Chapter 93 Enemy trace presently Zhao Hai smiled said : Merine Grandma, Fire Fish I do not prepare to raise too, if this fish massive appears in the market, that are not valuable, not?” The Zhao Hai words are similar to trough cold water, making Merine instantaneously calm, Merine regarding price very clear of Fire Fish on Continent, because she knows, therefore she will think Zhao Hai were more. Zhao Hai is thinking Fire Fish cannot too many appears in the market, will otherwise affect the price, but Merine thinks is actually, if makes the person know that their Buda Family can breed Fire Fish, feared that will be their immediately will exterminate an entire family, the enticement of Fire Fish was too big. Right that the Merine calm face, some little time said : Young Master said that but Young Master, we cannot to know that this fish has relationship with our Buda Family, otherwise we ended, this fish does not have the city on Continent valuably, is these Great Noble for the tool that oneself amass money, if makes these people know that we can raise this fish, they will not certainly hesitate at all costs except us, we must be careful that is good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved Merine Grandma, I will certainly be careful that we with Laura their all transactions, use Dark Magician this status, this people will not suspect us, moreover now I have made Drunk they go to Swamp to grasp Magic Beast, when Magic Beast are many, Black Wasteland there security.” Merine nodded, then sighs said : why on present Continent unable to leave money, even if these established Great Noble, is thinking making money of going all out, our Buda Family hides in Black Wasteland here perhaps is a good deed, so long as does not make these people know that our in hand has Fire Fish, we should be safe temporarily.” Zhao Hai also nodded said : „, we hide in Black Wasteland perhaps are really a good deed, best was makes all people forget our existence, that was best.” Merine nodded, but then also sighed said : this to fear that not so was easy, in the past, these Magic Beast and Undead Creature in big violent Swamp, outside person already noted certainly the there situation, but believes that we came out these days, believes that they looked, had been seeing us to disappear, what motion also don’t know they will have.” Zhao Hai one hear of Merine said that cannot help but wrinkled brow said : that Blockhead they to keep Iron Mountain castle there to have the danger?” Merine shook the head said : „should not, Young Master kept these Undead Creature in there look at, should nothing, many Undead Creature regarding person the air/Qi of flesh and blood, be very sensitive, if some people must go to Iron Mountain castle there, certainly ahead of time by them presently, when the time comes we are being prepared not to be late.”

Zhao Hai nodded, now looked like also can only like this, no matter what, Iron Mountain Fort there was also their roots, they impossible to hide these people, forever was not returning to Iron Mountain Fort there to go, that was not realistic. If Zhao Hai does not have Space, that gives up Iron Mountain Fort there not having anything to be a pity that but he had Space, can improve the land, that Iron Mountain Fort there them was too important regarding Zhao Hai. They also chatted a while, has rested on the returned to villa, two places both nothing, Zhao Hai does not worry in any case now, was staying in Space. Zhao Hai also really likes staying in Space \; first, because of the design of Space Villa here, is closer on Earth the villa, he lives in here feels the very relax clothing/taking, two are calculation that because Zhao Hai in Space can make, all he in this Space can control, in having is Zhao Hai feels itself in Space is staying, feeling that a that whole body has not been incapable, but one Space, a that feeling on time appears , Zhao Hai has been possible not to like a that feeling. In Space does not have the division of no dark sky and bright sky, the here weather throughout is a color, Zhao Hai , to know that outside is dark sky/Hei Tian or daytime, must be able to know through the screen. To evening's time, Zhao Hai called in the villa to rest Blockhead and Stone, but castle there left these slaves, there had to eat to drink in any case, moreover there are enough many fuels, lived is also good in there. Actually these slaves also very like outside, although said definitely the very relax clothing/taking in Space, but thinks one rested daily in the Zhao Hai side, perhaps when were still sleeping, Zhao Hai actually got up, they felt that had very tremendous pressure at heart, instead to might as well live like the present in the castle comfortable. Zhao Hai also in time the situation of attention being bewitched peach, fortunately, demon peach growing trend very gratifying, this demon peach tree long in the peach tree with Zhao Hai impression has very big difference, this demon peach tree is not very tall and big, but the entire tree looks like glittering and translucent carving, is similar to with general that Crystal carves, very beautiful. look at this not big demon peach tree, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed that must say in this Space also really to have the treasure, this demon peach tree did not say that formidable ability first, even if this appearance also quite gratifying, good thing. Merine and Meg also attention this demon peach tree, this demon peach tree regarding them was really too important, they have no alternative but to be careful. Evening's time, Zhao Hai received a radish of season, has planted a radish of season, now in his hand had the radish of 14 mu place, had these radishes, even if were Laura came back now, Zhao Hai can also immediately/on horseback trade with them.

