Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 914
The lights of look at ashore, Zhao Hai these time to has not given birth to anything to sigh with emotion, his very clearis Commander-in-Chief of armed forces, he cannot have too many sighs, will otherwise affect moralefortunately their this army, on equal to is a Zhao Hai person, otherwise Zhao Hai also real command(er) not. Xiao Bingya they from their in the room walked out, they to did not have what feelinginstead to at this time is a face[ is popular] exerts. As different God Race one, they had a dream before have not thought that some day they can go to the attack Central Continent capital city directly, that is almost not duty that is possible to complete, but how now this must turn intothem to be able realistically not[ is popular] exerts. Zhao Hai has not worried, look at ashore of his static standing on Yama Ship, sound getting smaller and smaller of ashore, the person in ashore are also slowly getting fewer and fewer, the flame are also getting fewer and fewer, finally almost did not have the sound, the flame also becomes scattered. Zhao Hai has not actually moved, Xiao Bingya they somewhat were anxious, their restless walked back and forth in therehas good several times Xiao Bingya to arrive at the Zhao Hai side, was stopping to the Zhao Hai yu word. Waited for Xiao Bingya in one time to arrive at Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai deep voice said : suddenly what? worries?”, Xiao Bingya has gawked, but he is immediately/on horseback nodded said : is mister, a little worries.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to worry, now they just went to sleep, have possibility many people not to fall asleep we to come up now now, do not have doing of surprise attack to use, but might also by the person present, in wait a moment, when they have gone to sleep, we can come ashore to cope with them. ”, Xiao Bingya nodded, was not speaking, but he is somewhat restless walked back and forthZhao Hai to sweep their several one eyesdeep voice said : to calm down in there, at this time, who had a heart even bigger point who took one point of advantage, we arrived at herealso to fear that in any case they ran inadequately. ” On Xiao Bingya their faces one red, don’t know must say that any was goodtheir mood is completely different from Zhao Hai, before their these different God Race were belongs to come under attack, now finally can hit the personthey somewhat to be certainly impatient. Also waited for one hour, ashore already completely peaceful, the lights are less, Zhao Hai also knows that ” time was uphis deep voice to Bubble said : Bubble, comes up.” Bubble has complied with one, slowly dives toward the river surface on. To river surface onBubble being separated river surface slowly, bit by bit goes toward flying in the sky, because Bubble present is small size, was adding on ashore almost nobody, therefore has not brought to anybody's attention.

After sky, Zhao Hai immediately took back Bubblethen to put up Yama Ship to continue to promote, then let Yama Ship increasing bit by bit. Meanwhile their immediately/on horseback toward Central Continent horizontally advancing, because their present distant place has in piece of sky red light, Zhao Hai knows that was not sky changes red, but by the lights of ground reflecting red, but left such in the red light placecertainly is city of the non- night, there certainly was the Central capital city. Was less than one hour, Zhao Hai they arrived at outside big city, this big city incredibly big, Zhao Hai look at this big city area, dumbfoundedhe unable to calculate in this big city to have many people really. Some little time Zhao Hai recovershis look at this big city, has smiled bitterly ”, because in this big city to Zhao Hai the city gate, eunuch writes two in the character, Central! Has these two characters, did not use in suspecting this city is the Central capital city, but most made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, this Central city besides city wall of several separations, was not having other city wall ”, but that several separation city wall, was from the construction middle, seemed like more like the cultural relic, did not have any defense capability. Such city is good to cope, is not good to cope, is good to cope is because such city will not have citynot to worry that city wall will block them, but will not be good to cope, will be this in the city certainly has defense thing, because will not have the city, thing of these defenses will place there they and don’t know, they will not have true attack target. However Zhao Hai quickly had found his target, in Central of Central capital city, the place very high mountain, is constructing many palaces on that mountain, there is also the entire Central capital city lights most magnificent place, wants to come there is the Central God Race imperial palace. Is thinking in Zhao Hai this matter time, Xiao Bingya[ is popular] said : that exerts Central Continent Welcoming Heaven Palace. ” Does Zhao Hai turn the head look at Xiao Bingya said : there to call Welcoming Heaven Palace?” Xiao Bingya nodded, said : that two eyes shines, there originally does not have the mountain, afterward Central God Race person, to construct Welcoming Heaven Palace in there, Central God Race use many Expert, in there established this mountain then to establish Welcoming Heaven Palace on the mountainmeaning is the palace can meet a day of meaning. ”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Welcoming Heaven Palace, interesting, today takes the there operation, Bingya, you are ready, feared that is we, as soon as enters in the Central city range, these God Race people present, we must with quickest rushed to Welcoming Heaven Palace there first destroying that Welcoming Heaven