Chapter 92 Raises fire Ding Zhao Hai notes is not other thing, is the Cyan Stone Villa backyard drainage, but the water in that drainage warm spring water, although Zhao Hai they had made many Stone things in Cyan Stone Villa here in the past, is actually the drainage actually has not all received a point pollution, is still clear enough to see bottom. However attracts the Zhao Hai attention is not that warm spring water, but is thing in warm spring water, Fire Fish. Before Fire Fish Zhao Hai, although paid attention, had not actually cared, volume too small of this fish . Moreover the matter that nearest/recent he must be busy are a much less, therefore had not paid attention to these fish, However when just he rotated the screen, happen to saw that Fire Fish jumps from warm spring water, these attracted Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai fierce remembering, Cyan Stone Villa there also has this Fire Fish. Fire Fish he listens to Green to introduce simply, he remembers that Green has said that this fish ten delicacies . Moreover the price is not cheap. Reason that Zhao Hai will note Fire Fish , because in his Space were many Hot Spring, at that time but after is in Space were many Hot Spring, his level Level 10, not having the means to clear Ranch, cannot bring Fire Fish to Space, now he has cleared Ranch, although said that in Ranch does not have the pond that breeds fish specially, but he has Hot Spring, but Fire Fish can only place in Hot Spring to raise. although said that now also don’t know fire Ding whether to put in Space Hot Spring to raise, but tries not to have anything not to be good, if has fostered fire Ding, they were many a source of income, if has not fostered does not have anything, but lost several Fire Fish. Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai intention moves, already appears in Cyan Stone Villa courtyard, Zhao Hai half step has arrived at the institute drainage, drainage inside Fire Fish also at a moderate pace, leisurely and carefree is swimming. Zhao Hai looked at these fire Ding, shows a faint smile, extend the hand to in the drainage, then opened Space rift, making warm spring water enter in Space together with inside Fire Fish. Fire Fish just entered Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Aquatic fish life form, has the peculiar requirement to water quality, may be used to watch, is touchable, the pulp is exquisite, is delicious, the shortcoming, the volume is too small, improves the fish, fish digitization, evaluates level, fish level is Level 10 life form, can in Space purchase the seedling, 15 hours become the mature bodies, but the produce eight times, may produce son 30 each time, twice produces the son time to be separated by for eight hours, each fish consumes a feed every four hours, therefore the fish living environment is special, special permission Farm Space comes forth saves, may use in Space Ranch to it all tools.”

When Zhao Hai dumbfounded, the prompt sound then transmits said : „ the Space Ranch tool to connect successfully, Host may enable the main labor to have, seizes the tool, may seize target life form, such as wants to bring to use to Space outside, needs Ranch level in Level 10 above, note: Brings to be effective to all life form to Space outside, such as brings to use to Space outside, when Level 10 10% probabilities may disregard level, grasps into Space directly. The Fly-Swatter tool, may carry on single body attack to target life form, such as wants to carry over outside Space to use, needs level to achieve Level 10, the note: Monomer attack ability, disregards the opposite party to avoid, such as brings to use to Space outside, when Level 10 10% probabilities may the violent strike to kill the ability, the attack range Space monitor range. The formation establishment function, has to all Space life form, through this function, can make all Space life form obey Host command(er), may use to the single body, may use to the team. The feed conversion function, the crops reformation that Host assigns is the feed. ” Zhao Hai stares, then the immediately/on horseback flashes body entered Space, but he had not actually noticed that several Fire Fish hover in Space Hot Spring. Zhao Hai immediately opened Warehouse, in Warehouse appears the Fire Fish picture, below has written five inscriptions, it seems like just he received in Space five Fire Fish. Zhao Hai immediately has put in this several Fire Fish Space Hot Spring, Space temperature although in Hot Spring is very high, but does not have what influence regarding these Fire Fish probably, each and every one in cheerful of inside tour. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback opened Warehouse, now thing in his Warehouse may be many, the radish leaf also several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), must know that he has planted that many radishes, the radish leaf has been remaining uselessly, has saved to present that quantity is not a small number. Zhao Hai not polite, directly in transforming 1000 jin (0.5 kg) radish leaf has taken the feed, put in Hot Spring, Zhao Hai also really wants to have a look, what this feed put in Hot Spring to be. Zhao Hai just transformed the feed the radish leaf, improved in Hot Spring suddenly to be many some red thing, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, slowly has arrived at Wen Er the, this present, originally in this Hot Spring were unexpectedly many some red water plants, color very beautiful of this water plant, fiery red fiery red, along with the fluctuation of warm spring water, was dragging. In this fire after color water plant, Fire Fish is hovering, but also once for a while eating that is keeping in these water plants, see this situation, Zhao Hai immediately understand, this is the feed.

