Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 917

Ding Xin heard certainly this sound of footsteps, he listened, this sound of footsteps was Jin Ben, Jin Ben now is stray dog, before his strength and status were inferior to Ding Xin, now is became Ding Xin most faithful under the hand/subordinate, because of Jin Ben very clear, if also the person in God Realm can revenge for him, that person certainly was Ding Xin. This does not mean the Ding Xin strength strongly, but said that Ding Xin status, Ding Xin is Central Continent Supreme Elder, this is in itself higher than the general Supreme Elder status, is adding on the Central Continent that formidable strength, therefore other elders faint is centered on Ding Xin, but Jin Ben wants to revengeonly to ask Ding Xin to organize these Supreme Elder to be good, takes a broad view at God Realm, only then Ding Xin has the rallying point like this. Jin Ben is a understand person, passes through he very willingly following in the Ding Xin side, is a loyal running dog, this made Ding Xin speak has the energy. Therefore Ding Xin hears is the Jin Ben sound, he has not cared, still stands on balcony, he thinks that Jin Ben has brought, Zhao Hai appears information. Jin Ben enters the room, saw that Ding Xin is still placed the modeling in there, Jin Ben cannot help but somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, before he with is not many, did not know about this temperament that Ding Xin contacted very much, however true after Ding Xin contacted, Jin Ben present, this master most liked suspending the modeling, to demonstrate that own uncommon placethese time was also same. „After don’t know you hear that information, can suspend to obtain the modeling.” Jin Ben evil intention is thinking these, while half step has arrived at the Ding Xin side. Ding Xin has not waited for Jin Ben to open the mouth on said :, „was What happened? present the Zhao Hai trail?” Jin Ben deep voice said : is, Zhao Hai appears , his surprise attack Central Continent, Central Continent imperial palace Welcoming Heaven Palace destroying, the mountain that Welcoming Heaven Palace was is used his ship knocking down by him, heard that in Welcoming Heaven Palace did not have living person.” Ding Xin static standing in there, static is listening, not having a point the response of ji, Jin Ben really somewhat to start to admire the Ding Xin strength in meditation now. However at this moment Ding Xin actually fierce turning the head excessively comes, look at Jin Ben said :, what „did you say? Zhao Hai surprise attack there?” Jin Ben cannot help but at heart has been criticizing one, just he also thinks that Ding Xin is the strength in meditation is goodoriginal simply by this information to the attack has not responded. although unstated criticism not by, but Jin Ben also spoke the words, although was second time heard this saying ”, but Ding Xin stayed in there, his dull look at did Jin Ben, mutter said : this to be possible? Is this possible? Seven Star Locking Heaven heart plate not in Welcoming Heaven Palace? How can appears this situation?”,

Jin Ben shook the head said : „the present to return don’t know what's the matter, but outside has spread now, we a bit faster go to Central Continent to have a look.” One hear of Jin Ben said that Ding Xin one recovers he to nod hastily said : right, right that you said that we must go back to have a look to go back to have a look.” Said that his personal appearance movedvanished in in the room. Jin Ben looked that Ding Xin flies directly from balcony window there, toward Central Continent. Jin Ben does not have immediately/on horseback hear of Ding Xin to fly, his immediately/on horseback has informed other people, this flies toward Central Continent, but other these God Race Supreme Elder could not sit still now, although this Zhao Hai attack is not their Continent however Welcoming Heaven Palace there regards as proud existence by the God Race all Continent people, now actually destroying ” their has also been able to sit still by Zhao Hai. Now not only Leo Continent hereentire God Realm almost knew this information within the shortest time, when the God Race person knows this information moment their really crazy. Most from the beginning insane is the Central Continent person, they really cannot believe that some people dare attack unexpectedly they, moreover in their families, sacred land in their heart destroying, this is equal to is without doubt red regarding Central Continent these people, provocation and slapping the face of 1 uo and 1 uo, they are not insane are strange. But what is most awful is ”, when they start insanely Central Continent here is the group dragon does not have ”, because the Central Continent Imperial Clan members were occupied by in Welcoming Heaven Palace by Zhao Hai extinguishing, person who as the matter stands did not have a speech to have the component can stand promptly, the anger of Central Continent here person directing the correct direction, in instant, the anger of Central Continent there person has therefore given to burn cleanly their sane. A reason of person is the anger burning cleanly is a very fearful matter, especially when this person also has very strong strength, such angry strength fearful. Central Continent was such situation, the Central capital city there person first lost the reason now, they started to destroystart to kill people, the entire Central capital city one randomly has become a piece. The Central capital city there garrison troops are many ”, but starts first insanely is these garrison troops. Then entire Central Continent starts insanelyalmost when an evening, Central Continent was almost chaotic. Zhao Hai has not thought that can be such result, he has destroyed a Central Continent palacepresent entire Central Continent unexpectedly in chaotic.

