Chapter 94 Ambush Zhao Qian listens to Zhao Hai to make him inquire that these people are that influence, cannot help but said : Young Master, this feared that is not easy, they will not say one are that influence . Moreover the opposite party also has a large number of Dead-soldier, I do not have the means to be too near to their camp, is adding on my body reason, not having the means to mix, feared that is very difficult to inquire anything.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, do not exempt, inquired that their tomorrow will stop over in there, so long as had determined their stopping over place, immediately told me.” Zhao Qianying, was not having the sound. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turn around entered the villa, enters the gate of villa, immediately said loudly: Merine Grandma, Merine Grandma.” Merine is resting in the villa, hears is so anxious, did walked out that Zhao Hai called, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what matter have hastily?” Meg also hears the sound, from own in the room walked out, just she was contemplating, had been broken by the Zhao Hai cry, now Meg is finding the way to speed up promoting own strength, she wants to have a stronger strength to protect Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at Merine to get down, immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody said : Merine Grandma, just Zhao Qian signalling came back saying that some people must come Stony Mountain there to cope with us . Moreover the population were many, three Magician, Light Element Magician, three Advanced level Warrior, 300 Intermediate level Warrior, 100 Dead-soldier, tomorrow in the evening may attack Cyan Stone Villa here.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that on the face does not have what shocking expression, instead to is in killing intent flashes, then asked that said : can find out their status?” Merine also has certainly gotten up the battlefield person with the Adam father, these days they enough have felt suffocated, now some people annoy them, even if the Merine temperament, cannot bear, let alone she is 8th level big Magician, such existence, naturally has own dignity, does not allow others to affront. Zhao Hai shook the head said : „unable to look up, because there is Dead-soldier, Zhao Qian does not dare to approach, moreover he now is Undead Creature, wants to mix not to be impossible, therefore is very difficult to find out these people are that influence, but I made him pay attention to the trends of these people, best to find out these person of tomorrow to stop over in there, I prepared to go to there to ambush first.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai such spoke of stares, but then her immediately nodded said : this to arrive is good means that but now our in hand strength is too small, I looked that must they call to be good Drunk, moreover these person tomorrow possibly will not begin, they will possibly wait for the old man to come back to begin, otherwise kept outside old man such Expert, they cannot feel relieved.” Zhao Hai stares, then immediately has thought of this point, but he is actually complexion changes said : Merine Grandma, can they send for coping with Grandpa Green? Can Grandpa Green in the don’t know situation, suffer a loss?”

Merine shows a faint smile said : Young Master not to need to be worried, actually old man a few years ago general time, but special has studied Dead-soldier that set, regarding that set of method clear very much, otherwise the impossible night to enter the imperial palace, feel relieved, he will certainly come back.” Zhao Hai then feel relieved, his immediately/on horseback said : that good, my immediately they called Drunk, making these slaves also arrive in Space to stay for two days.” Merine nodded said : to make Drunk their immediately/on horseback come back, so long as we knew the footholds of these people, can do ahead of time prepare.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that I to call the person, Merine Grandma, you rest.” Merine nodded, turns the head own room, she also prepared over the two days well controlled one's breathing, maintained by oneself the optimum condition, then well tidied up these people. After Zhao Hai returned to in the room, immediately they believes to Drunk, making their immediately have the person to come back, but he to has not gone to alarm there the slave who is resting now in the castle, he prepares, when next day time in calling these slaves enters to Space, Iron Mountain Fort there very safe, will not have in any case currently any matter. Next morning, Zhao Hai makes Blockhead they organize, leads these slaves to Space, convenient also they received returned to Zhao Chong in Space. However Zhao Qian there has not passed on information, it seems like he to the present cannot eventually determine that these people stop over in there. However Zhao Hai to has not worried, he knows that the opposite party can wait for Green to come back to begin, he has nothing to worry. At noon, Zhao Qian has transmitted information, told Zhao Hai them, these people prepared in south a chaotic Stone mountain canyon after that behind to stop over. Receives this information, Zhao Hai immediately makes Zhao Qian returned to Stony Mountain here come, he must go to that canyon there to have a look, but he believes now Cyan Stone Villa outside, certainly some people of look at, moreover they may not have itself that Green and Zhao move, can exits from Stony Mountain here, therefore he can only come back Zhao Qianzhao. Quick Zhao Qianjiu appears in Stony Mountain here, must say that the beforehand Zhao Qian strength was not weak, thing that but they study with general Warrior complete is different, their most important by hiding the personal appearance, strikes to kill off this class Martial Skill give priority to, moreover Battle Qi that studies, most helps hiding the aura one type of Battle Qi.

