Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 915

Boom! heaven-shaking loud noise, the entire Central capital city vibrated, many were awakened by noise by the warning, throws over the person who the clothes are walking out of the door, sees sacred land in their heart with own eyes, by golden light penetrating! These people are unclear standing that passes through in there, they don’t know must handle at once, their understand, what matter did not live, is on the god is punishing them? When they are puzzled, that golden light came back, in one time hit to putting on Welcoming Heaven Palace, this people saw clearly, that [gold/metal] was popular, unexpectedly was [gold/metal] huge ship. But those who let these God Race person frantic is, this huge ship looked like found the child of amusing toy to be the same, time and time again hitting to put on Welcoming Heaven Palace, from most summit palace from the beginning, to the following palace, arrived at that mountain finally the halfway up the mountainside, repeatedly, time and time again Welcoming Heaven Palace all proud hit crushes. All God Race people lost the ability of ponder, their don’t know lived any matter, is their don’t know that ship doing, why he wants attack Welcoming Heaven Palace. At this moment, Central in the city people in many military compound finally responded, all God Race soldiers, with oneself quickest has taken up weapon, throws in the Welcoming Heaven Palace direction. These soldier very clear, Welcoming Heaven Palace was destroyed to mean anything, that means that their Central Continent dignity will not exist, Central Continent really tied strong/sturdy hit turned the head. Now these God Race army crazy, they want for a while the gate pulse to Welcoming Heaven Palace there, dares the attack Welcoming Heaven Palace person to rip that crushes. However they did not have opportunity, mountain range that this Welcoming Heaven Palace itself naturally did not form, but was the artificial manufacture, in the intensity, has the difference with mountain range that naturally formed, Welcoming Heaven Palace compared with mountain range that naturally formed, wanted on weakly many, cannot be withstood bythis mountain range that Yama Ship such hustled finally, collapsed loudly. But Zhao Hai may not have the plan such to let off them, he has concentrated on the ship all Magic Cannon, fire that also keeps to the Welcoming Heaven Palace direction one after anotherall the God Race person who flies from Welcoming Heaven Palace, his has not let off, strikes to kill with Magic Cannon completely at the scene. This fight, how Zhao Hai may be experiences Magic Cannon Might after improvement, if before Magic Cannon on beforehand Yama Ship is Ark Continent , that uses makes the power with Magic Crystal Magic Cannon, Magic Cannon on that present Yama Ship, is uses Crystal Stone to take the power, that giant Magic Cannon of God Race use. Magic Cannon on Yama ShipMight enhances is not a least bit, in fact after Yama Ship this improvement, Might promotes most greatly is Magic Cannon.

First, because before the Magic Cannon material changed ”, Magic Cannon of Zhao Hai use, but some fine iron manufacture, use after some time, cannot use, but Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, is actually on Yama Ship brings, is by many rare thing syntheses, the intensity naturally is very big, shoots many times, cannot damaged. Second on the taking a walk strength, Magic Cannon that Zhao Hai uses, the power is Crystal Stone, but Yama Ship the Magic Cannon, the power is actually the power that on the ship that Yin-Yang pondon that the Yin-Yang pond can provide, is more formidable than Crystal Stone, therefore Magic Cannon Might was also naturally big. Third must say that is that three Magic Armor that Zhao Hai obtains help many busy, although say now these Magic Armor Zhao Hai did not have too much time research, but loses that several Magic Armor to Karen they, when Magic Formation on that Magic Armor, was actually designed the Yama Ship improvement plan by Universal Analyzer, join to the Yama Ship improvement plan, these Magic Formation has plenty increased the weapon attack strengthMagic Cannon during an improvement, the advantage that obtained was most. Now Zhao Hai confidentis Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, so long as hits in one God Rank Expert, that person also has dead Unborn, if ten Magic Cannon about come in handy in together, even if God Race uses Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder, cannot block strikes. Zhao Hai is harnessing Yama Ship, gathers round the Welcoming Heaven Palace ruins to spin, so long as presently in also has living God Race, immediately is an artillery hits, kills directly, even if no presently living person, is the Magic Cannon ripple fire, the oath must in all thing Welcoming Heaven Palace destroy, good does not remain. This process said that the time is very probably long, but actually altogether also less than one hour, but this hour, Central in the city these garrison troops, slowly has formed the potential of encirclement to Yama Ship. Zhao Hai looked Welcoming Heaven Palace here also destroys was similar, he does not have to remain, transfers the bow, overran toward God Race these garrison troops. God Race these garrison troops looked at Zhao Hai to clash, they not only did not have retreat, but also shouted wildly is proceeding to clash, took up in hand hand, attacked toward Yama Ship, looked like with the soldier of Great Blade lance, to like the tank of enemy. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these God Race garrison troops, he not and these people makes the entanglement, harnesses Yama Ship outward to clash, suddenly has killed thoroughly the tight encirclement, changed to makes a streak of golden light to vanish in the horizon, making these want to kill people the God Race people unable to find the place. But at this time Central in the city commoner also responded, they wept and wailed are running to Welcoming Heaven Palace, Welcoming Heaven Palace regarding the Central Continent people, was really too important, that was their energetic reposing, was pride in their heart, but under their eyes hid, this had been destroyed proud maliciously, has not given them including dregs remaining. These God Race people ran up to Welcoming Heaven Palace there, that mountain that presently Welcoming Heaven Palace is, dumped completely, grand meeting Heaven [天] character, has not preserved in a piece of complete tile, the God Race people in all Central capital cities have cried, the garrison troops of some Central capital cities cannot bear such thorn ji, unexpectedly direct selection suicide.

