Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 918
Zhao Hai did not have immediately they to say to Fei'er that result that he guessed, after all these were their guesses, moreover Zhao Hai will not make God Race these Supreme Elder that easily coped with Fei'er they. Now on Zhao Hai puts on the Space product the constellation Combat Suit Devil Corps person, were getting more and more ” has spoken the truth, even if the frontage is strong with God Race these Supreme Elder, Zhao Hai make a move ” the only depends on Devil Corps person, he not necessarily will not fear these God Race people. However, the Devil Regiment person will lose in that case is very big, but this is Zhao Hai most does not want to see, the Devil Corps person, ishe who Zhao Hai favors very does not hope that these people have any loss. If former Zhao Hai has not thought must cope with O'Neal Clan with the Devil Regiment person, naturally in does not want to cope with more formidable God Race Supreme Elder with the Devil Regiment person. although says now the Devil Regiment person under Great Demon King command(er), but Great Demon King slowly is living the transformation to his manner now, but this transformation Zhao Hai wants to see. Reason that Great Demon King will live such transformation, is Zhao Hai after gives Devil Regiment these Combat Suit, does not have immediately/on horseback to make them go to battle, Great Demon King possibly is thinks that Zhao Hai did not have what request to them, but wants to help them, will therefore give them Combat Suit, therefore manner in unknowingly comes forth some transformations, but this transformation was actually Zhao Hai most hopes to see. Great Demon King own manner lives the transformation, Space must turn into him completely is the person who Zhao Hai considers, will have facilitated, but now Great Demon King is at the critical moment of transformation, Zhao Hai does not want because of the Devil Regiment matter, but wastes all previous efforts, therefore Devil Regiment cannot move now lightly. Besides Devil Regiment, the person who Zhao Hai can transfer now also has Ark Continent thereArk Continent there currently to have many people raised promoted into by Zhao Hai with God Rank medicinal liquid is God Rank Expert, moreover Zhao Hai has also selected few people, wants to allow them to enter to Hell Space in tries to practice. However the Ark Continent there personwants in a short time to become the army that may fight, is impossible, their strengths are insufficient, almost does not have to make them go to Supreme Elder fight with the experience that God Rank Expert fightswith God Raceis makes them put on Combat Suit, with bringing death not to have what difference. Beside Ark Continent and Demon RaceZhao Hai except for army that can use, only then Undead Creaturepresently in his hand has large quantities of God Race Undead Creature, these Undead Creature fighting strength, have achieved God Rank, several have even achieved on God Rank Expert degree. However Zhao Hai actually present an issuethese Undead Creature after putting on constellation Combat Suit, actually cannot make constellation Combat Suit wield 100% fights, constellation Combat Suit on the bodies of these Undead Creature, probably complete not suitable, this makes Zhao Hai very worried. Combat Suit that in Space produces, besides leaving behind some with, Zhao Hai has almost given Devil Regiment, if wants Combat Suit equipment to entire Devil Regiment, he also to need to spend very long time. Therefore Zhao Hai wants Combat Suit on Undead Creature equipment some of God Rank to these, to let their fighting strength formidable. However Zhao Hai was disappointed, on God Rank these Undead Creaturethey after putting on Combat Suit, fighting strength solid has actually promoted some ”, but compared to God Race these Supreme Elder, has actually missed many ”, moreover these Undead Creature after putting on Combat Suit, always some one type of uncoordinated feelings, this feeling is not the build in appearance, but manifested in the combat process, can say Combat Suit on certain degree, regarding Undead Creature fighting strength ”, not only will not have promotionalso to have certain influence, this can not give up by Zhao Hai Combat Suit idea of equipment on to Undead Creature. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Zhao Hai if now wants to compete with God Race these Supreme Elder ” must meet oneself make a move to be good, but the issue ishe cannot make a move too multiple.

