Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 903
Magic Armor lies on hill, he careful look at positive that mine, this is a scale is not very big mine, however has not actually seen any living person in this mine Ripet, has Magic Beast and Undead Creature in there. Magic Beast is one type of they have not seen Magic Beast, the body has been covered with the scale, the stature is not very tall and big, but appears has the strength very much, moreover is not slow. These Undead Creature, each and every one is the skeleton appearance, but like the mosquito, does not think that these Undead Creature level are insufficient, in fact he thinks that these Undead Creature level are very high, but compares them, the strength is not very strong. However they are O'Neal Clan Elite, everyone uses Magic Armor is God Rank, such Magic Armor in O'Neal Clan, wants to manufacture one, is very difficult, these Undead Creature level lower compared with them, is most normal. Experience Old Daoist, he varies to want with the Tai Wu situation, Tai Wu has not experienced the genuine war, can say that Tai Wu is a talent shape character who in in recent time O'Neal Clan braves. This O'Neal Clan thinks that Ark Continent here very good copes, therefore brings to try to practice Tai Wu, who can think that actually came across these many strange matters in Ark Continent here, Tai Wu is also pushed up frontline. But after the war, he such does not become famous like Tai Wu is so early, moreover there is the name of talent, his anything does not have, he has crawled from lowest level to today's position, the body after the size several hundred stations, can say that his experience is very rich, because, he is Captain of this only scout squad, but walking Lu Shiming that calculation that in the Tai Wu that only squad, truely said. Does not dare underestimated this minethis ore although is a protection does not have superficially probably, but presently, these Undead Creature in this mine, distribution reason of verythese Undead Creature is actually doing the fixed work, looks like a threat does not have, but actually believes that where no matter from attacks this mine, immediately will be given by these Undead Creature presently, moreover comes up to besiege, arranges person who this mine defends, certainly is Expert. But most Gempek felt what accident isthese Undead Creature has worked in there, has not changed players, had not seen that some people come out command(er) they ”, but in this mine does not even have a house, only the has plenty mine tunnel, in these mine tunnels has Magic Beast and Undead Creature passes and out, cannot look at the appearances of some people, this Gempek very puzzled. In impression, Undead Creature must have Magician command(er), moreover Magician is impossible to make these Undead Creature forever stays outside, such words consumed Magic. Even if Atlanta Continent there these God Rank Magician, impossible daily makes these Undead Creature stay in their sides, as soon as they enter release Undead Creature in the fight, the fight will receive from now on. However has lain on hill two hours, but mine there these Undead Creature, are still completing the work of their mechanical type in therenot an appearance of rest, this Gempek very puzzled, similarly, makes his heart heavy.

Undead Creature of this mine are not many with Magic Beast although, but actually saw some different thing, this mine definitely is not the opposite party sole minealso the in other words opposite party has many Undead Creature and Magic Beast, moreover opposite party Undead Creature can long time moves outside, in other words, the opposite party is making lasting xing this aspect that fights, compared with their much betterafter all Magic Armor one, but did not have energy, on was complete. Also looked at mine a while, decided to retreat, this mine here, in looking was also this, does not need in looking, has not prepared attack this mine, because of his very clear, the majority in this mine working is Undead Creature, although has not seen some people of command(er) some Undead Creature, but with according to the past experience, these Undead Creature was maintaining with their Master the spiritual relation, he one, but attack these Undead Creature, on will have brought to the attention of opposite party, he has not wanted to be noted by the opposite party to them. simply has not thought that his every action and every movement had been watched by Zhao Hai, scout of Zhao Hai to this O'Neal Clan very much admires, if not he has Space, he is almost is impossible presently, worked to know for sure Bo Xin, such person was most formidabe. Actually Zhao Hai although in paying attention to their here movement, but many attention, has placed these on the O'Neal Clan scout team that south Ark Continent moves, the pushing progress of these scout teams are very quick, now to must and teaches the intersection point of country's quickly to Buddha Empire brightly. So long as Buddha Empire and taught the junction place of country's brightly, these people have big opportunity presently God Realm the Space rift, therefore Zhao Hai now greatly the attention, placed on these scout teams. But at this time, Xiao Bingya they also has reached an agreement with the armies of these vassal races, Xiao Bingya as soon as possible delivers returned to clan armor to go information, making in the clan send for picking these vassal races people. The matters of Zhao Hai to these vassal races has not cared, he is only strange, is the well Xiao Bingya they must with the way of this using energy, oneself do not deliver returned to Foreign God Continent to go these vassal races. However saw Xiao Bingya they, as soon as after arranging these vassal races, immediately returned to on Yama Ship, Zhao Hai on understand, it seems like these fellows is decides him. Zhao Hai does not want they to expel Xiao Bingya, they come back to come back, does not have what influence regarding Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai is waiting for Fei'er their information, Zhao Hai to know, result that Fei'er they discussed how. Such day only in five days, different God Race sent the person who met these vassal races to arrive, Xiao Bingya after their explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai gives his these grain to give his clansman, this put these vassal race leave. Original Xiao Bingya thinks that these vassal races too do not want to follow his clansman, after all the performance of beforehand these vassal races are this meaning.

