Chapter 98 Distorting the facts The garden three people are sitting in account, the garden is taking a book to look, this book very strange, is not the ordinary made of paper book, but sheepskin shoujuan, but is an show the faint silver-white color radiance made of metal book, this book is not thick, altogether looks like, only then five pages, each page made very thin, looks like not heavy. Sees this book, Green and are Merine then they simultaneously call out in alarm said : to seal|confer Motie to curl?” Besides Zhao Hai, the people who in the room all hears these four characters stares, then a face shocking look at garden in hand that not thick iron book. Zhao Hai looks at several people of appearances, knows that is good thing, therefore quickly said: Grandpa Green, what is to seal|confer Motie curls?” Green one recovered, read that book, before the eye happy expression flashes said : to seal|confer Motie the book was, Alchemy Technique most reached, by alchemy Grandmaster, has spent nearly 20 years of manufacture the one type of special Magic thing, manufactured this book use the material very preciously, therefore this type of book saved the world were not many, even if knows the method of manufacturing, was very difficult to manufacture this type of book, this book biggest use was used for seal Magic, a Magic seal to this book, you, so long as used Magic to activate this. The book, can use him, in each page of books can seal Magic, moreover regardless of level.” Zhao Hai stares, his immediately understand what is this, this book actually has the cannon of infinite ammunition on equivalent to one, so long as you press the button, this cannon will shoot, only if you not according to the strength of button, otherwise this cannon shooting continuously, absolute good thing. Merine and other Green said that this smiles said : looks like these time is gains really in a big way, this to seal|confer Moshu looked like has used, what also don’t know seal was several levels of Magic, if level were too high also really somewhat troublesome, so long as snatched this book, that to us, were many one point of strength.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Zhao Qian said : Zhao Qian, when makes war in the evening, your who do not manage, first copes is this garden, wants first kill he, has remembered, this fellow very discrete, you must be careful that he will cause any trap.” Zhao Qian bows said : is, Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, target that this time we want is that garden, everyone can run, that fellow cannot run, that fellow can put out to seal|confer Motie to curl, that family property is very certainly thick, he certainly is the important personage in that organization, can perhaps on his body presently any clue.” Green nodded said : well, Young Master feel relieved, he cannot be inescapable.”

Zhao Hai nodded, looks at that to seal|confer Motie who covets to curl, turns the head to Meg said : Meg, so long as attained this to seal|confer Motie to curl, then it turned over to you.” Meg stares, then on face one happy, look at Zhao Hai said : really? Is short of him do not deceive me.” Zhao Hai laughs said : I to deceive you to do, how you in said that was also 6th level Magician, in hand actually linked Magic Staff not to have, this to seal|confer Motie curled turns over to you to use, later had opportunity to make good point Magic Staff to come to you.” Merine beams with joy said : well, I was waiting, but Young Master, you may probably make good point Magic Staff to me, minimum must like your Ghost Staff, be attractive and easy-to-use.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, so long as there is opportunity, I surely give you to easy-to-use Magic Staff, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai now really very happy, if he does not have presently these people, may make these person of sneak attack go well, but he can affirm, even if these person of sneak attack goes well, he will not have very huge damage, because he has Space. Now he already present these fellows, they cannot be inescapable, strength although of these people are very strong, but do not forget, his in hand strength is not weak, must deal with these people enough. What most important is, Zhao Hai wanted to kill them, then made Drunk they turn into Undead Creature these people, even if cannot turn into Advanced level, must turn into Undead Creature, then got so far as in Space, let Space Level Up, like this he also had a batch fighting strength formidable under the hand/subordinate. However Zhao Hai or wish make Drunk turn into Advanced level Undead Creature these people, like this he can find out the bottoms of these people, this time he to wants to have a look to succeed. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but turns the head to Drunk said : Drunk, can you turn into Advanced level Undead Creature that garden?” Drunk shook the head said : „unable, Young Master, that garden is Light Element Magician, such person are most can only turn into Inferior level Undead Creature, moreover forever impossible Level Up, because Light Element Magic is repels one another with dark Black Magic itself, Undead Creature will be impossible is light attribute.” A Zhao Hai complexion pain, knit the brows said : in these people the status highest is that garden, he possibly knows many secret, if cannot know these matters from his there, it seems like can only try to find the solution from other place, Drunk, you remember that command(er) these ordinary Warrior people, turns into Advanced level Undead Creature him.”

