Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 901

However the people of these vassal races on sorrowful present, the authority that they escaped lost quickly, in their Battle Formation surrounding, Zhao Hai Undead Creature army built up completesgives encirclement firmly them in the middle, words that now they want to escape, but also has wanted these Undead Creature this Guan Caihang. Now the people of these vassal races, regretted very one have provoked Zhao Hai, they also sorrowful very present, oneself probably too high looked at themselves, ” simply is not they can contend on strength that Zhao Hai showed that Zhao Hai must deal with the God Race person, simply does not need them to help. Has Zhao Hai of such strength, will deceive them? By their strengths, can become the Zhao Hai in hand cannon fodder really? If some people asked now the people of these vassal races, what have compared with becoming the cannon fodder pitifully? They very affirmative reply you, snort|hum, that continually becomes the qualifications of cannon fodder does not have. The confidence of these vassal races, were destroyed completely, how now their real don’t know must handle, must know that these vassal races the person originally non- heart is uneven, they just were also having a hope before ”, therefore together cooperation, but on the present situation, that hope is an attractive air bubble, the wind blew breaks. When these vassal races felt the world did not have the date, today's sound sound suddenly transmits said : Mr. Zhao Hai to stop listens to my Xiao Bingya word. ” Hears this sound, no matter Yama Ship these Undead Creature, stopped, these vassal races then relaxed, then looks at the direction that a sound has conveyed, not wrong, before , several days pressed for an answer by them, by Xiao Bingya that they push aside their several people. In former several days, they looked how Xiao Bingya they saw is not pleasing to the eyes, but is seeing Xiao Bingya now they, their suddenly thought that Xiao Bingya they such adorable. At this time Yama Ship also slowly changed smallZhao Hai they have appeared the form, Zhao Hai in hand was still taking one glass of red wines, the liquor water of that red , seemed like such looks like bloodeven some timid vassal races, saw Zhao Hai in hand wine glass, could not bear shake, if now some people tell them, in Zhao Hai wine glass attire was actually the blood, they believe absolutely. Zhao Hai is taking wine glass, face calm look at Xiao Bingya said : „does Xiao Bingya, what matter have? You make me give you grain to save these people, you rescue is such person? Is you are intentional? You thought that I form an alliance with your different God Race, reduced your status?”

Xiao Bingya bows to Zhao Hai ritual said : mister, this is a misunderstanding these people just was too worried completely the situation in own clan, was adding on instigations of some people with high aspirations, will therefore make into this appearance, asking mister to spare and not punish too severely, lets off them. ” Zhao Hai look at Xiao Bingya appearance, turned the head to look at these vassal clansman one, these vassal clansman saw that the Zhao Hai vision has swept them, they did not drown oneself shrank the body, Zhao Hai look although calm, however looked like in these people, was actually they have seen ” the most fearful look. Zhao Hai swept these person of oneto turn the head look at Xiao Bingya said : you to guarantee that they in won't affront me? If they in dare to affront me I not to be impolite. ” These vassal races people at heart cold, actually somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, now dies in Zhao Hai in hand vassal clansman, had more than 1 million, is this politeness of Zhao Hai? What that can impolite be? They want unable to think. Xiao Bingya immediately/on horseback said : invited mister feel relieved, such matter will not be living absolutely, cannot absolutely.” Zhao Hai snort|hum, in the vision of people, Zhao Hai also had Yama Shipin adding on these Undead Creature, vanished in these vassal races nearby. Vanishedhow these people even not to have presently Zhao Hai to vanish, now they understandZhao Hai, when coped with them, ” otherwise they feared really fully already died, just Zhao Hai said that he now this is also polite, was not a lie. Xiao Bingya after Zhao Hai walks, this turned the head to look at these vassal clansman one, sighed. Air/Qi said : everybody, first returns to camp to rest, a while our chatting well.” Said that Xiao Bingya several people of turn around went to their room, the returning camp that these vassal races also not bearlost them who soul falls compels, naturally does not have presentlyXiao Bingya after turning the head, on the face is having the smiling face. Actually just the dialog of Xiao Bingya and Zhao Hai, did completely toZhao Hai that vassal race looked, when first time was harnessing Yama Ship toward these vassal races flushed away, to Xiao Bingya said that making them one come out to perform in this play with him.

