Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 902

In War Chariot/Tank, sky of look at Demon Realm that dark red , the Sun of space that dark red , his understand, now Demon Realm here is also daytime, however here daytime will be also similar to Ark Continent there dark sky/Hei Tian, they must hit the lamp to be able normal walk. Regarding this place, is 10,000 not feel relieved, this place was really too strange, he has believed to Clan, Clan will certainly be sending reinforcement to support him, he must clarify, what place here was. Some here people lived, this point can affirm that they presently here has the manual construction before, the although architectural style is not quite same as Ark Continent there, but follows outside Space rift that in big city that has not constructed, the style to is similar, can affirm that big city lives certainly in the here person, after Space rift opens constructs. From that big city construction, this Space rift, the appears time, are less than them in the morning, most is about two years. But most Gempek felt what is astonished, in this Space rift here, they present broken gigantic shape Magic Formation, this Magic Formation they have not seen, but from this Magic Formation scale, this Magic Formation is not really small, and has one type of to have a premonition that this huge Magic Formation, has certainly the relation with this Space rift. But most Gempek felt what heart startled is, this unknown the person in Space, on person disappearance like Ark Continent! Did the person in this Space go to there? Did the Ark Continent person go to Chinese mile? These two matters have any inevitable relation, what influence this matter will have to O'Neal Clan, all these are puzzling. Because of this, therefore was writing the letter here information, sends for giving Clan at the same time, leads personally, is putting up War Chariot/Tank, is bringing ten Magic Armor, has crashed in Demon Realm. General War Chariot/Tank on Atlanta Continent, does not have protective shield does not need, these War Chariot/Tank major functions are to transport Magic Armor, uses protective shield to them, too wasted. The War Chariot/Tank that however they use is not quite same, on War Chariot/Tank that they use also has protective shield, because they must go is some most dangerous places, therefore their War Chariot/Tank, is in Clan is best. But does not know that they walked anything to transport, the route that they chose, was Zhao Hai they in a Demon Realm here gold ore place, has paid attention to their Cai'er to calculate them to be able soon presently that gold ore, therefore told Zhao Hai. And don’t know these, his present is very sad this they not to be all the way peaceful, Demon Realm here Demon Race is more combative compared with Ark Continent there . Moreover the quantity are also more, previous Demon Race enters Space time, although violent beast tide, but that beast tide cannot on all Magic Beast one Demon Realm Continent toward hitting completely, therefore currently Demon Realm here also has massive Magic Beast to exist, do not say that wears Nice they are the Zhao Hai these mine, once for a while will meet Magic Beast attack. This they have met several ten times Magic Beast attack all the way, although had been repelled by them, but that is not easy, the light on weapon with War Chariot/Tank even did not have the means to repel these Magic Beast, they even set out Magic Armor. Also because of this, therefore present, Magic Beast in this Space, are more formidable than Ark Continent there Magic Beast, naturally in this Space Magic Beast Magic Crystal, be bigger than Ark Continent there Magic Crystal, some energy also sufficient they to are not the waste time. In this time, a distant place red point fast flies toward their War Chariot/Tank, looked at one that red, turns the head to War Chariot/Tank pilot deep voice said : parking, was the mosquito comes back.”

Mosquito, only then in hand a code number of Magic Armor pilot, their present although with advancing of War Chariot/Tank in Demon Realm, but he sent out Magic Armor to search in front fully, after all Magic Armor be quicker than War Chariot/Tank on many, moreover in the space, can see thing that on War Chariot/Tank could not pay attention. The War Chariot/Tank pilot has complied with one, stopped War Chariot/Tank, then pressed a push button on War Chariot/Tank, the War Chariot/Tank crown received slowly, that put up Magic Armor fiercely fell on War Chariot/Tank, but that person of road sense was very good, then heavy Magic Armor fell to War Chariot/Tank on, the automobile body gearing of War Chariot/Tank has not moved. Arrives at War Chariot/Tank behind, that Magic Armor Mecha opened, the pilot also from facing set, that person saw, immediately to gave a salute said : Captain, has presently.” Spirit shakes, look at that person of said : what presently? Said quickly.” That person nodded said : in our dead ahead, the mine that the place of four hours of distance, presently used, in that mine, some Undead Creature and some Magic Beast is mining, digs the ore that from these, there probably is a gold ore.” Stares, then two eyes bright said : you say the gold ore? Really?” That person nodded, this do not blame ji moves, gold in Atlanta Continent there, is circulation currency, therefore heard that there will be a gold ore, ji such will possibly move, if there really will be a gold ore, that O'Neal Clan these time will invade Ark Continent, even if were the value. However or said : you are there uses, has Magic Beast and Undead Creature is mining? You can affirm that these are Undead Creature?” That person nodded said : absolutely is Undead Creature, I will not misread, but they do not have presently me probably . Moreover the strength probably is not very strong appearance.” Actually knit the brows said : that certainly is the false appearance, what situation in this Space is, you also know that Magic Beast in this Space compares Ark Continent there, but much better, these couldn't Magic Beast meet attack that mine? That mine can survive in this Space now, has the brilliant method, we must be careful that is good.” Said that he turns the head to drive to War Chariot/Tank pilot said :, the target dead ahead, entire travel two hours, does the mosquito, the front road walk fortunately?” The mosquito nodded said : to be good, this arrives all the way has not met too fierce Magic Beast.” Knit the brows said :that is not wonderful, this has not met fiercer Magic Beast all the way, is very likely because these Magic Beast had been cleaned up, now here to Space rift there is not too far, this mine there also only then some Inferior level Undead Creature and Magic Beast, it seems like here is not the place that the opposite party attaches great importance , the opposite party true strength, may also hide in this Space in us very much must careful the line. Mosquito serious nod, then beckoned with the hand, making him rest, he must guarantee that his under the hand/subordinate must maintain at the optimum condition, because this Space was strange, some of his don’t know this Space many dangers are also waiting for them.