Received the radish also nothing, most quickly now in Space receives was the radish and Fire Fish, was the demon peach, finally was the Oil Fruit tree. Oil Fruit tree mature latest, moreover his price is really not high, before just like, such that Zhao Hai plans, the demand of this oil hagberry was really too big, the although price was not high, but was actually a business of taking care of your pennies and dollars will take care of themselves. Fire Fish is most valuable, but Zhao Hai they actually only dare few make a move, does not dare to be too many, will otherwise certainly bring to the attention of people, they left refuse stubbornly far. Radish although is also a populace dish, but he after is the Magic vegetables, normally these ordinary common people although will also buy a point to taste, but can truly long time edible, only then these Noble or big Merchant, the average person is impossible to eat the radish daily. Therefore radish although buys possibly are more than Fire Fish, but generally speaking, is impossible to buy too, because such words are too big regarding the impact of entire radish market, finally loss can only be he. In Zhao Hai is sitting, when by the demon peach tree sighed, a suddenly his soul fluctuation, then Zhao Qian voice conveyed said : Young Master, some people must go to Stony Mountain there to cause trouble.” Zhao Hai stares, Zhao Qian was sent to monitor these look at their people by him, he had not reported the too high hope, these person of look at their these many days, actually only then Zhao Qian begins, obviously these people do not think, if Zhao Hai, but now looks like, some people could not calm down. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : „is information accurate?” Zhao Qian voice conveys said : accurately, they can move, were building up toward Stony Mountain there, tomorrow will possibly begin in the evening.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : how strength?” Zhao Qian said : three Magician, three Advanced level Warrior, 300 Intermediate level Warrior, 100 Dead-soldier, in three Magician, one is Light Element Magician.”

Light Element Magician?” Repetition said : that Zhao Hai muttered has not thought that also Light Element Magician, it seems like these fellows really got down unexpectedly turned pains that was right, can inquire that they were that influence?” Reason that Zhao Hai said that is because has the one type of view on Continent, Light Element Magician is Dark Magician nemesis, if Dark Magician is one group of people who on Continent was most not treated sees, that Light Element Magician will be most popular one group of people, Light Element Magician generally will put on neat pure white Magic Robe, on the face forever hangs like the spring breeze genial smiling face, in hand is leaving enchanting Light Element Magic, can the person wound treatment, can be used for the attack enemy, almost will be representing of perfect Magician. Is perfect Magician, Zhao Hai don’t know, but Light Element Magician can restrain Black Magic this arrive real, with level Light Element Magician, if with Dark Magician puts right, suffering a loss certainly is Dark Magician. However must say Light Element Magic complete can restrain Black Magic, that is also not complete, is similar to Five Elements promotes and constrains mutually to be the same, water restricts fire is the same, the water nature can the to subdue|grams fire, but if only then one water, want to put off a fire of car(riage), that is impossible, a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood is this truth, your Light Element Magic is stronger than Black Magic, naturally can restrain, otherwise, fear by restrain was Light Element Magic. However you have to recognize, on Continent, cope with the Dark Magician best means with Light Element Magic, that feared that is that Light Element Magician level is not very good, will bring very big trouble to Dark Magician, but the Zhao Hai foreign status is Dark Magician, these people want to cope with them, looks for Light Element Magician is the most correct decision. Can look from this point, the opposite party wanted their pot carrying Zhao Hai, three Magician, three Advanced level Warrior, were adding on 300 Intermediate level Warrior, 100 Dead-soldier, such one team of people, their fighting strength were not weak, even if were beforehand undead Mercenary Group, if ran into such one team of people , can only around walking share. However present Zhao Hai to does not fear them, sole a little troublesome is that Light Element Magician, but Zhao Hai does not prepare to be kept waiting in here is making the person hit them, he can remember a few words, the attack is the best defense. This is opportunity, Zhao Hai don’t know is who has also wanted to cope with them, if an enemy motion if no, they never possibly know that what the opposite party is, now was good, the opposite party moved, they can follow up a clue, found these fellows.