Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 911

Deals with the enemy certainly unable under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving. Must look for their life gate. Gives governs the life strikes, but God Race life gate in there? Hits there God Race certainly to rescue? The answer only then, central Continent, this saying sounds not quite to be probably credible, but is the matter is sharp, in God Race, central Continent is very special existence, only because of their geographical positions and their Ultimate Weapon. The central Continent geographical position, is at God Realm most center, but their Ultimate Weapon, can finally come in handy with other God Race level weapon, therefore status very special of central Continent in God Race, other God Race, generally on the person to central Continent, will maintain certain respect. Actually reason that central Continent here will have such status, because of their Ultimate Weapon, finally has certain restrain to do to use regarding other God Race level weapon, if Jin Ben if makes the war with Ding Xin, that Ding Xin can with own Ultimate Weapon restrain Jin Ben level weapon finally, let Jin Ben level weapon finally, most can only wield about 80% strengths, but Ding Xin can actually wield 120% strengths, is in inverse proportion, but the victory and defeat naturally also not word understands. Reason that God Race these years have taken three big different God Race not to have the means that are because three big different God Race do not make the war with Ding Xin directly, three big different God Race Supreme Elder, knows that Ding Xin level weapon finally has doing of restrain to use to their Ultimate Weapon, therefore each time, when makes the war with God Race, does not put in an appearance with Ding Xin. Moreover three big different God Race Supreme Elder, move generally, they do not make the war with God Race Supreme Elder, but like the Zhao Hai means that you attacks three big different race domains, my attack your domains, like this do over, God Race has taken three big different God Race not to have the means that although three big different God Race also to eat many owing, but has actually insisted these many years. Because status very special of this therefore central Continent in God Realm. But different God Race carries on attack to other God Race Continent repeatedly, does not have one time to carry on attack to central Continent, therefore very good population of central Continent there these year of exhibitions to be most, fighting strength is also strongest, this naturally became the God Realm center. But Zhao Hai these time must begin to central Continent, he suspected that now God Race possibly good the pocket to be waiting for him in the there cloth, he if wants the means to cope with God Race, but Zhao Hai has not thought must change own plan to be small. Zhao Hai is feared if one accidentally coped with attack different God Race that only God Race army to go, but God Race actually not according to the cloth that he thought good the pocket he, but that was not hits in army. said it, with God Race army to, that initiative grasped in God Race in hand he could only lead by the nose by God Race, spelled with God Race big there hardly, this was not Zhao Hai wants to see. Therefore Zhao Hai does not change own plan, God Race dispatches troops to different God Race Continent, he dispatches troops to God Race Continent, but before , he wants to cope with these God Race Continent of surrounding, but he actually changes foot intent now, he must cope with God Race central Continent. Central isn't Continent fighting strength is strongest? That happen to hits is strongest, one dozen of central Continent, I thought that your God Race person rescues does not rescue.

After deciding, Zhao Hai they have reached an agreement with Fei'er the defense line here matter, then led Xiao Bingya they to walk. Defense line here has Fei'er they too not to be worried that in Zhao Hai, after all Space rift so is big, O'Neal Clan impossible one to exhibit friend many armies to attack them, Zhao Hai defense line there leaves behind are also many in Magic Cannon and Undead Creature that he can also support at any time. Therefore there should not have the matter. After Fei'er explain/transfer ends Zhao Hai their leave Taurus Continent, but this time they do not have flying in the sky, such words were too free Zhao Hai have really believed that no matter God Race went to attack different God Race to plan him, could intimate attention Taurus Continent here, if let God Race presently he went to God Race Continent, they ahead of time will make the arrangement, the Zhao Hai ear do not want to fight a hard battle. Therefore Zhao Hai comes out from Taurus Continent, immediately/on horseback Bubble let out, then makes Bubble wrap Yama Ship, enters seabed, expunges toward central Continent from seabed. This is way that Zhao Hai finds to come out, Bubble is mother of Myriad Water, ocean is his family, his in the sea looks like a water drop same ordinariness, even if the God Race person in formidable, is impossible to distinguish two drops of sea water to have any difference, therefore makes Bubble bring their advancing, certainly will not have the matter. Bubble in water really quick, but Zhao Hai does to sit in the deck of ship, look at all around seascape. Actually this in the sea scenery Zhao Hai had looked, in Ark Continent there, he stayed in Sea Race ting long time, in the sea scenery he already looked is tired. What Zhao Hai now research is stretch a map on table, this stretch a map is Xiao Bingya they give Zhao Hai, what picture is various God Realm Continent site plans. Laura they also stand in the there look at map, instead to is Xiao Bingya they, a face curious look at all around situation, that appearance, looks like the country bumpkin who has not seen the world is the same. Zhao Hai look at this map somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, this map also was really too simple, did not have the scale, some obvious symbols were on sea surface., Regarding Zhao Hai them. The use also is really not big. research map some little time, does not have research understand, Zhao Hai must give up, he turned the head to look at some also Xiao Bingya that looked around in all directions, deep voice said : „„ Bingya, you determined we entered the water time, direction not wrong? Has walked can arrive at central Continent?,” Xiao Bingya one recovers, he admired to Zhao Hai now, they unexpectedly move under seabed now, moreover that many in the sea Magic Beast, actually do not have attack they, probably their simply does not exist to be the same, such method is makes them shock.

