Chapter 96 Name change Merine very clear, drinks the Water of Nothingness person, is also similar to an average person, possibly the body is weaker than the average person, like the person, most also lives dozens years old, on the place is good can live about 100 years old on Dingtian, if Zhao Hai dies, that this mysterious Space information, by that time Buda Family will possibly lose biggest taking advantage. What most important is, now is not considered as that these Undead Creature or Drunk that from Carrion Swamp obtains they, is Space turns into this them, if day of Space vanished, that these fellows will disappear or remain to wickedly, that did not say. If looked up these fellows to vanish, that all also easy to do, feared that these fellows have not disappeared, but lost the fetter of Space, restored the natural disposition to start to wickedly, that troubled. Now what Merine they most pay attention is the Zhao Hai security, because of Zhao Hai security relationship to the inheritance of Buda Family, can say truly what Merine they pay great attention is the inheritance of Buda Family, if Buda Family were not only remaining Zhao Hai such on only children, but also the has plenty successor, Merine they possibly will not be paying attention to Zhao Hai. Regarding Noble, inherits, so long as this Clan that most pays great attention, this surname can inherit, that equal to this Clan will be Noble, will have turning over one day. But the matter that Zhao Hai said that is also relationship to the inheritance of Buda Family, therefore Merine they have no alternative but to attach great importance, person don’t know in room must say that at once any was good. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, has smiled bitterly, this issue he already had been thinking actually, he arrived at this world, has become Adam Buda, has become the Buda Family sole successor, later Buda Family wants to unfold, can only depend on him and his posterity, if he died, that Merine they support is his son, but Zhao Hai does not think that own son can also inherit this Space, if own son cannot inherit own Space, was unable study Magic and Battle Qi, that cannot be bullied dead. If made others know the idea of Zhao Hai, will certainly say, you can want to be too many, but also less than 20 years old were thinking the son grandson's matter.

Actually Zhao Hai mental age already more than 30, even if on Earth, this should also have child's age. Zhao Hai on Earth has not been in love, but equal to he does not want to be in love, the nerd characteristics, are the stuffy show that the people often said that Zhao Hai also had fantasized one day can pass the day of wife child hot head, therefore he will think of these issues. To Ark Continent here, although he continuously in busy, but he also knows that he now is not Zhao Hai on Earth, he is Adam Buda, is the Buda Family sole successor, he while inheriting the Adam body, inherited the Adam responsibility, inherits Buda Family. However now looks like, this is not easy, the outside powerful enemy encircles regards, the side has one of the Continent five big ominous places, often has Magic Beast to run to disturb, even if he has Space, also has to be careful, misstep one step, beyond redemption. However looks at Merine their appearance, he is not cruel enough to attack her, then said : actually must solve the matter of carrion moor, is not impossible, reason that Carrion Swamp there these many years by person conquer, has not been because these people do not have Space, Carrion Swamp there has Advanced level Magic Beast and Undead Creature to is good, so long as leads them to Space, they were our, but Swamp there toxic gas what on did not need to be worried, I want the Swamp there toxic gas, to be because there was long poisonous plants were too many, slowly the accumulation formed, but Spatial Water was. Has the Detoxification function, therefore we do not need to be the matter worries of Swamp there completely.” Merine her really has some moods to be low, these days their show is very good, although passed through a Magic Beast rebellion, does not have what loss, moreover Zhao Hai Space Level Up, all these turn toward a good direction show again and again. However Zhao Hai just these words, made them one startled, their suddenly realized that the threat of oneself present still even bigger exists, but this threat, is momentarily can unexpectedly the destruction they. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that their mood although cannot complete putting down, but had also relaxed, „the plan that before Merine cannot help but nodded said : looks like us, makes is good, making Drunk they the situation in Carrion Swamp finds out bit by bit, then grasp Magic Beast and Undead Creature, the strength in such Carrion Swamp slowly will drop, our strengths will increase, later can perhaps solve the Carrion Swamp there problem.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, now our Buda Family can say that had been compelled the end of hills and rivers the situation, if we cannot take root in Black Wasteland here, our Buda Family might vanish very much in light of this, Merine Grandma, I thought that starting today, I changed name to call Zhao Hai Buda, beforehand Adam died, now I called Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai to own name dispute , he sound on Earth, has called quick 30 years of Zhao Hai, but after here, he actually can only call Adam Buda, Zhao Hai not to call Adam this name, a although name is only a code number, does not have anything to be great. However do not forget, this name was he has brought from Earth, can say besides Space, his only remaining this names were called thing of Earth a little relation, therefore Zhao Hai is thinking must change name.