Like God Race these Supreme Elder cannot long time use Combat Suit, Zhao Hai probably walk the make a move too multiple words, by Law of Space kicking hereascend ascend, ascend, that here he was not coming backto speak the truth, Zhao Hai has not given up here, here also has too many good thing, he has not taken, most at least that Star Disk of his most eyes slandering, but also in Ding Xin in hand. Zhao Hai is gazing at God Race in Space ”, but God Race also in chaos, not only now Central Continent this must in the chaos, other Continent there also chaotic, Foreign God Continent there certainly was affected. When Xiao Bingya told in their clanZhao Hai destroying Welcoming Heaven Palace, the people in their clan have thought this was a joke, when they noticed that these were attacking their God Race armyretreating fast, all commodities almost discarded, they know that this was real, this let Foreign God Continent here is also in an uproar. Foreign God Continent here many people have not seen Zhao Haithey and Zhao Hai form an alliance, completely is because Zhao Hai is competent, Zhao Hai can destroy completely Taurus God Race, that strength naturally was needless to say. Now Zhao Hai destroys Welcoming Heaven Palace unexpectedlyalthough Welcoming Heaven Palace is not sacred land in different God Race heart ”, but these different God Race are actually not the fools, their very clearWelcoming Heaven Palace means anything regarding God Race, Foreign God Continent three Supreme Elder, immediately gathered together, discussed how to deal with this matter. In their opinion, this matter is opportunity, but simultaneously this matter also may become a whirlpool! Said that he is opportunityis because Welcoming Heaven Palace there has an accident, God Race certain chaos, when the time comes they can seize the opportunity cope with God Race. But said that he is a whirlpool , because this matter was too big, God Race therewill not have said to any degree randomly, if God Race there chaotic too if serious, their take part goes, was entered in the whirlpool on equal to, finally was embezzled or levelled whirlpool by the whirlpoolthat not to say. The Foreign God Continent there average person, does not have these many ideas, they hate the God Race person ”, because the God Race person always bullies them, now God Race there had been hit the face, their naturally happy, moreover these average people are not the fools, they have also thought God Race there meets the chaos, therefore they unanimously request, Foreign God Continent must dispatch troops to God Race Continentto avenge a grievance! But this matter biggest beneficiarymust say that was these vassal races, now in God Race lived such big matter, these God Race people were not having the time to do to fight with them ”, so long as they did not find God Race Continent to come, God Race will not manage them, this let be felt by the major vassal races that God Race was pressing hitting very strangethey and don’t know God Race there lived any matteralso to think was different God Race dispatches troops, helping them break through. After Zhao Hai ruins Welcoming Heaven Palace third day, Ding Xin appears in Continent here, but now Central Continent here is piece of chaos, all cities were almost destroyed, before liveliest Central Continent, can see the remnants of destroyed buildings now, this makes Ding Xin face one pale. Except that the building was destroyed much is actually the deceased person, old person, the child fu person, maneverywhere can see the deceased person, has commoner, person who also there is an armyentire Central Continent almost turned into piece of Hell. Ding Xin face was black, this all the way, saw both sides that many God Race people in the in the gang battle are not carrying on the slaughter of any significance completely, these people are the god nature are probably unclear are the same. although Ding Xin wants to make them stop ”, but these people actually like completely cannot hear his words, they blood red both eyes, only knows that fights they already crazy!

