Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 910

After having thought through this point, Zhao Hai does not have to think that although the Devil Corps there personcannot achieve God Race Supreme Elder such strength now in a short time, but Zhao Hai already very happy. A Zhao Hai understand truth, hundred birds in the forest, were inferior that a bird in the hand, in good thing, you must be capable of being good, although said in Space type Demon Scorpion Combat Suit, is inferior to God Race Ultimate Weapon, but can actually make Devil Regiment fighting strength obtain the promotion of big spoke, this was enough regarding Zhao Hai. Devil Regiment is an army that Zhao Hai regards as important , the potential of this regiment is inestimable, if Demon Scorpion Combat Suit will have Ultimate Weapon such side effectZhao Hai not to use to Devil Regiment, now Devil Regiment fighting strength although compared with expectation will want weakly, but also enough used. Now Zhao Hai also really wants to make in some weapon assemblies to these Undead Creature, making these Undead Creature fighting strength formidable. He now he also really not too appropriate weapon, Zhao Hai original intention to these undead Bi Wu, is joined to Demon Scorpion Combat Suit, the Combat Suit quantity of but such needing was really too big, Zhao Hai may unable to take, therefore this matter also can only such drag. Three days later, Zhao Hai is observing the O'Neal Clan there situation, far that this time George they walks, wants to give O'Neal Clan to deliver a letter is not that easy, three days of ” letter has not delivered to O'Neal Clan there, but Zhao Hai does not have the time to manage well now many, just Xiao Bingya looked for him, moreover gave back to Zhao Hai to bring information, God Race dispatched troops! God Race only goes out of soldierZhao Hai understandhe do not make the preparation with the different God Race engagementnow to be good, after Xiao Bingya sends off, the O'Neal Clan person who Zhao Hai takes a seat in the room, these on look at screen bustled about, the eye quite a while has not moved. Laura they sit in sideseveral people in manipulating computer, since learn after computer, Laura they special likes manipulating computer, in this computer although does not have what game ”, but them this thing regarding Laura was really too convenient. these days Laura they are trying to find the solution, inputs these materials that before collected to computer , before this was not a simple workthem, these materials that obtained may be many, even if did not need them to type, was only reorganizes these materials to suffice their busy one. How tackled God Race Zhao Hai now actually in thinking to, God Race is impossible to be unexpected his ”, moreover God Race person to his strength have some understanding, if God Race has anything to arrange, regarding Zhao Hai is not the good deed.

However is whether or not meddlesome, Zhao Hai must begin these God Race people to God Race is his Lu Wei most faithful running dog, these people must tidy up. When facing remaining that nine God Race Continent, actually needs to find one to start first, this seeks the place to elect, after must hit, but causes God Race to attach great importance, only by doing so, God Race met retreat he to solve encirclement of God Race. Zhao Hai suspected now that this God Race sends out army to cope with different God Race, feared not before several Supreme ElderXiao Bingya said in God Race army to have seven Supreme Elder, Zhao Hai thinks that is false information that God Race release comes. God Race release this information is possibly is makes him attack God Race Continent, moreover they actually prepare the pocket in there, is waiting for Zhao Hai toward in facing set. If this is really the case, before that Ding Xin them, in Taurus Continent here discussed that must dispatch troops to cope with the different God Race words, intentionally said that listens to him. Thought of here, the before brain of Zhao Hai cannot help but fast rotates got up, he and God Race fight also had had been much inferior, every time was because had the help of Space, therefore has occupied on the Wind God clan certainly also present this point, their don’t know has existence of Space certainly also to think that his stratagem will plant to be able remote supervise Divergent Technique, therefore Ding Xin they intentionally in there discussed that must dispatch troops to cope with different God Race to make him fight a decisive battleactually actually in God Race Continent there has made a pocket by him toward in facing set. Attacking the enemy's rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack these words do not have in here although, but this truth is actually everybody understands, before Ding Xin they have used the strength of five Supreme Elder, cannot be what kind of him, why now they think that two Supreme Elder assume personal command, doesn't he dare to go to attack God Race? This is obviously unreasonable, therefore they he will go to sneak attack God Race there most from the beginning, therefore is waiting for them in there, all that before made, but must make him believe that they went to attack different God Race. More wants more to think this possible even bigger some, fight between he and God Race, was not this a day or two, although by the God Race person who he defeated, entered in Space majority, but the difficult insurance few fish slip through, God Race before his Zhao Hai conduct method certainly to have understood that ” these God Race people definitely knowYun Tianlei wants to compel him to fight a decisive battle with this method, but has not succeeded finally actually, at that time Zhao Hai was not ran up to teaches in the country brightly one big noisy, the God Race base making the chaos, Yun Tianlei they also has to draw back, but also has eaten big. Owing. Such owing God Race will not be eating the second time, in this case, God Race must use such method unexpectedly, that appeared too strange.

