Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 1000

To Three Holy cities under time, Zhao Hai knows that this city has favoring Wei how, this is one does not lose to the Human Race big city city completely, but this seeks city wall of city, is builds by Stone, but agglutination idea between Stone and Stone, is not the cement, is not the ordinary putty gentleman, but is the one type of blood red soil, but also is bringing the thick smell of blood. city wall about 20 ten feets in height, city gate about 20 meters in width, the high also more than ten meters, the square shape, the gate is Bone spells, looks like fierce fearsome. The city wall Chief Head has many, Zhao Hai now could not have felt that has always compared 10,000 meters, but on such long city wall, actually only then such a city gate . Moreover the ground could not see the trace that any car(riage) passes through, it seems like in Underworld here, feared does not have many car(riage)s. In city gate here, is standing two rows of skeleton soldiers, they are the silver skeleton, in hand with saying long spear, the body to does not have full body armor, but high in the skeleton, is dodging cold light weapon, is ting throws a bluff on evidently. Zhao Hai looked at that several skeleton one curiously, although he has used spiritual force already to know existences of these skeletons, but he was familiar with xing with the eye looked at these skeletons well. These skeletons stand in there are motionless, looks like looks like the statue, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, was not looking, his immediately used own spiritual force sensation a in the city situation. This sensation in the city situation Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked, has imagined in Zhao Hai, in Underworld here, Undead Creature, their in the city should not have what house to be right, after all Undead Creature is not sensitive to cold, is not sensitive to heat, has the house regarding them, simply makes inadequate anything to affect. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in this Three Holy cities not only has the house, but also the has plenty house, Zhao Hai sweeps with spiritual force in the city, fierce when looks, but also thinks one are in a city of humanity, because here design good of , said very neat, the ground upper berth the flagstone, houses, straight streets, were standing erect three tower in urban east side, each tower about hundred meters highthree place tower became standing erect of triangle in there, was overlooking in Three Holy cities all. If looks at these, here is almost same as an ordinary Human Race city When you see in the city these objects of walk, you will not have thought that in this in the city, without a normal humanity, most is some skeletons and Zombie, some Darkness Magic Beast, Lich and so on, even you will notice that once for a while some face are pale, the body actually puts on vampire of neat formal clothes to pass through.

This completely is one city comprised of undead and Darkness life form, Zhao Hai has not noted most from the beginning, after his spiritual force in the city transferred, he noted, in the house in this, almost inscribed the different undead designs, was adding on everywhere Dark mist, the entire city appeared the Ghost Qi forest, was similar to Ninth Nether Underworld is ordinary. However presently in the city these undead and Darkness life form, sees Zhao Hai their this team of people, very respectful bent their bodies. In Underworld here, level between Undead Creature is very deep strict, their these stands existence like Coulee in Undead Creature most peak, general low level Undead Creature saw that theymust salute. Naturally, if belongs to Undead Creature of different camp naturally not to salute to theminstead attended the meeting to have attack to them. However in this Three Holy cities, Coulee they are the genuine king, if in this in the city, has that Undead Creature to dare to Coulee they not to dare, the next quarter will pull out to regard food the fire of spirit soul, is overbearing such. Coulee their this team of people slowly in that three tower there toward city walks, there is in the city the highest construction, naturally is also the place that Coulee they rest. The quick this team of people arrive at tower there, Zhao Hai also come out from the car(riage), directly before entered Kampala, special-purpose that tower, simultaneously Zhao Hai also called Kampala, must know in this tower, but lives in many Lich, these Lich were Kampala under the hand/subordinate, was Kampala keeps here, look at Three Holy cities under the hand/subordinate, if Zhao Hai did not come Kampala release, some Chinese Lich possibly attack he, such very troublesome. Kampala now on complete mi Magic Formation, regarding Kampala, the Magic Formation world is really an incomparably splendid world, he does not want to stay outside wastes the time, therefore he one was called by Zhao Hai, immediately called own in hand, then made Zhao Hai receive in Space these under the hand/subordinate, then he ran in returned to Space, how was not managing Zhao Hai to process these Lich. Zhao Hai regarding, Kampala their these Undead Creature that Kampala such movement also not bears, they did not have what pursue, regarding living innumerable year of them, any authority, any desire, almost does not have no relationship with them, they only want to handle the matter that oneself are interested, but the Magic Formation world, happen to have provided this kind of matter to them. First several days Zhao Hai in entering the Space dog time, went to the Karen laboratory to look, his surprised present, the Karen laboratory currently slightly had the achievement, this benefitted he from Atlanta Continent there Wu to come these about Magic Formation and Magic Armor book.

