Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 904

Actually such argument was extinguished from Taurus God Race started three clans not to think, in extinguishing cow Taurus God Race fights them to have such big loss , because of this, therefore they feared. But these time dispatches troops toFei'er they to strive not to be smallFei'er they are young man ”, but their very intelligent, compared with old person that conservative idea, their ideas wants ji to enter a lot. Reason that their very clear, now they already with the Zhao Hai tight successive in together, they can extinguish Taurus God Race to be lucky Zhao Hai, can Fei'er their also very clear, destroy completely Taurus God Race not to mean that on the world extraordinarily good luckthat is impossible, God Race these person of look at Taurus God Race will not be extinguished, a response does not have, can say that destroys completely Taurus God Race is just a start, then with God Race endless fighting. Fei'er already knows that will have such one day, in fact Zhao Hai gives him information, imagined compared with him must late, he already knows, after Taurus God Race was extinguished, God Race immediately will retaliate, reason that such long timein their clan has not met, attackcompletely was because Zhao Hai kept off in there, if were not Zhao Hai, feared that was God Race retaliation army already arrived. Now Zhao Hai makes them dispatch troops to help to defend Space rift defense line there, regardless of stemming from any point, they are irrecusable, because such will let between them and Zhao Hai has fissure ”, if Zhao Hai does not help them, then by the strengths of their three clans, simply is impossible to block God Race army. Moreover Fei'er they also a little worried that Zhao Hai can defeat Taurus God Race, he certainly has the method of self-preservation, if one day, God Race here is really the matter may not, Zhao Hai can definitely leave, if Zhao Hai leave, their three clans were thorough ending. Contacts long timealthough Fei'er currently also don’t know to have existence of Space with Zhao Hai, but Fei'er actually knowsperson who Zhao Hai was one has the means very much, he can preserves Ark Continent in besieging of God Race and Demon Race, finally instead projected on God Realm the method that cameto be ableZhao Hai has plenty he not to understand. Fei'er hopes, if one day, the God Realm here matter really may not, Zhao Hai can make a move help their three clan, even if cannot rescue their three clans, can preserve some Fire Seed/Allspark for their three clans, making three clansman be able to continue. But Fei'er with Dingshan and Zhanyue they, in the multiple war, had deep friendshipto add on their in hand to have Message Fish that Zhao Hai delivered, therefore three people will carry on to exchange once for a while, exchanged ideahow, therefore Fei'er thinks that Dingshan and Zhanyue also very clear, idea of their also completely support Fei'er. Therefore this time dispatching troops, three people of full facilitations, they now the status in clan are not low, because they are the outstanding people in three clan young man, three clans listen to the person to take seriously three people of rights to speak. However this matter is secret of three clans, three clanshave been holding good relationship with Zhao Hai Bao until now, therefore Fei'er to Zhao Hai can guess correctly that this matter, is somewhat surprised.