The Zhao Hai dull look at screen, he has not really thought that matter unexpectedly convention to this situation, Laura they also dull look at screen, this scene same stemmed from their anticipation. Some little time Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura, forced smile said : looked like our these time held really the honeycomb.” Laura has also smiled bitterly next step: Yes, how to turn into this appearance? Can Elder Brother Hai, ask Xiao Bingya they?” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was shaking the head said : I to look that did not need to ask, Xiao Bingya they were not told us[ answered] case? Welcoming Heaven Palace that we ruin, it seems like real very heavy regarding God Race wants, otherwise, God Race will not have such big response, such response to has the advantage regarding us, if God Race begins to different God Race now, regarding us, actually absolutely is good information, do you think? ”, Laura smiles said :to us naturally is good information, speaks the truth, this regarding the God Race person, probably was too cruel. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Matter show to this situation, is not we are cruel to them, was they were cruel to us, ok, no matter that many, look at, if these time were Ding Xin they are planning us, I think that they will arrive quickly.” Laura nodded said : now I to think Ding Xin also certain crazy, he with quickest catches up they arrived, how do we do? ” Before Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : us, didn't go to Leo Continent? They must arrive at Central Continent here, we go to Leo Continent there, gave to mess up there, best with Leo Continent to contact on that this vassal race.” Did Laura nod said : this to arrive is a great idea Leo Continent there certainly to be prepared? What to do do you prepare? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they to prepare isn't it better? we to have anything to be good to fear that” first gives to mess up Leo Continent there, what response then looks at God Race to have. ”, Laura knit the brows said : by the God Race present situation, they insane same attack three big different God Race, perhaps also will certainly go to attack Thunder Clan their three clans, or begins to the God Race vassal race.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they certainly first to cope with Thunder Clan their three clans, they know that we earliest cooperate with three clans, if three clans have difficult, our look at will certainly not pay no attention, moreover compares different God Race, three clans are better to cope, this is not just our opportunity.” Laura stares, nodded, Lizzy actually frowns said : „, if I am God Race, I will have tidied up these vassal races first, avoid they disturb in behind.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be a pity that you are not God Race, our these time punctures the God Race most painful that nerve, what now they most want to cope was we, looked like in God Race, these vassal races did not have several days to jump, we were the troubles of their heart, so long as has tidied up us, turning the head immediately can tidy up these vassal races, therefore I concluded that they met first look our.” Lizzy nodded, she thought Zhao Hai said also right, these vassal races truly cannot pose the too big threat to God Race, even if the God Race army does not hit them, so long as God Race set out Ultimate Weaponthese vassal races not to have the means to contend with God Race. But they are different, they completely have with the strength that God Race Ultimate Weapon fights, in this case, God Race will certainly come to the cake they. said it, God Race these Supreme Elder, use Ultimate Weapon, is not a price does not need to pay, if they using Ultimate Weapon opportunitywasted on the vassal race body, when facing Zhao Hai, they resisted with what? Feared finally can die was very uglyentire God Race also to end ”, therefore God Race certainly was to think the quick point now found Zhao Hai, or compellingto fight to the death with them Zhao Hai. Thinks of here, Lizzy immediately said : Elder Brother Hai, our quick point this situation, told Fei'er them, let their also preparation, otherwise their this losses will be very big.” Zhao Hai nodded said : told them is certain three clans to listen our, that does not say, if however they did not listen ” in not to consider as finished many, entered the human affairs that our that we were do ”, listened to the destiny, hopes after they have eaten this time owing, ” trusted me truly, can enter to Space. ” Lizzy they have smiled bitterly, they also know that this is not easy, Thunder Clan their three clans are very tenacious people, to let Thunder Clan their completely trust they, that is almost impossible, wants to allow them to enter Space to have very big difficulty. However as the matter stands, when facing God Race attack, their losses will be very big, this is not Lizzy they want to see that this arrives is makes Lizzy they somewhat in a dilemma. To be honest, most from the beginning attack Central Continent here time, Lizzy they have not thought really must compel Thunder Clan with this method their three clans, but matter show to this situation, probably some not by their control. a.