But in this world most is good at hiding the aura Battle Qi, is Darkness Attribute Battle Qi, but after Zhao Qian since turned into Undead Creature, his whole person turned into Darkness Attribute, this made him hide own aura conveniently, can say that he also wants compared with Dead-soldier that these were trained on now strongly many. Zhao Hai looked that Zhao Qian came back, immediately has recruited into him Space, Zhao Qian entered Space immediately to salute to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be good, exempted, did these people have how long to arrive at that canyon?” Zhao Qian immediately/on horseback said : similar darkness time can.” Zhao Hai nodded, gave Zhao Qian said : you to bring this Magic Staff to exit own in hand Ghost Staff conveniently, immediately that canyon that went to them to go, other anything did not need to do.” Zhao Qianying, then became, only then half meter Ghost Staff, then Zhao Hai sent out Space him, Zhao Qian immediately hurried to toward that canyon that these people must go. This is a advantage after Space Level Up, this Ghost Staff is portable Space, although, because has bound with Zhao Hai, others have more than enough, but makes Zhao Qianna run everywhere, this equal to can let Zhao Qiandai walking of world full world. although beforehand Zhao Hai can also sit in Alien within the body, then enters Space, Space will also walk with Alien, but do not forget, that needs a place, for example Alien within the body, or in horse carriage, such Zhao Hai can enter Space, but so long as now a person took Ghost Staff to be OK, did not need to take time completely. Merine her has stood in the Zhao Hai side, why her although understand Zhao Hai does not give Zhao Qian Magic Staff, but has not asked anything, her believes that Zhao Hai such does has certainly the point. Regarding the Ghost Staff ability, Merine they know, initially Zhao Hai trades Magic Staff time, had told them, because knows, but they only know that this Magic Staff can use all abilities in Space, actually and don’t know this Magic Staff is actually portable Space. Zhao Hai in Zhao Qian Space, immediately entered the room, turned on the screen, the image on look at screen, sees the environment on screen to change. Merine understand, such long time in Space, always passes and out with Zhao Hai, her also understand some Space rules, on Space screen not optional obviously leaves the surrounding environment, he will only demonstrate that is centered on entering Space that selects original 500 meters environment.

Because of this, therefore the image common situation on screen will not move, but now that picture firmly like marching on non- road, this showed that enters Space that point to move, in other words Zhao Hai has given Zhao Qian Magic Staff, was makes Zhao Qian giving people a hard time Space on equal to brings to that canyon. Saw this situation, Merine instead to being worried, image of static sitting on there look at screen, Blockhead they also sat in side, must know after they naturally to Stony Mountain here, has bustled about on the mountain, has not arrived at other mountains to look, only then Green has gone, was not walks was too far. Zhao Qian is quick, moreover can see his advancing way on the screen clearly. Different to general Warrior, Zhao Qian advancing way very strange, he does not walk the straight line, moreover route also very strange thing that he chooses, generally is the person in the vision difficult and place, or helps hiding the shadow generation of body. Properly speaking such advancing way is very difficult to walk quick, but Zhao Qian is not slow, before long sneaked in huge mountain. This entered Continent, Zhao Qiangeng is like a fish in water, advancing fast in the mountain, the mobility of screen is fast, some people of eyes a little could not follow. Zhao Hai looks at some dizziness, has closed the eye, some little time opens, but this time he in has not actually looked at the screen, but has stood, walks outward. Merine their present situations are also similar to Zhao Hai, they a little are also dizzy, now does not dare to look at the screen, looked at Zhao Hai to stand, Merine immediately/on horseback said : how Young Master?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, Drunk they came back, has not thought these fellows come back is really quick.” Drunk their advancing entered in Carrion Swamp, has explored the way in the Swamp surrounding, therefore Zhao Hai, when made them come back, their although immediately round trip caught up, did not have Blockhead they to be quick, continuously to the present they returned to castle there. Zhao Hai not polite, received returned to them directly in Space, this Drunk they to did not have what harvest, this time they went, but to explore the way, has not gone to grasp Magic Beast Undead Creature, therefore their strengths have not increased.