Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 912

The O'Neal Clan Patriarch nearest/recent pressure is very big, the Ark Continent here person has been missing, Innate Yin Land that keeps expanding, although expands is not quick, but sooner or later will have one day of engagement, what most important is, that Innate Yin Land area was too big ” they are wants to cope is not easy. Is adding on Ark Continent person missing of no reason, these may become the O'Neal Clan hidden dangers, ” he must consider these as Great Clan Patriarch ahead of time. However this O'Neal Clan for Ark Continent here investment big of too, now in Ark Continent here, present many mineralsthey have needed, he does not give up feel relieved, therefore he now more urgent wants to know that person there in Ark Continent went, has a dream Patriarch to be able the dream to this matter. Now George's information regarding Patriarch, absolutely is good information, the enemy who cannot see is most dangerous, can seeyou can find the way to defeat him, therefore one hear of George's report Patriarch really very[ is popular] exertedalthough saying that George there had some losses, but regarding Patriarch, this was unimportant. Heard this information, Patriarch immediately looks these War General in Clan , the immediately arrangement person, the preparation supported George and there. George there must supportafter all there has settled present the enemy, but how to say that said what behind Space rift is, O'Neal Clan must know. But there must support, in there they already present many mines ”, moreover Undead Creature in these mines are also mining, regarding Patriarch, this is he unacceptable in his opinionthese mines belongs to O'Neal Clan absolutely ”, person who any wants to bribe, is to the provocation of O'Neal Clan, he completely had forgotten he is an intruder. Zhao Hai also in paying attention to the response of O'Neal Clanresponse of O'Neal Clan in his expected, he has not thought that saw O'Neal Clan to support Demon Realm there, Zhao Hai immediately receives returned to in Space only to leave behind minority Undead Creature to divert the O'Neal Clan military strength in Demon Realm there Zhao Hai Demon Realm there majority of Undead Creature and Iron Armor Beast ”. Zhao Hai such makes one to give crack defense line here reduces the pressure, two must O'Neal Clan to think Demon Realm there Undead Creature with crack here it doesn't matter. in the sea walks, you can see new and odd scenery every minute, even if these scenery they do not have too big attracting gravitational force regarding Zhao Hai ”, but will have a look not to be tired, therefore this several days they will cross to be very comfortable. However Zhao Hai actually present, God Race is not a fool, their in the sea also arranged the person to monitor Zhao Hai theyjust these God Race, has not entered the deep sea, therefore Zhao Hai present they ”, but they do not have presently Zhao Hai. Ark Continent there has Sea Race, God Race here also has, but God Race here Sea Race with Ark Continent there Sea Race is not a whole family, Ark Continent there Sea Race, turning over to Mermaid Race to control, is an independent clan, but God Race here Sea Racealso turns over to God Race to control, near that Continent, they belongs to that Continent to control, therefore God Race here Sea Race, divides 13 clans.

Naturally Zhao Hai and don’t know these, before these are Xiao Bingya told Zhao HaiXiao Bingya, has contacted with Beastman God Race Sea Race, therefore regarding Sea Race of various clans, he was have some understanding. although this several days continuously in the sea, but Zhao Hai not short with Fei'er their relations, moreover told Fei'er the O'Neal Clan there situation, making them be ready. Also walked two days of ” Zhao Hai to feel similarly, gave on his simple map to look according to Xiao Bingya, if they walked according to a straight line really ”, moreover so was quick, they were almost arrived at the Central Continent surrounding now. Zhao Hai from in the room walked out, looks at Xiao Bingya their several people of also decks, look at all around situationZhao Hai knows that Xiao Bingya they with him are the same ideas. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, show a faint smile said :, „did what? worry? Do not worry, we float mister to live now were saying.” Said Zhao Hai command(er) Yama Ship slowly upward floats. Actually just Zhao Hai in the room looked through monitor, around this does not have God Race Sea Race to exist, therefore he dares to float, but does not fear expose. Zhao Hai became Yama Ship small, simultaneously outside was wrapping with Bubble, did not bring to the attention of person as far as possible, this slowly arrived to emerge sea surface. Waits for Zhao Hai they, as soon as emerges sea surface, sees the distant place to have piece of Continent, that piece of Continent very enormous, is not an island, but is true Continent. Does Zhao Hai turn the head Xiao Bingya said : „to see there is that Continent?” Xiao Bingya is smiling bitterly shaking the head, their these different God Race people, know that Central Continentnobody has actually gone to Central Continent in there, this is they most sorrowful place, they were in God Realm actually isolating by the God Race person obviously ”. The look at Xiao Bingya appearance, Zhao Hai has not said anything, but showed a faint smile said : don’t know we to hit to know, Bubble, got down first, in proceeding by, then us to find a big point river, dived, had a look to Continent, if can know that was that Continent is bestdon’t know, direct attack. ”

