Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 908
These radiance like were the scanning photo on Yama Ship, Yama Ship kept, from of room to that head, then came out from the back door of room, fluttered in midair. Not only Zhao Hai, Laura the picture on they also curious look at monitor, they want to know that what matter Space this will cause. In this time, is listening to Space to transmit prompt said : start analysis program, the analysis carries on abundantly, this analysis imaginary time, ten minutes.” Then on that small building window appears the figure, these figures started to beat. Zhao Hai they have not worried, but static sitting is waiting in there, ten minutes quick on the pasthas waited till the digital finally nulling operation the time, the Space prompt sound transmits said : analysis to complete this thing is in Cultivation Civilization level weapon, after being strengthened, defense strength Intermediate level, attack strength Intermediate level, Advanced leveluses the material to be, Measureless Golden SandPrimal Chaos Crystal, Iron Essence, yin iron mother ”, the hull itself has long-distance attack Magic Cannon, the attack strength is weak, is reformable, the improvement suggestion is....... ” Zhao Hai and Laura her person dumbfounded listens to Space to pass on the prompt sound that this has really shockedin their eyes very formidable Yama Ship, the depending on price that this Analyzer gives, besides achieves Advanced level, other highest unexpectedly is only Intermediate level, moreover this Yama Ship, most from the beginning Lu Wei with what material refinement, analyzing, but can also propose that suggestion of improvement, this was thing too also strong? Is thinking in Zhao Hai these times, the Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : such as Host to want weapon to improve, may carry on Universal Manufacturing Machine, after the improvement, may improve weapon 20%, enhances weapon defense strength, 40%, enhance the attack strength 40%, enhances the Magic Cannon attack strength 40%, improves to need gold coins 1 million, Host may provide the material, Vajra Wood cold light, Innate Yin Fire, heart firevarious Magic Formation 120, time needed three hours! ”, After this time, Space in has not transmitted the prompt sound, Zhao Hai and Laura they actually dull standing in there, they have not thought that this Universal Analyzer so will be unexpectedly useful. Some little time Zhao Hai recovershe to laugh said : well, is really good thing, immediately/on horseback to improve Yama Ship, presses Analyzer suggestion transform.” His issuing an order, Yama Ship immediately has flown Universal Manufacturing Machine there, then a white light covers, Yama Ship vanished. Waits for Yama Ship to vanish in Universal Manufacturing Machine, Zhao Hai then grows 1 tone, he turns the head look at Laura they, laughed said : this time we also really sorts the treasure.” Laura their very happy, Lizzy immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, did not say that can also buy science and technology background? We buy several people, what look is.”Zhao Hai was thought by a Lizzy reminder, they can also buy science and technology background, his immediately/on horseback nodded, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, moves science and technology background that can buy.”, Cai'ersmall hands has wielded, monitor picture immediately turned into the background page of store, in this page, has the each and every one small picture, some pictures are black and white, some are Cai'erZhao Hai understand, black and white these are he cannot buy, he looked at one, black and white these are some ordinary background and some Magic backgroundlook like his present level are insufficient, cannot buy ordinary background and Magic background, this time he can buy, only then science and technology background. Zhao Hai looked at these to be able science and technology background, under these background, had prompt, but these prompt looked is also only some introduction sceneries, not too big use regarding Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai careful look at these background pictures, want to discover most suit their ten background, but this is not easy, these backs return to altogether more than 100, wants to discover to suit Zhao Hai, is not the simple matter.

