Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 906

Zhao Hai and don’t know Fei'er their ideas, what change his although wants to know currently in Space to have much, but he has borne, his also has plenty matter must be done, does not think now on ascend. Zhao Hai made these Undead Creature clean the battlefield, then Taurus Continent was good on returned to ”, but this time Fei'er they also arrived on Yama Ship. Waits for Fei'er they, as soon as arrived on Yama Ship, Zhao Hai looked that their face stare, now Fei'er they is a heaviness of face, the ratio lost a battle simply must miss. Zhao Hai has gawked, puzzled look at Fei'er their said : What happened? everyone/Great Clan probably not too happy? Why?” Fei'er look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly next step: mister this time match goes out of the great strength that we anticipate, they look like are probably more formidable than God Race, can we be victorious they? ”, Zhao Hai one hear of Fei'er said that immediately understand Fei'er was any meaning, to be honestZhao Hai was also startled regarding the performance of O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor, but he did not have Fei'er their such ideas, looked like in Zhao Hai, these Magic Armor attack strength although were not bad, but must speak of invincibly, that extremely. Moreover Zhao Hai also knows that these Magic Armor are in O'Neal Clan compares Advanced level Magic Armor, O'Neal Clan Magic Armor all does not have such fighting strength. Zhao Hai look at Fei'er they, showed a faint smile said : to be good, should not be worried for this matter, these people were not we provoke on own initiative, was they runs to provoke our, we do not want to accept a challenge are impossible, moreover they were not invincible, I to these people also entered good some understanding come, we sat down said slowly. ”, Fei'er they also ate the words to sit, before Zhao Hai look at their said : „, I have met with the Atlanta Continent person, at that time I had not said my status, I only said that I was the person on Ark Continent, I had not said that the Ark Continent here situation, I said Ark Continent here, only then 9th level Expert did not have God Rank Expert, but at that time, I have been preparing to counter-attack God Realm. ”, Fei'er they have not thought that Zhao Hai that already noted this Atlanta Continent person, this made them somewhat be startledZhao Hai to look at several people of one, then said : this Atlanta Continent person very special, actually Atlanta Continent was only their general name......” Zhao Hai then they introduced to Fei'er Atlanta Continent that he knew, told their opposite enemies is only the O'Neal Clan person. Fei'er their static is listening, they have not thought that Zhao Hai has done these many preparatory work unexpectedlyeven already learn the Atlanta Continent language, this makes them be startled.

Zhao Hai look at several peoplesmile these Magic Armor that said : today we see, although fighting strength is very strong, but they are actually Elite in O'Neal Clan, is strength strongest a batch these Magic Armor strengths is very strong, but is actually not one surmountable, what most important is, in O'Neal Clan, like Expert, should not be many, these Magic Armor besides thesealso has a very fatal weakness. ” Fei'er they looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, waited for Zhao Hai saying that Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : these Magic Armor did to fight the ability lastingly, has very big problem, these Magic Armor were drives Magic Armor the person who was driven by the person ” unable to Magic Armor to provide the power, Magic Armor has their power system to supply their energy, but their all energy, how originated from one type of energythis type of energy I and don’t know Atlanta Continent person manufactures, but this type of energy was actually can come out the energy extraction in Magic Crystal, then carried on. The compression, the system canbe able to say for energy that Magic Armor uses, if did not have this energythat Magic Armor is pile of scrap iron. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Fei'er they are two eyes one bright, their too understand this on behalf of anything ” they are not being a fool, is some soldiers of having fought many battles, their very clear, one hear of Zhao Hai spoke of this energy, their immediately understand Magic Armor weakness. How many person of appearances Zhao Hai looks, shows a faint smile said : what kind of? Now knew their weakness? HaHaHa, not wrong this Magic Armor does to fight ability is not very strong, lastingly, moreover when makes the war, their energy consumptions will be quicker than normally on many, this is a Magic Armor biggest weakness. ” Fei'er two eyes shines to Zhao Hai said : mister, before these Magic Armor had not hit several to run , because Magic Cannon attack was too violent, lets their energy consumption rapidness of too, therefore they retreated, if they do not draw back, possibly Magic Armor because energy will consume cleanlyturned into pile of scrap iron, whatever we did rub the circle to pinch flatly? ”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well is such ”, therefore their first attacks, will have War Chariot/Tank to follow, but their War Chariot/Tankis quick, the attack strength is not very strong, the defense capability to is not bad, specially to draw these Magic Armor uses ”, if we can constrain the War Chariot/Tank war progress, constrained the Magic Armor pushing progress unable to obtain Magic Armor of War Chariot/Tank support on equal to ”, was impossible to fight too long time, but their War Chariot/Tank, but will not fly. ”, Fei'er their examining 1 u left the smiling face, they thought Magic Armor to be invincible before, because they did not understand Magic Armor that now they fully had understood Magic Armor, naturally will not be afraid. Zhao Hai looked that own point has achieved, did not have to say the well, instead to was Fei'er they were discussing how dealt with the attack of O'Neal Clan. On Yama Ship besides Fei'er, beside Dingshan and Zhanyuealso has the Xiao Bingya three people, the Xiao Bingya three people, when Zhao Hai attacks Taurus God Race has followed side Zhao Hai, therefore they they also knew with Fei'er, moreover relationship is good, therefore sits in together chats, does not have a point strange feeling. Zhao Hai calm look at they, can say that now on the ship these people, is the objects who Zhao Hai wins over, he wants to draw them to his side, becomes own right-hand man, allowing them also to enter Space.

