Chapter 95 Getting it over and done Zhao Hai had not asked that Drunk they in the Carrion Swamp there situation, now is not the time, after this matter, has is opportunity asked that now they must be busy at the proper business being important. After two hours, Zhao Qian crossed that huge mountain, arrives that canyon that he said that position very good of this canyon, in two mountains, the topography is smooth, the middle has small stream flow through, is the camping best place. However here is not the best ambush place, the topography is gentle, without place that any can hide, regarding person who wanting to ambush, this place is the qualifications that not ready anything ambushes. However regarding Zhao Hai, any place can become the ambush place, because he can, in lets Drunk instantaneously their appears in that piece of canyon, simply does not use any hiding place. Zhao Hai and Merine they come out from Space, careful looked at the terrain in the canyon, here did not have really attractively what, could look, the opposite party elected to stop over in here, certainly was because settled on here simply is not an ambush good place, here that therefore chose. Merine went to the battlefield, in the matter regarding battlefield has certain understanding, therefore she looked at a terrain, knows that these time comes attack their people, certainly is skilled in Battle Formation, such person is not good to cope. If copes with Zhao Hai their these Expert, without unified command(er), cannot the doing war like army, that Zhao Hai they be able relaxed these people extinguishing, after all now their in hand strength is not weak. But if these people had unified command(er), does to fight experience very rich Commander, they want to destroy completely these people not to be easy, after all the strengths of these people are not weak, in a state of disunity and a fist, completely is two concepts.

After having looked at the terrain, Zhao Hai their returned to in Space, in any case now they arrived at here, so long as heart was waiting on the line. Zhao Hai they sit in the living room in villa the image on look at screen, at the same time called Drunk, asked the Carrion Swamp there situation. information that however Drunk brings disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat, but also in expected of Zhao Hai, now Drunk they just entered to the Carrion Swamp edge, did not have the true experience to the Carrion Swamp fierce place, moreover there Undead Creature and Magic Beast also very few. What most important is, there does not have no plants, that piece of region that now Drunk they move, the simple point said that is a piece of incomparably huge rotten bog, their these Undead Creature walk above, must take very big effort, motion is very slow. Can say Carrion Swamp that Drunk they contact now, is only the First Layer test of Swamp, fortunately, with these Undead Creature that Drunk their together goes , was in itself family background Carrion Swamp, although they now is received by Zhao Hai, but these Undead Creature may not have to forget the beforehand matter like Zhao Qian, these Undead Creature the Carrion Swamp here matter very found that therefore they walked some although hard sledding, did not have the too big trouble. These Undead Creature have lived in Carrion Swamp, has become in the there activity their one type of instinct, they live in here, long in here, dies in here, after dying, lived, they in here, can say that Carrion Swamp here is these Undead Creature families, the family of first. This is also the Carrion Swamp fierce place, he can dying turns into Undead Creature in here life form, moreover lets these Undead Creature Level Up slowly, such ability on Continent, only then Carrion Swamp here has, even if Demonic Abyss there, does not have such ability, because the people have believed that Demonic Abyss there is interlinked with Demon Realm, reason that the there person will have the undead life activity, because of there Undead Creature from Demon Realm. Production Undead Creature that because Carrion Swamp here can keep, therefore Carrion Swamp here will be getting stronger and stronger, several thousand years ago also heard that some people can draw back from the Carrion Swamp whole body, moreover can spend one's last years this to live at home, but to the present, nobody in has dared to come Carrion Swamp here. Also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai makes Drunk they add carefully, rather first searched understand the road, do not stir up trouble.

