Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 916

Ding Xin static standing in Leo Continent Imperial Clan for his posture row of in the room balcony on, here is on Leo Continent the Imperial Clan housing imperial palace, Leo Palace. Construction of Leo Palace also very grand, but compared to Welcoming Heaven Palace to come, has actually been short of such several points of aggression, but Ding Xin has not cared, in fact he lived in Welcoming Heaven Palacegenerally also lives in a side hall, little asked the politics, he in closed-door cultivation, was the waiting has been able ascend one day. If this time is not Jie Yu their several people of alliance writes to him, Ding Xin will not come out this turbid water, however the present, his actually understand, his these time came out is right. The Zhao Hai strength leaves that he has imagined , before Ding Xin, has not thought that some people can also be able the whole body to draw back under their five Supreme Elder attack, what finally wants, before this person, bad their planning, was sealed in limiting Star Disk, but this person actually flushed coming out finally ”, moreover successful withdrawing, and gave to destroy their bases! This person was too dangerous! In true after Zhao Hai fights, Ding Xin the fearful place of understand this person, now decides astrology to believe that if makes Zhao Hai such dull get down in God Realm, that entire God Race was dangerous. Not only Zhao Hai danger also come from his strengthcome from his vicious and merciless The person on Taurus Continent, by Zhao Hai to the slaughter upsuch method, is makes Ding Xin feel to be startled unexpectedly. He also knows certainly the commoner dry matter of Taurus God Race to Ark Continent polishing wise teaching country's ”, but Ding Xin after is a God Race person, he has God Race some to be proud, in his opinion, Ark Continent person originally is the low grade nationality, such person kills many it doesn't matter, looks like the person on beforehand Ark Continent, never works as the adult to be the same the slave, God Race has not worked as the adult the person on Ark Continent. But the method of Zhao Hai such slaughter Slaughter God clan, truly was makes Ding Xin feel the one type of prestige machine feeling If he presently not Zhao Hai as soon as possible, except that God Race here will certainly face a slaughter of even bigger. But most makes Ding Xin set firm resolve to tidy up Zhao Hai reason also two, one is Thunder Clan and other rebellions of large clans, another is the participation of three big different God Race. Thunder Clan the rebellions of their three clanscaused have given people a hard time the big raging tide of God Realm vassal race rebellion, has not subsided this wind bo to the present, various Continent people were also pestering with their vassal races, this made God Race at once some underprepared.

Second is the participation of three big different God Race, three big different God Race and God Race battles, have continued for tens of thousands years, their hatreds carve in Bone, in this caseZhao Hai cooperated with three big different race, one, but makes them succeedthat also to have their God Race person? Because has such idea, therefore Ding Xin has to cooperate with these Supreme Elder, the preparation extinguished Zhao Hai first was saying. Just like before Zhao Hai, such that guesses correctlythis Ding Xin they dispatch troops to cope with different God Race, is their plan, before Jin Ben and Zhao Hai have battled ”, moreover Taurus God Race fought with Zhao Hai on Ark Continent is not once or twice, therefore they have also carried on some research to Zhao Hai, they presently Zhao Hai is a very sly person ”, if they must attack different God Race, that Zhao Hai will definitely not fight a decisive battle with them, but was in round trip God Race Continent disturbswhen the time comes them to retreat , during will fall into to the back moves. Therefore Ding Xin preparation ahead of time dividing difficult, he after research Zhao Hai, finally presently, this is one not the person who likes take risking, his first step walks has probably the plan to be the same, therefore one, but they resort to violence to different God Race, after that Zhao Hai will definitely not support different God Raceonly to cope God Race Continent had has haggled over like this, before Ding Xin starts to arrangehim, in these words that on Taurus Continent spokeis not in acting in a play, or only then he in acting in a playother's person It is not. Ding Xin is when catches up toward Taurus Continent on, thinks that this plan, he does not have the time to discuss together to act in a play with other people, therefore he can only develop, on their Taurus Continent has drawn back, he then told other people the truth. Ding Xin all such doesis because he presently they every time walks one step to fall into planning of Zhao Hai probably, therefore he suspected that Zhao Hai has been monitoring them with any special method. Reason that Ding Xin thinks that is because their second time transports the grain time, although in planning Zhao Hai, but they changed the routein their opinion, transports the grain to the Ark arrow 6 on, is more important than anything. In situation that however in they change the route, had been stopped up Righteous Path by the Zhao Hai person ”, if Zhao Hai has not monitored them, they do not believe. Ding Xin the surveillance of Zhao Hai, has not looked like in Taurus Continent there is presently same, but is this he does not dare to treat it lightly, he chooses the conservative procedure finally, first after having deceived all peopleand other in returned to own domains, slowly is not late in discussing. Therefore Ding Xin after Leo Continent here, explained his plan with Continent

