Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 909

Cai'er nodded said : „, these mobile phone can use under any background in Space, if attains outside Space, can only be centered on Young Master you, the surrounding area in 10,000 meters uses this range, cannot use. ” Zhao Hai nodded, now monitor to a new place, the range of monitors is about 10,000 meters centered on him, it seems like all these because of Space relationship, therefore outside mobile phone can attain uses. Zhao Hai looked at in hand the mobile phone, cannot look is any token, but is attractiveabove does not have too many pressing to turn, except for ordinary mobile phone on according to turning beside, did not have too many extra thing, but the screen was actually very big, black , outside looked like simple the atmosphere. Zhao Hai satisfied nod, pressed starting keymobile phone screen immediately to shine, with beforehand Zhao Hai has seen any mobile phone starting animation not, this mobile phone one starting, above demonstrated starting animation that was piece of Farm, then Farm disappearance slowly, turned into blue sky, the white clouds, the background picture of green grass, simultaneously on mobile phone also appears picture like computer desktop/tabletop. Zhao Hai is very satisfied regarding this mobile phone, before on Earth, he has played many mobile phone, the words said that has not played mobile phone on Earth are really not many. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura said : Laura, how many were your number?” The Laura look at Zhao Hai movement, movement of Zhao Hai when playing mobile phone must be more skilled than herlooked that is not the first contactthis makes her very puzzled, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that ” Laura immediately told Zhao Hai his mobile phone number. Number that Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said to has gawked ” the mobile phone number that because Laura said is not 11, but is seven, looks like these have not passed through Level Up sits machine the number to be the same. However Zhao Hai has not cared, has dialed the Laura mobile phone number on his mobile phone conveniently, delightful musical sound transmittedLaura mobile phone to make a sound. Laura takes a mobile phone face[ is popular] said : that exerts saw Elder Brother Hai, this is your mobile phone number. ” Zhao Hai looked at a that above number, has almost not faintedmy goodness, this number too overbearing, six 1 one, my goodness, 1st, Zhao Hai or the first time see such number. Did Zhao Hai look at that number one, why said : you do not choose how many with my number by the number? Must choose these numbers.” Said that Zhao Hai has referred to mobile phone, Laura number that his mobile phone last present demonstratesLaura number very interesting, seven not Egypt the digit placed together, how read irritably. Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that ” shows a faint smile said : amusingly, Elder Brother Hai, this is not ting amusing right Elder Brother Hai, how will you use mobile phone? ”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to forget me is Space Host, will have anything to be quite strange with mobile phone. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they also showed however, Zhao Hai cannot certainly tell Laura them on the matter about Earth, that was his secrethe does not prepare to tell anybody. Zhao Hai saved in the Laura number mobile phone conveniently, this mobile phone can also photograph, gave Laura to take a picture overhead looks like directly. Looked that Zhao Hai so skilled playing mobile phoneLaura they did not do the child, immediately have encircled, being probable made Zhao Hai also give to help them mobile phone doing well. Zhao Hai does not decline, had in several people of mobile phone numbers mobile phone, everyone has established then the exclusive ting, exclusive head picture ” was finished up. look at Laura their face happy manipulated the mobile phone appearance, Zhao Hai has cannot help but been smiling bitterly, to be honestLaura their were not old, now is also only 20 years old ” like Meg and Ni'er is only 18 years old, on Earth, the girl of age, but also to dress up the hua thoughts daily, for cried with quarrelling of boyfriend, was Laura they, now actually became alone works as the same capable woman, the disparity was too big. look at Laura they manipulate mobile phone in there, Zhao Hai have not disturbed them, he understood very Laura their mood, thinks his first time attains mobile phone time is also same, midnight does not sleep manipulates in there, is they now is more serious than Laura. Zhao Hai takes up that notebook computer that Laura they have given him to prepare conveniently, opens looks, inside is his very familiar with computer page, what on the computer page with Earth is different, procedure that here that many have not installed, only then some computer bring the procedure, moreover does not have the means networking. Zhao Hai spoke thoughtlessly to sitting Cai'er said : Cai'er on his shoulder, what thing in this computer has saved?” Cai'er said : Young Master, in computer is not installs these thing? Right, I still about Magic Formation had in the material computer.” Zhao Hai then thinks that although he currently had computer, but here is not Earth, here may not have the network to enable him to come up the optional surfing. Did Zhao Hai nod said : how that electric power same topic to solve?”