Zhao Hai naturally impossible to have killed these vassal races, he did not have that ruthless heart, but teaches the wool to these vassal race one is actually unavoidable ”, therefore Zhao Hai lets Xiao Bingya after his second attack, comes out to prevent him, this happen to played, person play the role of the hero ” a person play the role of the villain point, falls these vassal thorough subduing. Zhao Hai now is on these vassal races 1 swords, so long as there is Zhao Hai this to hang a sword, these vassal races do not dare to act unreasonably, certain meeting little darling listens to Xiao Bingya. These vassal races like are not uselesstheir alliance that Zhao Hai said to get upstrength are very big, this time was only because their hearts were uneven ”, moreover they made war with God Race regarding their clan, but also somewhat was in doubtcan say the will of the people was loosest, tidied up them to be most relaxed at this time. But Zhao Hai believes that Patriarch of these vassal races are also not that simple, so long as different God Race and God Race make war, Patriarch of these vassal races will certainly send for seeing them, as the matter stands, they know who the own genuine enemy was, so long as they with the different God Race full cooperation, believed soon, they can face to fight with God Race. When vassal race returned to campYama Ship appears Zhao Hai in hand was still also taking wine glass in Taurus Continent another place ”, Laura they stand in the Zhao Hai side, but on several people of faces does not have the happy expression too. Zhao Hai to does not matter, one after another drinks red wineLaura they is actually being a face happy, Zhao Hai does not know how many person of why happy, he wine glass putting down gently, doesn't turn the head their said : What happened? to be also angry to Laura „? Do not be mad, can't you me to kill these?” Lizzy snort|hum said : saw the appearance that these fellows I am repugnant, Elder Brother Hai, you should in tidy up their toward ruthless in, now is too cheap they.” Zhao Hai forced smile said :, was heavy, if we tidy up them, was too big this enmity also to tie to their attack, vassal race although that now we kill were many, but many were that several stirs up trouble the race of personto other races, killed was not many ”, but that several stirred up trouble the race of personnot to make war with God Race, their several races, have become the God Race most faithful running dog, when these vassal race knew this matter time, not only will not hate us, possible also to be able grateful we. ” Lizzy snort|hum said : I thought that is cheap they the present to think these fellows thought that I came to be mad, consider as finishedin any case this matter to us also advantageously, such considered as finished, Elder Brother Hai, what to do your next did step prepare? ”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : next our anything not to do, lets Xiao Bingya they, delivers returned to Foreign God Continent to go these vassal races, I will think it will not take long, God Race will begin with different God Race, when the time comes will be we begins.” Lizzy nodded Cai'er has been flying the Zhao Hai sidein this timeto Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, has had an accident, the O'Neal Clan person entered Demon Realm in time sending, on their War Chariot/Tank actually also has protective shield, now they believe to me in a Demon Realm there gold ore were not far, iron beast and Undead Creature that should quick see the there work. Zhao Hai has gawked, then face changes, then nodded said : well, I knew, on this day sooner or later will come, wanting that but expects us several days was so better than in the morning, Cai'er, does not need to manage them first, has a look at the O'Neal Clan person, what the manner to these Iron Armor Beast and Undead Creature is, is the direct attack, is only scout. ” Cai'er complied with one, turn around entered Space, Laura then said : Elder Brother Hai, what meaning did you such do are? We to the O'Neal Clan person presently these Iron Armor Beast and Undead Creature?”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : sooner or later to want present not? Did not need to worry, making him presently good, no big dealthis can also attract the O'Neal Clan attention toward Demon Realm there. ” Laura thinks that to also thought Zhao Hai said does not have the mistake, their sooner or later can with O'Neal Clan to, O'Neal Clan not put the Demon Realm Continent that strange place not to investigate, they look up, sooner or later can find these Iron Armor Beast and Undead Creature, that and it are hiding, might as well lets their An Xian, what response having a look at them to have. Lizzy turns the head Elder Brother Hai you to think that to Zhao Hai said : Gempek they presently Demon Realm there Iron Armor Beast, then attracts O'Neal Clan all Scouts, ” can the day that like this they late presently God Realm the Space rift we and O'Neal Clan battle against also drag in the future? ” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be impossible, O'Neal Clan not for Demon Realm gives up south scout to Ark Continent, they quickly presently God Race the Space rift, but we are wanting Space rift there to block O'Neal Clan, because there is Demon Realm to divertO'Neal Clan certainly in there not to leave to try to us, this wants us to constrain them some time, our pressure also will be much smaller, moreover happen to can use this time, making three big races also participate, making them experience fierce of O'Neal Clan Magic Armor. ” a.