But reason that Ding Xin dares to use this plan , because his in hand has a treasure. The plan of Ding Xin, if no this treasuresimply not to be impossible to carry on, can say that is defeated most from the beginning, God Realm 13 Continent, three according to system in different God Race in hand, a piece in Zhao Hai in handGod Race in hand also nine Continent, but their Supreme Elder also only remaining nine people, Supreme Elder of Demon Scorpion place, the brewer's grain to Zhao Hai murderous scheme, this also has made Ding Xin understand the Zhao Hai strength now. 1 or 2 Supreme Elder, do not annoy Zhao Hai, that is delivers simply happily, therefore Ding Xin decided that everyone/Great Clan together moves, uses the strengths of nine people, at one fell swoop Zhao Hai destroying completely. However as the matter stands the issue camenine person together to move, that can only stay in Continent, if other Zhao Hai attack Continentthat they did not have the means. However finally Ding Xin has put out same thing, let several other Supreme Elder feel relieved, such thing was a Ding Xin treasureknown as Seven Star Locking Heaven. This treasure known as is, is actually several formation disklooks like the decoration plate is the same, but its attack strength is inferior to Star Disk, Star Disk can injure the enemy, but this melts Star Locking Heaven is actually can only trapped enemy. If mentioned to kill the enemy, Star Disk naturally was very formidable, moreover can gather the use with other Ultimate Weapon, Might naturally was even bigger. However must mention the trapped enemy person, the Star Disk strength was actually inferior that Seven Star Locking Heaven, Seven Star Locking Heaven, has been divided into eight formation disk, sevenin the name of Seven Starmiddle formation core. But these eight formation disk ” can actually separate the useeach formation disk separates the use, so long as according to Seven Star Locking Heaven method formation arrangement, can play certain doing to use, moreover Might is not low. Ding Xin took this set of formation disk, then gave each Continent one, making them be centered on this formation disk, was using other prevention formation disk, manufactured Seven Star Locking Heaven, so long as this set of formation disksurrounding the Zhao Hai several days timethey can rush, coped with Zhao Hai. Reason that Ding Xin can affirm that this set of formation disk can surround Zhao Hai several days , because this set of formation disk has characteristics, this characteristics very unusual, one, but you were stranded in in the formation, if only then a Seven Star Locking Heaven main diskmost can only be stranded for seven days in you, Ding Xin has tried ”, no matter uses Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder is an average personmost can only be stranded for seven days, but in these seven days , is almost nobody can break the formation. If uses two main formation disk formation arrangement, that can the trapped enemy 14 days, use three is 21 days, so analogy, if uses eight formation disk formation arrangement, most can the trapped enemy 56 days, 56 days later, no matter the enemy is dies dies, formation disk will lose does with some time, you only then formation arrangement again, can in a use.

But Ding Xin most one time, uses this formation disk to surround the different God Race three big Supreme Elder 56 days, that time is different God Race loses heaviest one time, if not Ding Xin they cannot guarantee finally one can certainly exterminate in the different God Race three Great Elder situations, they will surely give the slaughter clan different God Race. Because had this Seven Star Locking Heaven, therefore Ding Xin will therefore have such big assurance to cope with Zhao Hai, in their opinion, no matter Zhao Hai must cope with that Continent, so long as he cameto be surrounded, he could not be inescapable, they can definitely in seven days, rush to God Race any Continent, exterminate Zhao Hai. This time to cope with Zhao Hai, Ding Xin may take including the initial capital, besides Seven Star Locking Heaven of name brand, they have also manufactured small Seven Star Locking Heaven, for is copes with Zhao Haithis small Seven Star Locking Heaven not too big use, wants to be used for the trapped|sleepy Zhao Hai words, feared that is also can only surround the a small segment time. However in the battlefield, some time a small segment time, slightly is actually very essential, if Zhao Hai were stranded in Seven Star Locking Heaven in the formation, on that Continent will have the Seven Star Locking Heaven core formation disk person to rush to there, will surround Zhao Hai with core formation disk, will then make Ding Xin they catch up with exterminate Zhao Hai as soon as possible. This arranges originally is very good, Central Continent there also has certainly Seven Star Locking Heavenno matter the ordinary God Race person or Ding Xin they, have not thought that Zhao Hai meets attack Central Continent, because there most is far from Taurus ContinentZhao Hai , to break through to different God Race, attack Central Continent, can be slowest ”, therefore Ding Xin they think that Zhao Hai attack Central Continent, they may not choose one to carry on attack to Taurus Continent quite near Continent. Besides these arrangement, Ding Xin also informs on all Continent Sea Race, making them arrive at in the sea thoroughly, close attention Zhao Hai sound, so long as one presently Zhao Haiimmediately reports them, But Sea Race passes on information is in God Realm is also biggest, therefore Ding Xin such has confidence to cope with Zhao Hai. But now Ding Xin somewhat worried, their armies exited attack different God Race, now already exchange hands, but Zhao Hai actually does not see the person's shadow, Ding Xin is somewhat restless He had recalled carefully his arrangement, presently probably does not have what flaw, this loosen 1 tone. In this time, a rapid sound of footsteps is transmitting, a.