Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 907
George sits in his having a nightmare armor walked out, he is a little depressed, he has not thought that he just entered to that crack in investigates, immediately was hit, moreover lost three Magic Armor, such loss regarding them, is not small.

Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, their these are used to make scout Magic Armor, is high-quality Magic Armor in O'Neal Clan, the first construction cost compares ordinary Magic Armor to want on high many, now they one lost three unexpectedly, this regarding them, the attack is very big. Besides the loss of Magic Armor, regarding their morale influence also very big, George is the person who vies for supremacy wholeheartedly, but Clan, when first time sends out Scouts, not he, this Jeangeorges at heart being uncomfortable. In Great Clan, is Scouts, when is most essential, Clan hands over give you scout duty, that does not want to make you bring death, but to your trust, in Clan trusts you, favors you, will you leave the get promoted day also? Person who George is one has the ambition, he wants to be an official, wants to be the high official, Scouts that but in this Clan first time sends, is actually not he leads a group, this makes his many somewhat depressed, he thinks that in the command(er) ability, he is not worse than Lu Shiming, but Lu Shiming is only a panting talent, the strength does not have the means to compare with him, but was actually too careful, set up the matter some to haul, in George opinion, these two people both were inferior to him to be outstanding, the first choice of Clan Scouts should be he. Finally he was disappointed, but the second batch in Clan has sent him well, therefore he naturally waited eagerly, wants performance well. The beforehand that net scout propulsion, is George makes, has to recognize, this George some skills, but the luck was bad. Underworld that Lu Shiming meets, Underworld person you, so long as withdrew from Dark mist not attack you, perhaps in the Underworld person looks like in the Dark mist range, is their territories. But what enters is Demon Realm, Demon Realm there already nobody, therefore naturally has not met attack to have George, what he enters is God Realm, will be the Zhao Hai rear area, Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite with him. This their loss is not big, but regarding George, actually not necessarily is any good deed, because of Lu Shiming and some of some of their there harvests, but they did not have any loss, only then his here, some although also harvests, but had such loss this Jeangeorges's face to be somewhat ugly. George comes out, immediately/on horseback arrangement person of immediately by person said : to him, delivers a letter to Clan, talks clearly with Clan our here situation, loses also wants write clearly, invited Clan as soon as possible sent for supporting us.”, That person of immediately/on horseback of his side complied with one, turn around has arranged, George looks at all around present here to gather 20 War Chariot/Tank, about 300 Magic Armor, such quantity has not accommodated underestimated, but George thinks that was not quite safe, because so far their opposite party was who, what uses is what weapon had not seen, therefore George immediately/on horseback said : transmitted orders, army retreat, fell back on the rear city to repair and maintain, to monitor give priority to to this Space rift.”, although George now is very depressed, but as one qualified scout, he made had decided correctly he was officer mi, but officer mi not necessarily was weakness sometimes, officer mi possibly was a merit, because he wants to be the high official, must make the result, George such person.

His very clear, he now maximum capital originally is he as the Scouts ability, good that so long as he displays, he has the possibility, when even bigger officer, outstanding of ten feast therefore he in scout this aspect, has made. George's order, these War Chariot/Tank immediately/on horseback moved, goes toward retreat, George has not actually entered in the car(riage), but stands on the vehicle roof, look at God Race the Space rift, the facial expression is somewhat complex, some little time he coldly snorted said : just wait, I will come back.” Said that George has jumped in War Chariot/Tank, expunges toward a following city. The city that George chooses, to this Space rift closest city, if opening War Chariot/Tank, from this city to Space rift, could not only need two hours to be OK, stood on city wall of that city, can definitely see that Space rift, this was also George chooses his reason. Their these time comes here to not to attack a fortified position, they for monitors this Space rift, making the person in Clan know that this situation was good. But George and don’t know, their all movements, looked by Zhao Hai in the eye, Zhao Hai after untying Fei'er their hearts has tied, made Fei'er they go back to prepare, later his main attention gathered to God Race there, regarding O'Neal Clan, he he mainly to defend give priority to now, so long as them, when was OK beside God Realm. Naturally, the defense work of here has mainly given Fei'er them, Zhao Hai believes that Fei'er they can block O'Neal Clan attack, will have not the small loss, in wants to make Space them, will be easier. However Fei'er they after leave, Zhao Hai do not have immediately/on horseback to pay attention to George they, his returned to the room, immediately opened monitor, called Cai'er, disparity one about clearing the science and technology background matter. Regarding Zhao Hai, any Magic Armor, any God Race, was inferior that Space Level Up is important, but makes Zhao Hai feel what accident is, this time, Zhao Hai has not heard Space Level Up information, but said that has cleared Space background, therefore he must call asking well Cai'er. Laura they and don’t know Space Level Up matter, the pupil is somewhat puzzled by them, don’t know Zhao Hai why suddenly must call Cai'er to come out. Cai'er comes out, Zhao Hai said : Cai'er, Space now how?”, Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, is the good deed, now Space clears science and technology background, Young Master has been able to buy ten Space, but these ten Space are science and technology Space.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this point I to think, but this does buy this science and technology Space to be useful?”,