However Zhao Hai knows that to these people, cannot look like to Demon Race is so direct, he when to Demon Race, reason that has succeeded , because Demon Race person very wants to change an environment ” the Demon Realm there environment to be too bad. But Ark Continent moves into Space to move into Space, is various reason constitutions, defendedArk Continent to face three archenemies first at that time, Demon Realm, God Race, Underworld, these three archenemies, no matter thatwas Ark Continent is unable to deal with. Second is Zhao Hai in Ark Continent there uninhabited may compared with the prestige, although Ark Continent there visible had not regarded the god Zhao Hai at that time, However my Ark Continent personactually supplied the Zhao Hai portrait in own familyvery much Zhao Hai in fact is Ark Continent was receiving work the god. Because this all sorts of reasons gather in together, therefore the Ark Continent talented person wants leave Ark Continent, entered in Space. But Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, the living environments of their three clans, are better compared with Ark Continent, their there can produce the God Rank Expert place, the environment nature of survival compared with Ark Continent in many, although can't compare with Space, but they not necessarily will also envy the environment in Space, they are different from the Demon Race person. In adding on Thunder Clan their three clans, to break out of the rule of God Race, will cooperate with Zhao Hai, prestigious although of Zhao Hai in their clan is not low, but has not risen to the situation of godwants to make these three clans enter Space, is very difficult. But Fei'er their although to his very respectful, what Zhao Hai very clearthese three people are also more is considered for own race, when wins over them, Zhao Hai very careful. Xiao Bingya their situations they are much more complex than Fei'er, Xiao Bingya theystatus in their clan are not very high, they do not have too many rights to speak in their clan, is adding on them to own race very loyal, wants to win over them, is not that easy matter. Because of stemming from this all sorts of considerations, therefore Zhao Hai has not made Fei'er they know he many secret, because Zhao Hai present, Space to these mental firm people, in the influence, is not very strong. Reason that with Great Demon King, he absolutely is a mental firm person, initially he complies with Zhao Hai to make Demon Race move into to Space, in that good environment for Space, with Demon Race easily like being Ran's the faith of submitting, he believes that if Zhao Hai cannot achieve to comply with his these matters, the entire Demon Race personcan make Zhao Hai instead, because has the assurance ”, therefore Great Demon King agreed that Zhao Hai enters Space, but also leads into entire Demon Race to Space.

Howeverwhat Great Demon King after entering Space keeping is Demon Race gains benefit that ” Not before Zhao Hai imagines, immediately always follows to him, all considered for him. Because of this matter, proposed one to awake to Zhao Hailets Zhao Hai clear awareness, Space was not multipurpose, on treating these wisdom life form, Space can do, was very limited. But Fei'er and Xiao Bingya their status are different from Great Demon King, Great Demon King is the lord of Demon Realm, he prestigious no one can compare in Demon Race, can say, so long as spoke of him, persuaded entire Demon Realm, is adding on also has the Lu Wei matter, therefore Zhao Hai will take risk to persuade Great Demon King. Fei'er they are different, they in putting are not the highest leadership, some people before them is also managing them, words that they saidcomponent was too light, even if has handled them, equal to was not handles several clans, therefore Zhao Hai will not take risk. Zhao Hai now regarding Fei'er they, but also is observing, to him thinks that ” Fei'er they can for him, but gives up oneself clansman time, Zhao Hai will persuade them. Zhao Hai needs the person, now his Space has cleared science and technology background, in other words, his Space background can increase several, if putting, too has wasted, therefore Zhao Hai empty must more people, but he does not need to act unreasonably, making too many people know that his secret, is not the good matter. a.