Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 913

Good all various professions duplicate all various professions! Three days of quick on the past ”, but in these three days, O'Neal Clan reinforcement soon entered teaches country there Buddha Empire there reinforcement also soon to arrive at Demon Realm Space rift there brightly ”. However the matters of these two places, Zhao Hai already prepare , he so long as once for a while they passes the words with Fei'er, maintained relates has been OK, other matters did not need him to manage. After three days, Zhao Hai they in one time have surfaced, distant place really piece of Continent, these time had Bubble of experience, does not need Zhao Hai to remind, sank in the sea, then swam away toward that piece of Continent, then found river channelto enter to Continent. Bubble wants to look for small point river channel to enter on the operator, but Zhao Hai actually did not agree that he made Bubble look for very big river channelthen to enter that piece of Continent from river channel. After entering the sea route, Zhao Hai they found person many places, heard the sound, listened to a while, finally heard several geographic names, hears these geographic namesXiao Bingya they then to grow 1 tone, Xiao Bingya turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, mistakenly, is not here, here is Central Continent, do we move?” although obtained Xiao Bingya their affirmative answers, but Zhao Hai actually with a smile shook the head said : not to worry, we move now, harvest cannot be too big.” Xiao Bingya puzzled look at Zhao HaiZhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to know why I can make Bubble look for big river channel to enter to Central Continent?” Xiao Bingya they shook the head, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : because of Continent, a river often is they very important transportation lifeline, what if we enter is small waterway, that possibly cannot get away how long, arrived at the source of that river, simply cannot go down to the Continent center, but we enter big river channel, might go down to the Continent center very much Carries on attack to their important city, if can direct attack their capital cities, that be more perfect, the attack small city can create big causing a sensation? Moreover their command(er) systems had not been destroyed, they can immediately react, dispatches troops to encircle us, but if we can attack their capital cities, you say that what counter- fruit that can be? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiao Bingya they have gawked, is two eyes one bright Then Xiao Bingya laughs said : mister this to really be the day is helping you, the Central Continent here Central capital city bestows the nearby not far away of river in they biggest rivers gods, even if the ordinary Magic Beast ground walks, in less than the several days time, if with flyingto fear that is small in less than one When arrived, if this river is the Central Continent biggest god bestows the river, we can direct killing to their capital cities, the Central capital city. ”

Zhao Hai onehe also real don’t know this matter, now one hear of Xiao Bingya said that his immediately/on horseback came the interest, his look at Xiao Bingya said : Bingya, what you said is real? Should we come ashore from there?” Xiao Bingya smiles: This point mister does not need to be worried that the Central Continent Central outside the city surface has four satellite towns, the god bestows the city in the god bestows side of river we to walk in river channel, so long as the god has bestowed city there to come ashore, then can directly soar the Central capital city. The Zhao Hai spirit shakesnodded said : well, this was best, Bubble too downward do not dive ” the situation that we must pay attention to the ashore. ”, Bubble has complied with one, then moving forward in river channel, their actually slowed down, at times is paying attention to the situation in ashore. Situation that Zhao Hai such pays attention to the ashore \; first, to find the god bestowed the city, two to have a look at Central Continent here were prepared ”, if Central Continent here were prepared, that Zhao Hai they will have the trouble in advancing, if they have not prepared, that all said. although Zhao Hai they think that is not quick, but compared the common ship to want on quickly manyquick Zhao Hai they already very thorough river channel, in this process, they have affirmed, the river channel that oneself were, was the Central Continent god bestows the river, this presently lets Zhao Hai their really very happy, these time in going astray group, but was walks, walked quite. Whenever urban therethey will stopcarefully listens to one, looks at the year in has been the god bestows the city, but they were quickly disappointed, here is not the god who they have expected bestows the city. They almost could not add on the Zhao Hai anything gang to here Xiao Bingya, because before them, has not come Central Continent, therefore did not understand here all them that can only tell Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai naturally silly will not listen in here now, he makes Laura their several returned to in the room go to look at monitor, now they in river water, so long as the god has bestowed city there, then can definitely see from monitor when the time comes they were OK in the motion. However what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, by their the common ship is much quicker, advancing a day, they suddenly had not found the god to bestow citythis to make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, if did not affirm one are bestows in the river in the god, Zhao Hai thinks own going astray road. After waiting for day getting dark slowly, Zhao Hai has not continued advancing, he stopped, making everyone/Great Clan rest well, tomorrow leave. Zhao Hai such made also well-foundedtheir immediately to with God Race fight, at this time, they should maintain the best condition, although by their present strengths, several days does not rest the simply inadequate anything issue, but Zhao Hai let their entering quantity maintained the rest, to guarantee their optimum conditions. After resting one was late, Zhao Hai they then start advancing, but this time they did not have the responsibility in disappointedlyto proceed for two hours, they arrived at the god to bestow the city, presently arrives at the god to bestow the city first, was Laura they.