Palace was saying. ” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback[ is popular] has exerted, Welcoming Heaven Palace, that is the symbol of Central Continent, now they must destroy Welcoming Heaven Palace unexpectedly, this lets them compared with any matter[ is popular] exerts. Zhao Hai has also prepared, took Staff, called the side Cai'er, now he does not dare to treat it lightly, on a junction decided Yan separates Zhao Hai and Cai'er with his Ultimate Weapon, but was startled cold sweat Zhao Hai ”, therefore this time he called coming out to prepare completely safethen Cai'er and other attacking first ”. Zhao Hai has not received Space Bubble, but made Bubble fall own head In Yama Ship, but also has prepared massive Undead Creature, is feared that the opposite party can that have on the ship these Undead Creature with any methodhim with words that Space separatesaccidentally, also suffices him to support completely some time. After all prepare, Zhao Hai command(er), Yama Ship is then going toward the forward flight. In Yama Ship just crossed that Duan Xie city wall of Central two large characters, a grating squeal transmits, with this squeal ” some places of Central capital city, but also raised the red respect to report the Magic lamp, that lamp flashes flashes, prompt oncoming of people danger. Zhao Hai somewhat accidental look at all these, he presently the defense capability of this Central capital city also was really goodalthough city wall has torn down ”, but this warning system very worked, moreover the range of this warning, should take tearing down city wall, outside city wall, the warning will not make a sound, to city wall, warning immediately will have made a sound. However the following Central in the city fresh matter, made Zhao Hai somewhat unable to understandlooked like in Zhao Hai, the Central capital city here warning system such reached, their armies and people's response should also be quick is right, but made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, Central capital city there these commoner response very strangetheir each and every one was throwing over the clothes, or puzzled, walked out of own door crassly, then around vacant look at, that a little heard the warning meaning. Besides these commoner, the people of these armies are disappoint Zhao Hai , the responses of these armies were really too slow, Zhao Hai noted, had several military compounds in Central capital city here, but Zhao Hai has not managed them, his present target is Welcoming Heaven Palace, many military compounds not in his attack range. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, after this alarm sound resounds, soldier in these military compounds actually with these commoner similar responses, are hearing the warning that moment, appears somewhat is at a loss unexpectedly, some military officer level characters are the same. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai somewhat was shocked , a protection of country they defended army, unexpectedly was such fight level, this was disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat.

However this regarding Zhao Hai is actually the good deed, he has not managed that many, is putting up Yama Ship quickly with flies toward Welcoming Heaven Palace there. The Yama Ship present ratio also wanted on quickly manypresent entire advancing, these Human Race felt in front of one flashes through together his shadow, in wants to look is any thing, simply cannot see. although said that the Central capital city is very big, but by Yama Ship quickly arrived at Welcoming Heaven Palace outside ”, but the Welcoming Heaven Palace there army obviously in want quickly many present Welcoming Heaven Palace there to support Magic protective shield compared with other army responses of Central in the city ”, on city wall also got up many soldiers, Magic Cannon and netg steed also prepares. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he drives Yama Ship to overrun toward Welcoming Heaven Palace directly, even if were very near to Welcoming Heaven Palace, he has not reducedhim to such straight running upon Welcoming Heaven Palace. Since previous time in Taurus Continent there, after having crashed the God Race base, Zhao Hai presently he likes the way of this attack enemy, with most violence, is simplest, the most direct way destroys completely the opposite party directlyabsolute satisfying. The Welcoming Heaven Palace there garrison troops also presently Zhao Hai theyZhao Hai their was too obviously quick, they just saw Zhao Hai they, is preparing attack time, Yama Ship has hit, when their dumbfounded, Yama Ship has run upon Welcoming Heaven Palace Magic protective shield. Welcoming Heaven Palace Magic protective shield is considered as the entire God Race firmest Magic cover, their Magic protective shield use is God Rank Magic Beast Magic Crystal provides the power, but Magic protective shield in other God Race cities, are almost 9th level or 9th level that following Magic Beast Magic Crystal God Race raises provides the power, the disparity of both sides was naturally self-evident. However this is considered as God Race firmest Magic protective shield, actually like is a paper, one breaking throughYama Ship one has then hit by Yama Ship on city wall, that city wall has not blocked Yama Ship to be tiny bit, directly by Yama Ship hitting large hole. However Yama Ship may not have, because hit a hole to stop on city wall, Yama Ship now also in entire advancing, so long as kept off in his front thing, no matter city wall or house, no matter the person was beastly, all was hit a smashing by Yama ShipYama Ship has looked like a vigor arrow shoots through a watermelon to be the same, has hit that head from Welcoming Heaven Palace, was hitting to putting on Welcoming Heaven Palace horizontally! a.