Cai'er showed a faint smile said :naturally to be useful, had big using, Young Master, you were don’t know science and technology Space can do, what now Young Master you can buy was only some Inferior level science and technology Space, in this Space, some constructions, how compared with, you to have actually bought Space, had a steam air/Qi manufactory in that Space background, but that automobile manufactory, can use. Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that stares slightly, then immediately/on horseback two eyes one bright, his too understand Cai'er this saying was any meaning, in other words, he after buying science and technology Space, has bought on equal to with science and technology related thing, compared with saying such as the automobile manufactory, the mobile phone manufactory, perhaps also caused a satellite manufactory, if were really such, after that , no matter to him regarding Space, the help was very big. Like the present, he with Xiao Bingya their interconnection time, Message Fish of use, if he can make the make a move machine, after them , can definitely relate with mobile phone, that facilitated. Has Zhao Hai to Cai'er said : Cai'er, this primary science and technology Space, what degree the science and technology level achieved hastily?”, Cai'er showed a faint smile said : to achieve ordinary Science and Technology Civilization, just can explore Universe!”, Zhao Hai one hear of great happiness, his understand Cai'er these words are any meaning, just explored Universe, that Earth has also achieved science and technology degree, if is really such, on equal to said that Zhao Hai can buy ten Earth civilization same Space, this regarding Zhao Hai, is really fantastic. Thinks that here Zhao Hai could not be bearing, he laughs, but Laura they somewhat are puzzled to the Zhao Hai words, to be honest, they too did not understand any science and technology that did not want any Universe to explore. Some little time Zhao Hai calm, his immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, I thought that Magic Armor, that looks like should, not only this level? Why can I buy low level science and technology Space now?”, Zhao Hai remembers very clearly, if low level science and technology were just carried on the exploration to Universe, was the same with Earth, but on Earth may not have Magic Armor this thing, on Earth, Magic Armor this thing, only existed in fantasizing the novel, that should be able to achieve compared with Earth Advanced level Science and Technology Civilization. Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, you must know that Magic Armor may all not be saves the mechanical product, in that Magic Armor the content of most core, Magic Formation Set becomes, it can be said that one type of Magic science and technology, is not pure science and technology, therefore you can only buy most common Science and Technology Civilization now.”, Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that after this nodded said : „, this can Level Up?

That Universal Analyzer, how that can thing Level Up? ”, Cai'er smiles said : „, only then, Young Master can in finding higher level Science and Technology Civilization product, received Space him, naturally can Level Up.”, Zhao Hai said : that is Universal Analyzer then useful?” Cai'er smiles said : this point Young Master immediately to know, Young Master, you put in Yama Ship Space, then made Universal Analyzer analyze to know.” Zhao Hai nodded, his hand moves, Yama Ship changes is small, had been thrown into Space by him, then he increases Staff, he stood on Staff with Laura several people. On Staff, but also was demonstrating monitor picture, situation of inside Yama Ship in Space, now Zhao Hai cannot enter Space, only then observed all in Space with this way. After seeing Yama Ship enters Space, immediately has flown in front of that three layers small building, then gate automatic opening of small building, Yama Ship entered in the gate. monitor picture immediately has demonstrated the situation in gate, the situation in this gate, to somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai thinks that in this three layers small building, can be rooms, has not actually thought that in this small building, simply is a giant machine! One passing through the gate Yama Ship fell the ground, but that looked like the bright and clean fair and clear floor, actually turned into the Transmission belt, own turned toward the in the room surface, then from each every corner of in the room surface, projected various radiance to shine in Yama Ship