although these books are only some primary thing, but Karen of these thing regarding rub rope in Darkness them, without doubt are the treasure. Besides these books, thing that Karen they most care about, is Zhao Hai gives their several computer, computer that formidable operational capability, helped Karen their be busy, but those who made Zhao Hai not think, Karen they than him who computer uses are also better now. Zhao Hai regarding Karen their such learning capabilities also felt that being startled, must know Karen they only meet some computer simple operate most from the beginning, Zhao Hai teaches them, afterward Zhao Hai made several ordinary computer books to Karen their research, has not thought now Karen their computer uses compared with him fortunately, Karen they have been able to carry on the simple Magic Formation simulation analysis with computer now, this is makes Zhao Hai be startled is really not small. Moreover after there are Kampala their these Lich join, chopsticks that Karen their work progress, these Lich knowledge, making Karen search the clothing/taking, moreover these Lich have research regarding some out of the ordinary thing, discussing that a lot of time, these Lich raise sees very has to construct xing. Zhao Hai has thought that after he arrived at Three Holy cities, Three Holy cities here did not need these Lich to deter to undead that the city entered, but some Lich people were the same with the bookworm, they liked research, but was not the fight, therefore Zhao Hai directly received in these Lich Space, then release large quantities of skeletons. Such change, Three Holy cities these undead and don’t know, they will not care that in Underworld here, Expert was killed by another Expert, has occupied his domain, his all, this matter almost everyday is living, does not have quite strangely what, when Zhao Hai sits on the Coulee bone vehicle enters Three Holy cities, these Undead Creature saw Zhao Hai, but actually nobody makes any surprised response, regarding their these undead, but has changed a ruler. Underworld is one venerates scarlet, 1 uo , 1 uo Law of Jungle world, in here, so long as you are competent, you can want to be how what kind of these low level undead, if you do not have the strength, the fire of your spirit soul can only become currency that others' food or a transaction use. After processing these Lich, Zhao Hai arrived at the tower most top layer original Kampala room, entered to the Kampala room, Zhao Hai one was shocked, he felt one entered was not one room that was used to live, but was huge library adds the museum! The entire room is very big, feared that has several hundred square meters, but these several hundred square meters in the room, do not have the chair, does not have netg, entire in the room besides not small study room, almost does not have any daily necessities, takes a broad view to look, is rows of stance/framework/shelf, on some stance/framework/shelf is putting some beast skin volumes, on some stance/framework/shelf is actually putting some out of the ordinary thing, for example withered forest, one hay, Skull, root Gu Tou, or one breaking blade that living to embroider wait / etc., Zhao Hai in seeing these thing, the first feeling. Shocks, he cannot believe really that stands existence in Lich clan top layer, his room can be this appearance.

Before Zhao Hai has arrived at the desk, there is also putting beast skin, don’t know is any Magic Beast beast skin, is putting a body root pen on the beast skin, beast skin after processing, became light yellow , Above has written all over the blood red character. look at looks at thing that on this beast skin has written, this is note type thing, above records is ten Kampala research, but sees this research time, Zhao Hai actually somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, because at that time Kampala research unexpectedly is the poetry! In the Underworld this advocation Law of Jungle place, top existence in Lich clan most top layer, unexpectedly in the research poetry? This said that feared nobody believes. Zhao Hai has put down that beast skin, has arrived at row of stance/framework/shelf there, has taken up one volume of beast skin volumes at will, opened gently, this opens this beast skin volume, Zhao Hai stares, in careful looks at the content on beast skin volume, Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes shrinks. On this beast skin records was not the poetry, but was one type of Magic, one type of Fire element attack Magic, one type of Zhao Hai has not seen Fire element attack Magic, this Magic each step, each Incantation, the change of each hand signal, the clear record on beast skin, can say that this beast skin very complex Fire element attack Magic, turned into to have the kludge wood of blueprint, Ran Rong who so long as you wrote according to beast skin on did, can use this Might very big Magic certainly. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this Magic first step, then his finger lightly moves, simultaneously in the mouth starts in a soft voice was reciting Incantation, after he completed all steps, one fire without three Boomerang that the element comprised on appears in his hand. Zhao Hai look at this Boomerang, he has not thought that this Magic can use unexpectedly, moreover exactly the same that the effect records with beast skin on! a.