Drunk has complied with one, this to is not very difficult, although he is not good, but can achieve about the strength of their several person. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, do you see that Brother Stone Lingshuang two sons to be able also to be the person of that influence? If they, we can also turn into Advanced level Undead Creature them?” Has not waited for Green to reply that Drunk on said : Young Master, turns into Advanced level Undead Creature not to be easy a person, causes the strengths of our eight people, one time most also can only change a person . Moreover the later ten years, we cannot turn into Advanced level Undead Creature the person.” Zhao Hai stares, said : also some such saying, forget about it, hopes that can cause a clue from that person of body, now we were really too passive.” Green nodded said : „, has such an enemy continuously in one side look at we, I am also very restless, hope that this time can find out any clue to come, but Young Master, to has good information, Miss Laura has transmitted information through Markey Delphi Merchant Union person to us, she in three days has been able returned to Casa City, certainly to visit us at the appointed time.” Zhao Hai complexion happy said : good, fantastic, she must come back finally, if she, me a little could not have waited.” In this time, a suddenly sound is conveying said : Brother Stone, this thanks a lot two help my this gang, I heard this Dark Magician that called Zhao Hai, in Casa City on the way, colluded with undead Mercenary Group, the slaughter several villages have coped with Miss Laura, Miss Laura was saved by Expert of passing by luckily, otherwise was dangerous, like the evil person, we must as soon as possible him, except that kept him to harm too in a big way, this was big good deed for the good of the people and country, our generation did not pass on responsibilities.” Zhao Hai and Green they dumbfounded look at in the garden that there spouted rhetoric, he has said that Zhao Hai aspirated, scolded said : to see lowly shameless, has not seen has been so shameless, my goodness, calculated on this matter us directly, life-saving instead to has injured someone, mother, was really the person of mouth two layers of skin, how said rational.” Green coldly snorted said : these Light Element Magician, are used to the habit of such puts on airs, wants to have the point obviously, actually must ship out a have a strong sense of righteousness appearance, look at disgusting.” Merine also coldly snorted said : these fellows are that repugnant, Stone Lingshuang on Continent are the good-hearted people who became famous, it seems like it was given by that garden.” Three people were saying, Eldest Child also open the mouth and said in Stone Lingshuang: Gal Mister Blue was too polite, you are the elimination demon brave warrior who on Continent became famous, this time can add on the person small busy, is being honored of our two brothers.”

The garden smiles said : Brother Stone to be too polite, several years ago I and undead Mercenary Group person has met one time, but at that time I was also only 6th level Magician, although made them receive a small wound, made them run, this hope can find the undead Mercenary Group clue from the body of that Zhao Hai.” Stone Lingshuang is interested in this topic very much obviously very much, is busy at starting to closely examine what's the matter, how the garden also smiled is speaking him to cope with undead Mercenary Group in the past. However Zhao Hai arrived to these is not interested, looks at one to have, transferred the picture, changed to that three Advanced level Warrior tent, what disappointed Zhao Hai was, that three Advanced level Warrior although in tent, but actually sat in there practices, did not have. Looked at a while, presently they really do not have what sound, Zhao Hai not to visit them, it seems like that the status of these three fellows are not simple, certainly is the Assassin person. Zhao Hai changed to the image the tents of that command(er) these ordinary Warrior people, actually sees that person to sit in the tent, a few words had not said that look at stretch a map that frowns. Zhao Hai pulled closer the screen, carefully looked at that stretch a map, as expected, was the Stony Mountain there topographic diagram, but made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, on this stretch a map did not have the Stony Mountain surrounding terrain, the terrain target on Stony Mountain was very clear. Green looked at a that map, sighed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, a while do not make Drunk they turn into Advanced level Undead Creature this person, useless, this person was mercenary, with that garden was not one group, it seems like in this gang, only then that garden was the lord, was that three Advanced level Warrior may be Allah, other people were impossible.” Zhao Hai nodded, changed to that three Warrior there the image, carefully looked at that three person said : Zhao Qian, you thought really these three people are very probably ripe with you?” Zhao Qian nodded said : is Young Master, the feeling is very probably ripe, is only the feeling.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not been saying anything.