Regarding the method of Space this type of putting feed, Zhao Hai very much approves, they the feed conversion are one type of life form, then makes fish eat these grass, this method is really very good. Zhao Hai just completed these, Merine and Meg came out from the villa, they looked that Zhao Hai is standing near Hot Spring, walked, has not waited for them to speak, they saw the change of Hot Spring. Before Hot Spring did not have any life, now among Space the water plant and fish had, such change could not certainly hide the truth from them, they puzzled look at Hot Spring, Merine is curious said : Young Master, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything, I receive several Fire Fish in Cyan Stone Villa there, these water plants are the Fire Fish feeds.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but gawked, turns the head to look at Fire Fish one in Hot Spring, then great happiness said : fantastic, here can raise Fire Fish, we and many stable receiving.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, this is the big good deed, moreover I forgot to tell you, this Fire Fish 15 hours can grow into the big fish, moreover started produce, each fish time may produce 30 small fries, every other eight hours of produce one time, altogether can the produce eight times.” Merine stares, then the great happiness, she has not thought that can be this, must know that Fire Fish is very famous on Continent, because this fish very difficult raises, even if has Hot Spring , the cultivation of very difficult large-scale , because of this, therefore on Continent, Fire Fish continuously in high demand. Fire Fish is difficult to raise, because not only they only grow in Hot Spring, what is main is because their food nitpicking, general thing they do not eat, moreover is extremely easy to fall ill, few that therefore this fish raises. Manor there, reason that also has Fire Fish to live , because manor here few people come, these warm spring water had not been polluted, what most important is, that tree in manor. That tree in manor on Continent very famous, called white Fruit tree, this tree long very tall and big, moreover this tree was not high regarding the request of soil quality, so long as were a little unsophisticated, they can the natural growth, although this tree also tie the white fruit, but that type of fruit was not delicious, very bitter and astringent, moreover result also very few. Fire Fish although is very nitpicking to things to eat, but one of the white Fruit tree tree root actually their food, but manor there is planting white Fruit tree, because of this tree very big, root system very, also the part of root systems were long in the drainage of manor, naturally has become fire Ding's food, therefore manor there Fire Fish can live.

However because manor there to winter is really too cold, therefore these Fire Fish froze to death on has plenty to the winter, therefore the quantity were not many, that Merchant has not fostered, finally cheap Zhao Hai. Because Fire Fish is difficult to raise, therefore his price is also very high, because Fire Fish cannot grow up, longest is about several centimeters, heavy also 22, but is such Fire Fish, if attains Continent to sell, minimum can buy two gold coins about, moreover valuably does not have the city, Fire Fish that because produces generally, made an honest deposition to Royal, other people richly could not buy. If Oil Fruit and rice bamboo is on Continent the ordinary poor person most loves, that Fire Fish is on Continent Noble most loves, no matter you have many Fire Fish, will not worry to sell. Zhao Hai too did not understand this matter that before Adam had also eaten Fire Fish, but is few, has only eaten several times, therefore to Fire Fish the matter and don’t know many. His don’t know however Merine actually knows that Fire Fish is not general thing, if Fire Fish has fostered, their income big increase, compared with planting the radish, will plant the Oil Fruit tree to bring in money quickly. Because of understand this truth, therefore Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that in Space can raise Fire Fish, happy such, must know on Continent, had only heard several places can produce Fire Fish, but that several places have not raised Fire Fish by the person, but by the natural growth of Fire Fish, but that several places are on Continent famous several Great Noble fief, therefore average person simply cannot eat Fire Fish. But that several Great Noble also relying on Fire Fish, not the small wealth, these Fire Fish including existence that Imperial Family was jealous, but that several Great Noble were some established Noble, therefore was Imperial Family, cannot take them to be what kind. Before Zhao Hai, to Cyan Stone Villa there, saw Hot Spring time has thought must raise the Fire Fish wealth, but they had not understood that at that time the Cyan Stone Villa there situation, afterward knew, he also cancelled has raised the Fire Fish thought in Cyan Stone Villa, now finally can raise in Space. Fire Fish in Merine look at Hot Spring, happy said : fantastic, is really fantastic, so long as we can raise Fire Fish, that in did not need to worry for the matter of money.”