However Xiao Bingya has not thought that his clansman one, the people of these vassal races, immediately must follow his clansman, even also a little impatient meaning, this makes Xiao Bingya somewhat puzzled. However when Xiao Bingya saw when these vassal clansman look at the Yama Ship look, why his understand these people must such anxiously leave, they really fear, by Zhao Hai frightening. The matters of Zhao Hai actually doesn't manage these vassal races, he gives different God Race processing this matter, will not meddle too, said it, he currently has a more important matter to do, the O'Neal Clan scout team, arrived at God Realm Space rift there finally. O'Neal Clan scout squad four days ago already present God Realm that Space rift, however after present that Space rift, the O'Neal Clan person anxiously has not looked like here, but advancement with steady steps, they are feared that obviously falls to the trap of opposite party. Like this they used four days to arrive at God Realm Space rift here, but Zhao Hai was also placed a large quantities of army in there, was waiting for the arrival of O'Neal Clan. Besides Undead Creature army, Space rift defense line here also converged large quantities of Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person, discussing two days later, the people of three clans decide to dispatch troops to Space rift here finally, helping Zhao Hai defend this defense line. Zhao Hai is not accidental regarding their decisions, when Fei'er told him three clan decisions, Zhao Hai said to Fei'er, defense line there has prepared enough many provisions to them, so long as they were OK in the past. When the O'Neal Clan scout team arrived at Space rift there finally, the armies of three clans also arrived, but is away from together Space rift, no one can see anyone. The person who this three clans lead, Zhao Hai also knew that Thunder Clan Fei'er leads, person Dingshan that Barbarian leads, what Pegasus Clan leads is Zhanyue, is the Zhao Hai acquaintances. Three people lead defense line here time, presently Zhao Hai is waiting for them, look at huge Yama Ship stops suddenly in there, Fei'er their at heart has the one type of marvelous feeling, probably is completely at ease, very steadfast, several thinking, this feeling was too marvelous. The Zhao Hai intention moves, Yama Ship on falling slowly to the ground, army of Zhao Hai look at three clans, has shown a faint smile, deep voice said : several, after to settle down is good, please embark a to chat.”,

The meanings of Fei'er three people of understand Zhao Hai, they have also complied with one, has arranged the army in own clan, on diving posture on Yama Ship. Must arrange the army in defense line here is very relaxed, here no matter eats lives has prepared, they come to move, therefore arranges very fast. When three people arrived at Yama Ship time, this presently on Yama Ship has chocked up one table of food and wine, Zhao Hai was waiting for them. Looked that three people came, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to be came, come, sat quickly, our together drank several cups.” After the Fei'er three people Zhao Hai has saluted, sat, after three people sit down, Zhao Hai then said : this time you can come my really many happy, come, we drank one cup to say first.”, Said that held up wine glass to respect three people of one cup, four people tossed down the liquor in cup. After putting down wine glass, Zhao Hai the look at three people show a faint smile said : I to know that this time your three clans can dispatch troops, your three little have not dispatched troops, I also really must well thank you.”, Fei'er has smiled bitterly, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will guess correctly this matter, good, just as is such that Zhao Hai said that this three clans dispatch troops, they truly went out of many strength, because now some old person in three clan, regarding whether must continue to cooperate with Zhao Hai, has had very big difference, few people think that should cooperate with Zhao Hai, after all Taurus God Race is Zhao Hai helps them be defeated, another part actually thinks that cannot cooperate with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai now with the God Race war, if they one cooperates with Zhao Hai, might be involved in this war very much, finally they. Three clans possibly perishing clan genocide in this war. a.