The symbol of Central Continent, the pride of Central Continent, development of Central Continent strength, all these all are thing that Welcoming Heaven Palace represents, but today, these thing have been destroyed completely, but this person is Zhao Hai! Zhao Hai kills after Central capital city there, gets rid the God Race person who many pursued, immediately/on horseback returned to the god has bestowed in the river, then makes Bubble wrap Yama Ship, one drills to the god bestows in the river, sinks under water, in does not come out. This time surprise attack time short, adds from all sides is about one hour, to be honest, Xiao Bingya they have not thought that Zhao Hai will cope with Welcoming Heaven Palace with such method, their hand has not extended, is standing in on the ship, then Zhao Hai harnesses Yama Ship to hit hits, then fought finished. Actually not only Xiao Bingya they, Laura they have not thought that Zhao Hai meets this friend to do Zhao Hai has not thought most from the beginning wants to do, after he hears Xiao Bingya they mentioned the Welcoming Heaven Palace matter, Zhao Hai suddenly had such idea. This Welcoming Heaven Palace is manifestation of Central God Race strength, if has destroyed him, is very certainly big regarding the attack of Central God Race, how even if Ding Xin to sink in yin, in how intelligent, needs returned to Central Continent here handle this matter, otherwise the entire Central God Race person feared that can crazy. God Race is proud, Central God Race is in God Race is prouder, at this time, was used such way to a slap in the face, if they not insane that blamed. In this case, Ding Xin this Supreme Elder , if not act, that Central God Race really ended, therefore Zhao Hai directly on attack Welcoming Heaven Palace, Welcoming Heaven Palace complete ruining, he must in this manner, compel Ding Xin returned to Central Continent. Waited for Bubble to sink riverbedZhao Hai then to grow 1 tone, he also really feared that God Race will have any extraordinary weapon to cope with him, now looks like, his worry probably was a little unnecessary. Xiao Bingya they and Laura they stand in the Zhao Hai side, Laura looked how Zhao Hai grew 1 toneshe then to smile said : Elder Brother Hai, were you probably very anxious?”, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura one, showed a faint smile said : „to say anxiously, that was natural, but here Central Continent, was known as God Race most formidable Central Continent but our attack, was their capital cities, can I not be anxious? Howevertheir we have not imagined fortunately is so difficult to deal with. ”

Xiao Bingya is actually look at Zhao Hai said : that two eyes shines mister, you feared that is what don’t know this Welcoming Heaven Palace is representing in God Race? Not only in Central God Race here in entire God Race, Welcoming Heaven Palace is the symbol of one type of authority and strength, now you have destroyed Welcoming Heaven Palace, equal to was announces you to with all God Race undead continuous. ”, Zhao Hai one hear of Xiao Bingya said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : „, when God Race attacks Ark Continent, they should think that I can with their undead continuous, this be only a start!”, Xiao Bingya don’t know must say that any was good, Zhao Hai really had the strength saying that such words, traded to make other, these words were a joke, but these words said in Zhao Hai, Xiao Bingya suddenly thought that perhaps later God Realm here, in having God Race! Zhao Hai looked that Xiao Bingya has not made noise, he open the mouth and said: Bingya, tells in your clan the matter that we move, making them probably strengthen the alert, God Race after knowing this information will be insane, if they could not find us, that can only deal with the people in your clan, lets them carefully.” Xiao Bingya face changes, has complied with one, he also knows what Zhao Hai said is right, God Race after knowing this information, will be certainly insane, they will certainly come Central Continent here to look for Zhao Hai, no matter found Zhao Hai, has relationship different God Race with Zhao Hai, can be the God Race enemy, they meet attack different God Race, then some time, feared that can be different God Race saddest some time. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be good, rests, making your clansman help us pay attention, the responses of various God Race Continent, has remembered, is detailed is better.”, Xiao Bingya has complied with one, with Ryder and Hertha returned to own room, they wanted immediately/on horseback to tell in the clan the Central Continent here fresh matter, making in the collection good to be ready. look at Xiao Bingya they walked, Zhao Hai then turns the head to smile said : also to tell Fei'er this information them to Laura, told them, then some time, feared that was they saddest some time.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, said : that then two eyes shines Elder Brother Hai, did you prepare to begin to three big races?”, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : is the time, not?”, A.