Chapter 99 antidote The Zhao Hai understand Zhao Qian meaning, Zhao Qian meaning in other words, he felt that is very ripe with these three Warrior, actually does not know them, his anything has not thought. Also looked in camp, does not have presently any unusual situation, that garden still high talked to the stone spirit two brothers in there expands the theory, probably this time they had the full assurance to be the same. If by their present strengths, copes with Zhao Hai to be placed in outwardly on status, truly has sufficed, Zhao Hai is placed in outwardly on status is Dark Magician, but the garden is 8th level Light Element Magician, is Dark Magician nemesis, although, when asked Laura, Green has demonstrated own skill, but do not forget, the side of garden also same had three Advanced level Warrior, even if hits Green, constrained them is not a problem. Is adding on Brother Stone Ling two, naturally can also cope with Merine, like this looks like they very much has the stratagem which ensures success, because of this, therefore the garden exhibits a confident appearance. Zhao Hai does not have to change to other place the screen, although said now the garden they say is some wastes breath, but no matter what, in entire camp also only then their here is noteworthy, other person of there simply not anything noteworthy. Zhao Hai they also, only then waited till the darkness, they can move, but garden they also, but they probably compared with the Zhao Hai their time abundance. In Zhao Hai their look at garden they chatted these useless thing, outside the tent of suddenly garden has transmitted sound speaking sounds: Report.” The garden three people stopped talking, garden deep voice said : comes.” black-clothed Dead-soldier walked from outside, to a garden ritual, has then given the garden a in hand paper, has not waited for the garden to say anything, turn around left the tent.

This person of such behavior is disrespectful very much, what is strange is the garden actually has not been angry, instead to was coldly snorted in Stone Lingshuang one, deep voice said : Purcell Family these Dead-soldier is really a custom does not have, my time we were help them in big except territory contract, they actually exhibited the appearance that one paid to keep aloof, on was the gal Mister Blue temperament is also good, otherwise already taught them.” The garden showed a faint smile said : this time we to cope with Zhao Hai, Purcell Family has also provided many help, their planning were also good, making us begin, they only provided help on some information, was sending some Dead-soldier to come out, the too big sound, has not been feared that we were defeated accidentally, making Zhao Hai run, will not ask them to retaliate, he he, Purcell Grand Duke really more and more will plan now.” Zhao Hai and Green they, as soon as listens to three people, cannot help but, Green coldly snorted said : looks like Purcell Family also is really not good thing, this attack has relationship with them.” He just said that hears the voice of garden in one time to transmit said : „, Zhao Hai that Advanced level Warrior under the hand/subordinate, wanting tomorrow can returned to Stony Mountain here, it seems like tonight we unable to begin, wants, when tomorrow is good in the evening.” Stone Ling also said : in mentioned also strangely, you said that Zhao Hai he did buy that many rabbits to do? Is cheapest Blue Eye Rabbit, what point do they have?” The garden wrinkled under the brow, coldly snorted said : „the Evil Sect bad idea, who knew he has wanted to do, perhaps he wants to experiment new poison with these rabbits also perhaps.” Zhao Hai and Green they sit in front of screen, look at garden several people, they knew now Green has not come back, prepared to rest, they had Dead-soldier in any case, will want tomorrow to begin, in tent also peaceful. Zhao Hai looked that tent Riaan calmed down, this said : looks like image of Dark Magician on Continent really is not quite good, these fellows actually said that we must perform the experiment with these rabbits, but this is also good, they and other evening, happen to this evening's time enough we moved, he he, Purcell Grand Duke, you also want to borrow blade Assassin unexpectedly, what a pity, he has not thought that we will have Space, their plans were also heard by us, we possibly do not find behind the coming out garden person, knows that Purcell Grand Duke on was enough.” Green nodded said : „, was enough, Purcell Family is defending strictly the Black Wasteland access now, to us threatens in a big way, although we have Space not to need to be worried, but this throughout is one greatly troublesome, but we presently the in hand that big strength, cannot solve this trouble, when our in hand strength was enough, our must first be solved, is Purcell Family.” Merine looked at Green one, said just the matter of Zhao Hai worry, after Green hear, laughs said : Young Master, don't worry, now Space, you also, so long as gives us dozens years of time, we can get so far as formidable the enough strength from Carrion Swamp there, when the time comes we can extinguish Purcell Family at one fell swoop, snatches Purcell Duchy, when the time comes was we told these people the Black Wasteland here situation, can be what kind of? Moreover Young Master do not forget, crossed for dozens years, Blockhead, Stone, Meg grew, we can also create some talented people, so long as these talented people can grow, when the time comes was Young Master has any accident, our Buda Family feared anyone, reason that this time we can lose was so miserable, was because we have not thought beforehand these established Noble so will be ruthless, has killed Old Master directly, now we had the protection, they are thinking that Buda Family was what kind, not so was easy, I and Merine also not to be trifled with.”