But Laura they actually dull look at these background, thing in these background they are see have not seen, like that tall building, fully over a hundred, automobile anything, is some they have not seen thing, they in these thing to background, were curious. Cai'er had not seen these thing, but she unified with Space in together, therefore Space after starting this science and technology background, immediately related material to the head of Cai'er, therefore in thing regarding these science and technology background, Cai'er knew. Chooses half-day Zhao Hai has made ten background picturesone by one to buy, although Zhao Hai already wants a little later modern that to live, but was a pity that Zhao Hai actually does not dare to enter Space now, therefore can only be mouth-watering in the outside look at class. They must go to that several background to Laura to have a look atZhao Hai not to care, made the Cai'er department they go, made Cai'er tell Laura their, lay in these thing in science and technology background is anything. After these matters process, Zhao Hai then paid attention to George they, but George they returned to that in the cityhad already sent for paying attention to crack here at this time, in not a meaning of attack. Zhao Hai looked that George they do not attack now, on feel relieved, he sits in that platform that Magic Staff turns intounder look at these is bustling about various clans, at heart is actually piece of calm. Fei'er they prepared to the clan in then with fighting of O'Neal Clan, but Xiao Bingya their several people, went to defense line there, therefore Zhao Hai dares to throw into Space to make Universal Analyzer analyze Yama Ship directly. Thinks of Universal Analyzer, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but hot, his immediately/on horseback thinks that whatthis thing did call Universal Analyzerthat is can analyze? Is that can also analyze these Undead Creature? Thinks that hereZhao Hai immediately sat, opens the monitor picture, then made Undead Creature enter in Universal Analyzer. That Undead Creature arrived at Universal Analyzer room in front of the door, a white light has given to cover him, then this Undead Creature rapid changed is small, became with the shrink later Yama Ship similar time, this entered multipurpose to analyze in the machine, then with the Yama Ship same procedure. Zhao Hai dull look at all these, he has not really thought that can be such resultUniversal Analyzer can change thing that must analyze unexpectedly is small, this was too strange. However thinks that this Universal Analyzer is Space rewards for his, there are these unusual abilities, no big dealdoes not care abouthim now to know that what Universal Analyzer regarding the Undead Creature results analysis was. Waits for Undead Creature comes out after the Universal Analyzer back door, turned into normal size

Then the Space prompt sound transmits said :, i start analysis program, the analysis is conducted, this analysis uses for ten seconds, Tenth, nine and eight...... First, the analysis is completed, this thing is Cyborg-type object, in has procedureto use the material to provide the ordinary Crystal material to be possible for own Spaceautomatic Level Up, the attack strength is presently weak ” ” improvable improvement plan one, Host the plan of use, puts in this object to Hell background at present, making it slowly Level Upthis be the recommendation plan, improves the plan two, Host available Universal Machine improves it, needs materialyin iron mother, Measureless Golden SandPrimal Chaos Crystal, the improvement needs gold coins hundred thousand, Host may provide materialMeasureless Golden Sand, can provide the material because of Host not entire, the improvement must hand over the material. Fee five million gold coins, after the improvement , the Cyborg-type object procedure by reset ” the beforehand all materials, after will be emptiedimprovement, Cyborg-type object defense strength is increased 200%, the attack strength increases 200%, after noteimprovement ”, Cyborg-type object in Level Up, will never look at Host think twice! ” Zhao Hai listens to Analyzer to analyze result that ” he not to think of really that Space really also has quickly the method that one type of can enhance the Undead Creature strength, but this method told Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will not use. Zhao Hai deeply attracts 1 tone, lost in that Undead Creature Hell Space, he thinks, Magic Staff the great scorpion of that blood red has only put in Space, making Analyzer analyze. Waits for the great scorpion comes out from the Analyzer back door, prompt sound: Start analysis program, the analysis starts, this object is Space produces the Combat Suit kind to defend weapon, at present level, perfect, Host level is insufficient, is unable to improve it.