Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 905

Reason that Zhao Hai does not give Xiao Bingya Magic Cannon, is Crystal Stone that because on Magic Cannon uses but very special, he does not want to make God Race know this matter. one day quickly on the past, next morning, Fei'er some of their being completely muddled netg, after having breakfast was good a point, they also know from Zhao Hai there that today the Atlanta Continent person will possibly attack, therefore they after having breakfast, immediately returned to in own armed forces. Zhao Hai knows that today is God Race enters the different God Race day, but he has not been coping with God Race anxiously, he must make God Race to fighting some time with the Foreign God friend, then copes with God Race in God Race Continent there, now he also wants to keep here to tidy up these O'Neal Clan people, minimum must also get so far as several Magic Armor to be good. although Zhao Hai has not gone to God Race there, but he actually fully is preparing to cope with the God Race matter now, a most important point is, manufactures many God Rank Expert, receives many Scorpio Combat Suit, then gives the Devil Regiment person these Combat Suit. these days Zhao Hai has harvested several hundred Scorpio Combat Suit, and has given the Devil Regiment person these Combat Suit because this Combat Suit use are many, the Devil Regiment person did not have complete custom Combat Suit now, they are training, must wait to train some time, when they train, Zhao Hai can lead them, swept away entire God Realm. Besides giving Demon Race Combat Suit, Zhao Hai gave back to produce to leave many God Rank Potion, now the Buda Family person, is almost God Rank Expert, Laura they were also same, just their strength although to God Rank, but fighting strength looked like compared with true God Rank must miss on many. O'Neal Clan has not let Zhao Hai , etc. too long time, about 9 : 00 am, O'Neal Clan 30 people of Magic Armor squads, flew from Space rift there. Reason that O'Neal Clan does not have presently Zhao Hai they in the Space rift here arrangement defense line , because defense line here by Zhao Hai with thick fog covering, this thick fog is not Dark mist is only the ordinary white mist, but actually can also block Divine Sense, blocks the general survey, making the O'Neal Clan person not have the means to know that in the fog is any situation. Because of the Zhao Hai such arrangement O'Neal Clan person, don’t know here had therefore been arranged a defense line by Zhao Hai. That 30 Magic Armor soldiers, have flown into the thick fog carefully, their is not quick, moreover is maintaining human-shape, has not carried on transformation, must be have to make the ability of war by oneself anytime. When their careful moving forward, suddenly several blue light shoot O'Neal Clan these soldiers to be startled toward them, immediately has carried on the tactical avoidance. This tactical avoidance is a subject that their these Magic Armor pilots must study, for is Battle Qi Magic or energy of light beam avoid enemy attack. But these Scouts, are Elite in O'Neal Clan, such tactical avoidance movement, each and every one does sliding, that row of blue light unexpectedly has not projected on them. However was row of blue light has then hit, this blue light quantity and crowded degree big increased, that several O'Neal Clan Magic Armor soldier, did not have the means to hide their immediately to support protective shield finally, moreover to that several blue shooting light oneself in hand energy light beam.