But reason that Zhao Hai has to guess correctly that this matter , because he presently these time leads is Fei'er they, in old person without three clan, this situation obviously is the one type of signal, therefore Zhao Hai spoke to try, has not actually thought that tried the result. Zhao Hai looks at three people of responses, knew how things stand at heart, his look at three people of said : previous time, when fights a decisive battle with Taurus God Race, the losses of your three clans will be very big this in your clan, had the one type of war-weariness the mood, this point I had already guessed correctlythis time I asked you to dispatch troops, was wish makes you look that what this time you must face was what enemy, if some day I really could not block accidentally, if your three clans on the army sub- solution to Atlanta Continent, cannot suffer a loss. ” Fei'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but a face ashamed stood got up said : to be unfair to mister, was our clansman is unfair to you.”, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : this not to have anything to sorry, your clansman is also for your races consider their procedure not wrongsaid itnow I and God Race to fight, rose to beginning the Ultimate Weapon situation, in this case, even if you must enter the war, will unable to helponly in vain to sacrifice, but these time dealt with the Atlanta Continent person, you actually must extremely careful, forms of combat that they used, was you and I have not met. ” Fei'er they nodded, their youngthat type will worship the idol the age, but Zhao Hai with his strength, became the idols in Fei'er their heart, therefore three people to Zhao Hai continuously very respectful. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, smile said : to be good not to need to think that many, today drinking well, after here, on give you, had anything to need to tell me that then I possibly do not have the too much time to stay in here, God Race army will possibly begin to Foreign God Continent, I must call this opportunity, went to the God Race Continent good good extension extension. ” Fei'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiled getting uphis naturally understand Zhao Hai this to play is the what friend meaning, when the time comes, God Race these people must have bad luck. Why this Fei'er they drankdon’t know, in the Zhao Hai front they special relaxation, Zhao Hai has not always drunk many, after he several people arranged the Yama Ship room, on returned to in the room, Laura they were waiting for him. Looked at Zhao Hai smell of alcohol returned to in the room, Meg immediately/on horseback has carried one cup of strong tea to Zhao Hai, this was also the custom of Zhao Hai, after having drunk, liked drinking one cup of strong tea, the water that this made tea was Spatial Water, Zhao Hai drinks certainly the next cup of tea, the liquor has almost solved. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that should make Fei'er they know something, I look at Fei'er they probably am very respectful you, if there are them to help, allowing three large clans to enter Space, grasps can even bigger some.”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : „, looks for opportunity to make them know something” were right, outside O'Neal Clan there situation how? ” Laura shows a faint smile said : they to not to worry to prepare, I looked that tomorrow they will possibly enter Space rift, Elder Brother Hai, you had decided how can cope with them? ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „the there defense line to construct, naturally must use well, making the O'Neal Clan person also know that we were waiting for them in here.” In this time, out of the door suddenly is hearing the knock, the Xiao Bingya sound has transmitted said : mister, mister, you in?” Xiao Bingya they have not come out from in the room today, they know that Zhao Hai thinks independent they eats meal with Fei'er, therefore does not have appears outside. Zhao Hai one hear of Xiao Bingya sound stares, he knows that certainly has any matter, otherwise Xiao Bingya will not disturb at this time his, he nodded to Laura, Laura has arrived at in front of the door, opened the door, asking Xiao Bingya to come. This is Xiao Bingya first time enters to the Zhao Hai room, he thinks that the Zhao Hai room is also greatly, other will not have anything specially, after he enters to the room, he was actually shockedthis there is any room, this simply was Space, the green grass of ground, not far away villa, all looked like like is the same in completely independent Space, was too attractive. However Xiao Bingya has gawked, saw that Zhao Hai is standing in not far away, his immediately walked, bows to Zhao Hai said :, mister, just in the clan gave me to come information, God Race army to build up, tomorrow will dispatch troops to our Foreign God Continent.”, Zhao Hai one hear of Xiao Bingya said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head of gently, tomorrow O'Neal Clan many Scouts must make war with them, but God Race also moved attack at this time to different God Race, it seems like that this time double thread does to fight cannot avoid. Xiao Bingya looks at Zhao Hai to knit the brows, thinks that Zhao Hai has any difficulty, he cannot help but at heart one tight, now Xiao Bingya can defeat God Race is very confident regarding Zhao Hai, he thinks the matter that own clansman cannot achieve, Zhao Hai these time can certainly achieve ”, therefore looks at Zhao Hai to knit the brows, his heart also anxious.

Is good because of Zhao Hai is only knitting the brows of gently, nodded said : well, knew, ting that it seems like that this God Race these fellows prepare is quick, was right, can inquire that God Race these time does send out several Supreme Elder to cope with your different God Race?” Xiao Bingya nodded said : to inquire, in the information in clan said that is seven.”, Zhao Hai nodded, this quantity his anticipation, leaves behind two Supreme Elder to defend, other people attack different God Race, before this is, Ding Xin they reach an agreement, it seems like that this time they are also plan such to do, but this is also Zhao Hai opportunity. Xiao Bingya looked that what words person's in person Zhao Hai hasn't spokenhe to Zhao Hai said : mister you have with our clan to say?”, Zhao Hai looked at Xiao Bingya one, shows a faint smile said : not to have any too many words, but has talked clearly with them, so long as they defended to be good, I went to God Race Continent to disturb, helped when the time comes certainly them encircle this solving.” Xiao Bingya nodded, then said : also the matter must tell mister, the people of these vassal races, had finally found Foreign God Continent there, their clan is letting loose information that fights to tell these vassal races people in the god, they felt that very ashamed made me you say to mister in here sorry. ” What Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : considering as finished they not to sorry my, now are they willing to do to fight with God Race? Right, if in your clan needs any weaponI to be possible Ran to provide to you. Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that quickly said: So thanked mister, in our clan also really needs some weapon now, best was the demon steed and wild arrows, with some Magic Cannon, mister you looked?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : mandarin duck arrow to you some, Magic Cannon is not good, I give your wild arrows am that type have Blood Lightning Bead, the lethality is not small, should this be OK? ” Shape Zhao Hai of Xiao Bingya face happy expressed gratitude, this leave. a.