said : that Zhao Hai somewhat is worried about „, but Black Wasteland there matter, if made these people know, they met alliance to cope our, by that time was our strength suffices, feared that couldn't block their attack?” Green sneered said : Young Master to think highly of these people, these fellows were one crowd recognize the hand that money did not recognize people, moreover was stingy ghost that group, if they dared alliance to get up, we first may hit, hit them to be painful, their they did not dare to put out a hand, we have naturally been all right, these established did Noble unfold? Like this has not unfolded, hit them painful, they met recognize your strength.” One hear of Green said that Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one bright, then laughs said : right, right that Grandpa Green said that it seems like before , the idea was really too pessimistic, HaHaHa.” Before Zhao Hai, will have that pessimistic idea not to be actually strange, in his bone is small nerd on Earth, but the nerd characteristics are, works very discretely, in fact is timid , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai after receiving the Adam memory, had understood from the Adam memory these Great Noble fierce places, in the subconscious have been afraid very much, does not want with these person, therefore he wholeheartedly wants farming, to want by and own descendant on the nest in Black Wasteland there, simply does not want, one day to kill. Black Wasteland, open and aboveboard standing in the front of common people, but also makes the common people have to recognize his existence. However a Green such saying, actually one was Zhao Hai opened a completely different window, making Zhao Hai see another way out, yes, oneself thought that many to do, oneself a short time also will not have the matter, when own strength was enough, but also had a need for these having the acknowledgment, when the time comes they did not think recognize also recognize. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but darkly sighed said : „, if can solving were good the water of nihility.” He just wants to end, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : Host to relieve within the body genetic defect, needs level two Level 10, after clearing Processing Field, can achieve.” Person item in Zhao Hai and house stares at dull is listening, just Zhao Hai at heart was musing that what therefore Green they and don’t know Zhao Hai thinks is anything, therefore to this suddenly appears a few words, they felt that accident, don’t know what is this. Their don’t know, but Zhao Hai knows that Zhao Hai very clear these words are any meaning, he has not thought that the water of this nihility, within however is to let own gene appears flaw, no wonder cannot study Magic and Battle Qi, originally unexpectedly is this reason. However what lets his happy is, after two Level 10, he can clear the Processing Field function, can repair this genetic defect.

Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, Green they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, some little time waited for Zhao Hai mood a little calm, Green said : Young Master, what meaning was just that sound? What are you smiling?” Zhao Hai calm a mood, but smiling said : how just I in want to solve itself on the issue of water of nihility, finally the Space prompt sound transmitted.” Speaking of here he to stop talking, being all smiles look at Green they. Green they are not the fools, one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, what meaning then immediately understand was, Green and Merine as if by prior agreement one has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : „did Young Master, say?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, has wanted two Level 10, had the means solution the issue of water of my within the body nihility.” look at Zhao Hai said : that a Green face cannot believe Young Master, haven't you cracked a joke? Is this real?” Zhao Hai laughs said : this matter my to crack a joke, real.” Green then laughs, Merine is also liking of face, not only they, Blockhead with Stone is also same, they never expected, was called in the world non-solution the water of nihility can be solved by Space unexpectedly, if this is really the case, their final that worried that also vanished. Before they somewhat were also worried, if Zhao Hai within the body the water of nihility has existed, that Zhao Hai life were most also dozens years, in other words this Space were most also can only exist for dozens years, although these years time sufficing made them do many matters, but was a little unavoidably insufficient, but if the problem solve of water of nihility, that Zhao Hai has been able to study Magic and Battle Qi, naturally can increase to the moment life, before that all issues that they were worried about, on did not exist completely.