhao Hai may not prepare to use Space to raise too many animal Level Up, Such was too slow. Handled the matter in Space, Zhao Hai was also bored, look at screen in Space, roved in two Transmission Point there, castle there naturally was needless saying that was still a busy appearance, these male slaves are repairing city wall now, but these female slaves they were actually arranged an alfalfa by Blockhead, they arranged regarding Blockhead like this, Zhao Hai was very satisfied. Iron Mountain castle there city wall, because does not have the protection of Magic Formation, the ability of defense is really limited very much, fixed was also attractive, therefore did not need to worry, can cultivating slowly. But planted the alfalfa tired to be looser, alfalfa thing itself lived on very good, you were you do not go to manage him, really met lost seed to the land on, so long as had not been eaten by the bird, his grow out, naturally, Blockhead they will have planted the alfalfa naturally unable to be so simple, but will not go to that complex, but dug a pinhole on the land, lost seed, then buried the earth on, water in the pouring had finished up, these weed on mountain was actually must eliminate cleanly, otherwise can with the alfalfa. Struggles. These weeds were eliminated, naturally cannot waste, the chrysanthemum they use these weeds in arranging some straw mats, besides the straw mat, they had not stopped regarding the research chrysanthemum of straw boat, although currently had Blockhead, but no matter what, these weeds remain are also wasting, but these straw mats arranged too not with, bought unable to buy, outside commoner almost will arrange the straw braid, Noble simply nobody uses this type of straw mat, therefore after the straw mat arranged enough, the chrysanthemum they stopped, started the full research straw boat.

However these must gradually comes, now the chrysanthemum they mainly does planted the alfalfa, although said that planted alfalfa very simple, but could not support her type many, seed of alfalfa was very small, but initially Green they to improve the land on Iron Mountain for alfalfa seed that can buy, therefore seed has plenty of alfalfa, enough they planted to fill castle here Iron Mountain, arranged the matter of straw mat and research straw boat can only put the free time. Looks at castle there nothing, Zhao Hai was not looking at there, instead to has related Drunk they, Drunk they entered Carrion Swamp now, but their present person also in the surrounding activity of Carrion Swamp, and has not met any fierce Magic Beast and Undead Creature. Zhao Hai although can be able they to carry on communicate with Drunk through Space, because he has not gone to there, has not established Transmission Point relationship in there, therefore also don’t know Drunk they arrived at there, can only find out their situations through the way of this question. Drunk their there not also good, they also listened to the Zhao Hai words, these time enters to Carrion Swamp , the most important point explores the way, sharply has not been walking toward inside, the Carrion Swamp surrounding, does not have what fierce Magic Beast and Undead Creature, can deal with by their strengths completely. Looks their nothing, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, in one time picture switching on screen on Stony Mountain there. Stony Mountain there only then Zhao seven and Zhao Lianzuo, nothing lives, these Undead Creature are picking Stone, all very calm. Finger of Zhao Hai bored the touching screen position under remote control paddles, the eye look at large screen, at heart actually in thinking the Green matter, in this time, thing on large screen was capturing the Zhao Hai attention.