Chapter 97 Green returns Merine carefully looked at this person of one, deep voice said : this wears the white clothing is Light Element Magician, moreover resembles level to be low evidently, minimum has about the 6th level appearance.” Zhao Hai they nodded, if to be honest the ratio looks at the vision of person, Zhao Hai their several in addition in together also can't compare with Merine, very much has the word power in here Merine. However Drunk said : this person called the garden, was 7th level Light Element Magician, two years ago with us to getting up one time, that time we have eaten one slightly to owe, but he has not felt better, at that time he got one team of people to cope, small six and small seven gave to injure, but their 50 people of squads, did not have one to live leave, not only this fellow Light Element attack Magic very strong,, moreover can Light Element Summoning Spell, he summon Light Element life form level that came out not to be low, was very difficult to deal with.” Zhao Hai they stare, they have not thought really that Drunk actually knows this person, Zhao Hai quickly said: What origin is this fellow? Why will do with you?” Drunk sneers said : „a hypocrite, Light Element Magician has praised oneself is the spokesman of god, has wanted to make Light Element Magic in all Magic most is regarded as important, therefore they find all sorts of excuses to smear to fall Dark Magician, reason that now on Continent Dark Magician is so unpopular, is they creates, we worked as the robber before, how these praise oneself for the just Incarnation person possibly let off us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you also let alone, before you , the dry these matters, he copes with you to be also normal, but he annoys us now, that is not good, do several other you know?” Drunk shook the head said : not to know that but side garden that two Magician, who I know probably am, although has not fought with them, has not put in an appearance with them, but from their images, can guess probably that they are Stone Lingshuang.” Merine nodded said : my look at looks like, although has not put in an appearance with stone spirit pair, but from the wear appearance and their ages of these two people, is very likely Stone Lingshuang, it seems like that this time must deal with our people, the strength is very strong.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Merine said : Merine Grandma, is this what Stone Lingshuang strength very strong?” Merine shows a faint smile said : to be very strong, they are Earth element Magician, is not only skilled in Earth element Magic, one type of Stone Giant Summoning Spell that most is good, this Stone Giant is one type of earth spirit life form, the height about eight meters, the whole body piles up stones to Stone, super strong, but can also regard stone ball to throw Stone, what most important is, so long as their leave ground, their strengths will not weaken, very difficult deals with, these two brothers also because is skilled in this Summoning Spell, therefore was called Stone Lingshuang, was becomes famous by the long character.”

Zhao Hai nodded, looked at that two wear yellow Magic Robe Magician, to be honest, these two Magician images to conform to the Zhao Hai at heart Magician image really very much, yellow Magic Robe, does not make widely known, their ages look like are not small, about 50 years, somewhat gray, the beard is also very long, the figure is very slim, but actually gives people the one type of learned feeling, what probably you face is two study is used to the past and present the scholar. In the Zhao Hai eye, that garden gives his feeling is not very good, the smiling face of my goodness was too false, appearance has also put on airs, saw that likely is a god stick adds the swindler, but Stone Lingshuang is different, these two people to the feeling of Zhao Hai are good, but also is only good, copes his is his enemy, he will be not polite. Zhao Hai the vision image rotation another people of three riding a horse, Zhao Hai had affirmed, moreover these people of three riding a horse, certainly are that three Advanced level Warrior, sees these three people time, the eye of Zhao Hai cannot help but shrinks. These three was too strange, you see their times, will feel cold, felt that air/Qi spatially probably one dark, this with black warrior cloth it doesn't matter that on them puts on, that is one type of imposing manner, one type of very unusual temperament. Zhao Hai knows that this is killing aura, this killing aura and soldier that killing aura is different, this killing aura should be belongs to Assassin killing aura, gloomy and cold, strange. soldier killing aura come from battlefield, Great Radiant, open and aboveboard, killing aura such as Shan Ruhai, but killing aura is different, Assassin killing aura is come from they have killed people, this killing aura impossible great strength like soldier, but actually likely is one hides in snake in secret, making you see that he will feel the danger, feels the loathing. Merine sees these three people, is complexion changes, her although does not recognize these three people, but she actually felt that these three people are not good thing. Is listening to Zhao Qian said : these three people quite strange in this time, I to them unexpectedly in having the feeling of one type of very familiar with, before us, knew?” Zhao Hai they stare, then complexion changes, Zhao Qian will not lie, he said that has the one type of familiar feeling to these three people, that will not be wrong, it seems like that this time deals with their people, with Zhao Qian is one group. Zhao Qian origin very mysterious, to present Zhao Hai their also don’t know Zhao Qian is any origin, these time to is opportunity, can trace that influence the bottom. However copes in their lineups to look from this time, originally Zhao Qian behind that influence energy is not small, feared that is not worse than Drunk their behind that influences, perhaps these two influences are also one.