Cai'er smiles said : this Young Master your feel relieved, I have prepared many energies of light to give mobile phone and computer charge to electric appliance. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good to be right, they prepares some computer to the father-in-law, they in there research Magic Formation, need the help of computer. ” Cai'er has complied with one. In this time, in Space is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Yama Ship modified finished, whether Host summons it.” Zhao Hai gawked, immediately/on horseback said : has summoned.” The Zhao Hai voice falls, Yama Ship appears in their front, Zhao Hai looked at one, on this Yama Ship does not have the meeting too obvious changelooks like with not to have any different place, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. Laura they also presently Zhao Hai summon Yama Ship at this time, they with Zhao Hai together on Yama Ship, on Yama Ship did not have what change, Zhao Hai immediately to actuate Yama Ship This makes Yama Ship move, Zhao Hai feels the difference of Yama Ship. Before Yama Ship, must take a walk, will have a process of in addition, in other words, most from the beginning, Yama Ship does not have that quickly, after resulting, in addition slowly, can achieve quickly. However now is different, so long as now Yama Ship the Zhao Hai intention moves, immediately can achieve quickly, moreover steady, flexible, when Yama Ship moves, on the broad side meets appears many Magic Formation, these Magic Formation almost gave to cover the entire ship, making Yama Ship look like mysterious. Zhao Hai has tried several, he presently Yama Ship now moves to be really more flexible, because before Yama Ship is too quick, if entire advancing, must make a turn is very difficult, moreover must transfer curved is greatly good, but now is different, now Zhao Hai wants an order, Yama Ship that feared that is when all goes, transfers to be curved also flexibility, on probably is in the fish same flexibility that in the water hovers. Besides on ability, Yama Ship attacked the strength to strike was promoted, before the Yama Ship collision fish can fly to strike to kill the enemy, but also exists to change wait / etc. reasons insufficiently flexiblebut present these issues are all solved, the flagpole and Magic Cannon were also similar, Zhao Hai has tried, knows that now Yama Ship fighting strength compared with had promoted much. However the Yama Ship following water spray actually could not look that has anything to change, Zhao Hai thinks that Space has not changed these water sprays, but he tried to make that water spray upward curl, when that water spray one volume, Zhao Hai presently the differences of these water sprays, optional chaotic of that water spray in like before does not curl, now that water spray first time roll-upin front belt many Magic Formation, these Magic Formation also in rotation of keeping, understood at a glance compared with original much better. Regarding the change of Yama Ship, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, he led Laura they to enter Yama Ship in the room, Yama Ship in the room to did not have what change, but looked like probably compared with original even bigger, has become small Space.

Zhao Hai regarding the Yama Ship present change is very satisfied, he with Laura their returned to Yama Ship in the room, opened monitorto look outside the O'Neal Clan there situation. Now George's their letters have not delivered to O'Neal Clan, what opinion don’t know O'Neal Clan will have, but can look, before O'Neal Clan reinforcement has not comeGeorge will not be beginning to Space rift defense line there. Such Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, is iso- God Race there information that he must do nowwants the different God Race person, can drag God Realm Continent in there some time, he has confidence various God Race Continent making now Heaven and Earth turning upside down. Now had about ten thousand Devil Regiment Warrior to put on Demon Scorpion Combat Suit, they are also adapting to the Magic Armor Combat Suit use, but Zhao Hai actually presently, this Combat Suit on the body of devil soldier, fighting strength probably is can't compare with in God Race person in hand. However changes mind thinks that he also on understand what's the matter, devil Warrior fighting strength, came compared with God Race these Supreme Elder, originally had some had been inferior ”, but God Race these Supreme Elder, was impossible often use Ultimate Weapon of time to fight, Ultimate Weapon regarding them, the consumption was really too big. But Space is possible, when received Combat Suit to take seed to think of this point, reason that therefore these Combat Suit, now cannot wield compared with the God Race Ultimate Weapon formidable strength, was because put on his person ability not to be good, moreover this Combat Suit lay in the God Race Ultimate Weapon different place, this Combat Suit will not have Ultimate Weapon such side effect. Said that ” Ultimate Weapon regarding God Race these Supreme Elder, looks like a three -year-old child, must hit the person with a 18 jin (0.5 kg) sledgehammer, even if will be they exempted strongly uses this finally dying of exhaustion by the sledgehammer sledgehammer ”. But the Combat Suit in Space does not have such shortcomingCombat Suit to look like the clothes that the manner quantity clothes makes to order with weapon is the same, if he in in hand of three -year-old child, is the ordinary clothes and wooden blade singlestickif in in hand of adult, that is full body armor adds on best weapon. a.