Their in hand energy light beam is white , looks like centralism, that flash when energy light beam of energy light beam and blue of these white bumps into, a loud sound transmitted the mist to be blown off. Two energy light beam hit in together, lived the huge explosion, has blown off the mist, this also lets the O'Neal Clan person, sees their enemies, they presently have a defense line in their front not far away, on that defense line person's shadow numerous, stations the large army evidently. Saw that this situation O'Neal Clan these soldier immediately stopped, has composed a tactical formation slowly goes toward retreat. However they want to draw back now already late, shot blue light from their, these blue light wove a light net, covered them, they were want to hide do not hide. However these O'Neal Clan people, responded also very fast, their immediately/on horseback has composed Circle Formation, all Magic Armor have supported protective shield, then energy light beam, from the hands of these Magic Armor, several people of coordinate very well coordinated, at once that this blue light actually took them not to have the means. However these blue light probably have not actually stopped is the same, shoots toward them, O'Neal Clan these people felt their pressure getting bigger and bigger. At this moment, a person in team, said loudly: On road that centralized explosion, we come, shoots fully, must explode a road, otherwise we must explain/transfer here.” This person obviously is command(er) staff in team, he one said that these Magic Armor soldier immediately moved, sees on their shoulders, suddenly stretched out a small support, on that support, is fixing four small leading port type thing. On a shoulder a support, on each support four small missile same thing, then these missile same thing, immediately has shot in the direction that these blue shooting light came. Then loud noise, blue light that behind shoots from them obvious has been short, was calling this opportunity, O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor soldiers, immediately flies in the Ark Continent direction. At this time also often had blue shooting light to their protective shield on, these blue light although have been short, however the remaining these quantities were also many, but O'Neal Clan these people , can only resist now hardly, but must block blue light, must use protective shield, but kept off blue light also to carve energy with protective shield, energy on their Magic Armor fast was vanishing. Suddenly when two Magic Armor after O'Neal Clan team, are almost was hit by two very enormous blue light, their protective shield dodged, then like air bubble vanished, but waits for protective shield information, that blue light shot the Magic Armor type directly. That two Magic Armor have not exploded, but was frozen in the flash, falls toward the ground, at this time in the ground suddenly appears Space rift, took in which that two Magic Armor.

These two Magic Armor brewer's grains naturally also saw with other O'Neal Clan people, they were startled, was careful. Their don’t know that two blue light are anything, don’t know that said Space rift what's the matter, but a little can actually affirm that two Magic Armor and their pilots ended. Actually that two specially thick blue light, is not secret weapon, that was only several Magic Cannon energy light beam gathers in together. This fight, Zhao Hai does not have make a move he to make these Undead Creature carry on attack with Magic Cannon to Magic Armor from beginning to end, how he wants to have a look at these Magic Armor defense capabilities. The result makes Zhao Hai be startled, he has not thought that this Magic Armor defense capability is so strong, Magic Cannon that God Race Expert cannot block, they can resist with protective shield unexpectedly hardly, it seems like these Magic Armor strengths are very strong. After having overcome two Magic Armor, Zhao Hai immediately has thrown into Space that two Magic Armor, that two Magic Armor just entered Space, in Space immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently Magic Civilization and Science and Technology Civilization unify the machinery, examines this machinery this machinery is the primary product that Magic Civilization and Science and Technology Civilization unify, achieves to start the Science and Technology Civilization background request, Host whether opens Science and Technology Civilization background? ” Zhao Hai stares, his a little do not understand Space these words are any meaning, in he is puzzled time, the Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : „, because the present machinery is the product that Magic Civilization and Science and Technology Civilization unify, opens special Item, Universal Analyzer this machine for may Level Up product, may be used to analyze, the design, the computation, simulatevarious meeting places to Advanced level Magic Civilization, Science and Technology Civilization, Cultivation Civilization higher Item, after may analyze Level Up, such as must open this Item, needs Host level to achieve eight Level 10 abovemost from the beginning Magic Civilization, two in Science and Technology Civilization and Cultivation Civilization, needs gold coins 5 million ” to ask. Whether Host does open this Item? ” Zhao Hai has tarried, Universal Manufacturing Machine has made him be startled veryhas not thought of now appears Universal Analyzer, moreover can Level Up, sound the function probably also ting formidable appearance, Zhao Hai also really thought at once own head somewhat cannot make a turn. However his immediately recovers, simultaneously said : opens Science and Technology Civilization background, opens special Item.” These two order, in his Space immediately has been short of 5 million gold coins, however Space Universal Manufacturing Machine side, were many a room, this room is different from the Universal Manufacturing Machine room. The Universal Manufacturing Machine room, seems like an ordinary workshop, is ordinary, looks like and common, but this room is actually a building, now has 3-storey high, the standard shape high science and technology architectural style, metal framework of bright silver, above is spreading the glass, appears is so neat and clean. Zhao Hai wishes one could immediately to enter to Space in, well has a look at this any Universal Analyzer, but he actually restrained by force this idea, he can only come to see this Universal Analyzer through projection now, because he feared that one in entering to Space, was coming out, has to ascend. This is also the one type of strong feeling of Zhao Hai, he felt himself, if in entering to Space, when he comes out from inside, feared that has to ascend, was because of this, therefore Zhao Hai does not dare to enter Space now, his command(er) to Space, can only issue the order through own head, or took a look at the situation in Space through projection. In Zhao Hai processes the Space prompt sound, O'Neal Clan that several Scouts, has killed, although by Magic Cannon shooting down three Magic Armor, but made them run.