Zhao Hai turns the head to Zhao Qian said : Zhao Qian, what have you remembered?” Zhao Qian shook the head said : not to remember anything, but felt that three people I should be the understanding, is very strange.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Drunk their said : Drunk, you carefully look at their camp, we must attack them, must attack from there, when evening's time, Zhao Qian you exit, is bringing Ghost Staff, looks these Dead-soldier positions that their release goes, these people cannot let off.” They were busy at complying with one, careful look at these people, were very obvious, in this team of people status highest was that six rides in the immediately/on horseback person, but very obviously command(er) was not they, but was ground of that team one that in Warrior walked, this Warrior put on very ordinary leather armor, the age probably 40 many years, face the color of wind and frost, but command(er) these person constructed camp, was actually in good order, not long after simple camp on constructing well. Zhao Hai they look like in looking at movie same look at they are constructing camp that there shouted to drink, to be honest, this feeling before Zhao Hai this got used to seeing the person of television, other person some have not been familiar with. camp constructed, had two big tent in the camp middle, these two big tent to that three Magician and three Advanced level Warrior preparations, is the tips that other people lived. When camp constructs, that Light Element Magician suddenly has arrived at the camp middle, then in a low voice read several Incantation, in hand Magic Staff has wielded, around one group of white light shapes centered on him protected to disperse. Merine looked that this person of moving does is said : miraculous glow searches the ghost, this person unexpectedly is 8th level Light Element Magician.” Zhao Hai they puzzled look at Merine said : Merine Grandma, what is the miraculous glow searches the ghost?” Merine said : miraculous glow searches the ghost is Light Element Magic Magic in one type of very special, specifically is used to look for Darkness life form to use, this Magic regarding other life form responses very slow, is very sensitive to the response of Darkness life form, so long as Darkness life form in this Magic range and ensure cannot escape his survey, moreover this Magic also only then 8th level Light Element Magician has been able to display.” The Zhao Hai look at screen muttered said : looks like just made Zhao Qian come was right, otherwise now already by them present.”

Merine nodded said : „, if just did not make Zhao Qian come, even if were Zhao Qian has evaded the searches of these Dead-soldier, impossible conceal to result in the miraculous glow to search Magic of ghost, these fellows also were really very discrete.” Zhao Hai complexion heavy said : „, these fellows are very discrete, I looked that tonight we begin, was calling they are unprepared, has solved considering as finished them.” Merine nodded said : „, wants to wait for that old man to come back to begin, now looks like , if other old men came back, feared that did not have that time, we begin today.” Zhao Hai nodded, just about to speaks, suddenly Zhao seven transmitted information saying that Green came back. Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, immediately/on horseback changed to Stony Mountain there the screen, looked that Green really stands in courtyard, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback opened Space, took in Green and Zhao seven they Space. Green enters to Space, Zhao Hai their immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Merine look at Green puzzled said : „weren't you buy to exempt the child? How did empty-handed come back?” Green smiles said : not to be worried that the rabbit has bought, I asked Markey Delphi Trading Company person to help to transport, me had the person continuously with me, surveillance was stricter, feared that in the family had an accident, therefore first ran, what kind of? In the family is all right?” Merine they looked at one mutually, smiled bitterly, Green looked at their appearances, did complexion change said : what? really has an accident? Had an accident?” Zhao Hai said to him the situation, also called in Green and Zhao seven Zhao even/including the villa, cut camp there the screen. Green is staring at that camp, two eyes cold light twinkle said : good, here we go again, but also was endless, it seems like does not hit the pain you are is not good, Young Master, begins tonight, wanted the disaster they.” Zhao Hai nodded said : we also to think the enemy, these time comes is very strong, one is 8th level Light Element Magician, two are also 7th level Earth element Magician, three Advanced level Warrior, remaining is some Intermediate level Warrior and Dead-soldier, if has tidied up them, the opposite party will be certainly honest, moreover can perhaps look up any clue.” Was saying while hauls in the tent that the screen the garden they were.