Carrion Swamp there can dying animal turns into Undead Creature, that has certainly any special place, moreover here can make among world that many Expert not have the means to live to walk, depends is not poisonous, Zhao Hai does not want to make Drunk they die in here. although Drunk they called Undead Creature, but they may not be real undead. although this Drunk they do not have the meeting the harvest, but had the understanding regarding some terrains of Carrion Swamp surrounding, they have discovered the road that several were quite good, when the here matter ended, they prepare in thorough Carrion Swamp to have a look. After having asked that Zhao Hai they received Drunk, sits in the living room static the look at screen, some little time has not spoken, but Merine they noted, Zhao Hai attention simply on the screen, it seems like he was is not thinking Drunk their words. Merine deep voice to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, although this Drunk they do not have what harvest, but does not have what loss, there is Carrion Swamp, if so is really good to solve, did not match is called Continent five big certainly.” Zhao Hai one calling to recover by the Merine words, he shows a faint smile said : not, my doesn't blame Drunk their meanings, their work pretty good, I in thinking another matter, Carrion Swamp regarding us, am a very big threat, if we cannot solve this threat, that Black Wasteland there formidable threats have existed, we are not considered as that farming or wants to raise the beast not to be impossible to succeed, therefore we best to want means that falls this threat solution.” Merine frowns said : this simply not to be impossible, these many years, whom having never had to dare to say own conquer Carrion Swamp, there is Forbidden Land, we are impossible to solve this solution.” Zhao Hai frowns said : to never have person conquer, we actually have no alternative but to try, these people do not have conquer , because they do not live in Black Wasteland here, we actually have to try, because we left Carrion Swamp to be too near.” Merine in saying anything, he knows what Zhao Hai said is right, reason that these people do not have conquer Carrion Swamp here \; first, because of here extremely in the bad risk, two was because nobody lived in here, Carrion Swamp there in the bad risk, did not have any threat to them, did not have the deep sorrow, these people naturally cannot leave fully, but they were different from these people, if they cannot handle the good Carrion Swamp there matter, that Buda Family on forever do not want the show, to be Zhao Hai can improve the land to be also useless, you just one improved well, that continually. Magic Beast and Undead Creature in carrion moor source clash a destruction, you also anything did not have, this is the Buda Family biggest threat. Blockhead they also continuously in static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, now Blockhead and Stone became with were very intelligent, but Blockhead is on the other hand calmer, to the observation of matter careful, but Stone must be relatively more impulsive, is a little careless.

Blockhead one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : Young Master, Carrion Swamp there to us is a very big threat, but also is only the threat, so long as there is Space, we will not have the matter, but if we must go to conquer Carrion Swamp, might have the danger very much, we died did not matter, but if Young Master had the matter, we died, did not have the face to face Old Master, did not have the face to go facing the Buda Family ancestor, Young Master, this matter must carefully for on.” Blockhead spoke of finally, the expression became was very serious, Merine complexion also one changed, in recent time, because of Zhao Hai all sorts of mysterious performance, Merine in being worried about the Zhao Hai security problem, but by a Blockhead saying, among Merine then suddenly had been thought that now Buda Family may remain Zhao Hai such one with the only child, necessity that if Zhao Hai in the accident sentiment, that Buda Family has not had, they were ten thousand die also difficult refined language its chronic illness. Zhao Hai looks at the Blockhead appearance, has cannot help but smiled bitterly next step: You, when I that want to annoy Carrion Swamp, but you think not to have, now all our is this Space brings, but you also know that I drink Water of Nothingness, I cannot study Magic, cannot study Battle Qi, body compared with average person might as well, if some day I got sick, died, or I was old, died, that this will Space still exist? If this Space vanished, these Undead Creature that receives also in? If these Undead Creature vanished, our Buda Family also does have something to resist the Carrion Swamp strength?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion of all people cannot help but one white, Merine just about to says anything, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „the water of nihility, in ten generations some impossible people to study Martial Skill and Magic, this point everyone/Great Clan know, if some day we, that Buda Family did not fear that cannot block attacks of these Magic Beast, therefore the Carrion Swamp there matter must be solved, moreover wants the thorough solution, gets it over and done.” Merine opened mouth, wants to say anything, but her anything has not said finally, what because Zhao Hai said is real, regarding Zhao Hai this mysterious Space, Merine also has an anxiety, this Space was too mysterious, but Buda Family now the dependency on this Space was too big, if one day of this Space real disappearance, they really ended. But Zhao Hai has not limited the eye in their this generation is so simple, what he wants to do is makes Buda Family long-time exist, therefore the Carrion Swamp there matter must be solved.