Except for because beside Magic Armor strength formidable, O'Neal Clan outside person carries on to aid also played certain doing to use, O'Neal Clan in Ark Continent there these people, was harnessing War Chariot/Tank and Magic Armor has carried on aiding to these Magic Armor, they can smooth running away. Fei'er they have gotten their army to stand in the one side, static look at Undead Creature fights with these Magic Armor, to be honest, such fight result stems from their anticipation, because of eliminating opposite party five Magic Armor has been able happy, but only achieved a little achievement to feel to be startled to this fight unexpectedly. These Magic Cannon have is formidable they are knows that even if God Race, does not dare to say one can positive blocks that artillery, is these Magic Armor, hardly has actually suffered that many artillery, any matter does not have, this lets their being startled extremely. In the attack strength that adding on these Magic Armor shows, must know that just had thousand Magic Cannon, participated to Magic Armor attack, finally only hit five Magic Armor, such result cannot be satisfying. But that explosions of these Magic Armor counter-attack, one has actually ruined Zhao Hai more than 200 Magic Cannon, these Magic Cannon were destroyed under Zhao Hai the protection of defense Magic Formation, that attack not only let defended Crystal Stone on Magic Formation instantaneous lose all energy, but also one has blown up more than 200 Magic Cannon, such attack strength, making Fei'er think to feel at heart coldly. That Zhao Hai they use defends Magic Formation, but ability of its defense very formidable, even if God Race defends Magic Formation to this type, headache, actually has not thought that one had been broken unexpectedly through by these Magic Armor, this was too unexpected. Waited for these Magic Armor to return surrounding, returned to Ark Continent, when could not see, Fei'er their then loosen 1 tone, just fight, time although very short, but made them have the feeling that one type of has not gasped for breath, ji was too fierce, its ji fierce degree, their imagination. After the fight ended, Fei'er, Dingshan, Zhanyue, Xiao Bingya, Ryder, leaf Hertha, look at battlefield there, face sèyin sinks, now they believe words that Zhao Hai spoke, the opposite party is very difficult to deal with. Thinks that this 30 Magic Armor, but they actually used about thousand Magic Cannon to carry on attack to it, in occupying has benefitted and in the superior situation of surprise attack, but also to shooting down opposite party five Magic Armor, remaining ran, but also was destroyed more than 200 Magic Cannon, was removed hitting of bottom to vanish more than 100 Undead Creature, such loss was nothing less than heavy, but the casualty rate of both sides very high. Fei'er they know that Zhao Hai sends to use Magic Cannon these Undead Creature, is the 9th level strengths, in they opinion, these Undead Creature strengths is not very strong, after all they are God Rank Expert. However is these Undead Creature in their eyes is not very strong, that is also 9th level, 9th level Undead Creature, even if to general False God level Expert not necessarily by destroying completely easily, now an opposite party explosion will have been killed more than 100, this was really too unexpected. Reason that Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, its hard to deal with degree, Fei'er their very clear, Zhao Hai extinguished Taurus God Race, strives many are these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature not only attack strength very strong, defense capabilities are stronger, is under opposite party attack, opportunity that actually probably continually hits back does not have, thus it can be seen opposite party strength formidable! Shock, frightened, a despair of faint trace, such mood raises in Fei'er their hearts! a.