Thinks that hereZhao Hai turns the head Lizzy that aligns to be busy their said : Lizzy, you said that this God Race must dispatch troops to the different God Race matter, can be an idea that they suppose?” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then she knit the brows said : to have the possibility, if is really such, our these time went to God Race there, the trouble on even bigger Elder Brother Hai, or we directly coped with these God Race army. ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to need present God Race there to lose Supreme Elder, their also understand, if these Supreme Elder if separated, finally can only by my defeat in detail, therefore God Race these Supreme Elder be given us in God Race there the cloth a pocket, they also met together to move, we also had opportunity. ”, Lizzy thinks said : „, but present God Race there nine Continent, how will we also know them in that Continent to us the arrange trap?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to be unimportant, God Race said that king dominate these many years, certainly some family properties, Radiant Church there several can carry on Space Divergent Technique Magical Treasure, God Race here is impossible not to have, God Race also will perhaps have Space Magical Treasure, if this Space Magical Treasure can let them come and go freely on several Continent, that all were not the issues, although beforehand God Race had not used such thing, but this did not represent them not, has forgotten, our present enemies have Lu Wei, before was, God Race not thing like this, Lu Wei there perhaps. Will have, Lu Wei Doppelganger was extinguished two by me, he hates to the marrow of the bones to me, why my don’t know he does not have to send Doppelganger Lower Realm to come ”, but his status cannot get down, can actually to some God Race thing, making them use these thing to cope with me. ” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai such saying, face also sank, Laura they have also encircled, several people of face are not quite attractive, Lu Wei this archenemy is their a piece worries, if not because Lu Weithey already the custom rose, that will also keep here. Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do can we? Is clearly know a pocket must toward in facing set?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, even if clearly know is a pocket, I must drill a drill, I must make God Race have understand am their cloth this pocket, is also useless to me. Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said :, Elder Brother Hai, is your meaning?” After Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present Yama Ship underwent this improvement, before was quicker, Yama Ship they cannot overtake, do not say now, we are go to God Race Continent to disturb, they also take us not to have the means that the war startedthat not to need politelyas soon as possible the war had ended in any case now real. ” Laura they also nodded:, Elder Brother Hai, if Lu Wei has given accidentally other God Race formidable weapon? Weren't good we dangerous?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : is Lu Wei has given God Race formidable weapon, they must use, if nobody used, was useless in formidable weapon, Lu Wei has been given to snatch two Magical Treasure by us now, how many Magical Treasure if he were giving God Race, what he did use? He He, don't worry.” Lizzy also nodded said : that Elder Brother Hai you saying that your first does want to attack God Race that arrow 6?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Central Continent.” Lizzy has gawked, then his puzzled said : Central Continent? there is very far from our here, to can attack Central Continent what? We were attack Central Continent, will possibly be given to sphere outside by the God Race person, wasn't that danger?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to think that God Race also thinks, all people think, therefore the Central Continent there protection certainly is most lax, but also a little, God Race although 13 Continent seem like are treated equally, especially another ten Continent besides three Foreign God Continent, seems like equal, but do you have presently, Central Continent person, in unknowingly, probably compared with other First Grade of Continent on high.” Lizzy thinks that said : also is really this previous time copes with our times, these God Race Supreme Elder probably very listen to Central Continent that Supreme Elder, if suchthat we go to attack Central Continent to is really a good choice, in this case, will transfer entire God Race, then we in elimination bit by bit they. ” Lizzy they do not fear God Race these Ultimate Weapon now, but is their also very clear, if Zhao Hai leaves copes with these God Race fully, that Zhao Hai feared that was immediately wants ascend, that God Realm here has left behind rotten booth, what most important was, Lu Wei also in they. Therefore now they must do is ”, in does not let in the Zhao Hai fully make a move situation, defeats God Raceto have the one type of means well, their defeat in detail! a.