Was destroyed in Welcoming Heaven Palace, then they insane same fight, after some people even kill their family memberand other anger draws extinguished a point, matter that one presently does, many people in time crazy. Saw that this situation Ding Xin knows, Central Continent ended, Central Continent was impossible to restore to the original appearance . Moreover the economy and cultural situation of Central Continent hereminimum needed the retreat over hundred years. Naturally Ding Xin did not have the harvest, he has run into this consciousness sober person, these people are some weak ones, they do not dare to stay in the city, feared that meets these Lunatic, therefore can only run up to outdoor to come, they have not eaten, has not put onin outdoor firm difficult getting by. Encounters this situation, Ding Xin is also helpless, finally he must arrange these people to nearby city in ”, but these frantic person, Ding Xin has had to endure insane striking to kill them completely finally. Follows close on Ding Xin their behind these God Race other Supreme Elder, being startled has tarried by the Central Continent here accident, they have not thoughtlively Central Continent will turn into this appearancetheir hearts in the drop blood, is scared! That that Ding Xin subscribes subscribes delimits, although is the Ding Xin proposition, but they also repeated had discussedin their opinion, that plan perfect first did not say very ” a Seven Star Locking Heaven matter, said these God Race these Sea Race. God Race these Sea Race, can the in the sea survival of long time, moreover they can command(er) in the sea Magic Beast, have them to defend each every Continent, can say Zhao Hai, no matter divesnot to hide the truth from their eyes from there. But Zhao Hai actually has concealed the truth ”, moreover ruining Welcoming Heaven Palace at one fell swoop, such skill they do not havethem to believe that Ding Xin does not have, facing this kind of enemy of mysteriously appearing and disappearingGod Race these Supreme Elder, feels at heart the wool. Zhao Hai Ding Xin enters to Central Continent five days later reason thatpresently he, Zhao Hai can presently he, be because has bestowed river bank Ding Xin to the god, he also keeping draws in these refugees, killed these insane person. Zhao Hai sees Ding Xin time, had a scare, before he saw Ding Xin time, Ding Xin was a very lordly middle-aged person, spokeworks, methodical, appeared such had the demeanor. But present Ding Xin actually completely turned into another appearance, his head almost entire was white, clothes also very sloppy, two blood red eyes, the personal appearance is thin, outside eye raised, looks like that fiercely may fear, in not a demeanor appearance. However Zhao Hai to can understand that Ding Xin mood, Ding Xin is the locally born Central Continent person, after he became Supreme Elderhe Central Continent all people, has regarded as his juniors, his son, his family member, no matter what who noticed that own family turns into this appearance, they are unable to accept. Zhao Hai sighed 1 tone lightly, he has not thought that Central Continent will turn into this appearance, most from the beginning his attack Welcoming Heaven Palace, because there was the Central Continent imperial palace, moreover Xiao Bingya also said Welcoming Heaven Palace was so importantZhao Hai is wish makes Central Continent here cause the stir, directing Ding Xin they to come, they directed Ding Xin in public, he hid the hidden place, as the matter stands they will go into action convenient.

However the show of matter, complete left their imagination, Zhao Hai has not thought that the response of abundant Yang Continent here so will be unexpectedly big, entire Central Continent, because unexpectedly Welcoming Heaven Palace was destroyed, but frantic. Bestows the city with the god, the god bestows city most lively Zhao Hai from the beginning to know that but on such several days time, the god bestows the city under the Zhao Hai eye hides, was given to destroy by them, Zhao Hai sees with one's own eyes the god to bestow these people in city, bit by bit own homeland destroying, own family member killing, is insane, kills one another. Even if were Zhao Hai becomes has had a heart of stone now, some did not endure, to the Central Continent here person, the Taurus Continent Bourry's person was perhaps happier. The Taurus Continent there person, although also died, few that but most minimum commoner dies, moreover these people that diedare Zhao Hai kill, the Taurus Continent there person also person can hate, they can also think to revenge. But the Central Continent here person is actually not, they hate Zhao Hai, after other people come soberly, they hate themselves, they hated themselves to destroy their family, destroyed own allto receive before adding on punctures ji, they could not withstand crazy finally ”. Afterward Zhao Hai saw God Race several other Supreme Elder, these Supreme Elder also appear very distressed, however their situations compared with Ding Xin much better, Zhao Hai count, on the God Race nine too big elders in here, he also on feel relieved. Laura their this several days little looked at the screen, they cannot bear, every time sees on the screen these insane God Race people, they thought one also want crazy. Zhao Hai was also don’t know must say any good regarding this situation, he can only be makes Laura they enter Space, oneself found the matter to do, hits next time ”, but he kept the there look at screen. Today one presently Ding Xin their appears Zhao Hai immediately they called coming out Laurabefore Laura they come out, Zhao Hai also turned off the screen. Laura they, as soon as comes out, saw that Zhao Hai is sitting in the living room, in the house suspended one bottle of liquor, liquor Zhao Hai in bottle has been drinking half. A Zhao Hai normally person little drinksthis point Laura they to know, now looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, Laura their also understand Zhao Hai does not feel better at heart, several people were also grieved, Meg immediately went into the kitchen to give Zhao Hai to prepare the food that goes well with wine, Laura they actually sat. a.