Zhao Hai they have not waited to approach that shore the city, Laura they from in the room walked out, as soon as they come out, was needless saying that Zhao Hai knew the place, therefore Zhao Hai not in toward shore by ”, but was command(er) Bubble after the river but underwaited for the god to bestow the city, finds person few places, immediately/on horseback comes ashore, the direct Central capital city threw. Why Xiao Bingya they and from the beginning and don’t know Zhao Hai keptthis making their accidents verythey not say anything in this city here suddenly, they knew knowing in heart of straight sea. Bubble advancing is not quick, they in finding person few places, but is very obvious, this is not quite good to look, the god bestows the river is Central Continent first great river, many commoner on Central Continent supports by this Jiang to come, here naturally was also a Central Continent busiest river. Zhao Hai has calculated his, they cross the god to bestow the city to have section of road now, but had not found appropriately ascends the land point, this cannot help but lets the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently. Lizzy looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows what Zhao Hai is thinking, she shows a faint smile, to Zhao Hai said : „, Elder Brother Hai, daytime could not find the where convenient in a soft voice, we in the evening came ashore, I think that the Central capital city was Central Continent first big city, in the evening should also be brilliantly illuminated? Happen to shows the way to us. ” One hear of Lizzy said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but tapped own head, he just the light is thinking how to come ashore, has not actually thought that in the evening is coming ashore. God Realm here average person strength although is not weak, but they are the same with the Ark Continent there person ” must sleep, must rest, they come ashore in the evening, happen to can come an surprise attack. Thought through this pointZhao Hai immediately/on horseback to turn the head to Xiao Bingya their said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan went back to rest, we moved in the evening.” Xiao Bingya they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that was onethen puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know his what is this. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to come ashore from here, it will not take long can arrive at the Central capital city daytime to come up, was too remarkable, we go in the evening. ” Xiao Bingya their understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, has then bowed to Zhao Hai, turn around returned to in the room, they had not asked why Zhao Hai such definitely is here, but they also know that Zhao Hai will not lie with no reason at all, therefore after they have complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai also with Laura their returned to in the room, grew 1 tone to in the room Zhao Hai

God Race people who looked at a screenon screen is some bustled about, now they look like with the Ark Continent there person are different, was rushing to bo for the livelihood, did not have in the legend God Race to be so natural. Laura looks at the Zhao Hai look at screen, cannot help but in a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai? Regretted?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not to regret that” enmity has had, that untying easily, the enemy one by one day will not exist, we cannot be too loose, if we let off them todaybad luck tomorrow possibly was we. ” Laura sighed 1 tone lightly, look at screen said : „, if God Race did not provoke this war this well, we now possibly still in Ark Continent there doing business in all directions, or they drink with Wales Big Brother.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to have anything to be difficult, walks us to look for Wales Big Brother now, making him ask us to drink time liquor to be good. ” Laura shook the head said : to consider as finished, I was only such saying, in the evening must fight this time do not drink, rest well one, what method who knew God Race with coped with us, Elder Brother Hai, do not treat it lightly. ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, I not, good, does not drink rest well, you also rested, later must count on your command(er) these Undead Creature.Several females complied with one, turn around walked. Now they can say that is very qualified Commander, any qualified Commanderthey want to rest timecertainly can rest, because of their understand, the rest before war, ” means anything regarding the entire fight. Daytime has rested for day, in the evening after having had the dinner, Zhao Hai comes out from in the room, now outside day was just dark, the ashore is brilliantly illuminated, still very lively. a.