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this thing so is unexpectedly high regarding the appraisal of Combat Suitchanges to read thinks Zhao Hai on understand what's the matter, his Combat Suit, is Space product thing, quality that naturally does not have the issue now, moreover this Combat Suit wants in the Level Up wordswith Universal Machine to fear that is impossible ”, therefore Analyzer will give such[ answered] case. Zhao Hai thinks, release Domain Weapon, has delivered to Analyzer front, these days Zhao Hai has wanted to improve Domain Weapon, but did not have the time, moreover affairs of state Manufacturing Machine there, although can also provide some improvements the plans to come, but has not managed Law Idol to compare with Universal Analyzer, therefore Zhao Hai wants to have a look, Universal Analyzer regarding this Domain Weapon results analysis is anything. One procedure gets down, the prompt sound in one time transmits said : start analysis program, the analysis starts, the results analysis, this object for fine makes Inferior level weapon coarse, the design level is unreasonable, in use needs energy to be too big, the attack strength is weak, defense strength is weak, is low uses the material, ordinary, improves the plan, suggested that Host destroys this object, turns into raw materialto send in Universal Manufacturing Machine, with according to Universal Manufacturing Machine prompt, makes other weapon or Item. ” Zhao Hai that depressed, not to mention, this Domain Weapon, no matter in God Realm in other places, is treasure like existenceis God Realm here has Combat Suit this thing inthis Domain Weapon, is the performance of one type of strength, absolutely is everybody thing that rushes to want. Result that but this Analyzer givesactually has no merit to speak, complete does not have the good point, such result was makes Zhao Hai don’t know probably say that really any was good. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, received that Domain Weaponin saying anything, he has also thought through, that Analyzer Yama Ship such thing, can discover one pile of shortcomings, thing like Domain Weapon, Analyzer naturally cannot have any word of praise. But reason that Combat Suit Analyzer has not given improvement the plan, mostly is because that is the Space productwants to improve, after Space Level Up, naturally has been OK, therefore Analyzer has not given the improvement the plan.

However Analyzer such results analysis, to has aroused the Zhao Hai interest, his immediately/on horseback also obtaining Magic Armor lost Analyzer in front of the door, one procedure got down, the prompt sound got up:, Start analysis program, analysis starts, this analysis time needed, 30 seconds......, The analysis finished this object is the Magic science and technology union fights armor-type weapon, in level, attack strength, low, is low, defense strength, low, not entire is unable to provide the improvement plan because of the material ”, looks at Host to excuse me! ” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really can be such result, it seems like that this Universal Machine also not completely multipurpose, he with analyzes various objects according to some existing materials, with providing plan of improvementthis range is not good. Must know that now Karen they in trying to be improving some Magic Formation, then wants to have a look at these Magic Formation what effect, if one day will use on Magic Armor will have, but Analyzer actually could not achieve this point, it seems like crucial point time, must depend on the talented person line. In this time, Laura their face[ is popular] exerts walked out from Space, what making Zhao Hai accidental is, they live in individual hand to take mobile phone, in hand actually is also taking notebook computer, clothes are look like modernization, if Zhao Hai don’t know their detailsalso think that they run from Earth. Laura they look at Zhao Hai dull look at they, cannot help but has smiled, each and every one chirp was saying them to Zhao Hai to science and technology Space in the matter of young man. In these science and technology background that originally Zhao Hai buys, is bringing the shopping mall, but in this shopping mall almost can find on Earth all thingnaturally also to include the clothes, the decoration, computer and mobile phone this class thing, but Cai'er there also has these thing all systems to use the method, therefore teaches Laura them, Laura they felt at that time very mysterious, took several clothes , everyone took a hand with, took notebook computer, this walked out from Space. Naturally, they have not forgotten Zhao Hai, when they come out, took mobile phone and notebook computer to Zhao Hai, this is they most feels[ is popular] thing that exerts. Laura also thinks that Zhao Hai will not use mobile phone and computer, therefore she with the make a move machine, laid out said : to Zhao Hai Elder Brother Hai, having a look at this thing you not to know? Come, I teach you, had this thing, you later can not need to use Message Fish. ” Was saying mobile phone has put in the hand of Zhao Haialso decent tells the Zhao Hai mobile phone usage. Zhao Hai face strange looked at Laura one, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, this can mobile phone use in here?” a.