One hear of Zhao Hai such asked that the meaning of Xiao Bingya also understand Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback said : „„ is mister, will not have the mistake, we do not only have the off-range direction, certainly will arrive at central Continent.,” Zhao Hai nodded, deviates the Ark matter he not to be worried, in the sea others possibly off-range direction, but Bubble cannot absolutely. Zhao Hai also looked up these in the sea Magic Beast, his understand these Magic Beast why attack they, were not because had Bubble, Bubble in the sea was the same with the sea water, have you seen in the sea of attack sea water Magic Beast? Therefore these Magic Beast naturally cannot go to attack Bubble. Laura their research that map good long while, had been finally also defeated, Lizzy curled that map, lost to Xiao Bingya said : conveniently „„ I is really suspected that can your years were protect their domain, such map, be used to go to war?,” Xiao Bingya one hear of Lizzy said that is actually the face one red, he does not dare to refute, reason that has fallen back on the one side, Xiao Bingya will have such performance , because he sees a Taurus Continent map that Zhao Hai takes, this Taurus Continent map, is Zhao Hai makes Cai'er print from the Space map, Qing analyzing level was high, moreover had the scale, all marked. When Xiao Bingya sees that map, he has been shocked, he does not believe that in this world within however will have such clear map, but sees on the map the symbol of each city, he believes that this also makes him admire Zhao Hai they. Therefore when Lizzy takes map simply is not sparing a glance to his in hand, Xiao Bingya has not made any rebuttal, is really placed in there, he wants to refute not to refute. in the sea navigation also ting is actually interesting, you can see in the sea various plants with animal, you probably were among suddenly were the same to another world. However Zhao Hai is not idle, he now still in paying attention to O'Neal Clan that early morning situation, O'Neal Clan there was receiving now to the letter that Clan delivers, in the person with Clan said in Demon Realm there present, this lets O'Neal Clan person very shocked, then is actually wild with joy. O'Neal Clan invades Ark Continent, the point has one, the minerals, all kinds of minerals, now Ark Continent here already present dozens types of minerals, this regarding O'Neal Clan, is unexpected joy, now unexpectedly present with Space that Ark Continent was near, there was not unexpectedly smaller than Ark Continent, this regarding O'Neal Clan, absolutely was big good information. However at the same time also presently Undead Creature and Magic Beast, in the matter of mining told the person in Clan, however O'Neal Clan Patriarch does not have the meaning that a volume must flinch, in his opinion, must obtain Ark Continent and Demon Realm these minerals, the war cannot avoid, at the worst made war, O'Neal Clan already had this to prepare in any case.

They responded like this, complete was looked by Zhao Hai in the eye, to be honest, they responded like this that in expected of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai already knows why the O'Neal Clan person comes Ark Continent here, now just confirms. Zhao Hai has prepared from Demon Realm there these open up a mine removes Magic Beast and Undead Creature that his in Space is not lacking the iron in any case now, various ores do not lack, does not need to make them make these thing in there. What most important is, Zhao Hai has thought another one type of method obtains these ores, that robs, doesn't O'Neal Clan want to mine these ores? Let them pick, after you picked, I was snatching, but also has saved the time of mining. Zhao Hai already wants such to do, treats the enemy he to never have politely, but the O'Neal Clan person, now is also his enemy, he will be certainly impolite. After Zhao Hai they enter the sea third day, George returns to the O'Neal Clan letter, was placed in the O'Neal Clan Patriarch table-top, look at this letter, O'Neal Clan Patriarch in cannot be calm. Arrives at Ark Continent here from O'Neal Clan, they have been smooth, has not run into the enemy, presently that many minerals, present unknown Space, but Patriarch a little cannot put down at heart throughout, was Ark Continent person there. The Ark Continent person disappears, this is in itself the mi fog numerous, if not discover the truth, regarding O'Neal Clan, throughout is a threat, now was good, finally made them run into the enemy, Patriarch has believed that enemy who this time George ran into, was certainly related with the Ark Continent missing person! a.