Merine changes name not to have what response regarding Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai did not change the surname, that all said that to be honest, Merine also really very much respects to Zhao Hai now, even if when facing the Zhao Hai father, Merine such has not respected, because Zhao Hai had Space, but Space was formidable she has experienced. Space here does not have no attack ability superficially, so long as Zhao Hai in here, he is a god, nobody can be disadvantageous to Zhao Hai in Space. Also is a little Merine they not presently, is the Space slave procedure, therefore enters the person in Space, will become will be dead set on to Zhao Hai, Blockhead and Stone will be so, they will listen most from the beginning only to Green, but after entering Space, they will start to listen to Zhao Hai, Merine they such will not respect most from the beginning to Zhao Hai, after all Zhao Hai will be their look at grows up, however the time in Space grew, slowly changed, now when they with just one entered the Space idea already completely different. This matter Space does not have the prompt sound to transmit, therefore no one has to the present presently, Zhao Hai not presently, Merine her although very respectful Zhao Hai, but they have the independent thought that the matter that if Zhao Hai handles they do not think right, they will oppose that will not revere blindly, since , because of this, what therefore Zhao Hai did not have presently them to have exceptionally. Merine has selected to said : well, this does not have anything at the worst, in any case after Young Master , on Continent walks, cannot use Adam this name, calling Zhao Hai to be also good.” In this time, on the screen the person's shadow in a flash, one was attracting the past Zhao Hai their attention, several people of careful look at screens, present several Dead-soldier entered that canyon. Zhao Hai look at that several Dead-soldier, their motion very careful, although Zhao Hai can only see 500 meters range on the screen, but these Dead-soldier, have actually entered from four sides to canyon here, this expressed before them, has detected checked canyon all around. Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, turns the head this time to deal with our people to Merine said : also is really very careful, examined all around situation unexpectedly ahead of time first, was popular me to make Zhao Qian also enter to Space in came, will otherwise perhaps let them presently.” Merine smiles said : „, the person who this time comes, the conduct has the methodicalness very much, Young Master, they called Drunk, lets terrain that they had a look at many people of pitching camp, then told them to attack from there.”

Zhao Hai nodded, they called Drunk, Drunk their eight in calling Zhao Qian, arrived at the Zhao Hai side, after several people salute is staring at the screen. Zhao Hai although received Drunk they also for sometime, but little makes them arrive in the villa, to did not say that Zhao Hai has any prejudice to them, Drunk they now are the Zhao Hai slaves, these slaves who even buys Green are more reliable, Zhao Hai can have any prejudice to them. Could not see in recent time Zhao Hai is really too busy, moreover Drunk they also had able, Zhao Hai has sent them to stare outside, or command(er) these Undead Creature, that had the time to make them chat to the villa. The image on screen changed, these Dead-soldier stopped the moment in camp there, then all around disperses to go, afterward is the Battalion troops enters to that piece of camp there. In this team of troops, majority are some Warrior, these Warrior are walks, in the entire team only then six horses, these six immediately/on horseback sit six people, three are the Magician appearance, three are the Warrior appearance. Person of that three Magician appearance, white Magic Robe, his Magic Robe is completely different from Zhao Hai black Magic Robe, that Magic Robe very magnificent, does not have the hat, the white, the probably silk lubrication, afternoon sunlight according to above, flashes before one type of golden radiance all over the body. His in hand is taking pure white Magic Staff, this Magic Staff with his Magic Robe same magnificence, above is inlaying gigantic transparent Crystal Stone, sunlight according to above, has screened a seven colors of the spectrum rainbow on his white Magic Robe. This person of age is not very big, evidently be only over 30 years old, appear very refined, on the face hung the temperate smiling face, although was saying that has marched on very far road, was in a piece of desolated canyon, was actually similar to sits is chatting general carefree with own good friend in own living room.