Zhao Hai is also paying attention to this squad now, but he looked at onenot to care, this squad also had a distance to gold ore there, waited officially their contacted with gold ore there After several hours, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried, other O'Neal Clan faction that he pays attention to now these scout squads, is Xiao Bingya their there situation. These scout squads that O'Neal Clan these time sends, alone were not moving now, their although minute has launched, however is distanced is not far, moreover once for a while will carry on communicate with Magic Armor, like this they have composed a huge scout net, has pushed toward the Ark Continent south. Zhao Hai has not thought must prevent them, they want to come to come, the date that but battles with them is ahead of time, does not have anything to be great. Zhao Hai paid attention to Xiao Bingya their there situationpresent Xiao Bingya to make an appointment with these vassal races team leaders, these people had the facial expression somewhat to be wooden, although they accepted fate. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that Xiao Bingya can definitely the control aspect, he have to make the next step arrangement, the next step arrangement, Zhao Hai thinks very simple, with Thunder Clan, BarbarianPegasus Clan has the contact, manages the nearest/recent god with the Ark Continent there fresh matter tells themto ask them to dispatch troops to help guard Space rift defense line there. Believes that this busy, three large clans will certainly agree, if because makes the person run up to Taurus Continent to come up from Ark Continent there, first bad luck will be they, therefore this proposed that Zhao Hai did not fear they will reject. So long as they are willing to send to dispatch troops, that all are easy to do, they send to dispatch troops, when the time comes can begin with the O'Neal Clan person, so long as they and O'Neal Clan people began, will know fierce of these Magic Armor, so long as they in receiving lose, when the time comes Zhao Hai in wants to make in Space them, will facilitate to be many. Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately has put out Message Fish, this Message Fish talked to use with Fei'er, Zhao for sometime had not talked with Fei'er. Zhao Hai is taking Message Fish, deep voice said : Fei'er, Fei'er, you in? I am Zhao Hai!” The Zhao Hai book thinks that can wait for last a while, has not actually thought that Fei'er there immediately answered, said : that Fei'er some sound ji move „does Mr. Zhao Hai, what matter have?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :is something, I happen to must say nearest/recent God Realm here and Ark Continent there fresh matter to you. ”, Fei'er that silent, then the Fei'er sound restored calm said : mister to say.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : God Realm here to be smooth, we tied the pledge with different God Race, together have coped with God Race, my exterminate God Race Supreme Elder, is Demon Scorpion Continent, other God Race Supreme Elder must gather to cope with me, without success, these vassal races on other God Race Continent, started to make God Race counter-, God Race now in[ town] pressed these races, they sent 100 million armies to cope with me to Taurus Continent before, had been defeated by me, God Race these Supreme Elder, will want to cope with different God Race in the near future, compelling me to fight a decisive battle with them, God Race situation. Was this.” Superficialness that Zhao Hai said that but Fei'er hear is actually fearful and apprehensive, he from the Zhao Hai words, listened to Zhao Hai certainly to undergo several fights with God Race, otherwise God Race with not coping with different God Race, compelling Zhao Hai to cope with Zhao Hai with the means of their duel, this harassed the tactic to cope with their processes to look like in Ark Continent there with sao with Zhao Hai. However currently speaking, Zhao Hai probably is also at the winning side, moreover Zhao Hai can provoke God Race all vassal race rebellions unexpectedly, this goes out of the anticipation of Fei'er. Zhao Hai one hear of Fei'er there have not made noise, his said : „the Ark Continent there situation is not quite then good, Underworld Dark mist still in protecting to open, Atlanta Continent there O'Neal Clan, official has arrived on the army Ark Continent, now they already present Ark Continent north Underworld Dark mist, is trying to find the solution to the well, south here they have also sent out the army, now rub to Demon Realm Space that Space rift, quick presently God Realm the Space rift, my here present military strength somewhat will be insufficient, because I must dispatch troops to God Race Continent, helping different God Race cope with these God Race, therefore I want. Please three clans dispatch troops, helping me first Space rift defense line there protecting, do you look at the line?” If such that Zhao Hai thinks, Fei'er was also silent, Zhao Hai also knows that this matter Fei'er could not take responsibility, he must tell Fei'er this information, making Fei'er go to say with the people of three clans. Really does not leave Zhao Hai to expect, after Fei'er silent a while, deep voice said : this matter I cannot take responsibility, I must say to Patriarch, can mister give us some time?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally, even if you do not dispatch troops to also it doesn't matter, I will muster some military strength to defend Space rift there as far as possible, I told you these situations, making you know that next present God Realm and Ark Continent there lived any matter.” Fei'er nodded said : good mister, this matter I have Pegasus Clan communicate well with our Patriarch and Barbarian one, certainly as soon as possible gives the mister answer.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, has the information words to inform me to be able, bye.” Fei'er also deep voice said : said goodbye mister.” Zhao Hai then received Message Fish, his facial angle actually 1 u left a smiling face, because he thought that Thunder Clan their three clans to entering the Space day were also near one step. Laura they have sat in the Zhao Hai side, looked at Zhao Hai with the Fei'er result the dialog, Laura then said : looked like our beforehand movements, truly was makes three clans have certain vigilance to us, otherwise Fei'er will not say that discussed that our beforehand steps stepped was somewhat big.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile has certain advantage that said : step steps greatly, if the step steps was small, feared that was our ascend, three large clans have not entered to Space come, now I to have confidence them get so far as in Space to come.” Laura their chuckle, they also know that three large clans could not escape from the Zhao Hai control, the Space strength must strengthen! a.