Bubble has complied with one, slowly downward dives, actually Bubble ting is also glad to do this to live, because his violent in the water is comfortable, in Space there is also same, he only stays in his small foam generally, little goes to other place, not like Cai'er, running all over the place everywhere. Why at this time Laura their several walked coming together before in the roomXiao Bingya understandZhao Hai they had not liked dull in the room, some time can in the room stay a day did not go outtheir even evil intention in thinkingZhao Hai they to do the shameful matter in the room. However since Xiao Bingya enters to Zhao Hai room one time, they completely have dropped such idea, to be honest, if gives them a such room, they can also not go out in dull several days one step. Bubble lived for two hours, this approached the shore, shore here must live it up many, Zhao Hai they even can often see some God Race Sea Race in the sea swimming all around, the ashore also had the ship to come and go in there. However these Sea Race people have presently Zhao Hai they, if Bubble in the sea thinks that does not let the person presently he, that was really too simple. Bubble also according to such that Zhao Hai said that was investigating all around, was feeling the current capacity of water, then he braved the too big place to swim away to entering the sea water current, before long arrived at there, there was entering seaport of river, to Zhao Hai their there was not very far. This river is any river Zhao Hai and don’t know, but this river is ting is truly deep, Zhao Hai wants to change Yama Ship smallthen lets enter this river, but he with a Bubble saying, Bubble said that does not use. Zhao Hai asked that Bubble what's the matter knows, Bubble he[ body] in Space can fluctuate, like Yama Ship, a person must walk to enter in Yama Ship, received Yama Ship Law of Space Jing Xiang on equal to, when Yama Ship changes is small, his body also along with Yama Ship changes small ”, but Bubble is also same, when Bubble changes is smallin him[ body] in Yama Ship will change will be also small. Zhao Hai suddenly remembers, ” he let that big serac that Bubble received in North Polar Icefield there moment, then the big serac, was received in the body by Bubble, moreover changed along with Bubble together is small, Yama Ship was anything, was not small side dish one plate. Listened to Bubble saying that Zhao Hai in managing him, making Bubble swim away toward that river, enters that riverZhao Hai they suddenly in feelingcertain very heavy of this river regarding this Continent wants, because here really ” the ships that was busy at coming and going, what the number could not countmost to make Zhao Hai accidental was, here really also had many Sea Race people. However these Sea Race people also work in here, they are catching up in their river Magic Beast, is helping these ships or meets the ship or transporting freight, busy being heavily engaged.

Zhao Hai deep voice to Bubble said : Bubble, toward walking to float, best to hear them to say anything.” Bubble has complied with one, slowly upward floated, this arrives is lets Xiao Bingya a they anxiety, Xiao Bingya they and don’t know now they are actually shrink. Quick, Bubble floated to the river surface, only then several meters being away from, this distance although is not near to the river surface, but regarding Zhao Hai them, enough made them hear outside any sound. Sound quarrelling of outside person very mixed, the people majority is saying the matter of cargonot any too useful information, but Zhao Hai has not worried, he was only static standing listens to before long them to hear several keywords in therefinally, that was several geographic names, several sought the name of city. Hears the names of these citiesXiao Bingya their cannot help but face changes, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : „, is unfair to mister, we possibly were the going astray directions, here was not Central Continent, but was Leo Continent, we wanted to walk toward east, can arrive at Central Continent. Zhao Hai noddedhe and doesn't blame Xiao Bingya theyafter all God Race that graphics technology is really a native of Taikeng, they go astray also feel emotion to be possible original. However Zhao Hai or do said : „have the several days time?” Xiao Bingya considers as finished next step: By our, only then about three days can arrive at Central Continent, these time absolutely not mistakenly.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : Bubble, hands over give you, three days, must rush to God Race Continent.” Bubble complied with oneto sink to the river bottom, entire swam away toward in the sea, after in the sea, ” started omnidirectional east. Reason that Zhao Hai makes Bubble wrap their advancing, because of leave Bubble they cannot in the sea advancing, because Bubble in the sea entire advancing time, has not caused point water to swim bo to move, this point is Yama Ship cannot achieve. a.